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23 October 2016 03:05
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Chapters One & Two of Sunshine and Shadows and Chapters One & Two of Muzzled , Spike/Buffy by [personal profile] slaymesoftly.

[community profile] seasonal_spuffy is extending their call for banners until October 25.

EW shows us a BtVS coloring book here, here and here .

Yes excellent

22 October 2016 16:30
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Via [personal profile] sovay: here is a gif of Miriam Hopkins kissing Fredric March and Gary Cooper at the end of Design for Living.

In case anyone might need it for Tumbling purposes, or find it useful to have a taster to indicate whether this film would be relevant to their interests.

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22 October 2016 03:04
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Buffyverse icons by [profile] scarred_loretta.

Storywonk podcast talks Bargaining Parts 1 & 2 .

Bufferingthevampireslayer podcast talks The Pack .

Soundcloud podcast talks Bad Eggs.

Hypable podcast talks The Prodigal & The Ring .

USAToday includes Fear, Itself in their "20 TV episodes to get you into the Halloween spirit".

Screenrant lists "15 Stars You Forgot Appeared On Angel".
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Basket or boat?
I call this a laundry basket. Keiki and Humuhumu claim they are in a boat.

Poll #17709 Basket or boat?
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 52

They are sitting in a

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4 (12.9%)

27 (87.1%)

That oblong of white plastic contains multitudes. Do not constraint its identity as above.

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So apparently Joss has said in an interview that he's a Spike/Buffy shipper, though he does later take it back a bit and calls himself a Spike/Angel shipper instead.

It's been ages since I've been to Whedonesque (it does still exist, right?) but the old schadenfreude-loving Buffy fan in me wants to make some popcorn and go see if anyone's posted the interview there yet... ;)

And just yesterday I was feeling all nostalgic for the good old times of wanking in the Buffy fandom!

eta After I posted this, I though: "Damn, it's been ages since I watched Buffy, I should really rewatch it" and then I remembered that I just rewatched it last year...

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21 October 2016 03:09
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Like a Cancer and Spike's Trick or Treat Game, Spike/Buffy by [personal profile] katleept.

Chapter Fifteen of The Soul Lies Down by [personal profile] the_moonmoth.

Imdb lists BtVS characters by their screen time.

UK.complex talks to Joss about Spike & Buffy and doing a Star Wars film.

A Gen Thing

20 October 2016 15:02
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I won an award! Whee!


I am amused that a story (still a WIP, until next month) about slayer sexual response research would win "Best Gen", but it's true that there's very little actual sex in it. Poor Buffy.

So many wonderful friends also won awards, and can I just say, "Keep it up, guys! You're doing great!"

I'm pleased that a story that I beta'd won an award in the Angst category: [personal profile] shapinglight's Third Wheel, a fascinating look at what would have happened if Darla was the "lady" Buffy became in Halloween, and what that might mean when she and Angel get together. Another fun one is the other winner in the Gen category, [personal profile] st_salieri's Desert Wonderland. Check 'em out!

Tonight, I'm headed to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, drag!

Pokémon Go: Week 13 + Abyssrium

20 October 2016 13:43
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  • My three 10 km eggs hatched into: a relatively low CP Jynx (grumble), a high CP Pinsir (sigh) aaaaaand….A SCYTHER. The last was new to me and also very powerful. So I’m happy. I’m saving the fourth 10 km egg for when I level up.
  • Nearly finished with Level 24. So...close...want....Lucky...Egg...argh.
  • I cracked and did some boring Pidgey evolutions because I was so tired of hauling around loads of them.
  • My Pokédex claims I have attempted and failed to catch a Nidoqueen and an Exeggcutor. I find this irritating because I cannot recall seeing either.
  • I walked my Jigglypuff for sufficient candies so that they’re ready to evolve along with the Omanyte and the Seel. Now walking my Clefairy because even though I’ve only caught a few, it’s only 1 km per candy.
  • I reached Silver level on the Breeder medal for hatching 100+ eggs, and Silver on the Fisherman medal for catching 50 big Magikarp. I also have sufficient candies to evolve a third Gyarados. Typically I earn enough candies to be able to fully power up my highest CP Magikarp before I do the evolution as well. It’s a bit ridiculous.
  • I think I’m seeing a greater variety of Pokémon spawns near my house. Don’t get me wrong, the majority are still comprised of Magikarp, Goldeen, Poliwag, Psyduck, Slowpoke and Staryu and occasionally the evolved forms of these (apart from Gyarados - I’ve never seen a wild Gyarados). But I see Eevee, Oddish, Zubat and even Drowsee now, where I would only have ever seen Pidgey and Rattata previously. The change seems to have happened around the time the nests were rearranged. Has anyone else observed this?

