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Yeah, cut FOR AWESOME.

First of all, THEY KILLED JOHNNY ROTTEN!! How dare they! He was a bloody laugh! (What? Rooting for the bad guys is a long established tradition...) Although, 'stake and chips' was a worthy line to go out on. Maybe I'm showing that I'm not really caring that much about the McNairs as yet? Ah well, I'm sure their time will come.

I absolutely adored Lia and her giving Mitchell what-for. This is how you do consequences, people! Not entirely sure why she was written as such a sexpot; after Daisy it's beginning to seem like a tic, but if it was summer when the train thing happened (was it?) then, hey, this is the UK, you know people are wearing that dress with flipflops.

I'm never too sure about the voiceovers, so Annie's return at the end felt a little twee, and I have my fingers crossed extremely tightly that the Annie/Mitchell thing is going to be subverted, mostly because I'm bitter and unromantic, but, otherwise, there was no bad here. In fact it was pretty much LOVE LOVE LOVE. The dogging people!! Loved them - 'it's a legal grey area'... (Was that Rhys?) That scene with the dead bloke in the hospital, the crossword and the 'this is John' was almost perfectly iconic for the show, I think. Lia and Johnny Rotten (did he ever get a name?) are going on the list with Gilbert as fabulous, fabulous cameo characters. Bring them back!

Will be watching this again, methinks. :D

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Date: 26/01/2011 23:27 (UTC)
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Hell yeah, it was AWESOME.

Johnny Rotten was totally my favourite villain of the whole show. I love that he was Spike-coloured in the first scene and so always - boneless. I actually enjoyed the McNairs and really like this new porn-generating aspect of vamp-werewolf dynamics.

I totally agree about Lia - the costuming was kinda weird, but, yeah, understandable. I squealed out loud when Mitchell said "I just wanted you to like me" - that's his modus operandi, innit, do whatever it takes to get the most people to like you. It was kinda an inversion of the "vamps who are evil but we can't help liking them" thing that happens in fiction, because that's what Mitchell wants, to be quirky and attractive enough to fit into that existing trope. And he sort of is but it never ends well, except with George and Annie, who he never tried to charm.

Speaking of, DO you think it'll be a subverty thing? I really, really hope so. The pilot was a bit M/A implicationy, but they never had a sliver of that kind of chemistry since then. It'll be forced and horrible, I think, because Annie needs to have a boyfriend who isn't evil, for a change, and Mitchell needs to let go of his chronic desire for heteronormativity and monogamy. (And embrace the foursomeness).

In conclusion, I concur.


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