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31 May 2016 09:49
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These are the Marvel superhero movies, with the ones I've seen in bold:
list of movies )

Why did I start watching them?
- Superheroes are fun!

- Superpowers can make for really interesting action scenes (rather than the kicking and shooting that's all that's available in most action scenes, Lara Croft on a bungee notwithstanding).

- I love somewhat angsty, finding-your-identity stories.

- I love somewhat angsty, looking-for-redemption stories.

- I love silly costumes and silly names.

Why did I stop watching them?
- There started to be too many plotlines per movie. (For instance: Spiderman 3 and X-Men 3.)

- There stopped being silly costumes and silly names. What is the point of having superheroes if they don't embrace the silly?

- The movies started prioritising as follows:
(1) snark
(2) action scenes
(3) plot
(See: Avengers, which had an immense focus on Tony Stark snarking at Captain America, action scenes that were entertaining enough, but a bit forgettable, and a plotline that... vaguely held together.)

I want to see:
(1) plot
(2) action scenes
(3) snark
(X-Men, for instance. Which had two snarky lines - that were awesome - and some really interesting plot and action. Or Spiderman 2, which had incredible action scenes, and a plot that totally held together.)

And the main reason:
There is just too much continuity between movies. To understand Avengers, I had to have seen at least four previous movies (not a problem, because I had). To understand the following movies, I had to keep seeing all the following movies. They all build on each other! Which is really annoying, because the movies have a totally different feel from each other.

I decided early on that I wasn't so interested in the Thor movies - and yet, they still form part of the overall plot that I'm supposed to be familiar with.

It's much more frustrating than with a television show. Sure, watching all of Buffy is essential to properly understanding later episodes of Buffy - but this is more like having to watch Buffy, Angel, Firefly, and Dollhouse in order to understand later episodes of Buffy. That's too much to ask.

It may be just me. But the Marvel movies have lost at least one viewer - which is a real shame.
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Cross-post from my archive.

Fandom/Arc: Star Driver, Triskelion
Characters/Pairings: Agemaki Wako, Gouda Tetsuya, Honda George, Katashiro Ryousuke, Miyabi Reiji, Nichi Kate, Okamoto Midori, Shinada Benio, Shindou Sugata, Simone Aragon, Tsunashi Takuto, Wako/Sugata/Takuto, Watanabe Kanako
Summary: The anime's ending leaves a great deal up in the air; this story takes up some of those loose threads. Picks up immediately after the end and throws everyone a little further into the future.
Meta: Drama, I-3
Wordcount: 9045

"Takuto is with him," Wako said firmly, eyes fixed on the sky. "They'll be all right." Takuto's look had promised her that, in that long, silent moment of fierce understanding they'd shared before she'd agreed to break the southern seal. And she was going to hold them both to that promise, if she had to regenerate Wauna and go up there herself to make sure of it!

And Like A River Continues )
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-the leadup to Welsh devolution in the 1990s

-the Soho, London art scene in 1989

-death-related fantasy and YA from the mid-90s

(first two for fic, last one for work)

(tbh i like the idea of making Will and Bran make out someplace where I've already written Holmes and Watson fucking, the continuity is nice)
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Keiki is very excited about daisy-picking.

And now, a Very Important Waffle question, triggered by disagreement in waffle perception between myself and my British partner.

Poll #17498 Important waffle question
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They're mostly a breakfast thing
15 (26.3%)

They're mostly a dessert/pudding thing
12 (21.1%)

38 (66.7%)

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Chapter One of What Happens in Canada , Spike/Buffy by [personal profile] rebcake.

Chapter Thirteen of I Would Still Have Loved You by [personal profile] slaymesoftly.

Spike/Buffy banner by [profile] freecat15.

Season Four icons by [profile] itsnotmymind.

Elizabeth Minkel talks about being a lurky BtVS fan.

