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It might be relevant to some of my f-listies interests that the Finnish representative for this year's Eurovision Song Contest was just selected and it's Pentti Kurikan Nimipäivät, a punk band that was made famous by the documentary The Punk Syndrome.

Hockey Recs #6

28 February 2015 08:29
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Oh gosh, SO MANY RECS. I waited too long. Soulbonding is a major theme here; I think I have four or five? Lots of Sid/Geno. Lots other random pairings. Lots of fic, basically.

Sid/Geno )

other Pens pairings )

other pairings )

Another quick 3-sentence fic

28 February 2015 01:24
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Another fill for the 3 sentence ficathon

Star Trek / Tolkien, Spock & Bilbo, the Ballad of Bilbo Baggins

"It's strange," Bilbo said from his cot as the Grey Havens disappeared behind the horizon, "I never knew sailing could be so... Did you ever hear about how I escaped in a barrel from the elf-king's halls?"

"I've heard that, yes," the tall Vulcan standing next to said with a thoughtful nod, "though I don't think this trip will be quite as turbulent... save, perhaps, for the odd whale."

The ship kept sailing steadily west as night fell, and the dark calm waters reflected the myriad of stars above.

The Blue Screen Of Death

27 February 2015 09:12
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is still causing issues so it's back to the shop for the tower. I don't know for sure when I'll be back. Hopefully soon. And hopefully they can figure out what's wrong because we've put a dedicated electrical line in and a battery backup and it's still misbehaving.

 photo 152014ericgif_zps310841dc.gif

final verdict

26 February 2015 15:45
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If I take a yellow crayon, draw a circle, surround it with lines, and put a smiley face on the circle, you'll probably recognise it as the sun.

Even though the sun looks nothing like that.

Supposing, though, that you see these smiley-face-on-a-circle suns in books for years, and then one day you travel to the country of Storybookia, and you suddenly look up in the sky and realise that the reason the sun is always drawn that way in picture books is because, in Storybookia, the sun really looks like that.

...That's kind of what it's like going from Australia to Europe.

In my head, there's "what things look like", and "what things look like in picture books". These two things are rarely the same.

In Europe? Ducks look like picture book ducks, with the green heads and the neck stripe. Forests look like picture book forests. Houses have chimneys. Grass is green. Flowers grow out of the ground like it's nothing special. Squirrels exist! So do flamingos! Churches have church bells that actually ring on the hour. Birds say tweet (except for cuckoos, which really do say cuckoo). Christmas has snow and twinkly lights.

And no - the sun is not a big yellow smiley face. But it wouldn't have surprised me.

More Links Than A Bag Of Sausages

26 February 2015 03:26
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The Victorious Witch , NC-17 Dark Willow by [personal profile] swan_secrets.

Straddling the Line , Buffy/Angel by [profile] spikesredqueen.

Chapter Two of Forever After Days by [profile] kikimay.

Buffyverse and AtSverse quote icons by [profile] spikesredqueen.

Storywonk podcast of Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered.

Hhwold podcast of the BtVS film.

Buzzfeed gives us "22 Relationship Lessons From “Buffy The Vampire Slayer”.
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Just Finished
Okay, I must admit, I got kind of stuck with Otter Country. It was all the internal eye-rolling at the overwrought Nice Middle-Class White Lady Deepening Her Connection with Nature stuff. I couldn’t take it after I realised I had another 220 pages of it left. So I did some fun re-reading to cleanse my palate and rejuvenate my interest. In rapid succession, I consumed Douglas Adams’ The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul and Margaret Atwood’s Morning in the Burned House.

In Progress
I then started Michael Ondaatje’s The Cat’s Table and got completely sucked into the autobiographical narrative. It’s an account of his crossing, by cruise ship, from Sri Lanka to England when he was eleven. His prodigious powers of observation (and diary-keeping) made it an absorbing nostalgic indulgence, written at the request of his children. The navel-gazing and bite-sized, evocative, anecdotal layout of the chapters is exactly to my taste (see: my love for DW and LJ)..

Up Next
Miriam Darlington’s Otter Country. I’ll give it one more try. I always get the sense she’s just on the brink of using the phrase “spirit animal”. If she does, I’m letting it go.

After that, it’s David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas. I got this for the bloke’s birthday, thinking it was The Bone Clocks. It turns out he’s already read it. Fortunately, his brother got him The Bone Clocks!

