So, that kittens game

27 November 2015 21:48
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The Kittens Game by bloodrizer is amazing. It is quite addictive. You are a kitten in a field of catnip. You can gather catnip. When you have enough catnip, you can plant it in a field and grow more. Then you can make wood, and build huts, and it grows into this great resource-mining game. It's very well balanced, with lots of interesting quirks. I was delighted when I first tamed a unicorn. Now I have collected unicorn tears, reset the game and collected my karma, my kitties have drilled oil wells and built amphitheatres and trade with the zebras and sharks on a regular basis. I discovered it from comments in [personal profile] yvi's post about constructive games a while back.

Is anyone else playing?
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Poll #17125 Pie (sweet)
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Happy Thanksgiving!!!

26 November 2015 23:08
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Had a really fun day! We went to [personal profile] rackham's brother's house for "Dinner" (which was more like a late lunch, but really was the last meal of the day) with him and his wife, as well as our friends [profile] gidgiddoni and [personal profile] tomte. Thanksgiving is always so much better with more people... and not just because it means the work for the cooking gets spread around!

I think I linked to all of our favorite recipes the other day, but I wanted to make sure to mention the Turkey Quiche again, in case you missed it. Absolutely the best use for leftovers I've ever found!

See all the lovely food, under the cut. )

Hope all my American friends had a fantastic Thanksgiving... and all my BtVS friends had a fun Tie-Spike-to-a-Chair Day!

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Tenerife roundup

26 November 2015 21:41
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An assortment of dSLR photos from Tenerife. Most of this first lot were taken after I arrived on Sunday, as I didn't have much time otherwise to take photos apart from my daily balcony selfie.

My foot, framed by my flowy black dress, as I walk through the sand.

Walking around Costa Adeje )

And some photos from my phone. I ran every morning I was in Adeje. It was such a pleasure. There's wide stone promenade that winds for several kilometres along the waterfront with lots of places where you can dip down and run on the sand for a spell if you like.

Having time to myself is a rare and precious luxury. I reveled in being able to roll out of bed, put on my running gear and just go.

Came the dawn.

Early morning running around Costa Adeje )

A bit of R&R )

Me in my Rosetta mission t-shirt on my last morning in Tenerife, soaking up the sun.

Pursuant to the last post

26 November 2015 20:22
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If anyone fancies writing fic (fanfic or origfic) for Rachel, she's put up a bunch of (really rather awesome, IMHO) prompts and descriptions of what she likes. Check it out. See if you are inspired:

[personal profile] rachelmanija: Totally Self-Indulgent Begging For Fic

hope I never improve my game

26 November 2015 02:26
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Late-night hypothesis (i had a hard day i'm not thinking about it): might the weird misdirectedness of "sj shipping" and whatnot be a possible aftereffect of the hardcore fannish embrace of the death of the author?

Instead of accepting all fannish responses while questioning the motives/credentials of directors, movie studios, and various financiers, we seem to be ignoring the latter classes of being almost entirely to instead police fannish response.

I am pretty sure that a substantial chunk of this is "women can be easily made to feel badly about libidinal desires," but also think it's interesting that, after having gloriously launched myself into the arms of Barthes during the Harry Potter years, I now find myself endlessly wanting to remind fellow fen about who gets paid for these stories, who has control, and who exactly doesn't (hint: it's us).
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So far, [personal profile] rackham has made the Eggnog Pie and has gotten the turkey in the brine, where it will sit overnight. I did the gingersnap crust for the Pumpkin Chiffon Pie and we'll start in on that one soon... this year, we're trying something a bit different. In recent years, I've used evaporated goat milk in it and it's turned out pretty well, with just a hint of goatiness. This year I went looking for other pumpkin pie recipes that we might want to try and found one that called for either evaporated milk or half-and-half... and I recently discovered a lactose-free half-and-half, so we're going to try it out as a substitution in the Pumpkin Chiffon pie recipe. Really hoping it turns out!!

Later tonight I'll be assembling my family's traditional fruit salad (sadly, no recipe link for that one... I'm not sure it's ever been written down, it's just one of those things you learn how to make along the way) and then tomorrow we'll be making some Fresh Cranberry Compote. We've got other people who are bringing the rest of the dishes, so it should be a pretty full Thanksgiving dinner!