The EveningStandard lists "12 must-see Buffy the Vampire Slayer episodes to watch before it leaves Netflix forever". "Where better to end than with the dramatic final episode – sure, it gives some characters short thrift (Anya, you deserved better), but it’s a stirring and thematically on-point hour of female empowerment, emotional pay-offs, and an epic battle against an army of uber-vamps as the Hellmouth gets ripped wide open...If there’s one thing you’ll take away from revisiting Buffy, it’s this: she saved the world. A lot".

acquiring pets late in life

27 May 2016 11:37
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My husband has never lived with a dog before.

We're dogsitting for my parents, and I said that, since I can't feed the cat (long story), I should be in charge of feeding the dog. One animal each. The husband agreed.

One day in...

I was in the shower, and the husband came in and asked "What does the dog have for breakfast?" Didn't know why he was asking, so I explained - at which point he turned to the kidlet and said "Okay, let's go feed the dog."


"Darling! The dog's already eaten."
"What? He can't have."
"He definitely has."
"But he's following me around, looking hungry."
"Yes. Because he's a dog."

I'm not entirely sure what he was expecting.
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Those Three Litte Words and Chapter One of The Anniversary Gift Spike/Buffy by [personal profile] feliciacraft.

Chapter Fourteen of Teenage Dirtbag by [personal profile] lusciousxander.

[personal profile] desert_sage re-watches "The Witch" and also Teacher's Pet .

Storywonk podcast talks Fool For Love .

Hypable podcast talks Gingerbread & Helpless .

Storywonk podcast talks Guise Will be Guise .

Bustle talks "The 21 Best 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer' Episodes To Watch When You're Having A Bad Day".
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The coronation of Princess Humuhumu
The Coronation of Princess Humuhumu. Daisy chain by Daddy.

Princess Humuhumu
Happy Princess Humuhumu in her favourite dress & daisy chain crown.
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I've had an epic few days. I went to London on Thursday, worked my butt off getting stuff done for the Friday deadline, did an outreach event (including a talk and three workshops) in Wimbledon for 60 detached-but-then-totally-excited teenagers on Friday afternoon, raced back to college to drop off my kit and then got on a train to Norfolk to meet the bloke & the children at the out-laws for the weekend. Fabulous weather in East Anglia meant we spent nearly all of it outdoors.

We drove back to Worcestershire on Sunday afternoon (a 3.5 hour drive). After turfing everyone out of the car and re-packing my overnight bag, I got back into the car and drove 1.5 hours to a beautiful venue in Oxfordshire to attend an ex-work-colleague's small but perfectly formed wedding. The other work colleague in attendance and I were surprised to find ourselves in the company of mostly-relatives. I feel very privileged to have been invited. There was a band and dancing and wine and laughter, and it seemed to be a memorable and happy occasion for all.

I drove back this morning, arriving home at noon, and worked the rest of the day before going to meet the bloke at the station and pick up the kids. Also, I made supper. Can I have my Supermum badge now please?

Trowel-wielding toddler
Trowel-wielding toddler.

Helping Grandpa flatten molehills
Grandpa flattens molehills with a rake. Keiki supervises.
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And once again, I find that my likes do not in no way correspond with what the cool kids like, because I really enjoyed X-Men: Apocalypse, and can't understand why it has gotten such bad reviews.

(or how people can like the snorefest that are the Avengers movies better than the X-Men franchise)

It wasn't as good as X2 or DoFP, but it was miles better than the first X-Men movie. If I was ranking the movies, I would probably rate it slightly above The Wolverine.

some spoilery thoughts )

And now I want to watch all the X-men movies.
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Chapter Fifteen of Older by perpetual .

Spike/Drusilla/Angel wallpaper by [profile] darkblueorchid.

Spike/Harmony wallpaper by [personal profile] snogged.

Spike/Buffy icons by [profile] sintonia.

[profile] freecat15 chooses her least favorite male character .

Yahoo talks "How the Buffy Finale Took a Step for Women Power".

MoviePilot talks about "7 Adorable Things That Happened In The Original Unaired Pilot Of 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer'". "The ending is charmingly cheesy, with Buffy reassuring Giles that she'll defeat the forces of darkness by throwing a stake at the heart of a poster of Count Orlok from 1922's Nosferatu on a pinboard".
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I just found out that there's a [community profile] thefridayfive comm on DW. How have I missed it?

1. Can you remember the first book you read?
The first actual novel-length book was probably Animals of Farthing Wood by Colin Dann, which I read when I was seven or eight.