More Links Than A Bag Of Sausages

25 February 2015 03:17
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Always an Answer , Giles/Buffy by [personal profile] katleept.

Chapter Eight of Answering Prayers by [personal profile] velvetwhip.

DenOfGeek includes Once More With Feeling and Waiting in the Wings in their "Top 12 Really Creepy Ballet Moments in Film and TV". "Those demon heads are not for the faint-hearted. More to the point, as Dawn tries to explain to Sweet, his plan to carry her off to his “kingdom below” and marry her is illegal for a number of reasons, among them the fact she’s only fifteen years old...The story of the ballerina, her lover and her controlling director, ripped straight from The Red Shoes, is spooky without being too gory or unpleasant. Angel and Cordelia’s experience while possessed by the ballerina and her lover, Stefan, on the other hand, is definitely written with grown-ups in mind".

More news from the Sunnydale Press.


23 February 2015 21:29
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Technically, there is no such season as pre-spring - there is winter and there is spring, but certainly while it was gloves-hats-and-scarves cold, there was this feeling that nature was gathering strength from the sunshine for the coming spring.
Flat earth )

Just the highlights linkspam

22 February 2015 19:24
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I am trying very hard not to be like, "Ugh everything sucks," but... a lot of things suck. I am still sick and everything hurts and I am going a little bit Chris Traeger. Also, my parents had to put Patches to sleep yesterday (cancer, extremely advanced, like diagnosed less than two weeks ago). She was not quite 9, and is the second cat my parents have lost in 2 years, although Lily was already sick when they brought her in, so they only had her a few months. And my aunt's cat ALSO has cancer, so I have a lot of kitty-related sads.

First and last pictures I have of Patches )

So I decided that there was no way I'd be able to keep track of a whole month's worth of interesting news, besides which anyone who's interested in it probably would have seen it already somewhere else, and like, you do not need me to link to twelve interviews about The Americans, just go to [community profile] theamericans where they have 10,000 of them.

So this is just the absolute "can't miss" stuff. For some weird, subjective value of "can't miss" because I am super-biased.

* Good lord, it seems ridiculous to link to Super Bowl things almost a month later, but Chris Evans taking a flying leap over Chris Pratt cannot go unacknowledged. My bb also shows up in this video in which everyone takes responsibility for the Patriots' deflated footballs.

* Jon Stewart announced he's leaving The Daily Show.

* Jimmy Fallon organized a Saved By the Bell reunion - in full costume and some outstanding wigs.

* Spider-Man will finally get to join the MCU, thanks to a deal between Sony and Marvel.

* Empire has a whole series of interviews about Avengers: Age of Ultron, including Robert Downey Jr., Mark Ruffalo, and Joss Whedon

* Agents of SHIELD has made Adrianna Palicki a series regular. 'Bout damn time.

* Krysta Rodriguez has breast cancer, and is dealing with it in her usual awesome fashion.

* I don't usually link to John Oliver's Last Week Tonight clips, because otherwise I'd have no room for anything else. Just assume they're all brilliant and hilarious and watch accordingly. But his take on tobacco companies is too amazing not to share.

* Broadway nerds are finally getting their own con!

And a gif, because this snow ninja cat makes me happy:

Rainbows and emptiness

22 February 2015 20:50
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We still do not have permission for our solar panels, although we have an official form planning letter which mostly doesn't apply to us. On Thursday it will have been 3 weeks and thus I can chase the planning officer to find out what the problem is with issuing a certificate stating that our lawful development is, in fact, lawful development. (Gah.) On the upside, Patio Dude has just sent an email saying he'll be round next week (which I sincerely hope means a week tomorrow and not tomorrow, for which I would not be prepared) to take up old patio and install new patio, new fence, and new pergola. In some glorious future year the pergola will, I hope, support GRAPES. (The grape vine already exists, but is quite small.)

Leon is now teaching himself to count in other languages (French, Russian, and Mandarin, so far). The internet has a lot to answer for. He is also keen on rainbows (from a colour perspective, rather than as a meteorological phenomenon), and the bin lorry. ("Taking the things to the recycling, to make them into new things!") In a slightly scary step we have taken away the stereo-pen (ie the baby pen that corralled stereo instead of child) without any incident resulting. I believe we are beginning to enter the "why" phase...

I have been GETTING RID OF THINGS in a middling dramatic fashion, and feeling very good for it. My room looks -- not empty, but the stuff that is there looks uncluttered. And I have now kept my desk actually clear for about 3 weeks now which is an all-time record.