Abyssrium, which I’d almost stopped playing entirely, has a Halloween event going on. Sir Tap Tap’s guide has been updated so that you can optimise your candy usage to collect all the ghost and bone fish. I’m enjoying the theme, as you can see from my reef below, with its pumpkins, candles, tombstones, ghost fish and bone turtle.

+2 )

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19 October 2016 03:32
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The winners of the No Rest For The Wicked Awards have been announced. Congratulations to all.

Buffyverse and AtSverse icons by [personal profile] teragramm.
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Title: In Translation
Fandom: Henry V/Shakespeare Histories
Pairings: Henry V/Catherine of Valois
Rating: General
Word count: ~1300
Also available on AO3
Summary: Henry and Catherine are married, and he's still working on his French.
Notes: Belatedly crossposting my entry from the Histories Ficathon. Thanks to Lea for help with French, and with Chaucer.

FIC: In Translation )
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Merrily We Go To Hell, directed by Dorothy Arzner

I may at some point have considered thoughts on this, but in the meantime I thought it might be amusing to post an attempt at a transcript of my reactions in the moment.

There are sort of spoilers in this, but you probably won’t be able to make them out past the incoherent screaming.

at circa 15 mins in: OH NO HONEY DON’T DO IT. SWEETIE, NO. He is sweet and adorable* and really, really obviously an alcoholic, and also he is going to keep on letting you down in just the way he’s already started doing.

circa 30 mins — I guess this is the era when people didn’t really have a vocabulary about alcoholism or toxic relationships, because nowadays in five minutes someone would be having That Conversation with her. There are about twenty Captain Awkward columns in this film.

39 mins — Oh shit no, they’re having that conversation, in that hideously awkward way where you don’t want to hurt someone, but you have to warn them, but you can see they’re still madly in love and you still want to hope that it might somehow work out and it’s not going to be the train wreck you can see coming. “Or if it does — take my advice and get out in time.”

45 mins — okay, this is being done really well.


57 — HOLY FUCKING SHIT. She opens the door. “I’m no jailer.” YES THANK YOU DON’T LET HIM PUT IT ON YOU.

1:02 ... is that Cary Grant?**

1:06 “Vi? Do you remember once telling me to get out in time? That you can become cheaper through loving someone, and, through -- through hating someone? Well I didn’t get out in time.”

1:10 — how did fucking Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? timeslip back to 1932? This kind of shit didn’t get written until the 60s at least, did it? She even has a quasi-kaftan.

1:12 — oh, fuck you and your corny epiphany, Jerry. Claire isn’t impressed either. Observe how very few fucks she gives. “You really should save those speeches for your plays.”

1:15 — It’s called stalking, Jerry. Ha ha suck it. It’s too late.

1:18 — It’s really too late.

1:22 — I don’t think this is a happy ending and I don’t think Arzner thinks it’s a happy ending, I love Mick LaSalle but he is wrong, this is not redemptive, I don’t think Jerry has changed in any fundamental way just because he’s (currently) sober, it's too late for this to be saved by the right magic words. “My baby, my baby.” Yes a mother-son dynamic is totally right to evoke in this context and not horrific in any way. OH MY FUCKING GOD THIS IS TERRIFYING. *screaming*

... I think this is possibly a horror film about how heterosexuality and alcohol will destroy you.

