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What the hell has LJ done to LJ cuts??? Why do they hate me so and change everything I am comfortable with??? Now there are scissors everywhere! I find it off-putting.

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Date: 13/04/2012 07:23 (UTC)
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I know! I just noticed it when I read my f-list and it was very difficult to see what was a cut and what was a regular link anymore because the visual cues were all wrong.

I don't usually complain about simple visual changes in the layout, but they've been marking cuts in the same way for ten years, so to suddenly change it is just confusing. Also, it looks really weird when you have cuts in the middle of the text (e.g. to hide spoilers).

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Date: 15/04/2012 01:08 (UTC)
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It sounds like something that's intended to get people to stop using cuts, which would (I think would be the hope) lead to very short, blurb-like entries rather than ones where the poster is actually talking about something.


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