And I have not one but two short story deadlines upcoming, which on the one hand is a good state to be in, and on the other hand, deadlines, writing, editing, etc. Yesterday I read through one of them and thought that it was pretty much OK which always makes me nervously wonder what I've missed or if I have lost my critical edge. (Did I ever have a critical edge? who knows.)

Now to finish sewing rainbow patchwork for Leon's upcoming birthday.

More Links Than A Bag Of Sausages

22 February 2015 03:30
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Dracula Moon , Faith/Kennedy and Let's Just Get Naked , Faith/Tara by [personal profile] kerkevik_2014.

AtSverse unpopular opinions by [profile] sunclouds33.

Preview pages for Angel & Faith, Issue No. Twelve .

EW talks about The Long Way Home .

Agent Carter, Geno's face

21 February 2015 09:49
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* Watched Agent Carter (with [personal profile] lettered!!). It's still good. And this ep didn't even spend a lot of time on the thing from the end of last episode that I was expecting and dreading. GOOD WORK TEAM. I think I'll have to buy this show when it's out, so I can lend it to people and as an expression of my appreciation for its existence.


And now some pictures of Geno's face that are currently making me happy. images and gifs, also one of Flower )

Family holiday.

21 February 2015 16:55
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So we went and had a stereotypical family holiday in a holiday park over the Carnival mini-break. We had a cute little house with a freestanding fireplace and two tiny bedrooms. Read more... )

(no subject)

21 February 2015 11:06
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[personal profile] lunabee34: I am the musk of the earth. or something

[personal profile] kaberett: Tricks for making perfumes stick?

(As always: if anyone else is writing up stuff and would like it linked, leave a comment to let me know.)

Linked for awesome

21 February 2015 10:26
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From Naomi Alderman, one of the creators of Zombies, Run!:

There’s No Morality in Exercise: I’m a Fat Person and Made a Successful Fitness App (content note: mention of weight loss and lack thereof)

"I am so sick and tired of the best and nicest exercise-based treats being reserved for people who are already in peak physical shape, and I'm sick of the notion that having fun while exercising is something you have to earn; that, until you look a certain way, moving ought to be boring and unpleasant if not outright painful. Your body is there right now. You did not have to earn a thing."

More Links Than A Bag Of Sausages

21 February 2015 03:28
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Mr. Grieves And The Vengeance Girl, Spike/Buffy by [personal profile] herself_nyc.

Rabies , Spike/Xander by [personal profile] forsaken2003.

Broken Crown , BtVS/Mercy Thompson crossover by [personal profile] avamclean.

The winners of the Headline Awards have been announced.

Thinky thoughts on the latest comic by [personal profile] ms_scarletibis. And additional thoughts by [personal profile] rahirah.

EW compares Angel & Arrow and re-watches "The Prom" .

let the serpent into the mansion

20 February 2015 23:30
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soooo, is this Republican "hold Homeland Security hostage in order to prevent immigration reform" another incarnation of the NYPD "slowdown" farce? am I missing something, or is shutting down the Dept of Homeland Security a total non-problem? the opposite, in fact, of a problem?

is our long post-9/11 security-theater-and-fascism nightmare at last coming to an end, done in by a right wing that doesn't seem to understand the definition of irony?

Things I Am Enjoying

20 February 2015 16:29
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So many good things!

1. [ profile] herself_nyc is writing Buffy fic again! She is continuing her Bittersweets opus in the scary story Mr. Grieves and the Vengeance Girl. Give it a look and let her know what you think! (Hint to reader: catch up with previously posted part of this story here (LJ) or here (AO3), and when Spike reveals his identity to servant girl Kate switch to the new post here.

2. The Headline Awards have been announced! There are several old favorites among the winners in the Giles categories, but also, even better, some I haven't read before! I know what I'll be doing this weekend!

3. The Buffy Rewatch at [ profile] fantas_magoria is loads of fun! Check it out!

TV, Movies, and Comics... )

FIC: "Be Prepared" (The Mentalist)

21 February 2015 01:47
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In honor of the finale, a fic that I finished months ago but left to linger in my WIP folder in case we learned some details about Jane's past in S7 that would contradict it.