Content notes (covering as much as my shell-shocked brain can come up with, no guarantees of completeness — sorry, that should be a standing disclaimer):

ALCOHOLISM. Handled with sufficient emotional realness that I think this could be excruciating for anyone who’s got/had substance abuse issues or loved someone who has; look after yourselves, okay? Child death (offscreen). Co-dependency. Weird “Uncle Tom” joke. Darth Vader boyfriend/husband. Woman destroys herself slowly over useless man. “Open” relationships of the “I can’t stop you cheating so I’ll pretend to be cool with it and not care because we’re so modern and sophisticated” kind. Heartbreakingly awful relationship dynamics. The horror of watching people you care about enmeshed in heartbreakingly awful relationship dynamics. The slow, grinding remorseless disintegration of souls (I swear the actors age visibly before your eyes, in a way that has nothing to do with make-up), garnished with charm and snappy lines.

{*Maybe don't watch this right now if you have just watched Design For Living and are still thinking happy thoughts about Fredric March's charm and adorableness? He is equally charming and adorable here, and it's a brilliant, utterly un-self-sparing performance which will thoroughly poison your feelings about said charm and adorableness. Enjoy the happy for a while longer.}

{**It is Cary Grant, pre-famous, in a tiny bit part.}


18 October 2016 20:39
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I watched Baby Face and also Merrily We Go To Hell and now my brain is vibrating. This was a misjudgement on my part. I need to space out the super-heavyweight fighters of the pre-Code world with more of the kind-of-interesting-ish mediocre minor ones.

In my defence, I did not know that the last 40 minutes or so of Merrily were going to leave me feeling as if I'd spent that time staring head-on into a windtunnel (I thought it was one of the minor ones, albeit interesting/good). My face actually feels as if it's been blasted back towards my ears, probably from prolonged time frozen in horror.

some writing advice

18 October 2016 08:15
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Usual disclaimer of everyone's different, what works for me may not work for you, etc, but these are all things that I have found to be true over and over and over in my personal writing life.

1. The thing you want to write most, write first. If you keep waiting for the "right time" to write it, you very easily might never write it at all. (This is a very pointed comment at myself, fyi.)

2. If you're not sure what happens next, try delegating decisions to someone else. Get someone you trust to read what you have so far, and then ask them what else the story needs to happen. (The ONLY reason my Sid/Phil story is finished is because I got a friend to do this for the last ~5k or so.)

3. If you're stuck on a project and nothing you write works, you probably made a mistake earlier in the story. Go back and figure out how you wrote yourself into this corner, and cut that part out.

Brexit and being British

18 October 2016 11:23
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Recently I had a conversation about the EU referendum vote with the bloke (born English) and a mutual friend (born Scottish).

I was explaining why the vote had affected me so profoundly, not just because of the inflammatory rhetoric poisoning the conversation on migration, but because it was deeply depressing to wake up on a fateful Friday morning in June and discover that one of the things I had found most attractive about taking UK citizenship was about to be removed. Becoming British, I said, had meant becoming European.

“I don’t feel European,” said the bloke.
“No, I don’t either,” said our mutual friend.

It shocked me into silence to hear that British people, especially someone so close to me, held such different ideas about what UK citizenship meant. Neither of them had voted to leave the EU, mind you, and in the paragraphs below I don’t address that. I can understand voting to leave when you don’t feel European but I don’t entirely understand voting to remain when you don’t feel European.

When I moved here in 2004, I had a fairly idealistic vision of modern Britain. The government seemed to have reasonable provision for the least well off in society. The NHS is a thing of beauty and a joy forever. The British people I met seemed to be keen to shake off insularity and post-imperial malaise, to welcome the opportunities offered by open access to Europe for travel and for work. There were many cross-border romances and relationships. People seemed to celebrate the multitude of cultures that had contributed to form present-day British identity. I don’t think I was, or am, a slavish Anglophile, but I did see a country and a people who were forward-thinking and progressive, who genuinely valued the potential in people regardless of skin colour, who were providing opportunities (e.g. work visas under the original Highly Skilled Migrant/Tier 1 schemes) to people regardless of their countries of origin. As long as you were willing to accept tea when it was offered (never refuse the tea even if you don’t want it), be suitably self-deprecating, respect the rules of engagement on public transport, go to the pub after work, and remember that intense meaningful drunken conversations are never to be spoken of again in the cold light of day, you were in there.