2. What was the last book (electronic or otherwise) you read?
Better Than Before by Gretchen Rubin, a self-help book about how to stick to good habits and get rid of bad ones. It actually had some really good observations and tips, if you can get past the borderline narcissistic descriptions of her own life.

3. Do you read for enjoyment, work or both?
Both. Doesn't everyone...?

4. What is your favorite genre of book to read?
The genre I read most is probably urban fantasy, but I don't really have a favourite genre as such. If a book sounds interesting, I'll read it, no matter the genre.

5. If you could visit your younger self, what book would you tell yourself to steer clear of?
I would tell my 15-year-old self not to read Dean Kootz's Darkfall. Many nightmares would have been avoided if I hadn't read that book (or the first few chapters of it - it was so scary that I actually couldn't finish it until about ten years later).
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Wild garlic (ramsons) is, it turns out, one of the lowest-maintenance, lowest-spoons food plants you can grow.

I planted some in my tiny front garden prior to the Epic Psychiatric Misadventures of '09, during which almost everything in my garden died from neglect.

But every spring, without receiving any care at all, the wild garlic comes back, and I get a waft of that wild-garlic-saturated woodland air every time I walk past. And then a constellation of white star-shaped flowers at the end of the season.

It likes shade; you can buy bulbs or start it from seed. Then it grows like a weed, because it is, and will invasively try to take over as much space as you allow it.

(Safety note: the leaves look like lily and lily of the valley leaves. So don't plant them near those, and make sure you know what you're picking.)

(ETA extra safety note: according to Plants For A Future, it can be poisonous to some mammals -- especially dogs. So, watch out for your pets. This is true for other garlic and onion species, btw.)

You pick the leaves; you can eat them raw in a salad (they seem to complement eggs), wilt them lightly (e.g over pasta, or they might be great with bacon), or use them instead of basil to make a pungent, bright green pesto.

Allegedly, wild garlic is even healthier than regular garlic, as it has higher amounts of some of the important phytochemicals.

More importantly, it is delicious and produces food with no effort -- specifically, salad leaves, which for many people are one of the items most likely to turn to slime in the fridge before you get round to eating them. Wild garlic, you just pick and wash when you want to eat it.

If you do have some effort to invest, here is my best pesto recipe from this year (ideas stolen from all over the place, no originality):

large bunch wild garlic
large bunch cavolo nero/black kale/dinosaur kale*, roughly chopped and with any super-woody bits removed
60g grated parmesan (can be omitted if vegan, in which case maybe add more nuts)
60g walnuts
150ml olive oil
pinch of salt

Mix in a blender (you're supposed to drizzle in the olive oil a bit at a time, though I'm not entirely sure why). Add some more of things if it seems too runny/dry/you want more parmesan, etc.; it's not a finicky recipe requiring precise measurements.

Lasts for a decent amount of time in a sealed container in the fridge.

You can apparently freeze pesto (in silicone ice-cube type trays for individual servings); I have tried this but not tried defrosting any yet, so can't vouch for how well that works.

{*The classic wild garlic pesto uses parsley or rocket/arugula, but the cavolo nero turns out to work awesomely. I suspect watercress would be great too. You can also make it with almonds or pine nuts and probably many other nuts.}
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Kintsugi , NC-17 Spike/Buffy by [profile] enigmaticblues.

Good Birthday , Spike/Willow by [personal profile] evil_little_dog.

A New World , Spike/Xander by [personal profile] forsaken2003.

Chapter One , Chapter Two and Alternative of Seeing Pink , Spike/Buffy by [profile] futurescribbler.

Chapter Fifty Two of Truth Denied by [profile] perverted_pages.

Spike/Dru wallpaper by [profile] mwrgana_muse.

Icons from Issue No. Twenty Seven by nmcil12.

Thinky thoughts on Buffyverse characters by [profile] sunclouds33.

EW shows all of SMG's covers.

So sorry to hear that [personal profile] musicbitch has died .
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http://iguanamouth.tumblr.com/post/141654352627 (content warning for uncomfortably vivid cartoon depiction of bad mental state happening for no reason)

Not happening to me today, or too much at the moment; my posting this should not be cause for concern. But. Some days, that's how it goes.


