Four legs.

9 October 2015 12:20
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Before I bring you the gibbons, here are some other various animals from Lagos Zoo:

Water and land )

Hamilton PSA

9 October 2015 09:19
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Since so many people seem to be falling:

[community profile] hamiltunes, for all your DW Hamilton needs

[ profile] lemonyandbeatrice: an “all of my social media is talking about Hamilton and I’m lost” masterpost

Concise summary courtesy of [personal profile] vass, QWP:

For those who don't already know: musical about the life and death of one of the US founding fathers, Alexander Hamilton, here characterised as a brilliant, scrappy, orphaned immigrant with a near-deathwish and a desperate drive to succeed. The composer/lyricist is also the star, and he and the cast are all people of colour except King George III of England, who is white (and hilarious.) The musical style is mostly hiphop, but not all, with many, many references to other musicals and other hiphop/rap works. The lyrics are strong and smart and interconnected, and develop over the course of the show in an incredibly satisfying way. The female characters do not talk to each other about something other than a man, but they do discuss their wishes and options are in life, and their legacy, and clearly have relationships with each other extending beyond their relationships with men -- Eliza and Angelica's relationship as sisters is really strong and wonderful.

("We hold these truths to be self-evident/that all men are created equal/ And when I meet Thomas Jefferson/ I'ma compel him to include women in the sequel" is technically a Bechdel fail. NONETHELESS.)

Complete cast recording on Spotify

The Toast is all over this

Basically, this is a delight. And Lin-Manuel Miranda ([ profile] linmanuel, [ profile] Lin_Manuel, THERE IS NO FOURTH WALL HE CAN SEE US) seems to be a beautiful cinnamon roll, etc. etc., not to mention the kind of gigantic nerd who picks up an 800-page biography as light beach reading.

Spike Lee said of Hamilton that "Game recognize game"; I would like to suggest the complementary "Fannish recognize fannish".

This is a deeply, deeply fannish show, earnestly impassioned about intricate details of 18th-century American politics and about hip-hop and about musicals (you can hear in the soundtrack the moments when the score dictates *jazz hands* or dancers throwing themselves across the stage on their knees). It is intensely meta and referential, frequently funny but never "ironically" distanced. It is built on love.

Recommended even to those of us who start from a position of "... is he one of those dudes with his face on a mountain or something? I DON'T KNOW, WHY DO YOU EXPECT ME TO KNOW ALL THE DETAILS OF YOUR 18TH-CENTURY POLITICIANS WE'RE NOT ALL IN THE USA YOU KNOW." This is good stuff.
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Doubled and Redoubled , Spike/Buffy by [personal profile] vikingprincess.

I Deserve Better , Spike/Angel by [personal profile] forsaken2003.

Chapter Twenty of What If I Loved You? by [personal profile] slaymesoftly.

Buffyverse icons by [personal profile] red_satin_doll.

Uproxx gives us "She Made Us Laugh a Lot : All the Times Buffy the Vampire Slayer Was Hilarious".

well, that was underwhelming

8 October 2015 21:49
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Be better, Pens. Meanwhile my secondary team (because apparently I have one of those now) lost 6-2, geez.

At least we now know that Olli cries at Pokemon, Geno cries at sad endings (because he's "emotional guy" BLESS HIS HEART), and Geno and Gonch diagram plays on walls. ALL is not lost.

SPN character sorting meme

8 October 2015 12:55
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You can sort all (?) the SPN characters that have appeared in at least two episodes here.

Some of these were super hard decisions (Jo vs Ellen? Jo vs Amelia???), but it shook out into something I'm pretty happy with, in about three tiers: top third are the characters I love, middle third are characters I have no or conflicting feelings towards, bottom third are characters that make me say "ugh", plus all the S9-S10 characters I haven't seen.


On the whole, I definitely favored earlier over later, other things being more or less equal. The two things I learned during sorting is that I have a whole lot more antipathy towards Ben Braeden than I would have guessed - me kicking against the convenient cute kid thing, presumably - and a whole lot more appreciation for Gwen Campbell. Clearly this means I should write some Gwen Campbell fic? :D

Also, Dean's place on the list is Dean circa S8 (when I stopped). If I could compartmentalize him and just think about Dean S1-7 or so, he'd have placed very differently.

Now I'm come over all nostalgic. *sniff*
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[Admin note: Entry text has been lifted and modified from an earlier locked entry because PHOTOS! Please let me know if Google Photos is still being crap and I'll put them on Flickr. I hesitated to do so because I didn't take these pictures.]