By the time I was able to apply for British citizenship, I was definitely no longer wearing rose-tinted spectacles. Immigration rules were constantly becoming more stringent for both non-EU/EEA and EU migrants and the toxicity of the conversation about non-British workers and refugees was increasing. Multiculturalism had become a dirty word. I knew that at the start of my time here, I was mostly seeing London and extrapolating it to the rest of Britain. I still believed, though, with my incorrigible American optimism, that the qualities and attitudes I admired held sway. Receiving my British-EU passport was one of the happiest moments of my life. For me, it represented becoming an official part of the broader, more inclusive, open and tolerant society that the EU (with Britain as part of it) aimed toward achieving.

Brexit inflamed such passion because it was not just a practical vote, it was an ideological one. Membership of the European Union held such positive connotations for me because I believed that being British implicitly meant being European. That belief turned out to be anathema to many who see that membership as a forced conflation of British and European identities. I’m still very unsettled by that.

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18 October 2016 03:00
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To Sleep, Perchance , Buffy by [personal profile] evil_little_dog.

The Pitfalls, and Potentials of an Office Friendship., Vi/Rona by [personal profile] kerkevik_2014.

Starting at midnight GMT on October 27 (6 PM EST in the U.S. on Oct 26) [community profile] buffyversetop5 will be celebrating Halloween through all the time zones until midnight November 1. Five days for you to bring your all-time favorite recs of fics, vids, graphics, anything and everything fandom has produced in all the Whedon fandoms! All time periods before 2016 are eligible for posting and, as always, crossover content is A-OK, so get those lists ready!

We've also reopened the The Wishlist. Take a look at what recs people are hoping to see and put together a list. You can also leave your own request for recs.

Call for banners at [community profile] seasonal_spuffy.

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17 October 2016 03:02
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In a Corner of My Soul , Buffy/Giles by [personal profile] dragonyphoenix.

Chapter Twenty Five of I Would Still Have Loved You by [personal profile] slaymesoftly.

EW's "Most Powerful Superheroes ever: EW ranks the Top 50" includes Buffy Summers as No. 11.

I still cook things sometimes

16 October 2016 19:40
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Cantaloupe Salad with Basil, Fresh Mozzarella, and Onions - When I got back from Italy, I was so inspired to cook All The Things, I went out and bought a basil plant and a parsley plant. (This was also somewhat necessary to replenish the balcony garden, since the great "My cat-sitter forgot to water my plants and it was 100 degrees while I was gone" of 2016 killed all my flowers, lol.) I immediately killed the parsley plant, lol, but the basil did pretty well. It's still alive, at any rate (and, booya! All but one of my "dead" flowers eventually came back, EVEN THE MARIGOLDS, which looked completely fried). Anyway, I was looking for things to use fresh basil in, and this fit the bill.

Lemon-Basil Chicken Salad
- Another "use the basil" recipe. Not that much different from my regular chicken salad, but good enough that I didn't get sick of it after eating it for lunch four days in a row, lol. It made, like, a whole chicken's worth of chicken salad, which is a LOT of chicken salad for one person.

Quadruple Chocolate Pudding Cookies - OM NOM NOM. The instant pudding mix in the cookies reminded me of [personal profile] mcmegan's mom's chocolate chip cookie recipe. Except with a lot more chocolate. Don't follow the recipe and make giant cookies. You won't need them. A little bit of these goes a loooong way. SO MUCH CHOCOLATE. But a big hit in work. The next challenge: QUINTUPLE CHOCOLATE cookies (yes, there is a recipe for them on that same blog). 

