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17 April 2014 11:23
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Last year I wrote Breaking Bad zombie fic and West Wing zombie fic and fun was had by all.

Join the season of DEATH. ...and rebirth.

In other news, sorry for the lateness of my [ profile] femslash_minis entry. Busy busy. But it's on its way.
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I had three hours to walk around Rome on my return from Frascati to the UK. I decided to wing it, setting out from Roma Termini with no map and my phone off.

Apart from a lot of chaps trying in vain to sell me an umbrella to ward off a few measly drops of rain (I was wearing a coat with a hood), the first thing I found was a tunnel.

Navigation. ) I ended up exactly where I needed to spend my remaining leisure time: The Forum.

The scale of The Forum is mind-boggling. I walked up and down and side to side across the space, pausing many times to look, and look again, at all the layers of history revealed. My knowledge of history is appallingly thin, but even without the depth of context, it gives the impression of a vast and powerful empire, which sank slowly into my stunned brain.

+Many )

I reluctantly turned my feet away from The Forum to see if I could find one more object of interest before returning to the train station. (Notice that despite spending two hours exploring The Forum thoroughly, I managed to miss the Colosseum. *slow clap for self*) But at least I managed to find the Trevi Fountain.

+1 )

Finally, yours truly, about to depart for Fiumicino Aeroporto.
Week 12: In Rome
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Out of the Dark Light , Spike/Willow by [personal profile] velvetwhip.

Bubble Bath , Faith/Glory by [personal profile] aaronlisa.

Multifandom Apocalypse Recs , suggested by [profile] 3am_moonlight.

Chapter Sixty Seven of No Solution by [profile] xspike4evax.

[profile] kikimay talks about the hottest scene .

Spike banner by [personal profile] comlodge.

Thinky thoughts on Season Ten by perpetual.

TVGuide includes BtVS in their "The Best and Worst TV Shows Based On Movies". "The 1992 film about a Valley girl turned vampire slayer camped up the script by Joss Whedon so much that he felt it was a different beast from what he had imagined. Critics weren't quite sure what to make of the goofy film and gave it mixed reviews. Whedon controlled his artistic vision with his much darker TV adaptation of the same name that ran from 1997 to 2003. Starring Sarah Michelle Gellar, the series not only earned beloved cult series status, but widespread critical acclaim that led to outrage when the series was snubbed by awards in the major categories. Buffy launched the careers of Whedon and the unknown cast, contributed numerous phrases to pop culture and spun off companion drama Angel".

best vid ever*

16 April 2014 23:22
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Hey so did you guys ever notice that in the Captain America vid The War Was In Color, on the line, "let's start at the end", on the word "start" it shows them stamping 4F on Steve's form and then on the word "end" it shows 1A

and the 1A is the A on Stark Tower?

Yeah I never noticed that either.

*okay after the Doctor Who No Handlebars but srsly guys. This vid.

swallowed by a whale

17 April 2014 00:24
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You know, there's a (damaged) part of me that really does believe in love virginity - except coming from the opposite angle of the sex-negative fundamentalist doctrine Libby Anne discusses at the above. Instead of fearing that I was in danger of losing the purity and intactness of my heart as a younger girl, I now find myself horribly convinced that, having oddly enough played by (most) of the old rules, having committed myself to forever with my first boyfriend & first sex partner but then having had that go all to hell, I've irretrivably lost the valuable commodity of a virgin heart. I no longer have one to offer. And without one I feel resourceless.

I know that's broken logic, but that's how it feels, right now, deep down inside. I am glad to have language for it, though, & will seek to do some patching. It's a way that I feel out of touch with my age cohort, because I keep finding emotional resonance in the words of older divorcees leaving long-term marriages that few of my friends have had the time to build as of yet.

I do wonder where I picked this stuff up in the first place.

Today... New Shoes!!!!!!!

16 April 2014 20:56
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And yes!!! I'm caught up. Really caught up. Posting today's photo today, will wonders never cease! And, even better, I'm excited about a new pair of shoes (which [personal profile] rackham just takes to be a sign that I have truly been replaced by a pod-person).

Not too long ago, I got my dividend check from REI. It was less than five dollars, but hey... it's money back, right? Well, with it came a 20% off coupon, so I hit the online store to discover I also had a coupon for free shipping and then I spotted these lovely shoes... One of the many, many things I love about Vibrams is that I've found I can generally depend on their sizing, so I have no qualms about ordering off the internet.

