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20 April 2015 00:14
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My story The Other Half has been nominated in Round 31 The Sunnydale Memorial Fanfiction Awards in the Best Comedy and Best Quickie Fic categories. Very exciting!


It's a fairly gen S5 story with Spike and all the Summers gals, from the sb_fag_ends prompt last October "Masque of the Red Death". It hasn't had that much response — I like to think because so many good things were being posted thick and fast at the time — so it's nice to know that somebody thought well enough of it to go to the trouble of nominating. Thanks, dear reader!

I am nearly ready to post a new story, though it is unfortunately not my [community profile] seasonal_spuffy story, which I haven't started yet. Tsk.

Otherwise, life continues to have quite a few high points, including lunch with [personal profile] enigmaticblue when she was in town last week. There is also loads of work bringing in the money, if not the fun.


20 April 2015 15:56
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gofundme: Leaving Hell Behind

[personal profile] erika needs help with moving expenses to get the hell out of Dodge and away from the guy who sexually assaulted her.

It's the awful truth.
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Our constituency's UKIP candidate canvassed my doorstep today. Too late, I remembered I had a full watering can in my hand. Opportunity: missed.

Although I was like, "I'm a non-white non-EEA* immigrant. You're done here, bye!"

* European Economic Area

Armando Iannucci, creator of such brilliant pieces of satire as The Thick of It and Veep, reminds us that this election is wide open. So if you haven't registered to vote yet, please do it today (20 April 2015) because it's the deadline. Remember, you don't need your National Insurance number to do so (explained here).

New York

20 April 2015 07:19
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Via, hatman, are you still keen to meet up? My email adress should be visible on my profile if so.

Anyone else want to catch up while I'm there?
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So, I am working on my [livejournal.com profile] seasonal_spuffy fic. On the one hand, excepting half of one relatively short scene, the draft is complete and pushing 27,000 words. On the other hand, I literally figured out what the story is "about" as I was writing the very final paragraph. Which means the task now lies ahead of me of nipping and tucking an otherwise relatively entertaining but generally straightforward plot into thematic significance, argh. Too many times this has happened to me, but it is a lesson in just writing for the sake of writing, because eventually I always do figure out the point of a story, whether it's at the wire or not, and I think those ones are sometimes more effective than the fics where I know what I'm on about as I go along. Or maybe not. Will see.

I also have to go into work this afternoon so that I can at least pretend everything is ready for me to abandon an incredibly busy start of term for four days and swan off to Denmark for a conference. The timing, it is not good, but I've never been to Denmark, it's a chance to meet up with some people and present on something new; and most things work over email anyway... Tralala. ... :/

ETA: ARGH; I lied. This fic is not sodding finished. There will have to be more. It will have to be written next weekend. Well, never mind.

Cat and Girl in the garden

18 April 2015 10:58
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In honour of Caturday, some photos Humuhumu playing shepherd with Telstar.

+4 )

+2 photos by Humuhumu )
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Story Time , Spike/Dawn by [profile] slashluv18.

EW re-watches Out Of My Mind . "Where Angel is able to love Buffy because he is good (having been cursed with a soul), Spike is able to be good in large part because he loves Buffy. It’s a big distinction and one that makes Spike one of the most fascinating characters on the show. As a villain, he was delightful. He was the kind of character you didn’t even really love to hate; you just kind of loved him. As a hero though, he’s insanely interesting and multi-layered, and because those layers really peel away as he falls for our heroine, I celebrate the dawn of Spuffy".

More news from the Sunnydale Press.

Buzzfeed lists "27 Signs You Went to High School in Sunnydale".

A day out in Worcester

17 April 2015 13:22
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Keiki and I had a day out together in Worcester this week.

[Photo of us at lunch. Me after I had my makeup done and then spent too much money on makeup, with Keiki looking worried that I’m going to drop him in my risotto.]

We started off with a tour of the high street, poking into various shops for long-overdue purchases of important items like new tights to replace all my raggedy old ones, and stamps for sending postcards.

[Fish Street, with graffiti and bicycles. No fish, though.]

More flanage. )
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Finding Rupert by Gilesbabe.

