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27 January 2015 03:32
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A Nightmare of Dust and Never There, Buffy/Angel by [personal profile] angelus2hot.

"Helpless" wallpaper by [profile] smith_blue.

Willow icons by [personal profile] teragramm.

SlayAlive talks to Christos Gage about Issue No. Eleven.

EW re-watches Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered.

More news and even more news from the Sunnydale Press.

Buzzfeed gives us "The Hardest “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” Quiz You’ll Ever Take. Are you good enough to beep if the apocalypse comes?

Whedonesque reports that ASH sings on Galavant .
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Hola, chickadees.

I haven't done this for a while but 'the darkest depths of winter seems like as good a time as any.

Share with me something you're enthused/ excited/ flush with anticipation about. One fannish/ one real life, if you'd like. ( Or as many as you want of one if you're ignoring the other, which is valid. )

I've got: 1) Selma, Agent Carter, Sleater-Kinney reunion + album

2) New feline roommate, new (at least temporarily)* human roommate.

* status as roommate, not as human, though MAYBE I got a were cat. You don't know my life!

Do chime in in the comments, and/ or browse other people's if you're looking for cheer.

Breastfeeding and Page 3

26 January 2015 14:10
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A casual acquaintance of mine made a post on Facebook that nettled me a bit, but I didn't want to reply to it there fore several reasons. First, I don't know this person well and have no idea how they'd take disagreement. Second, I make it a rule to check Facebook once a week or less. Third, I only use it to like pictures of other people's cats and babies and to make innocuous, supportive and inoffensive comments, because it is a piss-poor platform for nuanced, well-informed interaction. Thus, behold: a journal entry containing the reply I would have made if said comments hadn't been hosted on Facebook.

The post essentially said: Why do feminists think it's okay to be pro-breastfeeding-in-public and simultaneously oppose Page 3 of The Sun newspaper? Are they not contradicting themselves on the subject of bare breasts? (I'm phrasing this more coherently than the original poster did.)

Well. Let us examine the problem with this logic. It assumes that bare breasts are viewed in a manner that is completely context-free. Either they are simply fleshy bits stuck on the front of ladypersons and are totally inoffensive under all circumstances, which is an attitude I would gladly be on board with adopting, or they are totally offensive under all circumstances, which I would not. The social reality is a lot more nuanced than this. If the "feminist" attitude seems contradictory to you, it's because mainstream social attitudes towards these two particular presentations of bare breasts are most frequently contradictory, and often the reverse of what one might expect (e.g. the first is offensive and the second is not). Thus, the answer to the question is that there isn't a contradiction in adopting such attitudes, because the assumption that all mammary presentations are equal in the eyes of society is wrong.

Below lies my personal view on this glandular conundrum:
I identify as a feminist and I find neither of these boob presentations offensive. The first is a no-brainer for me, not least because I'm a breastfeeding mum. Despite what I'd like to believe in theory - that a breast being used to feed a baby is being presented in an entirely innocent way - I feel the immense social pressure to breastfeed in an innocuous manner, and thus I always try to find a discreet place in which to do it and ensure that I'm covered. It would be much easier if I could just whip out a nipple and let baby latch, of course, but I don't really want to be stared at whilst I'm feeding him, so I don't do that. I would be delighted if breastfeeding stopped being such a polarising subject, but until social attitudes change pretty drastically, I don't see it happening.

On the subject of Page 3: I don't think the breasts themselves are offensive. Taking it a step further, I think that the circumstances under which they are photographed and presented are far better than what was being proposed to replace them. The owners of the breasts are compensated (I can't comment upon whether or not the amount of the compensation should be deemed adequate), but most importantly, they have consented to be photographed. The idea that replacing these images with "candid" (i.e. non-consensual) photos of celebrities in states of undress would somehow be a step forward for feminism was baffling to me. Some of the opposition to Page 3 that I've encountered also strikes me as another way to devalue sex work and demean sex workers, we really need more of that?

