22 December 2011

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So, here's the thing. I don't actually think the new comments page looks that bad. I think the border around the 'post new comment' box is too thick, but otherwise it looks to me like a fairly new-webby updated version of the old page, which I don't overly mind. [ETA: Although, the margins are soooo buggered. What is with that?? I thought new-webby design remembered that people tend to have widescreen laptops these days and margins are important! *sigh* ]


Trying to use it for the first time, I've discovered that with my NoScript add-on enabled, I cannot actually use the post button unless I allow all the page to work - even though the only site I have unticked to disallow is facebook.net. (This isn't a particular problem with Facebook, but everything's unticked by default and I've never had a need to let facebook.net run, so I don't see why I should let it.) Even though it's only really because of the general paranoia brought on by using NoScript in the first place, I find it makes me twitchy that I can't see what site/script I'm allowing to run.

Also, I cannot get the stupid icon browser to work at all, even with allowing all the scripts on the page to run.

Generally, the whole thing is being a massive pain in the arse, so I'm going to try out only allowing comments on DW for a bit. I never thought I would, because I would far rather be dual platform for everyone's convenience and don't really care about having all conversations less than a click away from each other, but since my style and basic account mean I'm stuck with that stupid page on LJ, I would really rather avoid it as much as possible.

Yours grumpily, [personal profile] quinara (add me!! ;) ).


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