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I just got a review to one of my old fics on which included the following sentence:

"If anything it was a crime drama with some comedic elements - no explicit n***, but viewer discretion advised for graphic violence not suitable for children." Very meta. I approve."

It took me a moment to figure out that the censored word was 'nudity', because on first glance I thought it'd be something much, much worse...

What makes it double funny is that the quoted line was a meta joke about the TV rating system... :D

Speaking of, people still often claim that it has a better search function that AO3 (and in some ways it does), but did you know that also censors its search results? You cannot search for any sex-related words. Which is understandable since they don't allow explicit material, but what makes it suspect is that they don't actually admit doing it. If your search for 'smut' or 'sex', you get a note saying "This error can happen when your keywords are too generic: the, we, are, you, us, etc. Search also ignore keywords shorter than 3 letters. Please use more specific keywords or use alternate wording.". Except that you do get results when you search for 'cat'...

eta: The search also claims that 'nudity' is shorter than 3 letters...

Single parenting

1 September 2014 20:28
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[Image of Humuhumu on the London Air Line running from Royal Victoria Docks to North Greenwich. Has nothing to do with the content of the post, just wanted to share.]

The bloke went to a meeting in Switzerland on Sunday and will return late on Friday evening. This leaves me single-parenting Humuhumu for six days.

Both of us have done longer stints than that solo since she was born, and although we now both know some tactics for coping with it, it's still very difficult. I don't think I truly appreciated how tough single parenting is until I had to do it myself, and I'm lucky enough to be able to afford help (e.g. having full-time nursery care, having a cleaner, taking a taxi when I'm too tired/pregnant to walk the mile and a half from the house to the train station).

In terms of tactics, I now know to make at least two large "dishes" (e.g. mac and cheese, chilli, fish pie) at the weekend that I can heat and serve when I get home exhausted during the week so I don't have to cook in the evening. I know to clear the laundry basket at the weekend. I know to fill my rucksack with snacks and water for the toddler and me on the train. I know to download shows onto the tablet on iPlayer, and I have a screen set up so she can choose these or her games. I know to pack my lunch every night, and to bathe before bed so that I don't have to attempt to shower with the toddler wreaking mayhem outside. I know to lay out my clothes so that I can leap into them if she wakes up before my alarm goes off. Each of these things helps save a tiny bit of energy that I can then expend on my day job. But if I had to do them on my own every week and every weekend, I would be so tired I wouldn't be able to see straight. I would have no energy to maintain a community of friends, in meatspace or online.

I find that the little kindnesses shown to me by the people I encounter in passing mean even more to me when I'm single-parenting. I was struggling to calm Humuhumu, who was squirming in her pushchair and crying, "Down! Down!" about 200 metres from the nursery's front door, and a woman passing by bent down and made a funny face at her, saying, "What sort of a face is that?" in a strong Brummy accent. Humuhumu stopped fussing and chuckled, and the woman said, "That's better." I smiled and thanked her and we went our separate ways. It was literally seconds of interaction, but it was so helpful. Then there are the people who offer to help me lift her into or out of the train, or just wiggle their fingers at her when she's looking at them - again, it's just a few seconds, but it lightens the weight of solitary responsibility considerably.

In conclusion, I'm about to make myself a dandelion-and-burdock vanilla ice cream float as a reward for getting through today.


1 September 2014 10:09
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I Kind of Liked It Your Way, by [ profile] Chash
Look, it's 10k of Chash writing hooker!Jensen (and also the My Little Pony card game). There was no way I wasn't going to love it. If that sounds even remotely relevant to your interests, there's no way you aren't going to love it, too.

(Also, hi! I'm back! \o/)

More Links Than A Bag Of Sausages

1 September 2014 03:57
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Future Imperfect , Spike/Buffy by [personal profile] lilachigh.

Make Me a Match , Spike/Buffy by [personal profile] enigmaticblue.

Gut Instincts , Spike/Buffy by [personal profile] spuffy_luvr.

Fractured Mirror , NC-17 Dark Willow/Vampire Willow by [personal profile] pickamix.

A Xander/Faith fragment by [personal profile] herself_nyc.

Buffy banner by [profile] spikesredqueen.

Dnaindia says BtVS is still the best cult show ever. "The reason why nearly 20 years later this show has such a strong and outspoken fan following is, in short, because it's brilliant, utterly brilliant. Also, it could help that this is the first baby of the King of the Nerds - Joss Whedon. It has the chills, the scares, the heart, the wit, the dynamics and so much more, that one would expect in a favourite TV show. The strongest aspects of any show has to be its writing, acting and the chemistry between the cast. Check. Check. And check".