Be Prepared (1388 words) by Ruuger
Fandom: The Mentalist
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Patrick Jane
Summary: Patrick Jane has never liked bullies.
Set around the same time as the flashback in "Throwing Fire".
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What can I say, this was no "Sleeping in Light" or even "And in the End...", but it certainly wasn't "The Truth" or "Not Fade Away" either like I feared. As far as series finales go, I'd put it on the same level with "Chosen" - it had a lot of things that made me side-eye, but it also made me smile.

In all, there were enough things that I liked to make up for the things I didn't like. The fact that the last two episodes were shown back-to-back helped, because (to no-one's surprise) I liked the first half much better than the second.

spoilery thoughts )

But my main thought right now is that I'm really going to miss these guys.

There was an article about Gotham a few days ago on i09 with a headline that described it as "so stupid it actually became kind of awesome" and when I saw it, my first thought was: "Yeah, that's a Bruno Heller show all right..." because the same thing could be said of The Mentalist. And I'm really going to miss my awesome stupid show.

edit to add: more spoilery thoughts )


20 February 2015 19:40
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I am only following the instructions:

Ask me for a letter and I'll give you one. Then you can fill out these questions on your own blog.

I was given the letter S by [ profile] frenchani - let's see how challenging this is going to be.

Read more... )
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As usual, I’m more than a year behind the curve when it comes to viewing films. First of all, let me state that I enjoyed this one very much. I liked that it was a nuanced mother-daughter story. I found Maleficent’s shifts in character (mostly) believable. I cried over the revelation of the meaning of “true love’s kiss”, even though it was blindingly obvious what was going to happen. It’s visually beautiful, and I will certainly re-watch it many times - though probably not until Humuhumu and Keiki are a bit older.

Still, there were things that bothered me.

  • Racefail: Rant 1: The fairies - the good, happy, sunny, nature-loving, communist fairies - all have RP English accents. I imagine this is at least partly because Ms Jolie does best role-playing an RP accent, as she did in the Tomb Raider films. But then the film-makers decided to give the humans - the greedy, vain, grabby, grubby, feudal humans - Scottish accents.

    And then the one human who ends up proving to be the unifying element between the races is the one raised by the (English) fairies. Who, of course, doesn’t have a Scottish accent.

    Nice job there, film-makers, for (possibly unconsciously) enforcing and even glorifying the English colonialist perspective. You’d think Americans would know better, given all that business in 1776. Especially since there is plenty of evidence about that it is still entirely possible for people to oppress one another for racial, religious and socioeconomic reasons, even if they’re not officially doing it under the mandate of colonialism. Er.

  • Racefail: Rant 2: The one (visibly) black actor with speaking lines is pretty much just there to get smacked in the face by the human king. Er.

  • The Ending: Rant 1: The fairies - the good, happy, sunny, nature-loving, communist fairies - start off by having a lovely society in which everyone gets along by cooperating and sharing resources. They have no rulers. Maleficent, though she is powerful, pointedly requests the assistance of her peers when facing an outside threat.

    Then after getting a massive bee in her bonnet over the wing-stealing business, which is fair enough, she suddenly decides to set herself up as queen. An ill-tempered, capricious and dictatorial queen.

    Okay, in the end she has a change of heart and all is wonderful and beautiful again and she hops gladly off her throne. And instead of going back to their peaceful, delightful, communist society, the fairies decide, “You know what I miss about that period of darkness and fear? Having a queen! So let’s appoint this teenage human - humans have a wonderful history of tolerance and peaceful accord - that we hardly know into that capacity. What a great idea.”

    I mean...What?! Why not just declare peace between the two realms? There was no need to introduce a completely different and obviously flawed system of monarchical governance into the one that got along fine without it for centuries before that. And again, wtf @ Americans. Er.

  • The Ending: Rant 2: Diaval. Am I mistaken, or did Maleficent set him up a little with that whole I-saved-your-life business? And then use him as a slave? And then at the end, he’s standing next to her, looking like he’s now her equal and after that flying around joyfully, looking like a partner and friend? Because that really bugs me.

    Yes, most American films err on the side of spelling out far too many things that don’t need to be. But in this case, I think we could have done with some explicit statements. Specifically, Maleficent releasing him from his obligations, which it appears she obtained on false pretenses and oh, I don’t know, at least verbally apologising for robbing him of his autonomy for a mere sixteen years. He deserved a little more compensation than, “If I take off the hair-shirt and step off this self-appointed throne, you’ll forgive me and we can have a normal relationship, yes? Yes. Good.” Er.