Shrimp Puffs
- I have had two cans of Pillsbury pizza dough in my refrigerator for way too long and haven't used them, so I finally broke one out for this recipe (even though technically it calls for biscuits, I figured it's all basically the same dough, right?). I also don't have a mini-muffin tray, so I made them regular muffin sized. I also couldn't find baby shrimp, so I used regular-sized shrimp and cut them into pieces. The pizza dough did turn out more doughy and less puff-pastryish than the biscuits probably would've been, so it's more like a mini shrimp pizza, but that's fine. If you're making them to serve at a party, maybe follow the recipe, but if you just sometimes like to eat appetizers for dinner (don't judge me), my way is just as good.

One-Pot Creamy Pumpkin Pasta - This was decidedly meh. I hate clean-up, so I'm all for a good one-pot recipe, but I don't think I'd bother with this one again. The goat cheese kind of overpowers the pumpkin flavor, and the garlic doesn't come through at all. Maybe if it was sauteed a bit in the pot before adding the other ingredients? Or possibly I just think I like pumpkiny things more than I actually do, because I am inevitably disappointed.

Chocolate Pumpkin Bread with Cinnamon Glaze - Between this and the peach bread fail, I am starting to get nervous about making these bread recipes. This one didn't overflow, at least, but the toothpick in the center kept coming out gooey, so I left it in the oven for a good 15-20 minutes longer than the recipe called for. I also had to add twice as much heavy cream to make the glaze glaze-like. I don't even know how it came out, since I am taking it in to work tomorrow, and I didn't want to cut into it ahead of time to check. If the raw batter (so chocolatey!) and the glaze (just like a cinnamon bun!) are any indication, it is DELICIOUS. I just hope it's cooked all the way through. 
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Design for Living (1933) on YouTube

(Note: it's broken up into 10 parts; the link goes to part 1. If they don't auto-play in order for you, they can all be found here)

Loosely based on Noel Coward's play, rewritten into something substantially different by the legendary Ben Hecht, starring Miriam Hopkins, Fredric March and Gary Cooper.

Although, alas, the phrase "disgusting three-sided erotic hotch-potch" doesn't make it into the screenplay (and Mick LaSalle says the gay subtext is much reduced* compared to the play, which I haven't read in forever), the ending is just as canonically poly.


Miriam Hopkins may make a verbal call-back back to the no-sex just-platonic-friends-and-housemates "gentleman's agreement" between them (which she discarded multiple acts ago: "I am no gentleman"), but the fact that, nestled between them in the back of a car, she's just tenderly kissed Gary Cooper on the mouth, then turned and equally warmly kissed Fredric March, and it's very evident that none of them believe it for a second, means that ... you can't even call that a token attempt on the filmmakers' part to figleaf it. I'm sorry. You just can't. I don't buy there being a credible non-poly reading of that scene that doesn't involve mental contortions. It's canon.

Gilda falls in love (and lust) with Tom and with George simultaneously, and when asked to decide who she wants she helplessly and fervently says "BOTH", and in the end she gets BOTH.

(And yowza, the desire and sexual tension in Hopkins's performance is startling -- there's a point where she's sitting almost wringing her hands with determination not to touch Cooper -- and so is the genuine fondness and regard for both of them. As expressed through snarls of "ROTTEN" when their art isn't up to scratch.)

(And look at that entirely-silent bed-buying scene, that we only see through a shop window but which is entirely legible through gestures and tape-measuring: even when engaged to Max Plunkett, Gilda is instinctively looking for and insisting on a bed that will fit three people.)

It barely squeaked past to get released as it was, and was promptly banned from re-release in 1934 when the Code started being enforced.

Content notes: cheating, before the characters invent poly. Brief comedic punching. Gilda seems happy to give up her career (she's an artist too, albeit a commercial one) to be a live-in muse/critic/secretary, even of an unusually tough-love kind.

{*Nonetheless: that Remington goes DING very loudly between Tom and George too, just after it's been heavily symbolic between Tom and Gilda. And the film lets George say "I loved you both". What I'm saying is, if you want to ship it, the film certainly isn't going to stand in your way.}

Oh yessss

15 October 2016 10:03
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You've Been Trumped Too is having its worldwide theatrical debut on the 28th Oct in New York, "just a stone's throw from Trump Tower". Which should help them get more media attention.