Tomorrow, aside from eating way too much food, we're planning on watching the Thanksgiving episode of WKRP in Cincinnati and, of course, the episode "Pangs" from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

And now for my annual sharing of the Turkey Quiche recipe! It's made using leftover stuffing for the crust... and is especially good when served with leftover gravy and leftover cranberry sauce. Yum!

Crossposted from my Livejournal.

November Sunday.

25 November 2015 19:21
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When we left the house, the sky was still blue and the sun was out. On the motorway we realized that we were travelling towards a big mass of dark-blue clouds full of rain or maybe sleet.

When we arrived at our destination - that one Dutch city where all Rhinelanders go to buy stuff on a Sunday - the hail was pouring down.

Last time I was there, we also ended up being soaked. Here is a mix of old and new pictures:

Venlo )

Hurt/comfort recs for [personal profile] rachelmanija

25 November 2015 16:02
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As some of you will aready know, [personal profile] rachelmanija is dealing with some very stressful stuff; she could use some good h/c recs. This is the recs accumulation post.

She says:

I like old-school "lost and injured in wildernesses," "held hostage," "poisoned," "race to get to medical care," "post-action breakdown" "adjusting to being a civilian with bonus PTSD," that sort of thing - I like when the hurt is serious or life-threatening, there's some action, and plenty of comfort at the end. Sholio and Dira Sudis write the sort of thing I like, and of course my Werewolf Marines books are the exact sort of thing I like.

I like canon recs too but already know Sharpe, Dick Francis, Lymond, Hornblower, Modesty Blaise, Eagle of the Ninth, Leverage, Star Trek (any iteration) Star Wars (ditto), Percy Jackson, Pern, Kushiel's Dart, Benjamin January, Attack on Titan, X-Men (especially anything but First Class, but I do also like First Class. I just prefer the comics and first two movies). Would love any fic recs in those canons or probably any book or anime fandom. Like, anything that's ever appeared in Yuletide probably has sufficient context.

For fic, if the story's really great I'll try anything. But I'm picky about MCU (don't like infantilized Bucky, have irrational hatred for Coulson), don't like SGA, Sherlock, or Teen Wolf, and don't know Hamilton, Homestuck, or Steven Universe. Finally, I'm neutral on rape recovery - it's not a plus but it's not a back button either.

I like touch starvation, people feeding each other or helping each other to walk or carrying each other, huddling for warmth, washing each other or washing their hair. And a minimum of vomit.

baby I'm a witch

24 November 2015 22:09
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Watching Hannibal 1.08.

(I've been feeling frustration and dissatisfaction with my family; I do not know if it is legitimate. I feel as though I am not seen. But I'm less interested in proving the reality than I am in simply noticing the presence of my emotions.)

A (potential, theorized) central tragedy of human life, artfully demonstrated by Bryan Fuller: no one can save you but yourself. Even when it is not reasonable to expect anyone else to save you, help always seems to come with strings. Hannibal wants to Save Will Graham; Alana wants to Save Will Graham; Jack wants Will Graham To Already Have Been Saved so that he can remain useful and able to work. But each of these outside agents have agendas for Will, agendas that are their own and not his.

This is inevitable; how could they not? Only Will can have his own interests at heart purely. But ... he doesn't, I don't think he does. He makes gestures toward survival - he clearly knows where he needs to go vs. where he shouldn't, he tells people things like he's trying to remain accountable for his own well-being - but he doesn't follow through. (and yet, it's his self-sacrificing aspects that I find admirable. what does that say about me?)

I don't know - this all seems quite clear to me, but I've been trying to convince myself that "you've got to cross that lonesome valley, you've got to cross it by yourself" is no kind of a life-philosophy.

I wonder if it's good for me, to live within reach of my parents. I dunno that it really is.
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Currently this team and RL are both fairly stressful, and so I have ended up investing most of my feelings about both in Olli Maatta instead. On one hand, this has been a bit traumatic in the last week! On the other hand, it means that I pretty much could not have gotten a better present today, which is Olli getting interviewed by Trevor, intrepid Junior Reporter.

CHILDREN INTERVIEWING CHILDREN. Seriously, this is a tall awkward child being interviewed by a shorter and somewhat less awkward child. I swear they make some of the same faces. And both so earnest!