Loving the new shoes... which still seems weird to say. )

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I realized it's been a little while since I last posted random photos from the inside of the house... and we've actually managed to finally get some of our artwork up on the walls in the past few months!

Art over the stairs. )

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On Monday I went walking out on the Snoqualmie River Trail again... and did a quick circuit around McCormick/Depot Park, which was underwater not that long ago when the river was flooding. It's rather remarkable the difference in just a short amount of time... So, I decided to get a shot of the Flood Marker! )

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fooled heart beating so fast

16 April 2014 22:12
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I've spent several hours tonight reading Love, Joy, Feminism, by Libby Anne, a blog by a survivor of Christian Patriarchy, and I'm nowhere near through. I didn't expect to find personal connection when I opened a link to her so much as sociocultural analysis, but there are a number of interesting intersections between her experiences and mine: a child of a family-centered family with a lot of closeness and some major boundary issues, a former funny old-fashioned little girl who liked to sew patchwork and wear Laura Ingalls Wilder dresses (and also couldn't afford entrance to the worlds of mall fashion and pop music that my peers inhabited), someone who essentially "married" her very first boyfriend as a young teen. Not to mention my years of decidedly secular but also decidedly oddball homeschooling and the distrust for mainstream culture my parents raised me to. Opposite ideological bent, but same basic set of doctrines: question them, they're not to be trusted. The family way is Best.

There's a weird balance between liberalism and conservatism in being an outsider, I think; I couldn't have been brought up with more radical politics, and certainly in the eyes of Christian Patriarchalists I have been the worst of sinners, but in other ways I recognize the defensive snobbery of the girl-child who wants to believe that she's better than the other girls because she's industrious and family-oriented instead of crass or materialistic, and I'm not sure it mattered that much that my parents were anti-capitalist intellectuals instead of religious fundamentalists, not in the virtuous outsider social psychology of that sort of thing.

But it's awkward, because I still also do often think that the family ways I was raised to ARE Best, really & truly, and I want to be loyal to them.

Relatedly (?), I guess my Mormon childhood bff and intermittent crush object is also moving back up north. I have ... complex? ... feelings about this.

Ambidextrous Weirdness

16 April 2014 12:04
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I thought I'd share something a bit bizarre that I discovered recently. I think I've mentioned before that I'm ambidextrous (or, as I used to say, ambisinistrous... equally bad with both hands). It's something that can definitely be an advantage, but also has its downsides. When you injure one hand or arm, you've got the other hand/arm to take up the slack as the dominant hand... except that no matter which one is out of commission, it's *also* the dominant hand and, at least in my case, my brain has a hard time telling the difference between the two. I've got some programmed behaviors that I've worked on over the years so I'm more likely to use the correct hand (such as for shaking hands) and even though I can't write with my left hand anymore (I had some nerve damage during the shoulder surgery and had to retrain my left hand to do a lot of stuff, but I've never gotten around to relearning to write... I might work on it some day, but it's not a huge priority since I almost never write anything by hand anymore), I'm still just as likely to grab a pen or pencil with that hand and start in on things before I realize I don't have that function anymore.

Anyway, as a result, I've always had a VERY difficult time telling my left from my right. When your brain doesn't see a difference between sides, it tends to get pretty confused by the left/right concept (and it didn't help that my dad would just say things like "No, your other right!" or "your other left!" when I'd pick the wrong hand for something). This has caused some difficulties while trying to learn to play piano... especially in the beginning, but it still lingers even a few years in. The biggest thing? Switching which hand is playing which clef... My hands don't actually change position, but it used to be that I'd be playing along and suddenly the left hand is playing the treble line (down in the lower notes) and the right hand is playing the bass (up in the higher notes). And it would sometimes take a bit for me to realize something was wrong! I've gotten MUCH better about it as time has gone on and I've played more... but I still occasionally catch myself about to swap and it's really disconcerting (my goal is to someday beat that urge into submission and then train myself to do it on purpose... just as a stupid trick to show off for fun).