Cold Dead Seed is open again for business.


31 August 2014 21:52
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Mirrored from Twisting Vines.

A fortnight ago I went to LonCon3 – not just my first Worldcon, but my first SFF con of any sort. Given that they were holding it about 20 min tube/DLR ride from me, in ExCel, it would have seemed churlish to skip it. 

There were a lot of panels. A LOT of panels. And I went to quite a few of them. I found myself ducking out of this one 15 min early so I could have a quick break / snack before dashing back for the next slot. It reminded me of when I first went to music festivals (20-odd years ago now) where I would pore over the programme planning how if I left *this* then and dashed over here I could catch half an hr of *that* on the way to *the other*… Another time I might endeavour to take it a little easier and give myself more time for everything else. (I entirely missed the Art Show, for example.)

Having said that, I enjoyed nearly everything I went to, and could happily go back and start over with a whole different set of things. (I missed most of the science track, for example). I have many pages of notes I am not about to type out, but a couple of panels particularly stuck in my mind afterwards (ie came to mind without checking said notes while writing this).
– Race and British SF: a really interesting discussion about who is writing what, where, and why, which left me with a much longer to-read list. 
– Ideology vs Politics in SF: the premise was that ideology (noble ideas) shows up in SF more often than politics (the grubby business of hammering out solutions), probably because the former is in general more interesting to write/read. Lots of discussion about the value of both about writers who do tackle politics, and about the radicalism of imagining a political alternative. 

There was also one talk (on worldbuilding) I left after getting too annoyed by the panelist who invariably referred to a hypothetical character as “he”. A shame as there was good stuff from the other panelists, but it was just too irritating. I cheered myself by getting some dal for a late lunch. 

I saw “kaffeeklatsch” repeatedly on the programme with no explanation, then when I established what it was, was too shy to sign up. Then I found myself sitting next to Stephanie Saulter (author of the excellent novels Gemsigns and Binary, about which I was most enthusiastic at her) at another panel. She mentioned her kaffeeklatsch, which gave me the courage to sign up. I’m glad I did – it was a lovely hour, and I also got to meet and chat to Anne Charnock (whose novel A Calculated Life I have since read and enjoyed), Cindy of Draumr Kopa review blog, and someone from Birmingham SF group whose name now escapes me (oops). Buoyed by this I also went to Teresa and Patrick Neilsen Hayden’s one, which was interesting if less chatty. 

Despite my extensive panel attendance, I also managed to do a bit of socialising with people I didn’t know at all, and thus award myself a Big Gold Social Person Star. (I had a drink with a couple of folk I did know, too, but that is less challenging because I already know that they’re nice.) The fan village in many ways was great from a social point of view – lots of opportunity for mingling – but it was also very noisy (and echoey, being as how this was ExCel and therefore it was inside a big concrete box) which made life harder. I left one thing because I just couldn’t hear anyone, which did nothing for my intermittent social anxiety. 

Sunday I missed most of everything that didn’t involve hanging around in the fan village, as Leon came along for the day. He was delighted with his badge and First Worldcon ribbon and very enthusiastic about running round the ‘village green’ with a hula hoop. He is, however, still not panel-compatible. I went home with him and D at dinner time rather than staying for the Hugos. I was a little sorry, but following it on Twitter over pizza and a glass of wine at home was still pretty exciting, and also involved pizza. A very pleasing set of results. 

(Given how Sunday panned out and that I would have had L with me on Monday too, I somewhat reluctantly stayed home on Monday and missed the final day, bah.)

Brilliant weekend, if exhausting. I would go again like a shot if it ever comes back to Europe. And after over 20 years of being a fan of sorts but never going to a con, I am now signed up for both Eastercon and 9 Worlds next year and greatly looking forward to both. 

Help me pick a movie

31 August 2014 21:19
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I got a free movie ticket from work that I need to use before it expires, and I've now narrowed my options down to either The Congress or Lucy.

(I was thinking of going to see Interstellar, but I just realised the ticket expires before that comes out)

I'm leaning towards The Congress, because I like Robin Wright and Lucy looks like it might be the kind of a sexy-chick-beats-up-a-lot-of-men action movie that I don't care about (plus action movies in general usually bore me), but on the other hand Lucy seems to have gotten much better reviews of the two and if it's not the kind of a movie I hate, it could be exactly the kind of a movie that I'd love ;D

Any opinions on either movie?

(no subject)

31 August 2014 12:12
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Because there may be more people who would want to know who haven't heard yet:

[personal profile] delux_vivens has died.

I don't have words that can do justice to the loss.
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If you're looking for crossover tales, head over to TwistedShorts : Twisting the Hellmouth Short Fic Challenges as well as Crossovering 2014 .