20 May 2016 12:32
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honestly I'm in terrible shape today. I shouldn't be - work's been going really well, until September I'm going to be writing essays about literature and the supernatural, which is amazing - I've got an Andersen story this week, Garth Nix's Sabriel (!) for next - and ever since the weather turned the afterschool childcare work I've been doing has gone from kinda heavy to just delightful, the little girl with Down's I've been taking care of is super happy to scrounge around in the woods and I don't have to mind her so closely because there's nothing she can break, and mess doesn't matter outside so we've way less conflict and are getting good communication lines set up and it's sunshine and exercise and playing tag and there's a real nice dog -

but I also can't stop crying, and i had an awful punitive dream last night - I wonder if the reason why I hate Dickens so much is that my superego can be distressingly Dickensian, all "let me show you visions of that thing you want so that you can see how you would fuck it up to the harm of innocents." shit. and everything is rubbing me the wrong way; my head aches, my heart aches, my eyes ache. Yesterday morning I heard the mom who lives in the other part of my house spanking her little girl, and the poor baby was crying, and I just about hyperventilated out of my skin.
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[My parents, Oma, Keiki, cousins in the front garden at the out-law's house in the Pacific Northwest.]

At the end of our recent flying visit to the States, Keiki and my parents and I drove up to my aunt&uncle-out-law's house nearby. Keiki and I stayed overnight, and Aunt-Out-Law treated us to VIP service to the airport the next morning, taking our heavy luggage to the check-in desk and walking us all the way to the security gate. But before that, we had a birthday barbecue for Uncle-Out-Law, with all the cousins. It was brilliant, and there are lots of photos of family and celebrations below the cut.

+15 photos )
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David Attenborough Never Covered This, Spike/Buffy by [profile] thisficklemob.

Yahoo says "Not Fade Away is the Best TV Finale of All Time". "Angel did something big. It spent four years being surprising and took a lot of risks, even from the beginning and with the final episode it chose to make it stand for something. This was a show about atonement and in 45 minutes it decided not to have a happy ending but tell a more enriching story by having our heroes not win, but just keep fighting".
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So I only now realised that I never remembered to post the rest of my Babylon 5 thoughts when I rewatched it last autmn. Oops.

spoilers, spoilers and even more spoilers )

Oh, there's a 3!

19 May 2016 08:14
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I forgot about this, but: the feral parakeets have reached Kensington Gardens! I saw several the other day, descending from a tree to be fed by a circle of people holding out palms full of birdseed.

This is amazing because I thought they were still mostly in South London suburbs; I had no idea they'd spread this far.

Google found me video evidence of them from earlier this year, feeding from people's hands:

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This is a short fic I originally wrote for last year's Everywoman ficathon (which is currently open for sign-ups, hint, hint) but never finished it until now because real life happened just before the deadline.

No Future But What We Make (1149 words) by Ruuger
Fandom: X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Kitty Pryde & Rogue
Summary: The words slipped out almost before she'd even thought of them. "If I still had my powers, I could have done something."

(I seem to be collecting new fandoms to write this year: first Star Wars and Doctor Who, and now X-Men)
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I've been reading the spoilers about Castle's series finale (and watched the final scene), and I take back every bad word that I ever said about The Mentalist season 6 finale*. It may have copied its plot from an episode of Friends, but it was still miles better than this mess.

spoilers for the finale )

Also, speaking of Castle, I've been watching some random season 6 episodes of Castle on TV recently, and "Time Will Tell" which ended with the suggestion that time travel was really real, made me think just how differently The Mentalist would have handled the same story. Because I think Jane would have gone with the time traveller's story just like Castle, except that he would have done it just to mess with Lisbon. But after the case was closed, he would have revealed some deep dark trauma he'd discovered from the time traveller's past, and would have helped him to get over it and go back to normal life. The episode would then have ended with an image of Jane sitting alone, looking really sad, while the Jane-thinks-about-his-family theme played as they always do ;)

(I was seriously tempted to rewrite the episode as a The Mentalist fic - in fact, it could be an interesting idea for a ficathon: take one episode from a procedural, and rewrite it for another one)

* Except for the bit about the freeze frame, because I still think that was fucking stupid.