I know there are those who would ask me, "What if your daughter was on a train and saw a man looking at Page 3?" I can only say that I think it best that she learns that there are images of naked people in the world and that most of the people who view them are wankers.
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(I'm still several episodes behind, so no spoiling me, pls)

First things first: Did we know that Rockmond Dunbar's (who plays Abbot) picture on IMDb is now this? I'm sorry Skinner, but you just fell to the second place on the Sexiest FBI Boss list.

(And seriously, I'm so disappointed that no-one has yet written for me that crossover where Abbott and Skinner meet at the FBI rec center boxing ring!)

7x01 )

7x02 )

7x03 )

Also, I remember talking about this with someone, can't remember who, a while ago but I just read an interview where Simon Baker mentions that he'd been asked if he wanted to continue the show but he said no. So I guess Warner Brothers really had been planning shopping the show to other networks even after S7 if/when it was cancelled.

More snow.

25 January 2015 18:39
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Yesterday we got snow. Quite a lot of it, but because it was not cold enough it became soggy and slushy and mushy really quickly. We did go for a walk, but it wasn't the nicest experience. There is too much dogshit around these parts here anyway and mixed up with snowy slush it is difficult to look out for and avoid.

The pictures show a different side )

new fic: ain't born typical

25 January 2015 02:10
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ain't born typical (5146 words) by verity
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Hockey RPF
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Jamie Benn/Tyler Seguin
Characters: Jamie Benn, Tyler Seguin, Jordie Benn
Additional Tags: Directedverse, Switching, Consensual Kink, Kink Negotiation, Spanking, Human Furniture, Topping, Friends to Lovers, Relationship Negotiation, Pansexual Character, Polyamory in Universe But Not In This Relationship, Alternate Universe - BDSM

"Hey, so," Tyler says when the marks on his ass have faded to a gross yellow-green. "Next time, you wanna make out first?"

I made a thing & I crossposted it here!

FIC: Switch Hitter

23 January 2015 22:27
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Somehow I have posted nothing whatsoever on this blog for a full week. The last time that happened, I think I was on a camping trip with zero internet connectivity. It's been really busy around here, you guys.

ANYWAY. My fic for the holiday hockey exchange posted a couple of days ago! And here it is! Writing this one involved a lot of angst and flailing on my part, which I've written some about under the cut.

Title: Switch Hitter
Fandom: Hockey RPF
Pairing: girl!Sid/Geno
Words / Rating: 9600 words / R for kink
Contains: D/s AU, switching, kink negotiation, internalized sexism, spanking, verbal humiliation, offscreen platonic D/s between Sid and third parties
Summary: Geno's a dom and only a dom, Sidney's a sub who doms sometimes but only because people keep asking her nicely, and all their feelings for each other are entirely platonic. Yeah right.



24 January 2015 14:58
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Or as we say Erdmännchen - tiny earth men.

Suricata suricatta )

More Links Than A Bag Of Sausages

24 January 2015 03:31
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Money Lies , Spike/Xander by [personal profile] forsaken2003.

Voting is open at the Headline Awards .

Mindrobber podcast of Tough Love & Spiral, as well as Belonging & Over the Rainbow .

DenofGeek includes Faith, Anya and Fred in their "16 Late Arrival Female TV Characters We Can't Live Without". "Faith took a power-crazed, reckless and largely conscience-free approach to her mystical inheritance, getting her kicks and killing whomever got in her way. But deep down, she was really just a girl, standing in front of a giant mayor snake, asking him to love her...Emma Caulfield proved herself a great comic performer over her time in Buffy, with Anya’s winning combination of demonic experience and naiveté about the human world. Like Tara and Faith, she may have arrived late to the party, but we couldn’t imagine Buffy without her...she was cleverer than the rest of them put together, often funnier, and broke our hearts with not one, but two Angel Investigations romances. We’re forever grateful that the handsome man saved her from the monsters".

Baby goats.

23 January 2015 19:37
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As I don't have cats *sigh* the next best thing to take pictures of is baby animals.