Chapter Two of More Toil and Trouble by [personal profile] slaymesoftly.

Fred/Angel video by [profile] spikesredqueen.

[profile] rbfvid casts even more Buffyverse characters as felines .


31 August 2014 06:29
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When the Spice Girls first started, my only connections to the word "ginger" were
1) the spice
2) the expression "full of ginger"

So I concluded that Ginger Spice was "full of ginger", and that they'd also gone with a subtle pun because she's a "spice" girl.

It was only last night that my brain finally went "Oh... She's a redhead..."

on holiday

31 August 2014 06:22
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My sister has been known to grumble about the weird British taps, and now I know why: it seems impossible to select both the water temperature and the water volume, simultaneously. You pick your favourite, and try to endure the other one.

We went to Edinburgh Castle yesterday, which was very cool. It's the first time I've seen a castle that has always (pre-museum) been a fully functioning thing, as opposed to being semi-ornamental, and it shows. Rather fascinating. It also afforded me the chance to drink my very first British cup of tea, which was as yummy as I was hoping.

The streets up to the castle could not be more clearly tourist-centric if they tried. If we wanted, we could have bought tartan (kilts, hats, bags, wellies, towels...) at twenty different shops. I was tempted, but refrained. The other standard souvenirs seem to be shortbread and whiskey. I even saw whiskey flavoured tea... which strikes me as slightly gross.

Today, we're going to Hopetoun House, where we will wander the grounds and have a traditional afternoon tea (scones and all), and then to Hadrian's Wall.

Conversation I just had

30 August 2014 14:03
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[phone rings; it's my mother]
Me: Hi.
Mom: Oh, hi. I didn't even hear the phone ring.
Me: That's because you called me.
Mom: I did?
Me: Yep.
Mom: I thought you texted me.
Me: I did.
Mom: I was trying to get back to that screen. I didn't mean to call you. WHOOPS.

Anyway, snagging a meme from [ profile] fluffyfrolicker and [ profile] rosaxx50 because I have been SERIOUSLY REMISS in my icon-making lately. Haha, remember how I used to participate in all these comms and challenges and then I just posted my FIRST ICON POST in like 4 months yesterday? Yeah, we should fix that.

So! Pick a number + fandom/character/ship, whichever suits your fancy ♥ and I will make icons. If you want to give me specific caps, that''s okay, too.

1. Faceless
2. Looking Down
3. Bruised & Battered
4. Up Close & Personal
5. Scenerygasm
6. Full Body Shots
7. Colors Abound
8. Silhouette
9. My Emotions
10. The Space
11. Light
12. Tickles My Pickle (whatever. who knows what might happen)

Just hop-hop-hoppin' along

29 August 2014 23:29
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I ended up down in Redmond Ridge again today for my walk... it's just such a convenient spot, on the way to and from so many places, plus it has some really great trails. I got a bit of a surprise though, when a fairly large frog hopped across the trail in front of me!when a fairly large frog hopped across the trail in front of me! )

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Icon Batch #95

29 August 2014 21:28
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OMG it's been aaaaaages since I've posted icons.

[1-57] Snowpiercer
[58-66] Avengers: Age of Ultron promo poster
[67-101] Avengers: Age of Ultron cast at SDCC
[102-106] Chris Evans
[107-109] Young Avengers
[110-117] Hawkeye


Read more... )


29 August 2014 18:15
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So, because YouTube has everything, I've been watching the opening run of Eastenders from 1985:

It's actually bloody epic. Heaven knows if it is, but it seems a hell of a lot more accurate about East End life than Eastenders has been for a long time. Everyone's all cold and the houses are all run down and if people aren't worrying about social change they're worrying about where their next bit of cash is going to come from. And you can just feel the creaking joints of the underclass where even if they don't like each other, they're all in it together (and living on top of each other) and no one likes the police because there's no one who isn't touched by something that isn't just a little bit shady. And Nick Cotton's bloody trousers!

Just finished episode 4 and my Eastenders knowledge is a bit patchy, so I can't quite remember the fallout of Den and Angie... But at the moment they're the most amazing thing ever.

It's all a bit stagey in the way of vintage Beeb, but I would just lap up the contemporary equivalent of this. Plus I think the ratio of minority characters to white characters is the same as it is now, which considering thirty years has passed says something about something. (Definitely can't help but feel "What's pease pudding anyway?" "Some kind of English dhal." is far more interesting dialogue than that time six months ago or whenever that Shabnam was ranting on eternally about how Masood couldn't get with a white woman.)