And honestly I almost want to make a transcript of the entire thing, because it is so great. Olli went as "an Oktoberfest guy" for Halloween, lederhosen and all! He likes Pittsburgh because it's smaller than NYC and gets quiet in the evenings! He also goes into some detail about his warmup routine before practice (20 mins on bikes and doing calesthenics) and his routine before games (he arrives 2.5 hours before hand to deal with equipment and stuff). He watches a lot of movies and reads a book occasionally.

Basically if you happen to be writing Olli Maatta fic (*cough*), this is GOLDEN while also being charming and adorable. You just want to pinch the cheeks of everyone on the screen. I am SO CHARMED.


24 November 2015 17:09
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The Fanlore page now has some links to most of what's been happening and some good summaries, for anyone who's not already aware.

I am still trying to figure out what to say publicly, but I am also desperate to talk about it, in between being really nervous of hearing stuff dragged back up that will really upset me. I'm mostly healed from the previous incidents, but not entirely.

I'm tentatively hopeful but still slightly cynical at the moment. Matty and LO (Atiya) are great people and I look forward to seeing what they'll do. They're not perfect people, and fandom's idealisation-devaluation cycle is vicious. A clean slate is easier in some ways than changing a culture when you're a minority, but there are bits of problematic culture that have been spread across the org for so many years that I really doubt they're all gone, so I don't think the Board is the only problem culturally or ethically, let alone in any other way.

I haven't linked it from the Fanlore page as I know she doesn't want the whole of Metafandom descending on her, but [personal profile] recessional's commentary is interesting, for any mutual friends/network who hadn't spotted it yet.

I have been sick for the past five days, I'm exhausted and everything sucks, I still have dayjob to do, chores to do, and a pile of fun stuff including Dreamwidth coding that I'd like to get to at some point. But I've gone and volunteered to share my knowledge on the finance side, because institutional history can help, provided you can prevent it perpetuating bad culture.

Three things make a post

23 November 2015 21:50
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1. I have decided to get myself a TV streaming stick, either a Roku or Amazon Fire. I am leaning toward Roku based on internet comparisons, but I do have Amazon Prime and a Kindle Fire, so I'm open to being persuaded in that direction. (Also, I have a suspicion that as soon as I buy a Roku, they will announce that they're coming out with a newer model, whereas Amazon already did.) Anyone have a recommendation or preference? (Obviously the best time to purchase such a thing is AFTER I spent the weekend binge-watching not one, but TWO TV series - Jessica Jones and The Man in the High Castle - on my laptop. Both shows are highly recommended, FYI.)

2. I really want to email this to my mother and be like, "Do you think maybe we could try this for a change?" I might possibly be cranky after a phone call this weekend in which I mentioned having a lot of pain this week, and her response being, 'Well, you have been doing a lot of cooking lately and eating more than usual." Like, SORRY MY BAD for trying to eat relatively balanced meals and maintain a healthy weight. Maybe I should go back to eating nothing but grilled cheese. I get that she just wants to be able to make me better and critiquing everything I ingest is her trying to ~solve my Crohn's but CROHN'S DOESN'T WORK THAT WAY and just once I would like to say, "Hey, I'm in a lot of pain," and hear, "I'm sorry, honey, that sucks," instead of, essentially, "Well, that's what you get for eating FOOD." 

3. Speaking of food, I made butternut squash soup this weekend. I'm not even going to bother linking the recipe because the proportions were way off and I ended up having to add more than twice as much chicken stock as the recipe called for in order to get the right consistency, so I'll be looking for a different recipe the next time I make it. My parents have one, but it makes about eight gallons of soup, so I figured I'd just look for a smaller batch recipe online, but this one was not a winner. Tasted fine, though, once I made it not mashed potatoes-esque. 