On Sunday's trip to the park/zoo there were also tiny little goats.

Have a look at their cuteness )

Tomorrow: meerkats!
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1) As everyone's probably already heard, Fox might be planning an X-Files reboot, and both DD and GA have now said that they'd be excited to be a part of it. On one hand, I hated I Want to Believe (seriously, it's one of the very few movies where I've actually considered leaving the theatre in the middle of the movie), on the other hand THERE MIGHT BE NEW X-FILES WITH MULDER AND SCULLY EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!

2) JMS is developing a TV-show of Kim Stanley Robinson's Red Mars. I loathed Red Mars when I read it, but maybe JMS could make me like it?

3) The younger versions of Storm, Cyclops and Jean Grey in X-Men: Apocalypse have have been announced. My main thought is "Why no Famke Janssen boo :(" followed by "Yes more Jean Grey and Storm whee!" because the girl-who-plays-Sansa-on-GoT is the only one of the three actors that I've actually seen in anything.

(Will Wolverine be in the movie, btw? I remember there were rumours that he would be, but has there been anything official one way or the other? I'm just wondering if they will have any hints of Wolverine/Jean... Also, if he is in it, he'd be new!timeline!Wolverine, wouldn't he?)

Thursday linkspam

22 January 2015 22:08
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 * TCA live-blogs continue, with The Americans and Louie. Plus, Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been picked up for a third season.

* Julianne Hough and Vanessa Hudgens will play Sandy and Rizzo, respectively, in Fox's live production of Grease. Yes, really. 

* Another interview with Michael Schur on the final season of Parks and Recreation.

* Larry Wilmore talks about The Nightly Show, which is taking over The Colbert Report's time slot. 

* Fox is making an American version of Luther, presumably with Idris Elba in the lead role again, but doing an American accent this time, because that is apparently a thing we do now.

* Here's another Hannibal casting announcement, related to the spoiler about who is getting married. Plus, first trailer for season 3!

* OMG there will be a karaoke episode of The Flash. It's not the musical episode we deserve, but at least we may get to hear Grant Gustin sing (I don't have much hope for Jesse L. Martin). Also, there is apparently going to be major time-travel this season.

* It's a superhero Super Bowl, with the Chrises Pratt and Evans making an adorable bet on the game. 

* Interview with Laura Benanti, goddess.

* CBS has found its Supergirl lead

30 days of Buffy - day 9

22 January 2015 06:57
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Going slightly different on this one. While I can (and will) mention my favourite romance, I thought I'd mention all my favourite romances. Or, in fact, pretty much pair off as many characters as possible.

favourite romance(s) )
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Selma might be the most absorbing, intense, engaged viewing experience I've had since first watching The Fellowship of the Ring as a teen. I will fight anyone who says shit about this picture; apart from a couple of complaints about the handling of Coretta Scott King, it was flawlessly done. And imo less violent/brutal than it could have been; I felt very safe seeing it on the big screen. It made me feel stronger, not weaker; affirmed, not beaten.
Read more... )

Reading Wednesday, 1/21/15

21 January 2015 17:48
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• What are you currently reading?

I still haven't figured out what to do about my car CD player, so Broken Harbour is on hold. I also owe a post about the ending of Faithful Place and -- let's be real, I owe a lot of posts. Last night I dreamed that I was supposed to be involved in some Wrath of Weddings style regicide but I screwed it up and then my Aunt C, who is literally the kindest most hospitable person I have ever met, was yelling at me for making her late to the after party because I didn't know how to cook a steak correctly. I guess that's not actually reading, I'm just giving you a sense of my head space.

So, reading! I'm intermittently continuing Liar, Temptress, Soldier, Spy, which is sort of in the fuckyeahawesomeladies school of popular history -- which has some value but makes me want to yell 'citation please!' a lot. Kinda mad they didn't tell us about the enslaved woman with the photographic memory who worked for/spied on the Davises when I took a deadly dull tour of the White House of the Confederacy some years ago, though. Also, sidebar, whenever I hear someone refer to Jefferson Davis as "Jeff Davis" I think of this guy I knew in high school who had a mullet and who all the girls nonetheless thought was hot, rather than the president of the Confederacy. I don't think his parents named him after the Confederate President, I assume they were just uncreative, but who knows.