Anyway, like a lot of stuff from the 80s, it just feels like it's been made by people who have something really important to say and who won't rest until you listen. I love that stuff. Watch it!! /Reminisce!!

ION my stupid wanker internet keeps dropping for no other reason than TalkTalk are bastards.

Fell down a rabbit hole:

29 August 2014 19:05
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A link to the BBC Yearbook from 1930 has put all my other online activities on hold.

Read more... )


29 August 2014 10:14
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Another 12 hours, and I will be in my favourite country in the world.

It has been my favourite country ever since I first learned how to read, and I've never ever been there, and this evening I will be!

(The UK being the country in question.)

We're starting in Edinburgh, then driving down past the Lakes, right down to the south coast, and thence to London. After which we'll go to WriterconUK, and hang out with many LJers.

YAY!!! *waves pompoms*

A pond in the forest

28 August 2014 21:56
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Today for my walk, I stopped off at a trail in Redmond Ridge that I'd never taken before (I'll admit it, there was a Geocache I wanted to find). It was a really pretty walk in the woods, with some marshy areas along the way (thankfully, the trail was well maintained and had boardwalks in the wettest areas). And then I came around a corner and spotted the pond. )

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Thursday linkspam

28 August 2014 23:12
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* It doesn't seem like a good sign that the Jennifer Lawrence movie Serena has been waiting so long for a release (like, who sits on a movie starring Jennifer Lawrence right now? For real), but it sounds pretty good and now apparently is opening in the UK in two months.

* If anybody still cares about Sherlock, Steven Moffat says series 4 will be "devastating."

* I find it hard to believe there is a huge demand for a Full House revival, but it may be happening anyway.

* Not sure people really want another Vacation movie, either, but I am extremely curious to see Chris Hemsworth do a totally comedic role.

* Here's the trailer for Jon Stewart's film, Rosewater, as well as Jon talking about the project and The Daily Show.

* The next season of Lost Girl will be the last.

* Apparently there are no jokes allowed in Warner Bros.' DC/Justice League movies. Because clearly that was a total bust for Guardians of the Galaxy, right?

* Even Jessica Chastain wants to know where the Black Widow movie is, lol.

* Director Anthony Russo talks about Captain America 3 without actually saying anything, in typical Marvel fashion. (And in typical fanboy fashion, this has restarted the rampant speculation that they're going to kill off Steve Rogers in the third film.)

* I... don't even know where to start here. Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan were at a con and someone actually asked them about Chris Evans' well-documented (at least on Tumblr) boob-grabbing habit. Which was weird and awkward and, like, joke about it online all you want, but don't TELL THE ACTORS ABOUT IT.

HOWEVER. I can't decide which is better, the fact that Mackie has NO IDEA what she's talking about ("Who is Tumblr, and why does she think Chris Evans grabbed her boob...?"), or the fact that Sebastian IMMEDIATELY GETS IT and starts nodding before she even finishes the question. LOL that poor boy has clearly been groped too many times. But the best part, of course, is Sebastian's FANTASTIC demonstration (complete with slow-mo replay).

Here's the full panel. The boob-grabbing question comes up around 20 minutes in, but these two are an excellent comedy duo and the whole thing is entertaining.

27 Aug - Blood Donor

28 August 2014 19:07
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After quite a lot hemming and hawing, we decided to do the responsible mature adult thing and skip Dragon*Con this year. We could have afforded it, but by not going, we'll have more money to spend enjoying our trip to Texas in a few months that's supposed to be our real vacation this year. That said, I am never, ever, EVER going to skip Dragon*Con again. I'm already missing it and it hasn't even started yet!

One of the big things I always look forward to every year at D*C is donating blood... I actually plan things out so I can donate there and at Origins Game Fair, although D*C is even better because they give you a cool t-shirt! Since we weren't going, I made an appointment and hit one of the local blood drives instead. )

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Snapped this photo Tuesday morning after the sun had started to burn off a bit of the fog in the valley.

Even when we have fog here, it's beautiful. )

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25 Aug - Cats eating peaceably

28 August 2014 17:50
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Even after all these years, I still can't get over having cats who can eat their food right next to each other. Our old cats, Cymry and Polly, eventually had to be fed on different floors of the house because they'd fight if they were anywhere near each other at meal times. peaceably.