Anyway, recently I've noticed that it's become much easier to tell my left from my right, just in general, and I was pretty sure it was the piano playing that was doing it. Having a structured activity that requires separation and identification of the sides seemed to have been bleeding over into everyday life. Yay!! And then... I had a few weeks of lessons where I was constantly having to stop myself from swapping and it was like my fingers were getting hopelessly tangled. My teacher would try to talk me through it ("Move two on your left" that sort of thing), except that it was about even odds that I'd choose the correct hand. I even noticed some days when I practiced I would have that same problem and other days I wouldn't.

And then it hit me what had changed. Those lessons where I was stumbling? The practice days when I felt like I was fighting my own hands? Those were days when I had left my wedding ring sitting on the bathroom counter.

Yes, folks... I hadn't been teaching my brain left and right. I'd been teaching my brain "The ring hand plays the bass clef!"

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16 April 2014 10:43
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I've been reading a rather interesting discussion on thinking that everyone experiences the world the same way that you do – until one day you realise that they don't.

Examples include: not realising you're colourblind, that you have synesthesia, that you don't have a sense of smell, etc; not realising that some people actually are extroverted, actually do like music, or actually can have a favourite colour; not reading body language and/or thinking everyone can.

Most of these I find interesting, but can't really relate to. The only one that's so far made me go "Huh. Me too." was someone asking "Do people really feel emotionally moved by pieces of artwork the way they are by music?" because I've always liked art, but never really been moved by art – whereas music can get me into intense emotions very quickly.

I've experienced various instances of the "doesn't everyone...?" thing throughout my life. Such as:
1) Putting on glasses for the first time, and suddenly discovering that leaves on trees weren't supposed to look blurry.
2) Having ritalin for the first time, and discovering what it's like to have a single train of thought continue without interruption for ten minutes.
3) Slowly realising that texture is the important part of food for me (hence I like pineapple juice, pineapple lollies, and cooked pineapple, but can't eat it raw), and that other people really do think that flavour is this huge component.
4) Having someone ask me how to tell if they were singing "off key", and realising they really didn't know.
5) Realsing that, not only can most people stand flickering lights without leaving the room, but most people don't even register that they're flickering.
6) Discovering my total inability to explain how to make a fake American accent sound good, other than... doing the accent like it sounds.
7) Recently, having my sense of smell go into overdrive, and trying to explain to my mum what this was like – to which she nodded and said "that's normal for me" to every example I gave of intense oversmelling. (We're both freaks, in this case. My sense of smell is normally terrible, whereas hers is superhuman.)

I'm rather fascinated by this concept.
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Chapter Thirteen of Two of Cups by [personal profile] salustra.

[profile] kikimay lists the Two Characters You Wanted To Get Together That Never Did.

JM banner by [personal profile] comlodge.

TVGuide includes Dawn in their "Most Loathed TV Characters". "If you thought Nikki and Paolo's introduction on Lost was too abrupt, imagine tuning into the fifth season of Buffy and discovering the Slayer had a sister you never knew about! In all fairness, even Buffy didn't know about Dawn since she hadn't technically existed before. Viewers had little sympathy for Dawn's teen angst and soon grew tired of her. And frankly, the Scooby Gang had enough on its plate without having to live through a Judy Blume novel".

(no subject)

16 April 2014 01:18
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Emerson Cod has a framed print of my grandmother's 1933 Chicago World's Fair poster hanging in his office. I can't even.

My grandmother was born in Chicago in '33, a World's Fair baby, and she's got a tremendous collection of related stuff, but that poster - the one by Glen C. Sheffer, with the lady standing on the globe with her arms outreached - is the one she's always had most prominently on display. In quiet tribute to her, I've used it as an opening object in my science-fiction-topic comp class, and three circular detail-crops top my current syllabus. Suffice it to say that the image is majorly iconic for me and seeing it in this show is blowing my heart to confused sentimental bits.
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So now that there a bunch of new books out, here are my unspoilery thoughts on the ones I've tried. Roughly in descending order of how much I like them.

Loki: Agent of Asgard - Al Ewing, Lee Garbett
Another Ewing book, which I picked up solely because I liked Mighty Avengers so much, and I have not been disappointed. This last issue involved a Marvelverse retelling of a Norse myth; the retelling featured a rocket launcher. Also a brand new character was introduced in the second issue who is both interesting in her own right and the perfect Loki foil, and I am super excited to see more of her. And have I mentioned the fanservice? *fans self*

Ms. Marvel - G. Willow Wilson, Adrian Alphona
Kamala Khan is a Pakistani-American teenager living in Jersey who idolizes Carol Danvers and then acquires super powers. We're only two issues in, but this book is brimful of HEART.It's pretty much the most adorable thing ever. Alphona's art is a little bit whimsical and hits exactly the right note.