I'm also continuing All the Birds, Singing by Evie Wyld. I really like the writing and the point of view character is the sort of isolated, prickly woman with damage in her past that can make a compelling protagonist. Whether you enjoy this may depend on your tolerance for detail about sheep shearing (also trigger warnings for abuse in her backstory, not sure how graphic or sexualized because I haven't gotten that far). But I am liking it.

• What did you recently finish reading?

Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel. This is The Novel of the Year, according to a lot of people, and I'm not quite there, though I do think it's a very well-done novel. As I was commenting on Twitter today, I sort of feel like the author was working on a family saga about an aging actor and his ex wives, and someone suggested raising the stakes, and she said FINE I'LL PUT IN AN APOCALYPSE and the editor said, "Do go onnnn." So -- there is a Shakespeare company wandering the wilds of North America performing King Lear, and there's a comic book artist imagining a sad, isolated future, and everything sort of all fit together -- I mean, there's King Lear and there are philosophical lessons from Star Trek: Voyager and the author is very skilled, but I did feel like the story could have been pushed a little further, either to some plot development or some insight that Mandel doesn't quite reach. I don't know, I felt like if this had hit me at the right time or in the right emotional place, it could have been mind blowing, but right now, I feel like I've read better apocalypses, and I've definitely read better meditations on time and the interconnectedness of all things (maybe it's not fair to compare every book to Mrs. Dalloway, but there's The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie or A Visit from the Goon Squad in the mix, too. I get the vibe this has a good chance of getting a Hugo nomination, though I don't think I'll put it on my ballot -- it didn't feel sci-fi enough for whatever completely subjective value that has.

I also finished Authority, the second Southern Reach book by Jeff Vandermeer, and immediately checked out Acceptance. I'm digging these but I don't feel like I'll be able to evaluate them until I'm all done.

And I read a graphic novel, The Woods by James Tynion IV & Michael Dialynas. There's not a show choir, but for some reason this kept making me think of 'Glee in space.' A whole high school gets teleported to another planet and a bunch of misfit kids have to pull together and figure out what's up. I like the art -- great colors by Josan Gonzalez*, interesting faces, creepy monsters -- and I could get on board with more of this. I have NO IDEA where the plot is going, hope it's not something dumb.

*Comic reviewing tip, ALWAYS mention the colorist.

• What do you think you’ll read next?

I'm downloading All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr right now, and that and Acceptance should keep me busy.

Sunday outing.

21 January 2015 18:57
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The Christmas holidays had been filled with marking, more marking, exam prep and we didn't manage to do anything fun, because on top of it K had a nasty cold that put him out of commission for about a week.

Then the first weekend after the break was more marking and more exam prep.

Last weekend, finally, I reserved most of Sunday - there was still some marking to be done on Saturday and Sunday night - for some much-needed family time.

Bridgehead Park )

nearly done

21 January 2015 10:29
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Five weeks to go before we're back in Australia.

I'm rather keen to go home (and show off the kidlet), but there are some things I will miss here.

German Things I Will Miss

- the snow
- the lockers everywhere, useable with a 1 Euro coin (which returns to you when you re-insert the key)
- traffic lights that turn orange before they go green
- the road signs saying "Stadtmitte", giving you a handy guide to where the local shops (etc) will be
- the bakeries and their wonderful pastries
- crepe stands in the street
- having France a few hours' drive away
- buskers who really know how to play the piano accordian
- squirrels
- little old ladies who stop me in the street to admonish me to put a hat on my son (yes, this is annoying - but I still find it rather sweet)

