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Of on holiday early tomorrow, so shall likely be gone for the week. I shall miss everyone and try to catch up when I'm back! (Though I haven't been around much as it is - must remedy that...)

Went shopping today for holiday things, and have succumbed to the leggings. :O But also amusing jumper-dresses with cut-outs and the waist to show sneaky stripes from a vest! Picked up CDs of Fragma (oh so cheesy dance music, oh so wonderful), madrigals and raï (because it looked interesting - have yet to listen to more than a few seconds; anyone know anything about it?).

[livejournal.com profile] plot_wout_porn is happening soon, and I was having a bit of trouble getting the oomph to write anything for it. Seem to have settled on a post-S8#35 thing where Spike, Buffy, Illyria and Connor go on a magical mystery tour in Spike's ship to save Angel from himself. I'm hoping for rompy action adventure, but am a bit worried it's taking some rather dark turns so far. Will try to get it finished in time to seek out another opinion - hope it doesn't come out too weird...

Speak to you soon!

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Date: 24/07/2010 02:04 (UTC)
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Wow, raï does look interesting. I wonder if my library has any.

I first read it as the name of a specific Scandinavian choir, and got excited because they, too, are interesting and excellent, but I'm completely blanking on their name. I thought I copied a disc onto my laptop last time I was home, but iTunes can't find it. Google is hopeless. Riaton? Raijasomething? Gah.


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