HuffingtonPost lists "10 Style Lessons We Learned From Buffy the Vampire Slayer".

DenOfGeek includes BtVS their "The TV Shows That Lived On After Their Finales". "Season six of Buffy was divisive and season seven, while less controversial, had its low moments and never quite reached the highs of previous seasons. But if you stopped watching at The Gift, you’d never get to see the show’s triumphant musical episode, Once More, With Feeling, which is the seventh episode of season six. Besides, you’ll never know whether you’ll be in the camp that hate season six, or one of its fans, unless you watch it".
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The conversation with the taxi driver began innocuously enough. We chatted about the nice weather. He said he hoped it would continue as he was going on holiday in a couple of weeks. I replied that we were as well, to Turkey, for the first time. He said he loved Turkey because of the food and the hot weather and the people and how he’d thought about moving there but --

“They’re really strict on immigration laws.”

“Oh? How so?”

“Well, you can’t just move there and get a job. You have to prove that you’re not taking a job from a Turkish person. So if you want to open a restaurant, you can be the owner, but you have to train and employ all Turkish people. You can go around and greet customers, shake hands, be seen, but you can’t cook or wait tables or even be seen sweeping up after it shuts or they’ll close you down. I completely agree with that idea because it means the jobs created all go to the Turkish locals.”

I considered my reply carefully. “That’s how the visa system works here, too, for non-EEA* migrants.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Yes. When I got my first job here, my employers had to prove that they couldn’t find a British candidate with my skills in order to obtain a visa**.”

“I didn’t know they bothered with that.”

“Yes, they do. It’s not easy to get a visa even if you have highly specialised skills like mine.”

“Well, I think Turkey have got it right. Everyone should have to do that no matter where they’re from. We don’t need more people doing stuff like going over to Spain to work part-time in a bar. We have enough people to do all the unskilled jobs here.”

Thankfully we arrived at my destination before the seemingly inevitable “and that’s why I’m voting UKIP”. /o\

* European Economic Area. Americans are non-EEA migrants, although most British people seem to think that "non-EEA migrant" == "asylum seeker". Oh and by the way the immigration system is just as draconian for asylum seekers as it is for other non-EEA migrants.
** Tier 2. It is now even more difficult to obtain a Tier 2 visa even through an employer like mine, a top-ranked academic research institution. More and more positions, even post-doctoral ones, are advertised with the proviso that applicants must already have the right to work in the UK.
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Here and Now , Spike/Buffy by [profile] feliciacraft.

Chapter Thirty Nine of Shattered Remains by [profile] xspike4evax.

[personal profile] rebcake makes time travel recommendations .

Storywonk podcast talks Season Two.

Hhwlod podcast talks What's My Line.

AngelRewatch podcast talks No Place Like Plrtz Glrb .
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(If they are and I haven't noticed, please let me know.)

Disclosure of interest: the Scottish National Party candidate for Aberdeen North, Kirsty Blackman, is a friend of a dear friend. Who sent me this because he knew it'd kick me in my soft underbelly.

(Warning: if you're sensitive on the topic of the deaths of disabled people brought about by the UK's austerity politics -- that's what this discusses.)

The SNP are not running candidates in England, despite significant popular demand from those of us who at this point kind of want the Scots to become independent and take us with them.

But if you're on the UK electoral register, you can donate to their crowdfunder here (should you wish, etc.):

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Misunderstandings , Spike/Dawn by [personal profile] dragonyphoenix.

The Green Eyed Monster , Amy/Kendra by [personal profile] punch_kicker15.

Chapter Fifteen of Dreams and Mirrors by [profile] kikimay.

Chapter Fifteen of Answering Prayers by [personal profile] velvetwhip.

Writers! Here we go again .

[community profile] fantas_magoria re-watches What's My Line, Part One .

Dorkly.com includes the comic BtVS in their "The 5 Most Ridiculous Sex Scenes in Superhero Comic Book History". "Technically Buffy isn't a superhero in the traditional comic book sense, but she does gain superpowers in the official comic continuation of the TV series. That means she could lift trains, read minds and bust out cutesy Joss Whedon dialogue at superspeed. More importantly, her new abilities included can flying naked while having sex with Angel and crashing into cliffs like a filler episode of Dragon Ball Z".
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A Glimpse into the Life of a Latchkey Kid , Spike/Dawn by [profile] feliciacraft.