I know that most of these complaints can be easily dismissed if one takes the view that, for all the improvement in gender dynamics on the original Sleeping Beauty fairy tale, it’s still a Disney film. But I think it’s worth considering the places where it could easily have been done better (casting a more diverse set of actors), and where problematic elements were unnecessarily introduced (the rest of the above list).

More Links Than A Bag Of Sausages

19 February 2015 15:54
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Sucking in Love , Giles/Buffy by [personal profile] katleept.

The Genuine Article , Harmony/Buffybot by [profile] brutti_ma_buoni.

Whispers in the Dark , Willow/Evil Willow by [personal profile] punch_kicker15.

A Day of Surprises , Giles/Buffy by [personal profile] littleotter73.

The Girl Who Lived , Buffy by [personal profile] evil_little_dog.

The Pleasure Of His Company , Spike/Angel and Sacrifice , Buffy/Angelus by [personal profile] angelus2hot.

White Out , Giles/Xander and The St. Valentine's Day Massacre , Giles/Buffy by [personal profile] il_mio_capitano.

Far Below Her For the Time , Willow/Angelus and Keep on Pretending It's All Right , Willow/Angel by [personal profile] aaronlisa.

Give Up the Ghost , BtVS/AlphaOmega crossover by [personal profile] avamclean.

Yeah? Write Me a New One , BtVS/Labyrinth crossover; Dreams Dreams Shattered Dreams , Illyria/Drusilla; Pretty Silver Lines , BtVS/TVP crossover; Some Springrolls With Those Nachos , Willow/Sheila; No Hunting At Work , Cordelia by [profile] kwritten.

A Nice Little Chat , Spike/Andrew/Xander/Willow; Divination , Spike; The Play's the Thing , Andrew by [personal profile] dragonyphoenix.

Foreshadow and Enemies With Benefits , Spike/Xander by [personal profile] forsaken2003.

Right Hand Man , Pensacola , Ladder and Lumina , Faith/Tara by [personal profile] kerkevik_2014.

Chapter Twenty One of Future Imperfect by [personal profile] lilachigh.

Chapter One of Forever After Days , Spike/Angel by [profile] kikimay.

Chapter Ten of Dreams and Mirrors by [profile] kikimay.

Chapter Six and Chapter Seven of Answering Prayers by [personal profile] velvetwhip.

Chapter Thirty Six of Shattered Remains by [profile] xspike4evax.

Thinky thoughts on Beer Bad & Selfless by [profile] kwritten.

Thinky thoughts on Helpless and thoughts on The Zeppo by [profile] boot_the_grime.

Thinky thoughts on Teacher's Pet and thoughts on The Witch by [personal profile] shapinglight.

The re-watch begins and How are you watching BtVS these days ?

[profile] sunclouds33 has unpopular BtVS opinions and reviews "Choices" .

Meta on Spike by [profile] irishrose1.

Meta on sex in the Buffyverse by [profile] frelling_tralk.

[personal profile] shapinglight reviews Season Ten, Issue No. Twelve .

Buffy banner by [personal profile] teragramm.

"Lover's Walk" icons by [profile] spikesredqueen.

Dawn icons by [profile] killing_kurare.

Excellent article on fan fiction by [profile] denny_dc.

EW re-watches I Only Have Eyes For You, "Choices" and "Killed By Death" ..
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I went to see Birdman with my "ex work wife" today and... I wasn't impressed?

I mean, it wasn't a bad movie or anything, and I did enjoy it, but I didn't think it was really worth all the hype. Plotwise, it was basically just a combined remake of The Player, Noises Off and The Artist, and I'm not exaggerating when I say that I could predict every. single. thing. that happened in the movie.

I didn't think the performances were that special either. People say that Michael Keaton gave the performance of a lifetime, but I've walways liked him and I think he's done better ones. In all I thought the acting had that certain 'actor's actor' quality to it that has never worked for me. There was no heart to the performances, only technique.

(my favourites in the cast were Naomi Watts, Andrea Riseborough and Zach Galifianakis)

In short, I thought it was the kind of a movie where it was clear that the cast and crew had more fun doing it than I had watching it.

Humuhumu and the picspam

18 February 2015 20:45
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This weekend, we had confirmation that Humuhumu now has medium-term memory capacity.

We make regular visits to our local National Trust property. It has lovely gardens, including a vegetable garden where you can buy interesting produce, lots of walking trails, a pretty tea room and a cute playground.

