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Never set a scene in KFC, especially if you haven't had any breakfast. It will lead to you wanting KFC. And then finding out that the only one in your city just so happens to be about three minutes from your front door. You then be mired with indecision about whether to go and get some for lunch, and will probably give in...

Related to this scene however, how much is KFC in the States? Could you feed two people with ten dollars back in 2002? What drinks do they serve? I remember it being Pepsi, but you don't want to drink Pepsi cola (obviously) so the option over here is (obvs) Tango, but I'm not sure that gets around much in the States. Do Pepsi places do Mountain Dew? Would people drink Mountain Dew with KFC? What does it even taste of? 7Up is my back up option, but it's quite a boring choice.

Oh, I iz hungry. I need a shower, but my housemate's having one and that will take time... I might just throw on some clothes and venture forth. For chicken, which I haven't had since I was about 17. (Strangely enough, KFCs relatively rare over here compared to McDonald's and Burger King. Or maybe this isn't strange?)

(Also, why am I trying to write something so long? It's going to send me mad...)

ETA: Well, that was fairly greasy and unpleasant. Tango's nice, though. I like how my chip bag is telling me 'crunchy, hot, delicious, tasty, delicious, golden' and even 'excite the senses', as a list of all the things its chips failed to achieve...
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