31 March 2011

quinara: Approaching Black Mage from FFIX. (FFIX black mage)
I am having serious issues with getting my morning routine to reset an hour earlier. As in it's not happening. Hence why I am not ready to leave even though it's already five past ten. (Hence why I'm not currently getting ready to leave even though it's already five past ten.) I keep waking up at seven eight and lying there thinking 'but this is such the perfect time for sleeping; I am exactly the perfect temperature to enjoy lounging in bed; it would be a waste to get up now...'. And then I'm tired and do nothing until nine ten.

(Yes, clearly my life is so terrible; cry me a river, Quin; etc. etc. But setting your own schedule is hard day after day. :( )

(I should point out, however, that, rather obviously, I have no trouble going to bed at the rescheduled time in the evening.)

((PS. Question - if you were faced with a fanvid to one of the Cage Against the Machine mixes of 4'33'', would you watch it? It's Spuffy...))


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