German Things I Will Not Miss

- the ice
- having to pay to use the loos
- traffic lights that only sit on one side of the intersection, making it impossible to see them if you're at the front
- freeway exits that seem designed for maximum chaos
- bakeries that DON'T HAVE MEAT PIES (oh the humanity!)
- all the food using pork instead of beef
- driving on the right side of the road

Aussie Things I Really Miss Right Now

- summer!
- cafés and coffee shops
- pies, sausage rolls, dim sims, thai food, hamburgers with the lot, flake, pavlova, lamb, and fruit that doesn't go off within a day
- magpie song
- footpaths that don't have cobblestones (prams are a pain to use in old towns)
- houses without steps up to the front door
- shops that are open on Sundays and in the evenings
- my family
- my cat there's that.

More Links Than A Bag Of Sausages

21 January 2015 03:40
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Across a Crowded Room , Spike/Buffy by [personal profile] slaymesoftly.

The Kids are Alright , Tara/Dawn by [profile] kwritten.

A New Low , NC-17 Spike/Riley by [personal profile] ash_carpenter.

Condemned , Buffy by [personal profile] badly_knitted.

The Treatment , Spike/Angel/Xander by [personal profile] lit_gal.

Chapter Thirty Four of Shattered Remains by [profile] xspike4evax.

Chapter Three of Answering Prayers by [personal profile] velvetwhip.

Thinky thoughts on the relationship in Season Six between Spike and Buffy by [personal profile] the_moonmoth.

Cool Spike/Buffy artwork from Etsy. Thanks to [personal profile] kassto for the link.

Cross Whedonverse universal Slayer Theory .

For those who were discussing leaving our online lives after death, here's another story .

my hockey shame life

20 January 2015 22:42
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what, me, posting ANOTHER DW entry? WHAT IS EVEN HAPPENING HERE?

Well, mostly, it's that a bunch of my old friends in my new fandom are on DW. I am testing the waters. Please forgive me all the weird capitalization and punctuation (or lack of punctuation) habits I've picked up on tumblr over the last three years. It's definitely strange to see my current writing style transposed into the new Create Entries page, I can tell you that.

Here is a little bit about MY CURRENT HOCKEY FEELINGS, of which I have many.



oh also I've written 2500 words of Jamie Benn/Tyler Seguin D/s AU in the past 36 hours SO THERE'S THAT! (Switching and service topping and queering weirdly heteronormative fannish tropes, self-indulgent to the max.)
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While looking for a certain post in my journal, I ended up browsing through several episode reaction/rewatch posts, and turns out that I have a lot of crossovers that I want other people to write (because I can't):

  • So [Dennis] Abbot likes boxing. You know who else likes boxing? Walter Skinner. Am I the only one who sees the crossover potential here?

  • Ripper reminds me of Tim Roth. Someone write me a fic where Giles meets Cal Lightman, please.

  • I really want someone to write me a fic where Abby [from NCIS] meets Garcia from Criminal Minds and Van Pelt from The Mentalist. Abby and Garcia would be oohing and aahing about all the fancy gadgets they other has, and then they'd turn to Van Pelt and ask her what kind of cool equipment she gets to use at the CBI and she'd say: "Well, I have this netbook..."

  • One of Angel's victims [in "Amends"] made me think that I really want someone to write me a Buffy/The mentalist crossover where it's Angelus who killed Jane's family.

  • I want someone to write a Storage Wars[/The Mentalist] crossover where the Team never tracks down Bertram's storage locker and it gets auctioned off.

  • Okay, so who wants to write me a crossover where Van Pelt's white hat course is taught by Penelope Garcia?

  • A Supernatural/Twin Peaks crossover involving the Black Lodge/Red Room.

  • Hey! Tara's brother Donny [on Buffy] is played by the guy who played Angela's brother Danny on The Mentalist. I swear there's a crossover in here somewhere...

  • I like [Kim] Fischer's new haircut, and not just because it makes her look like Monica Reyes. Oooohh, the crossover possibilities!

  • ["Pine Bluff Variant"] just doesn't feel like an X-Files episode. In fact, it kinda feels like an episode of Fringe. Ooh, crossover potential!