(no subject)

22 November 2015 18:27
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heads up: potential OTW implosion sighted. Andrea Horbinski votes *herself* onto the Board. how lovely for her. MJ MacRae has comments about ethics. hilarious. ffa has deets

eta the whole board has now resigned. wow. what

nothing's gonna change my world

21 November 2015 22:55
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I'm not planning on seeing Crimson Peak myself, despite my lasting love for del Toro, because it just doesn't look like my sort of thing (also because i walked out of Mia Wasikowska's Jane Eyre and i might still be bearing a bit of a grudge). But the talk around it has been helpful for me in clarifying something about my gendered investments in the gothic.Read more... )

book fic recs

21 November 2015 13:25
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I continue to work on thinning out my recs tag on Pinboard, so have some more recs! The theme this time is book fandoms.

Carrefour by Merlin Missy - Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman
Anaesthesia + Ingress gen, 10k. Possibly my favorite fic I have ever read for this book. Because all of us needed the fic where Anaesthesia survives, rescues/is rescued by Door's missing sister, and saves the day, did we not?

Of Five Adventures That Occurred During The Reign Of The Raven Barista. by Lanna Michaels - Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell by Susanna Clarke
Gen. 1.2k. Because we all needed a JS&MN magical coffee shop AU, too.

Shalbatana by [ profile] ellen_fremedon - The Mars Trilogy by Kim Stanley Robinson
Nadia, Hiroko, Ann. 8k. With Ann's guidance, Nadia and Hiroko set off across Mars to find the Sojourner rover, still wandering. I love this integration of the canon with RL Mars events that have happened since it was written, and I love seeing fic of this particular cast of characters, who never interacted much in canon. ellen_fremedon also does a great job of capturing the majesty and isolation of Mars, the way Robinson did.

The Spanish Castle by [ profile] LookingForOctober - The Blue Castle by L.M. Montgomery
Valancy gen, 3.4k. Valancy visits a real life castle and finds a kindred spirit there. Just a sweet and lovely post-book moment.

The Witch [ART] by [ profile] sassynails - The Silmarillion by J.R.R. Tolkein
I'm not familiar with this character, but it doesn't matter, because this multimedia piece is just stunning.

Happy anniversary, guys

18 November 2015 20:56
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30 years ago today, 18 November 1985, an unknown cartoonist named Bill Watterson got this strip published in a couple of dozen newspapers in the US.

I could post dozens and dozens of Calvin & Hobbes strips, but we'd be here all night. But I just thought the premiere of the last great newspaper comic, and one of the cleverest and most affecting serial stories I know, was worth marking. I still miss those little guys, but I still have nothing but respect for Watterson for refusing to let them become less than what they were when they were great.

Calhobinists unite!

"It's a magical world, Hobbes, ol' buddy ... Lets go exploring!"

Olli :'((((((

17 November 2015 20:01
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I am so sad, you guys. I'm really, really hoping it was less awful than it looked when he was trying and failing to get up off the ice. Latest news is that he was taken to the hospital on a stretcher.

(For context, including video.)
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Tenerife balcony
Me in another dress, on my balcony. Did I mention I only brought dresses to wear at this meeting? YAY DRESSES.

The Operations Review is over. I have completed one presentation. Tomorrow, the Cross-Calibration meeting begins, and I do my second presentation.

I have been running on the beach before the dawn both mornings so far. I have eaten ALL THE THINGS because this resort is all-inclusive with the food and the drinks. I have been swimming in, and lounging by, the pool with my fellow lady engineer/programmer/scientist colleagues. I have done a great deal of work, including some on-the-fly analysis that I've just put into tomorrow's presentation. I'm feeling accomplished.

It just might be rum o'clock.
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It occurred to me today that I hadn't posted a followup to my last entry... it's been, um, interesting. The side effects of both the antibiotic and the Prednisone were not fun, but it gave me just over two incredible weeks of feeling *normal*. And then the sinus infection came back, just like it had every other time I'd taken antibiotics (about a week to a week and a half after I finished them). I got to my followup appointment with the ENT and had a CT scan of my sinuses (which was the plan all along) and, sure enough, you could actually see the sinus infection on the scan... but the good news? It was nearly gone (as the ENT said, if we'd done a CT scan at my first appointment, we would have seen nearly the whole area clouded up on the scan). So, I've been back on the super-mega-antibiotics for one more week and they seem to have done the trick. The funny thing is, I'd thought I felt normal after taking them last time, but it's nothing compared to this. I honestly feel like I'm waking up after being asleep for a long time. It's been amazing.