Moon Knight - Warren Ellis, Declan Shalvey/Jordie Bellaire
So far this seems to be largely an experiment in form, but oh, what a gorgeous form it is. Ellis is dry and understated, and the Shalvey/Bellaire combo is pretty much my dream team, especially working on something a bit more fantastical like this. Every idea Ellis is throwing at them, they're knocking out of the park.

Black Widow - Nathan Edmondson, Phil Noto
The art here is really gorgeous, especially if you like sort of a dreamy, painted look to your spy action. The story is a bit thin so far; I will likely never be enthralled by one-off spy plots, especially ones that offer so little characterization to compensate. Edmondson's penchant for metaphor-heavy, first-person narration does the book no favors either. However, the continuing plot is finally picking up now, and I like Noto's art even more than I did at first.

Captain Marvel - Kelly Sue DeConnick, David Lopez
Carol Danvers goes to space! I really love the art here, and I think Lopez is by far the best fit tonally for this book out of the many artists who've tried their hand at Captain Marvel in the past two years. However, I think I just don't like Carol Danvers that much. If you do, then you should definitely check this out.

X-Force - Simon Spurrier, He-Rock Kim
I wanted to like this because it has Psylocke and Fantomex in it, and Spurrier seemed like an interesting choice as he comes off his success with the zany fringe title X-Men: Legacy, but I hate the art here so much - SO MUCH - that I can't even tell how I feel about the rest of it. However, we're picking up Jorge Molina for a few issues here soon, and I like what I've seen of the previews for those issues, so maybe there's hope.

[Fic] Ring Led

15 April 2014 17:11
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Cross-post from my archive.

Fandom/Arc: Have and Hold, Kuroko no Basuke
Characters/Pairings: Aomine Daiki, Kagami Taiga, Kuroko Tetsuya, Kuroko/Aomine/Kagami
Summary: Kuroko decides to push Aomine a little further, and offers to spank him for breaking his collar (again). Aomine is perfectly pleased, but Kagami needs a bit more reassurance.
Meta: D/s, Porn, I-4
Wordcount: 2880

"You know," Tetsu murmured, fingers stroking over the line of Daiki's new collar, "sometimes I think you let them break just so I'll put another on you."

Daiki looked up at him, relaxed by the feeling of being collared again. "You did say that you would, as often as necessary."

The corners of Tetsu's mouth curled up faintly, and he set his fingers under Daiki's chin, keeping his head tipped back. "I did, and I will. Though I'm starting to wonder if I should punish you, when you break another one, for putting me to the trouble."

Ring Led )
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Partway through the third season I'm still really enjoying Farscape; I appreciate the way it keeps bending my brain around in weird ways. But watching it is also kind of like playing Crazy Chicken. While I'd picked up the analysis from fannish osmosis of John Crichton as raped, I wasn't prepared AT ALL for the degree to which the show/Ben Browder are dedicated to the depiction of the cracks in his psyche. This is a show about madness - and while at the moment I find that topic deeply compelling I have to admit that there have been moments when I've had to tap out. I couldn't handle the clone arc, just couldn't handle it. I feel so on edge, watching, because I worry that they're going to crack his sanity like an egg at any moment.

And then there are the bits like "Look at the Princess" and "Liars, Guns, and Money," which are just altogether delightful and delicious and delovely and man I love SF multiparters. I'm really into John/Aeryn as a ship, no surprise there. I already knew that I was in love with Claudia Black because duh who isn't, but Gigi Edgly is charming the pants off of me, and I also am really digging on John&Chiana as a platonic bffs deal.

I bopped over into Pushing Daisies because I did kind of need a break from the psychological intensity of Farscape. I'd seen half of the first episode of the second season at home with my parents, and we'd backbuttoned out because it was clear we'd missed too much context by not starting from the beginning. I am PRIMED for Lee Pace; his movie The Fall has been occupying a lot of my psychic real estate since I saw it a few years back, and I just his face. However I did not anticipate the degree or speed with/to which I am DEAD GONE on Ned the Piemaker, who I lust after with more fervor than I've experienced in rather a while. Despite the whimsical charms of lonely tourist Charlotte Charles I ttly ship Ned/Olive; Cheno is da bomb and I cannot resist her squawky little voice. My sib and I spent a lot of hours listening to Jim Dale read the Harry Potter books, so I also pick up a lot of snuggly comfort from his narration.