  • I did not guess that JOSH LYMAN WAS RED JOHN! Someone must now write a The West Wing crossover because a) we never heard Red John's name, and b) it's canon that Red John has powerful friends. Friends like the President of the United States!

  • And now I want to read a crossover between Strange Worlds, Fringe, and Eleventh Hour.

  • All I want for Christmas is a The Mentalist/Castle/Lie to Me crossover where Emily Lightman and Alexis Castle travel to Sacramento for some model UN thing or whatever. They meet and immediately become BFFs (because they totally would), and during their adventures they end up witnessing a murder. CBI investigates the murder, but when Castle and Lightman hear about what's happened, they both decide to fly over and butt themselves into the investigation. Bertram is all "Yay, free publicity!" and Lisbon ends up having to babysit three consultants instead of the usual one. Jane is being even more a raging asshole as usual (except towards Emily and Alexis), and everyone assumes it's because he's annoyed that he's not the smartest person in the room anymore, but only Lisbon knows that it's really because seeing Lightman and Castle with their daughters reminds him of the fact that his daughter never had a chance to become be a teenager.

  • someone needs to write a fic where cynical post-S7 Giles meets Father Pearse [from Ultraviolet]

time to settle the score

20 January 2015 15:10
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this essay at Alas, A Blog about misogyny and academic models and sociobiology is amazing, and I'm going to have to reread it in a moment when I'm not so stirred up; I was interested and nodding along, and then got to the claim that "Both ignore the scale that involves lying naked next to your husband and listening to him say appalling things about his last-boss-but-one, again, and then watching him pick his nose like an eight-year-old, and realizing you’re going to divorce him, even though at that very moment you have no idea how, and life after marriage is a blank, in your imagination, nothing there at all" - and sighed and settled and said oh yes that's right, I know that -

and then the essayist brought in T.H. White and The Book of Merlyn.

why does everything keep connecting back to that

now I understand

20 January 2015 14:48
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[personal profile] anghraine tagged me on tumblr - fifteen things that are making me happy right now:
1. winter is far from over; I have a solid three months of snow left to look forward to
2. the myth-type of Persephone, the rape victim married to her rapist, given a cold power by her trauma and her survival but also fundamentally connected with the renewal of spring. she gets stronger and more dangerous by breaking, and i'm connecting with that
3. soft-aesthetic photos of black men with flowerbeards
4. Jim Kirk's face
5. Lip Gallagher's face
6. Mandy Milkovich's dyejob - so cute! and Debbie's haircut
7. I got to see my best friend and not!sister this week when she came home for her mother's 60th birthday
8. I'm no longer involved in any way shape or form with my ex's endless hopeless drama
9. Jim Kirk genderswaps
10. William Shatner genderswapped is kind of what I look like, except for the eye color
11. Marvel 616 Civil War fix-it fic
12. Cara Loup recently uploaded a bunch of her zine-era Han/Luke to the AO3, and it's glorious - and also imo it's cool to spend time in a SW universe where the PT hadn't been made yet and see what people were doing.
13. Anna ([personal profile] starry_diadem) is publishing some of her amazing Battlestar Galactica 1978 fic as with the serial numbers filed off; her worldbuilding work is tremendous, and also I tracked her down a few years ago after a long break from the fandom by recognizing her very distinctive use of the word "gauche" in fic even after she'd changed pseuds, of which I am unreasonably proud.
14. the water-soluble wax pastels are awesome for coloring my mandalas
15. girl you know i listened to the ESB radio serial again the other night and it is some hot shit; no one else can act at all, but Mark Hamill is there, and he goes pretty hard. the exaggerated-noises style that radio dramas always do work really nicely with the film's plotlines; lots of moaning and heavy breathing and whimpering from Luke, it's all very exciting. also they do the Hoth scene that fanwriters always tackle, with Han and Luke overnight in the shelter. they found the worst voice in the world for Vader tho, which is kind of a problem


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