Last week, I gave my first outreach lecture in just over a year. I'm not doing much outreach any more as my schedule is pretty full, but I made an exception for this Year 4 teacher. I've known her for a few years now, from when she worked at a charity called IntoUniversity that runs courses for children whose parents haven't been to university. She was always fantastic at laying the groundwork for an outreach event, arranging for a big audience and ensuring that the children understood that what was happening was quite special. This is a totally underrated skill in outreach and in general, I think. I knew that the students would be studying space and the solar system in their curriculum, that they would know of my visit in advance and thus that they would be able to extract the most from it.

Anyway, this time I unintentionally pushed this poor lass to her limits. I turned up a week before I was scheduled to do so. It was entirely my fault as I'd put the correct time but the wrong date into my Outlook calendar.

She rallied beautifully. It helped that, superstar teacher that she is, she had already been preparing the students and teachers for my arrival ("We're getting a NASA engineer to visit us!"). Her composure outwardly unrattled, she managed to get all the Year 4 and Year 5 teachers to rearrange their lessons, and bring their children down for the lecture. I'll never forgot those 180 excited faces staring up at me from where they were squooshed together on her classroom floor. They hung on my every word and pelted me with questions for 15 minutes at the end. Then they applauded me. Some of them stood up. Some of them were cheering and whooping. This went on for almost two minutes. I have never felt so embarrassed and so pleased in my life. As they were leaving they came up to me individually - one girl just so she could hug my leg.

"Doctor Nanila," said one smiling eight-year-old boy, "How do I become an engineer?"
"Doctor Nanila," asked a serious-faced child, "If you could go into space and live on your dream world, what would it look like?"
"Doctor Nanila," said a brown-haired girl, "I saw the blood moon through my binoculars! Do you know, it was the closest the moon has been to the Earth this year?"

I have permission to post the photos the teacher took from the event. Without further ado, me and her Year 4s doing the Vulcan hand salute. Please note that I'm wearing an ESA Rosetta t-shirt. Sadly the design is on the back.

Live long and prosper! Peace! Five! Uh...fingers!

+3 )

They've sent a bunch of handmade thank-you cards to my work, which I'll pick up next week. They're going to make me cry at my desk. <333333
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Oh my god someone on ffa just mentioned the future possibility of Hamilton productions WITH ALL FEMALE CASTS. Oh my god. Hamilton and Burr as dueling antagonistic lesbians. Hamilton and Washington as a female mentor/female mentee pair. "My dearest ... Angelica"!


8 October 2015 15:27
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There are still Portugal pictures to post!

Lots of animals with wings )

More animals to come.
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I ended up writing three things for this exchange. First was my assignment, second was a pinch hit, and third was a treat, because I sent [personal profile] verity the opening fifty words or so and didn't know what to do with it, and she said, "WRITE IT FOR ME AS A TREAT." And I did.

Adult Conversation
Marc-Andre Fleury/Evgeni Malkin, 5.1k, rated T, fantasy/curses.
It’s bad enough that Flower can't talk to people without calling them things like poopy butt. It’s worse that Geno isn’t talking to him at all.

Jack Johnson/Sidney Crosby, 3.1k, rated M, h/c.
“I’ve got some time.” Sid’s voice buzzed a little. Too many satellite connections between Jack and Prague, probably. “I want to get some work started at the house, so I’ll be around for a week or so. You should come.”

Silver Medal Baby
Hilary Knight/Evgeni Malkin, 1.9k, rated T, mpreg (IN THE MOST PREDICTABLE REVEAL EVER KNOW TO MAN)
"You not even win gold! We had loser sex."

Hilary did not point out that at least she medaled. If one of them was going to get knocked up at the Olympics, obviously it would be Geno.
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I wrote three fics. Because me.

make 'em count
Tyler Bozak/Phil Kessel, 3.2k, G
It's not like Phil goes around telling people that his old team bought him his best friend like some people buy hookers. He can't really talk about it with Bozie, either, because Bozie will just say something like, "Come on, I provide the full girlfriend experience," which is so much worse than actually being offended.

it's the dance, we know the moves
Hilary Knight/Marie-Philip Poulin, 1k, G
This is not a meetcute, because Hilary and Marie-Philip have already met.

On the ice.

neon tulips
Sidney Crosby/Amanda Kessel & Tyler Bozak/Phil Kessel, 4.8k, G
She puts the number into her phone as Phil's friend. Phil has a lot of friends, more than Amanda knows. For all that the media shits on him, he's easy to like away from the camera. He's always meeting up with old buddies during the summer to shoot the shit and grill out in someone's backyard. This guy could be anybody, really, except for Bozie, because Amanda already has Bozie's number in her phone.
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*breathing hard*

For those who have updated to El Capitan and lost their custom icons:

-Shut computer down.
-Hold down Command + R and restart (release buttons once the gray apple icon appears on the screen)
-Wait for the dialogue box on a dark gray screen; bypass the dialogue and go up to the menu bar and select Utilities > Terminal.
-Type in: csrutil disable
-Hit return. Close Terminal and select Restart from the apple icon on the menu bar.