They're at 74% of their Kickstarter goal with 15 days to go, so please throw money at them if you can, and (whether you can or can't), spread the word. This deserves to go viral. It would be so beautiful to have this on TV or free online before the election.

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15 October 2016 03:24
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Darker Fire , Willow/Angelus by [profile] xspike4evax.

Buffyverse and AtSverse icons by [personal profile] sweet_lyri.

Ninaverocia talks "Why Buffy The Vampire Slayer May Just Be The Greatest Show Ever Created".

Whatculture gives "10 Reasons Angel Is Better Than Buffy".

Soundcloud podcast talks Ted .

Bufferingthevampireslayer podcast talks Never Kill a Boy on the First Date .

Themagicboxpodcast podcast talks Life of the Party .

Hypable podcast talks This Year's Girl & Who Are You .

Redemptioncast podcast talks Waiting in the Wings .

Storywonk podcast talks That Vision Thing .

Storywonk podcast talks Heartthrob .
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"Complicated Women" on YouTube

Inspired by the book of the same name about "sex and power in pre-code Hollywood" by Mick LaSalle, featuring interviews with him, Molly Haskell and other film critics, various surviving actresses from the era, and lots and lots of clips. Doesn't go deep in its analysis (and the narration spends a lot of time emphasizing that these were very SEXY movies, all RAUNCHY and SEXY and FUN and SEXY), but I'd bet that there'll be at least one clip to make your jaw drop.

More Links Than A Bag Of Sausages

14 October 2016 03:40
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I'll Have You , Spike/Angel by [personal profile] katleept.

DenOfGeek has love for JE's Reunion .

Joss writes a piece on HRC. talks "“I Want to be a Macho Man”: Examining Rape Culture, Adolescent Female Sexuality, and the Destabilisation of Gender Binaries in Buffy the Vampire Slayer".

Pokémon Go: Week 12 + Viridi

13 October 2016 18:40
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I suspect I’m now over halfway through the lifecycle of Pokémon Go. I’m still enjoying my weekly urban Pokéwalks, but the thrill of catching enough unusual-to-me Pokémon or otherwise acquiring enough candy to evolve them is beginning to pall. I’ve just about come to terms with the fact that leveling up now takes weeks. I’d like to maintain my interest long enough to get to Level 30 or to the point where I can evolve the remaining 30 or so evolvable Pokémons in my repertoire, whichever comes first, but both possibilities seem rather distant right now.

That said, I have enough candy to evolve my Omanyte and my Seel, and I hope with enough walking I should be able to evolve my Koffing and my Jigglypuff. I hatched another Vulpix from a 5 km egg so that’s nearly walkable as well. The Spreadsheet of Evolve decrees that I should hold off on evolutions until my next Lucky Egg. I’m over halfway through Level 24, so I’m gritting my teeth and grinding through to the Level 25 rewards.

I currently have three - three! - 10 km eggs to hatch. I was so excited about this I spent some precious Pokécoins on an incubator. The first one is nearly ready.

I discovered that Kensington Gardens now seems to be a Diglett nest. I caught four on my last walk through it, having never seen one there previously.

On the other end of the necessary-user-input spectrum, Viridi continues to be a quiet source of daily pleasure. I share here two images of my plant pot. The first was taken on the day I started playing. The second is one month later, when everything bloomed. <3

The Divorcee (1930)

13 October 2016 16:40
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Look, I have to share this, okay?

This page will try to open a tonne of pop-ups and is probably infested with all sorts of stuff, but it will let you watch the film for free:

These look like legit rentals:!content/77790/The-Divorcee (Warner Movies on Demand, sadly not available in the UK)

Also available on DVD and so on.

So here's why you have to watch this:


Norma Shearer and Chester Morris are a nauseatingly happy young couple, who are very modern in the manner of 1930 and have vowed to be equals and pals forever.