The other thing we discovered from the CT scan (and the reason it was done in the first place) is what's likely at the root of the problem... and why I've been extremely prone to sinus infections my whole life.

First, a bit of an anatomy lesson (pulled from Wikipedia): The nasal conchae (or turbinates) are long, narrow and curled bone shelves in your sinuses that divide the nasal airway into groove like air passages and are responsible for forcing inhaled air to flow in a steady, regular pattern around the largest possible surface of cilia and climate-controlling tissue.

As my ENT explained it, there are three on each side of your face: the superior, median and inferior. He was able to show me on the CT scan that the median (aka the middle) on my left side is backward. So if my sinuses get aggravated at all, they'll swell up and because it's not going the same direction as the others, it will get stopped up very easily... meaning it gets easier for nasty things to build up. Apparently, this can be corrected with surgery, but my ENT would rather avoid that if possible... so, the solution we've come up with, now that we appear to have finally beaten the Sinus Infection From Hell (doing some serious knocking on wood over here), is to use OTC nasal spray to try to keep all the membranes constricted. Once we know I'm well and truly over this... the idea is that I'd only need to use the nasal spray when I notice I'm starting to have problems. I'm really hoping this works, because the idea of nasal surgery does not sound like fun times.

Anyway, I'm keeping fingers and toes crossed that we've finally kicked this thing for real this time... I've been varying degrees of sick for most of the year and it's interfered with so many things I've wanted to do.

Crossposted from my Livejournal.

Another cooking post!

16 November 2015 21:12
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Look at me go!

Rosemary Olive Oil Crock Pot Bread - YOU GUYS I BAKED BREAD IN A CROCK POT. I don't know why I am so excited about this achievement in particular, considering I've done a fair amount of cooking and this was ridiculously easy, but something about the novelty of baking bread in the crock pot makes me want to brag to everyone I know. The bread is delicious, btw. I have eaten it every day since I made it, and I have some epic plans for grilled cheese if I can stop myself from just eating it slathered in olive oil (definitely try it with the olive oil herb dip included at the same link). There will be more soon enough, though, because my mother has already demanded that I make it again when I come home for Thanksgiving.

French Onion Beef Stroganoff - This is another recipe from the same blogger, and it's another winner, so I'm thinking I need to just work my way through the entire site. I am not usually big on beef stroganoff, since I don't really like mushrooms - I actually left them out when I made this one - but I loooooove french onion soup, so adding beef and noodles couldn't really go wrong. I also didn't bother with the red wine, since I don't drink it; I wasn't about to open a whole bottle just for 1/4 cup to cook with. I added extra broth instead, though I probably didn't need to, as the sauce was very liquidy and needed longer to reduce than the recipe said. But hey - I've got delicious bread to sop it up!

Butternut Squash Casserole - So this is the casserole recipe I was going to make last time, except I forgot to buy squash. On a related shopping note, I happened to do my grocery shopping on Saturday with [personal profile] angearia and [personal profile] gryfndor_godess and they must be good luck charms or something, because all my recipes turned out awesome this week! (And I managed to get all the correct ingredients, lol.)

Anyway, this recipe kind of ticked me off - or rather, the lack thereof ticked me off. I don't remember how I stumbled upon this link - I get daily emails from, but I also may have been searching for something - but reading through the post, I was super excited about the goat cheese + parmesan combo, and then I clicked on the link for the recipe, and it turned out it was the ORIGINAL recipe, pre-modifications, which is completely not what the post's author described. My parents may be of the "exact measurements are for losers" school of cooking, but I prefer specific instructions. So, if you are like me, and you're all, "Okay, but HOW MUCH goat cheese did you use? What is the ratio of goat cheese to parmesan? And goat cheese is a totally different consistency than cheddar! Will it melt the same?" I went with 2 cloves of garlic tossed with the squash and olive oil before roasting (which took more like 40 minutes to get to tender). I used 1 cup of goat cheese and 1/2 cup of shredded parmesan to make the cheese sauce, and then another 1/2 cup of parmesan sprinkled on top. I also added 1 tsp each of fresh rosemary and thyme, since I had it left over from the bread and stroganoff recipes. I do like the combo of sage and butternut squash, so I might try that if I made this again, but you definitely have to add something, as without any herbs or spices at all, it'd be pretty bland.


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