-Fire up LiteIcon or whatever icon swapper you use and swap out icons.
-To do it by hand navigate to System/Library/CoreServices/CoreTypes.bundle; right click and select "Show Contents" for CoreTypes; navigate to Contents/Resources; replace the system icons by hand.

-Now do that reboot, Cmnd+R, Terminal song and dance again.
-This time, type: csrutil enable
-Close out and restart, and lo you will have both your custom icons and your system integrity protection.

This process complicated, in my case, by the fact that none of my computer's boot screens will accept a tap on my trackpad as select/enter, and I had to go fish out my spare mighty-mouse from way back when to actually CLICK on anything.

*gives Apple two middle fingers, quite vigorously*
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some things about Hamilton:

-the George Washington/Alexander Hamilton drift compatibility is increasingly my fave. I could ship it or not but the intensity is delish. "Meet Me Inside," with the "Son/I'm not your Son" refrain: nnrgh. The overlay of Hamilton's voice over George Washington's farewell address in "One Last Time," his writing in his commander's mouth, saying the farewell that he himself finds nigh-unbearable: ffwahhhhppdp. Pwahhhd.

-the characterization of Eliza works really well for me sometimes and frustrates me at others. I think this has something to do with my dislike of romantic jealously/infidelity narratives as a whole. And I really like that there's none of that with the sisters! "Burn" calls up both of my reactions: the crescendo on "you FORFEIT all rights to my heart/ you FORFEIT your place in our bed" is glorious and invokes my Thing about honor, but the way that she opposes his public career and private life irks me, and the ending of the song always catches me off-beat, because when she says "I hope you burn" I always expect it to finish "mine" - I'm burning your letters, I hope you burn mine. But her final apotheosis as historian always gets me where I live.

-"Hurricane" might be my fave track. "She was holding me/ we were sick and she was holding me/ I couldn't seem to die"
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..I'm actually kinda fascinated by Twilight Reimaged.

(In case you haven't heard, Stephanie Meyer released a 10th anniversary special edition of Twilight with the genders of almost all the characters switched)

The reactions that I've read to it already prove my theory that Twilight-hating-fandom is far more sexist than Twilight itself...
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Chapter Nineteen of What If I Loved You? by [personal profile] slaymesoftly.

The Teen Ficathon : This is open to all fandoms, characters, pairings, genres – whatever your heart desires. AUs, crossovers, RPF, weird stuff, not weird stuff, anything! But keep it to teen shows, teen movies, teen melodramas – or teen aus of non-teen stuff. Say teen again.

Xander banner by [personal profile] red_satin_doll.

TinyFences podcast talks Phases.

Storywonk podcast talks City Of .

Storywonk podcast talks Living Conditions.

ComicBookResources previews Season Ten, Issue No. Twenty.
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On Sunday morning, we headed for the excitingly named Devil's Spittleful nature reserve to meet members of the Worcestershire Fungal Society (and their baskets) and go out mushrooming.

Our curiosity was undampened by the cold, misty weather. We were rewarded when the sun burst through and began warming us just as we entered the chestnut wood. The group scattered under the trees, poking under the leaf litter to locate choice specimens.

Heading into the chestnut wood
Humuhumu on her daddy's shoulders, removing her gloves in preparation for foraging.

It quickly became evident that the walk organiser, Diana, was the Fungal Oracle. Everyone brought her their mushrooms for identification, and for each one she would give the Latin and common names, and describe how its appearance changed from sprouting through to rotting. I didn't get to listen to too many descriptions, sadly, as Keiki was not in a good mood (cutting another tooth) and I had to keep moving to keep him from wailing.

Our oracle, Diana, with a specimen
Diana with a mushroom. I can't remember which one.

We departed the wood after half an hour or so of foraging. Most baskets stayed empty, as there weren't too many edible specimens about. Diana's was the only basket with a substantial quantity, but that was because she was collecting inedible items for her records as well. As we walked toward the open field, it was explained to us that the purpose of the baskets was multifold: to maximise air circulation around the delicate mushroom flesh, to facilitate trading of edible specimens, and to allow the spores to drop through to the ground and thus assist the germination of the next generation of mushrooms.

Glistening ink caps
Glistening ink caps.

Hats and coats were thrown off as we left the shelter of the chestnuts for the open air and warm autumn sunshine. The more experienced mushroomers dove into the long grass, looking for the large white caps of tasty field parasols.

Immature field parasol
Immature field parasol. We only found two, but they were still pretty substantial.

It was nearing midday, and Keiki let us know that he would like to stop and sit down for a snack.