Then she finds out (on their third wedding anniversary) that he's cheated on her. And he insists it meant nothing, can't she see, darling, he loves only her, can't she understand the masculine perspective and not let a meaningless little thing like this stand in the way of their happiness.

(Note: you will want to punch Chester Morris in the face a lot. Red-Headed Woman will really not help with this.)

So he goes away on a business trip, and she ... goes out and has sex with a mutual friend of theirs.

(And Shearer plays this so brilliantly -- there's grief there, and spite, and curiosity, and vague attraction to that charming guy who's always had a bit of a thing for her, but as Mick LaSalle points out, there's also moral seriousness; she's earnestly trying to find out for herself: can she do this and have it mean nothing?)

(And one of the elements of the film seems to be that while sex -- extra-marital or non-marital -- doesn't sully or cheapen her, it also turns out that for her, it's not something she can happily treat as meaningless, either.)

And then Chester Morris comes back and she tells him that she's "balanced [their] accounts."

And he loses it, demanding to know the name of the man involved, outraged at the idea that her cheating could be as meaningless as his little peccadillo, and finally furious at the idea that one of their circle of male friends might be secretly laughing at him.

And she tears a strip out of his hypocrisy and double standards in an epic speech and walks out and subsequently divorces him.

We are halfway into the film at this point.

Warning: the last few minutes will almost certainly piss you off. Though the film does dodge an ending which might have pissed me off more.

(Also the film seems to assume that someone could only marry a woman with facial disfigurement out of pity and guilt. Or at least some of the characters assume this. Certainly Paul, because he's an asshole.)

(All the men in this film are fail.)

And here is A Free Soul (in which, as previously mentioned, Norma Shearer uses Clark Gable for his body, and seriously, pre-Code Shearer has been a revelation to me):

Also she wears this dress.

(Here she is wearing this dress and looking at Clark Gable.)

The films are still products of their era, but damn; they are doing stuff that would have been literally unshowable from 1935 onwards. And it's a jolt to the brain to see how far ahead they were in their frankness relative to the films of the 40s and 50s.

There's clearly a lot that's being done because as always (especially in Hollywood) sex sells. But they still feel far more woman-centric than many much, much later post-Code films that were considered ground-breaking in their time.
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From the late, lamented Toast:

Pre-Code Movies Worth Watching

The term “pre-Code” refers to a handful of years in the late 1920s and early 1930s after the introduction of sound but before the consistent enforcement of the Hollywood Production Code, when movies were chock-full of naked gangsters shooting up churches and they all had titles like Satan, Let’s Go Dancing and Ten Little Cocaine Dippers and That Jazz Baby’s Loopy Tomorrow (not real film titles). Movies were raunchy. Then Joseph Breen showed up and ruined everything (I can only imagine that “JOSEPH PEEN” was a common graffito in Hollywood bathrooms around 1934).

If you’re not familiar with the Code, or haven’t seen many movies from the Golden Age of Hollywood, you might be shocked to see people in fedoras and fur coats swearing and getting hangovers; sort of like if you rewatched Casablanca to find there was a six-minute hardcore sex scene between Rick and Ilsa you’d forgotten about during the Paris interlude, so it’s best to ease into this kind of thing.

See the comments for excellent further discussion, recommendations and gifs of Barbara Stanwyck pouring coffee over a man's hand.

See also:

Let’s Talk About The Movie Where Katharine Hepburn Has An Abortion By Flying Into The Sun

More Links Than A Bag Of Sausages

13 October 2016 02:54
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A Dance Between Realms , Cordelia/Angel by [personal profile] katleept.

Sign-ups still open for the I Will Remember You Marathon .

MentalFloss talks about 29 spin-offs that never happened, including two Buffyverse ones.

Open trade and open borders

12 October 2016 17:51
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I'm trying to see if my understanding of the linkage of these two concepts as it currently stands in the US and the EU is accurate -- any corrections or further thoughts would be super welcome!

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(Many of which can be found illicitly on YouTube or thereabouts.)

I blame Mick LaSalle's book Complicated Women for getting me into them, but holy fuck. Fascinating stuff.