Aren't media texts with narrators cool? I was trying to list other ones in my head last night and could only come up with Sally Potter's Orlando and Stranger Than Fiction, though I guess you could also say that most of Baz Lurhmann's films and, like, Singin in the Rain are also essentially narrated, just through a variety of schticks rather than an Eliotian interpretive voice from on high.
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Mirrored from Twisting Vines.

I’m running a free Introduction to Permaculture one-day course at Burgess Park Food Project on the 26th April. Contact me, or the address on the website, to book.

There’s lots of other cool stuff going on there this summer, too. (JPG only at that link, sorry; have requested text version.)

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No seriously guys, Peggy.

I really loved Cap 2! Some day I will write my thoughts on it. But tonight [personal profile] my_daroga and I were wanting more Avengers-related things, so we finally watched some of the extras on IM3. I didn't know there was a short. About Peggy. A short about Peggy.

I wanted to like Peggy. And I did! I thought she was cool. But basically before this short there just wasn't quite enough for me to be interested in. I mean, I like that she was tough and I liked that she liked Steve, but that was basically all I got from Cap 1? And then Cap 2 spoilers spoilers spoilers. But anyway, I wanted to like her, but mostly felt kind of indifferent.

Now, however, I am in love with Peggy Carter, and here are two fics I want to write but also wish were written so I could read them. )
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Somehow there are suddenly tons of events I can write and request comics for! So exciting!

[ profile] marvelgrabbag is a promptfest, where you make 4-5 Marvel-related prompts and then later claim at least one prompt for your very own. The signup process is not the most intuitive, because signups are on AO3 for claims that will be on LJ, but whatever. Here's the list of prompts so far. Anyone who's been paid any attention to any of my fest signups in the last six months will recognize most of my prompts, and anyone who knows me at all will recognize the rest. :D

Night on Fic Mountain is Yuletide in the summer, basically. For all of us who have trouble participating in Yuletide as much as we'd like because of holidays/family/dial-up, this is THE PERFECT THING. I'm super excited about the comics fandoms that've been nominated.

Not Prime Time, the fest for mid-size fandoms is running again this year. Last near I had no fandoms that qualified; this year, between comics and hockey, I have plenty! I'M GOING TO ASK FOR HOCKEY FIC. I... may already have my entire Dear Author letter written.

Meanwhile, for more immediate gratification, I already mentioned MCU + all kinds of comics kink meme, for which you should prompt things so I have something to fill. Also there's [ profile] marvel_cinekink, which is MCU only and therefore not so relevant to my interests but which nonetheless presently features this WIP which delves into the Winter Soldier's post-movie identity issues in lots of delicious hurty ways.

Icon Batch #94

14 April 2014 22:05
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[personal profile] next_to_normal
[1-19] Iron Man 3
[20-41] Captain America: The Winter Soldier
[42] Thor: The Dark World
[43-48] Hawkeye (comics)
[49-90] Actors (Sebastian Stan, Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Lupita N'yongo)


Read more... )
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state of the me: too busy, too stressed. I'm really looking forward to next month, when I'll be out of school (for good! at least for a while) and able to focus on regrouping, recentering, rebuilding. money is bothersome; I'm too paro and anxious to run close to the financial margin for long without getting fretful.

How do you guys talk to people you care about - family chosen or otherwise - about digital support networks? I ask because as a quiet loner people do fuss about me, and I don't feel like I've ever managed to get across just how powerful digital connection can be. I think they see digital networks as a prosthetic, a stand-in for the social life they think I'm too shy or damaged or whatever to seek out. But. I can't even imagine the last decade of my life without internet media fandom and all the wonderful people it's helped me meet and talk to. Mama talks up the benefit of friends who aren't your be-all and end-all, they maybe rub you wrong ways but they're a social group - but I think there's also something intensely marvelous about the way that digital connection seems to short-circuit small talk, the way it plunges you right into the intensest of intimacies.

when I write that here, I'm confident that y'all will feel me. I wish I could figure out how to get normspace folk to do the same.