Ancestors , Spike/Xander by [personal profile] forsaken2003.

Prologue of Broken Arrow , Willow/Angel by [personal profile] velvetwhip.

Fiction writers! Please read this .

Past years [community profile] seasonal_spuffy's banners can be viewed here .
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Hilary Knight and the Three Bears (1485 words) by verity
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Women's Hockey RPF, Hockey RPF
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Hilary Knight/Zdeno Chara, Zdeno Chara/Tatiana Chara, Hilary Knight/Patrick Kane, Hilary Knight/Alexander Ovechkin
Additional Tags: Femdom, Human Furniture, Kink Negotiation, Humor, Queer Character, Female Friendship, Crack

Hilary is okay with having a rep if it means NHL stars bring her Cheetos.

from scratch (939 words) by verity
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe, Captain America (Movies)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: James "Bucky" Barnes & Steve Rogers & Natasha Romanov & Sam Wilson, James "Bucky" Barnes/Steve Rogers, Steve Rogers & Sam Wilson, James "Bucky" Barnes & Natasha Romanov
Characters: Sam Wilson (Marvel), Natasha Romanov, James "Bucky" Barnes, Steve Rogers
Additional Tags: Birthday Cake, Friendship, Baking, Families of Choice, Team as Family, Bisexual Steve Rogers

Everything about baking is exceedingly messy. “Could have gone with a box,” Bucky says when Sam drops an egg on the floor. "Or a bakery."

“Boxes are for quitters,” Nat says. She is wearing black and a light dusting of flour that goes from her feet to the tip of her nose. It is adorable, and because Sam has a healthy respect for his life, he resolves never to tell her so.

hockey, belatedly

13 April 2015 18:29
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We're in the playoffs! My gosh, that Sabres game was so much work. But Flower got his shutout to lead the league, first time a Pens goalie has ever done that. I'm so proud. *sniff*

Honestly I just really wanted us to get in, and now we're here, so good job us despite everything. Now we have a solid four days of rest without any games, and when we get back we'll have a full six D again. And hey, at least we have no expectations on us, which is novel and maybe a kind of luxury. We're the underdog, for the first time in ages.

What follows are a bunch of links for my own encouragement; they all propose that maybe possibly the Pens aren't going to be a total disaster in round one against the Presidents' Trophy-winning Rangers. (Not included: the article whose writer thinks the Pens will get swept.)

Pittsburgh vs New York is Process vs PDO (hey, if ever-cranky Ryan Wilson is offering hope, that means something)
Stanley Cup Favorites: Who Are the Real Contenders - somehow the Pens are at the very top of this list, although it doesn't account for recent injuries at all
Switch Flipping Time
NHL Playoffs: 5 ways the Pittsburgh Penguins could pull an upset
Why Not the Pittsburgh Penguins?
Pens vs Rangers By the Numbers
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I'm working on a time-travel fic, so naturally my mind has turned to thoughts of Rome Spring other time-travel fics. Because what better way to procrastinate? It’s a trope that Buffyverse fic writers have thoroughly explored to good effect. That makes it tough to choose! I'll probably have a whole other list or two, perhaps one just for Our Heroes Go Back in Time: To War! But first off: Classic Buffyverse Time travel! This list contains mostly het, some slash, and Buffy or Spike. Usually both. AO3 links, where possible. In alphabetical order:

10 Classic Buffyverse Time Travel Stories... )
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Mother Said I Never Should , Spike/Buffy by [profile] brutti_ma_buoni.

Chapter Twelve of Storm Warning by [personal profile] lilachigh.

The winners of the 2015 Willowy Goodness Awards have been announced. Congratulations to all!
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Here is Part 9 of my ‘Tabula Avatar’ crossover universe story The King of Elfland’s Daughter, sequel to Debt of Blood. An NCIS/Stargate SG-1/Forgotten Realms crossover.

Summary: Gibbs and the NCIS Major Case Response Team investigate the brutal murder of a Marine and the trail leads them first to a Congolese immigrant named Cierre LuaLua, working for a secret Air Force project, and then to a deadly, seemingly invulnerable, assassin who might be a literal devil. Chapter 9 is 8,550 words, rating 15.

