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I am having serious issues with getting my morning routine to reset an hour earlier. As in it's not happening. Hence why I am not ready to leave even though it's already five past ten. (Hence why I'm not currently getting ready to leave even though it's already five past ten.) I keep waking up at seven eight and lying there thinking 'but this is such the perfect time for sleeping; I am exactly the perfect temperature to enjoy lounging in bed; it would be a waste to get up now...'. And then I'm tired and do nothing until nine ten.

(Yes, clearly my life is so terrible; cry me a river, Quin; etc. etc. But setting your own schedule is hard day after day. :( )

(I should point out, however, that, rather obviously, I have no trouble going to bed at the rescheduled time in the evening.)

((PS. Question - if you were faced with a fanvid to one of the Cage Against the Machine mixes of 4'33'', would you watch it? It's Spuffy...))

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Date: 01/04/2011 01:16 (UTC)
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Right there with you on the DST irritation. By the time I'll be used to it, it'll be one week before it's time to set the clocks back again. Standard Time is my friend, I tell you.


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