(I've been consuming media like a mofo in the attempt to conquer my massive piles of grading, so when I am more able to words on the subject I will post about Farscape and Pushing Daisies, both of which are giving me feelings of the most intense and delightful kind. I meant to do that when I opened the entry window but words are apparently feeling slippery.)
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...because when the episodes finally finished downloading, I though, hey, maybe I'll watch an episode or two since I don't have anything else to do. And now I can't sleep again because I'm all keyed up. Stupid show.

Summary of my thoughts during 6x15:

spoilers )
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So, unlike last week, I'm actually getting around to posting Sunday's photo today... and not waiting another week!

When we first bought this house, when the deal was done and we were still a few weeks away from taking possession and moving in, I drove out here one day and did some coordinates averaging out in front of the house at a spot I thought would be a good one for a Geocache and started building a page for it out on the site. To some extent, I was trying to make sure no one would put in a new cache too nearby during the weeks before we moved in (since caches have to be a minimum of 1/10th of a mile apart and there's a wild area next to our lot that some people might think is public property (we actually co-own it with two other families).

Since then, we've been trying to put everything together to build the cache we really want. Something that will be obvious to Geocachers (so they won't tear apart the yard or even feel the need to go into the yard), but still not stand out too much for non-cachers so hopefully no one who shouldn't be finding it will disturb it. Well, yesterday was finally the day. The cache was done, the cache page was done and I hit publish on that sucker.

The Moon is a Harsh Mistress. )

Crossposted from my Livejournal.

Oh Marvel, you shouldn't have!

14 April 2014 14:53
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File this under "things I always wanted but didn't quite believe existed":

There is now a LIFE SIZED CAPTAIN AMERICA STATUE available for purchase.


Of course, for $3,300 (the EARLY BIRD SPECIAL price, btw) you could probably buy the ACTUAL Chris Evans, but I imagine this one would be more... er, compliant.

Just, you know, if anyone is still looking for a birthday present for me. This is out there.

(I will also settle for the miniature version. I'm sure we could find a Hot Toys doll that looks enough like me, and I could make 'em go at it. \o/)
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You know, I'd always thought that the reason I at first didn't like The Mentalist at first (and, in fact, on several occasions ranted to anyone who would listen about how bad it was) was just because I was being all judgy about procedurals. Except now that I'm rewatching the show for the first time since 2010 I'm finding that the first season is really not that good.

I mean, there are some really good episodes, and even more great moments, and the main cast is fantastic, but there are also a lot of weak and mediocre episodes, and as a whole it's still pretty generic procedural. It's not until the S1 finale/the Bosco arc, I think, that the show hits its stride. I'm always the one who's arguing that you shouldn't skip the first season of Babylon 5 just because it's uneven, but with The Mentalist I'm going to have to recommend people to watch just the good/important episodes of S1 and go straight to S2.

And now onto the usual random thoughts and observations:

Read more... )

And then a few thoughts that are spoilery of the current season:

spoilers, spoilers, spoilery spoilers )

For the record, I am (again) three (four?) episodes behind on the current season due to the fact that my usual means of acquiring episodes have suddenly disappeared and I haven't had the energy to go through alternative means to get them.
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I've been meaning to post about this for a while now, but if you've ever wanted to find out what the scifi and fantasy literature in Finland is like, there's now an English-language anthology of Finnish SF/F called It Came from the North.

To quote the blurb:
What will you find within these pages? A photographer stumbles on a wounded troll, and attempts to nurse it back to health. A lonely girl discovers the flames in the family smithy are tied to an ancient portal between worlds. A modern woman excavates something sickening from the shower drain…and falls in love. A peculiar swamp holds restorative powers, for its avian and human inhabitants alike.

The ebook is very cheap, so I recommend buying it if you're at all interested in non-anglophone SF/F (or SF/F written by women, since most of the authors in the anthology are women).

The reason why I finally remembered to make this post is because Wizard Tower Books, which sells the ebook, is going to close at the end of this month. The book will be available elsewhere as well, but Cheryl Morgan, who owns Wizard's Tower Books, is a friend of a friend and one of the nicest people in fandom, and I'd love to see her get some extra sales before she shuts the place down.

(Wizard's Tower Books has a really good selection of feminist/LGBT SF/F and even afrofuturism, and quite reasonable prices in general, so I recommend having a look around even if the Finnish anthology isn't your thing)


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