It also has a motorised buggy to take people who are disabled (and/or burdened with small children and their accoutrements) between the entrance to the grounds and the stately home.

Humuhumu thinks this is a “bus”. She loves buses more than any other form of transport. We have several toy buses at home, including a big wooden double-decker with wooden peg “peoples”.

On her last visit to the NT property with her daddy five or six weeks ago, she got to ride on the “bus” on their way back to the car park. We didn’t think anything of this until we were about to leave after the visit this weekend, when she stopped bibbling along the path in front of the stately home, tilted her head at us, and politely enquired, “Bus?”

The bus wasn’t there. We told her that the bus was probably taking other people who needed it somewhere else. Disappointed, she carried on toward the car park. We were three quarters of the way there when suddenly the “bus” appeared, traveling in the opposite direction. Humuhumu greeted it with such happy cries of, “BUS! Oh, BUS!” that, er, we had to walk all the way back so we could catch the bus.

The nice chap driving the “bus” didn’t just take us from the house to the car park. He gave us a turn around the grounds. Humuhumu had a huge smile on her face the whole time. “Ridin’ da bus,” she informed us proudly at intervals.

And now, a picspam from an assortment of recent weekends.

Humuhumu doing her best “....Please?” face.

Lots more )


17 February 2015 15:56
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FYI, [personal profile] eosrose recently made a podfic of my fic True Believers, a little short scene of Meg and Ruby meeting in S4. If you're in the mood for an SPN podfic of something short and ladycentric, maybe give it a listen! Eosrose does a nice job. (She podficced a Jared/Gen story of mine a while back, too.)

The Mentalist, episodes 7x08-7x10

18 February 2015 00:37
ruuger: (Mentalist: Jane/Cho)
[personal profile] ruuger
Look, ma, I'm almost caught up!

(The finale is this week, right?)

7x08 )

7x09 )

7x10 )

For the record, I'm now going into a total spoiler-avoidance blackout until I have seen the finale. So no LJ/DW or any other fannish places for me until then.
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If you were setting up a ritual to summon me, what three objects would be required?


16 February 2015 17:06
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Ask me for a letter and I'll give you one. Then you can fill out these questions on your own blog.

[personal profile] were_duck gave me "P"

Something I hate: Pollen. Pimples.

Something I love: Peanut brittle.

Somewhere I've been: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Do I get 2 points for that like in Scattegories?) I haven't done anything monumental in Philly, and I really don't like to drive there. I drove up a few summers ago with [personal profile] inlovewithnight and [personal profile] rosalita to see a Springsteen exhibit at -- some museum??? And [ profile] harmonyangel came down from Jersey and met us and I remember we sat outside and had Cokes and made fun of Teen Wolf fandom (that was the day I learned about Sterek tinhatters).

Somewhere I'd like to go: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Not for any reason inherent to Pittsburgh, but because I snagged a ticket to the Sleater-Kinney show there on March 1, with the reasoning that it's the closest large city I've never visited and the DC shows were sold out and it wouldn't be a big deal to drive up there and get a hotel??? But at this point all the appliances in my house are breaking so I think I should cancel the hotel and eat the ticket and hope they tour again. Which sucks because Sleater-Kinney. Does anybody want a ticket to Sleater-Kinney in Pittsburgh on March 1, though?

Someone I know: Weirdly, a bunch of my IRL male friends -- Phil, Paul, Pete -- and also the wondrous [ profile] pocky_slash

A film I like: Priscilla, Queen of the Desert

A book I like: I remember at one point, I had something hipper than Pride and Prejudice I was going to use here, but that's what I get for not answering memes immediately.

Jupiter Ascending fic rec

16 February 2015 10:28
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And now there is a/b/o with Jupiter taking pity on Stinger during his heat, as a favor. This hits my id in ALL THE PLACES.
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Here is a long, multi-thread discussion on f_fa about Jupiter Ascending. This was probably my favorite comment of the bunch:
I was explaining to someone elsewhere about how it's a particular kind of female power fantasy. You get to have all the cool sparkly space princess dresses, but be actually in charge, not just an appendage to your space boyfriend.

And you notice how once she got off Earth, there didn't seem to be any sexism? People were manipulative or abusive or murderous or helpful in all sorts of ways, but it didn't seem gendered in the slightest.

Reasons to Love Agent Carter by Tansy Rayner Roberts expresses perfectly all the things I am loving about that show (although I'm an ep behind - I have ambitions of catching up today).


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