Sorry for the extremely long delay in posting this; I had intended to wrap everything up in an Epilogue but, when I started to write it, I found that it was going to be very much longer than any other chapter. I spent months fiddling with it, trying to cut it down in size, but every time I chopped it I found that I’d been forced to leave out something important, or funny, or interesting. Then – just last week – it occurred to me that TV series often have a double-length Season Finale. I decided to follow that model, scrapped my attempts to shorten it, and immediately found that I was making good progress. So here, at last, is the first half of the Epilogue and the second half should follow very soon.

The King of Elfland’s Daughter 9 )


11 April 2015 21:11
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Poor Telstar. He hardly gets a look in these days. Competing with Humuhumu and Keiki is tough.

Today he decided to put on a bit of a show, and as it's Caturday, it's a good time to share.

Yes, yes, it's a macro lens. Whoopdedoo. Why exactly is it in my face, again?

Yawning and stretching. )
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Last Man Standing , OC/Xander by [profile] thea_bromine.

EW re-watches The Replacement.

Izzyjo includes Spike in "Most Likeable TV Villains". "So, technically, by the end of Buffy the Vampire slayer, Spike was a hero who not only had a soul, but also managed to save the world. But before all that, Spike was a crazy, sexy, cool villain often referred to as The Big Bad. My favorite Spike moment of all time had him standing on a rooftop, watching Angel speak with a woman he’d just saved".
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I live in an oldish house. So as we began to have warmish days over the winter, asian lady beetles started coming out around the window sills. Particularly the window sill in my bathroom. I think it must be the attraction of the moisture.

I've begun to feel rather badly about the ones who die, as there are not aphids in my bathroom. In fact, I felt so bad, I began to set out small amounts of a honey paste for them to eat. Which maybe helped? Hard telling, as lots of dead ones, regardless.

But it's been warm enough consistently that yesterday I decided to collect a bunch of my little friends and put them outside where they belong and might survive. And tonight it snowed. Not a lot of snow, just a dusting. So I'm hoping they're able to manage it, as I feel rather bad about moving them from warmish bathroom to coolish outdoors. And I've delayed the next round of asian lady beetle relocation until the snow melts.

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8 April 2015 21:26
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I'm going through the archives of the local county newspaper, scouting for content for a retrospective book my folks are designing, and i think i just found the quintessential northern michigan headline: "Deer die as winter continues." the story is dated March 20.


8 April 2015 17:18
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Yes, I still watch television, though not as much as I used to.

The Easter break means that I've been watching more than the weekly episode of Agents of Shield (which is more than a guilty pleasure).

Still not caught up with Justified.

But we managed to return to True Detective and we watched episode 4 last night. Which was more of a linking episode, I think, showing us how these two detectives are spiralling out of control, in their personal lives and in how far they are willing to go to solve this case. They don't seem to have a superior who is really interested in them - in contrast to Justified. Also, really want to find out how one of them managed to masquerade successfully and the other dropped out.

We are nearly done with the first season of Transparent. I've been enjoying that, because it has got humour, heart, lots of neuroses, and gorgeous architecture. I sort of have developed this theory that (interior) design reflects the characters, but I am not sure yet where they are going with it. Is there a unified theory behind it?

Oh, and we watched the Veronica Mars film, which was pretty harmless, but fun. That said, I wanted to feed the actor playing Logan Echolls. I used to like skinny guys, but not anymore.

Easter Monday.

8 April 2015 11:28
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Family visit to SmallTown on Easter Monday. So very typical in many ways. The waffles we had were really rather dark and the one that was thoroughly burnt? Not thrown out, but eaten - it's that mix of "I am suffering for you" and "I cannot throw away anything resembling food, I still remember people starving". Traumas manifest in little ways. (My family and food? There is some bad stuff there.)

The traditional walk was enjoyable, most of the time, as there was some hiding and finding of eggs, of the dyed and chocolate variety. The kid got onto us at some point that the same eggs kept turning up again.

Anyway, lots of signs of early spring and some pictures taken:

Close )


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