Rus in urbe

18 May 2016 20:54
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1. So it turns out that if someone turns up to deliver an Amazon parcel and they find you barefoot in the front garden picking dandelion leaves and occasionally eating them, they visibly experience worries about whether they should be handing anything over to you.

(In my defence, circumstances required me to produce a salad out of an almost-empty fridge at very short notice. The salad ended up containing dandelion leaves, wild garlic leaves - also from the garden -- the remaining third of a bag of watercress, poached eggs and mustard vinaigrette, and it was awesome.)

2. I got burgled by a fox. Twice.

(Okay, strictly speaking I should refer to attempted burglary, since I don't think anything's missing.)

Context: I live in a tiny infill house, with an attic room that has doors out onto a tiny balcony.

During the recent heatwave, I left the doors open (this will be relevant later).

A week or so ago, I was in bed and heard what sounded very definitely like noise coming from upstairs.

I'm very noise-sensitive, not to mention anxiety-prone, and there's also a lot of transmission of noise from the buildings next door, so I do occasionally end up checking out noises at night, and generally assume it's going to be nothing.

But this really sounded like someone was in my study and not being quiet about it -- rustling papers, moving stuff around.

So I went upstairs. Slowly and LOUDLY, because I am not completely without sense, so that if anyone was burgling me, they could depart peacefully before we encountered each other.

No-one in the attic. I went out onto the balcony to have a look around. After a moment, the security lights in the next door garden pinged on, and a fox jumped up onto the wall (which leads to the roof extension installed by the evil property developers, which is not far below my balcony) and went trotting off along it. I looked at the fox. The fox turned and looked back at me.

I thought ".... nah, that's insane, clearly the fox was not in my study, that's a bizarre thing to suspect."

But I did shut the doors (on the grounds that maybe it made the house look a bit too burgle-able), though I left the windows open.

Flash-forward to Sunday night. Repeat of loud noises upstairs.

I went up the stairs somewhat faster this time, and was greeted by the sight of a large fox ricocheting back into the room (it had evidently bolted for the doors then discovered they were shut), flailing, then leaping up onto my desk and exiting through a window.

I am still full of delight.

London wildlife has a bold and enterprising attitude.


18 May 2016 21:18
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Weilburg, the city of my father's childhood, is a place we visit about once a year, usually in spring.

This year we made it up to the town centre with a famous castle/palace ensemble which does not have an English wikipedia article - I am genuinely shocked at this oversight.

Here are some pictures )

roundup: fics by me

17 May 2016 20:58
snickfic: close-up photo of Marc-Andre Fleury (flower close)
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Circus (4329 words) by Snickfic
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Hockey RPF
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Marc-Andre Fleury/Matt Murray/Jeff Zatkoff
Characters: Marc-Andre Fleury, Matt Murray, Jeff Zatkoff
Additional Tags: Threesome, Threesome - M/M/M, Relationship Negotiation, Porn with Feelings, Pittsburgh Penguins

Flower is a good teammate who doesn't mind playing backup. He's trying, anyway.

I have in the past week said I couldn't write PWPs or poly for exchanges, and then I got this flash fic exchange assignment and proceeded to do both. In three days. For 4300 words.

It has the kind of flaws that a fic is going to have when you write it in three days, but also it engages with RL events and with how I see these people in ways that I don't manage to get at very often in this fandom, and I'm just really freaking pleased with it. It's my favorite thing I've posted so far this year.

Also it's got kinky worldbuilding not really indicated in the tags, if you're into that.

The Other Side of the Wall (1718 words) by Snickfic
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Hockey RPF
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Zdeno Chara, Boston Bruins Ensemble
Additional Tags: Crossdressing, Revelations, Boston Bruins

The problem is that a new dress always makes him a little giddy, secretly, in the bottom of his stomach. A new dress he loves this much overwhelms all his better judgment.

Fact about me: when I see a prompt on the kinkmeme involving a team captain, very often I want to fill it with Chara. It's sheer contrariness on my part.

So I wrote this one Sunday morning on a lark. The title and prompt are inspired by Captain Shakespeare from Stardust, if that's an incentive.


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