As someone said, it's like these films slid in from a parallel universe. They're (mostly) black and white and it's the '30s, and ... women are having sex before marriage or outside marriage and not dying. Or going insane. Or having to beg for forgiveness. Or being inherently evil.

For example -- Norma Shearer's character has hot sex with gangster Clark Gable who she does not love at all and has no interest in marrying, and while this is presented as a bad idea long-term because he goes all stalk-y and controlling when he finds out she was just into him for the sex, and also it is presented as the result of her father tragic alcoholic lawyer Lionel Barrymore having brought her up with Foolish Liberal Ideas, she's still the heroine and is treated as noble and dignified, not damaged goods, and perfectly worthy of pairing up with a decent guy at the end of the film.

In 1931.

It's amazingly jarring. There's a level of frankness about sex and sexuality that you don't see again in films until the 60s at least. And as LaSalle points out, there's stuff pre-Code heroines do that female characters in modern Hollywood movies wouldn't be allowed to do if they were meant to remain sympathetic.

Anyone want to talk to me about this stuff?
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A small compilation of Things Wot Have Made Me Happy over the past couple of weeks.


I am pleased to have produced offspring who can appreciate the great pleasure of slurping up really long noodles.

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More Links Than A Bag Of Sausages

11 October 2016 03:16
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Fandom hits : A multi-fandom song fic challenge! We accept all fandoms, all pairings, all types of fandom expression!!

Thinky thoughts on OMWF by [profile] itsnotmymind.

The NYTimes says Dolly Parton gave Gail Berman a check for BtVS royalties.
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I was too ill last Friday to string together enough coherent thoughts to make a post, so the Unscientific Poll is coming to you at the very odd time of Monday.

I find myself a lot less invested in this series of Bake Off than I was in the previous one. One contributing factor is knowing that this will be the last series to air on the BBC, and the last with this set of four presenters. All three of the female presenters are leaving (Mary Berry, Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins), meaning that not only will the show move to a channel with adverts, it will also retain only the intractably orange and bearded Paul Hollywood. Channel 4 will have to come up with some startlingly spectacular replacements for me to have any desire to continue watching.

Another is that, although I am charmed and delighted by Selasi's insouciance, Benjamina's understated wit and Candice's inexhaustible range of goth lipsticks, I get the feeling that any of last year's finalists - Nadiya, Tamal, and even the so-dull-I-had-to-look-up-his-name-Ian - would wipe the floor with all of this year's contestants, including Jane, whom I must reluctantly admit is probably the most accomplished baker even if she is my least favourite. None of them seem to be upping their game at the pace that last year's contestants had on reaching Week 7. Perhaps Wednesday will change my mind.

Anyway, enough from me. Which of the remaining contestants are your favourites? I shall place the poll behind a cut in case there are readers who haven't yet seen the latest episode(s).

Poll! )

More LInks Than A Bag Of Sausages

10 October 2016 03:19
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Inner Demon , Anya/Cordelia by [personal profile] punch_kicker15.

Things Are Looking Up , Anya/Darla by [personal profile] aaronlisa.

Thinky thoughts on The Pack by [personal profile] deird1.

[community profile] seasonal_spuffy is calling for banner entries .

Where to Stream These WB Classics. There's never a wrong time to watch Buffy :
TVGuide points out that BtVS is available on Hulu and AtS is available on Netflix.

haven't seen this in a while

10 October 2016 13:35
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Rewatching The Pack...

I have to say, I love Willow here. Particularly that she insists on staying behind to watch Xander because "I know you better than Buffy does", and Xander takes it as "I knew you'd still be you, inside it all." Like she knew he would - because that was Xander's reaction to Jesse becoming a vampire. And because she's well aware that he underestimates her.

And really, she insisted on it because she thinks Buffy's a bit gullible and kind-hearted, and she does know Xander better than Buffy does, and is aware of how he'll behave if he's manipulating her.

I just... YAY. :) Don't try manipulating Willow, guys. It never, ever works.


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