Enjoying a PB & J
He very much enjoyed his PB & J and a crawl around the grass, as did Humuhumu.

Basket full of mushrooms
Our oracle's basket was filling rapidly with all manner of beauties, including the very distinctive fire-engine red of fly agaric.

"Something bit my arm"
Humuhumu and Daddy walking the path. "Something bit my arm!" she said resentfully.

Although the fungus collectors' interest showed no signs of waning, we called time on the outing after about two hours. One final treat lay in store for us: we spotted the steam train that runs from Kidderminster to Bridgnorth pootling along the tracks running past the field. We waved our arms madly at the carriages and lots of the passengers responded enthusiastically, to Humuhumu's delight.

Kidderminster-Bridgnorth steam train
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So that I wouldn't be posting only about Babylon 5(don't worry, people who don't care about B5: I only have one season, one spin-off series and four movies left and then I'll shut up about it), I decided to update that list of TV-shows that watched that I made a few years ago. I'm happy to give more detailed opinions on any of these shows :)

I watch too much television )

Like the previous list, this is missing Finnish shows plus stuff like TaoTao that I watched when I was very small.

(no subject)

4 October 2015 13:34
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number of times I have made it through the Hamilton cast recording without uglycrying over the death of his son = approx 0

A hole in the world.

4 October 2015 13:47
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Wherever I go, countless others have been before me and they have left their mark on the world.

The scale on which humans change their environment is staggering and open-cast mining is one of the most breath-taking.

There is quite a bit of that around here and rehabilitation efforts are already under way at the same time that old villages are re-located because they're in the way of the huge machines digging up the coal. If you want to read more about these now abandoned villages, here is a picture-post (in German).

Pictures )
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The Ringmaster , NC-17 Buffy/Angelus by [profile] xspike4evax.

Just a few spots left over at [community profile] seasonal_spuffy.

Thinky thoughts on the last Season Ten issue by perpetual.

TheMarySue includes Let Me Rest in Peace in their "Be Prepared for the 13 Best Villain Songs Of All Time,You Poor Unfortunate Souls". "So, Spike is a character who starts out as a villain, becomes a reluctant ally, and then goes through a complicated set of transformations even after that. Marsters’ portrayal of Spike is one of my favorite villains in TV history. He’s weird, complex, alternatively depressed and gleeful in his villainy. And, of course, so is the song. One part passion, one part evil, and one part pure entertainment. Because that’s kinda who Spike is".

Buzzfeed talks SMG's role in Star Wars Rebels.

Thing I Never Noticed Before:

3 October 2015 08:26
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In the Farscape episode Different Destinations, when they've gone back in time at the peace memorial, and Harvey is wearing cowboy boots and playing Home on the Range on the harmonica (yes, this all makes perfect sense in context), his cowboy boots have "ANDY" written on the soles.

Because Crichton is a wonderful human being who apparently loves Toy Story.

Can't believe I never saw that before...
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One of my favourite pastimes on this rewatch has been looking at the background extras during scenes set in Zocalo, and trying to come up with stories for them. Like, for example in "Born to Purple" there's an Earthforce soldier who seems to be on a date with a rather hideous-looking alien woman, and in the party scene in "Epiphanies" there's a woman in pilot's uniform clearly recreating the famous V-Day kissing photograph with someone who seems to be wearing a ranger uniform. Usually background extras as just that - background - but clearly nobody told that to the extras on B5 because they often seem to be almost trying to steal the show.

But it works in making the station really feel more real; that the show isn't just about the main cast, but also about the quarter of a million other people living on the station.

Also, I like that unlike on many other scifi shows, on B5 'diversity' in crowd scenes doesn't mean "more aliens":

pictures under the cut )

Another thing that I've noticed is that whenever there's a riot or a brawl or something on the station, there are always also women in the fray, giving all they've got (there were even women among the striking dock workers). The women on B5 clearly haven't come all te way to space to miss all the excitement :D

The thing about Babylon 5 is that even though it doesn't always succeed, it at least makes an effort to show a future where sexism, homophobia and racism don't exist (on Earth, at least).

(and yes, you really can spot same sex couples having dinner on the background during restaurant scenes like JMS said)
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The Slayer and the Dweeb: The Oblectation of Nothingness, Faith/ Andrew by [personal profile] kerkevik_2014.

Chapter Seventeen of What If I Loved You? by [personal profile] slaymesoftly.

Chapter Eight of Stalker by [personal profile] forsaken2003.

It's Willow Ficathon Time !

Voting is now open at the Sunny D Awards .

The Atlantic talks about the rise of BtVS studies. "Scholarly interest in Joss Whedon’s cult classic points to the growing belief that TV shows deserve to be studied as literature".

Buzzfeed talks Buffy and Angel.


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