We've got quite the high tech setup these days. )

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take me to the river

27 August 2014 17:49
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re-thinking an exercise from my education:

when I was in the seventh grade, my multi-age grade 6-8 class went on an extended field trip; divided into two groups, the Haves and the Have-Nots, we spent a weekend mimicking c19th farm life. I was one of the Haves, and we were bored; the Have-Nots had to do hard work, but they had a lot more fun. Reflecting on the trip, I'm not actually sure what the lesson on socioeconomic class division was supposed to be. I remember concluding, with my friends, that it meant that it wasn't such a bad thing to be poor - and as our families were relatively poor, it wasn't a bad thing to have reinforced that money can't buy happiness. But looking back I'm struck by the way we were set up to overlook systemic oppression. Of course most kids are going to have more fun doing vigorous playful outdoor work than sitting quietly in an empty room. Cyclical poverty isn't like that. You don't get to go home, and it's not fun working for low/no wages when you're an adult with skills that deserve to be fairly valued. They taught us the wrong damn lesson, and likely lessened some of my classmates' tendency to empathize with the righteous anger of the exploited; we were Have-Nots too, for a weekend, and it was nothing to get upset about. 100% certainly it reinforced the blindness of all of the kids who were Haves, myself included, to the real benefits we gained through our various race/class/gender privileges; we were all of us white.

Humuhumu update

27 August 2014 19:38
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I've been jotting down various new quirks as they happen in a paper diary, but as Humuhumu seems to have undergone a big cognitive leap recently, it seems like a good time to make a longer update on her development.


She has lots of ways of referring to things that probably aren't obvious to anyone who isn't her parents. For instance:

  • "Door", accompanied by pointing to a specific kitchen cupboard. She knows that her special treat-foods are kept inside, such as "Pouch" (for an Ella's Kitchen fruit smoothie pouch) and "Cake" (can be either a rice cake or an Ella's Kitchen Nibbly Finger - a sort of chewy grain bar thing).

  • "Bey", which refers to the nursery rhyme "Wind the Bobbin Up". Usually she says this when she sees one of us holding our smartphones, and it means she wishes us to engage its most important function: playing YouTube videos. Today, however, she used it in a particularly devious fashion. I had just made a big bowl of popcorn, which we were sharing as a snack on the sofa. The bowl was sitting between us. She took a kernel, popped it in her mouth and then turned her big brown eyes on me. "Bey," she said. "Pull, pull, clap clap," she prompted, doing the arm motions.

    I started to sing. She smiled happily. Pulling the bowl onto her lap, she turned to face the arm of the sofa, giggling and stuffing popcorn into her mouth as fast as she could.

  • "Key", aka any cotton muslin square. Means "blanket", the corners of which get clutched tightly in her fist while she sucks her thumb. Probably explains why Iggle Piggle is her favourite In the Night Garden character, since he always has his "key" with him.

  • "CUGGLE!" Almost invariably shouted at the top of her voice as she hurls herself bodily at you. OK, this one probably is obvious even if you're not her parents, but she screams it so enthusiastically it's not always comprehensible.


These began fairly recently, and have been coming on in leaps and bounds. My favourites include:

  • "Bless you Mama (or Dada)", when we sneeze. She says it so promptly and clearly. My heart melts every time.
  • "I like/don't like [insert thing here]". Said things usually fall into one of four categories: foods, apps, YouTube videos or CBeebies shows. She uses "don't like" when she has grown tired of something temporarily.
  • "Night night Mama/Dada/Nani". Yes, she says good night to herself.


She loves her alphabet-based books, particularly A is for Aloha, which was one of mine when I was a child. It has a mixture of Hawai'ian and English words along with some beautiful black-and-white photographs of Hawai'i. She requests this one by saying, "'Loha". She also loves her Brian Wildsmith-illustrated ABCs (also ancient). Her identification of letters goes like this, depending on which book she's looking at. The ones with dashes are the ones where she can't say the word yet, e.g. canoe and elephant.

  • A is for: "'loha" or "Apple"
  • B is for: "Beebee" (baby) and "Boll" (ball) or "Fly" (butterfly)
  • C is for: --- (canoe) or "Meow" (cat)
  • D is for: "Dada" or "Fff fff" (dog - I think this is her attempt at "Woof woof")
  • E is for: "Nom nom nom" (eat) or --- (elephant)
  • F is for: "Suki" (friend) or *puffs out cheeks, makes popping noise* (fish)
  • G is for: --- (gecko) or "Goat"
  • H is for: "Hair" and "Flower" (hibiscus) or "Neigh" (horse)
  • I is for: "Ipu" or --- (iguana)
  • J is for: *jump* (jump) or --- (jaguar)
  • K is for: *kisses the page* (kiss) or *attempt at whistle* (kettle)
  • L is for: --- (lei) or "RAAAARRR" (lion)
  • M is for: "Mama" and "Muumuu" or "Eee ee ee" (mouse)
  • N is for: "Net" or "Nest"
  • O is for: --- (octopus) or "Twit TWOO" (owl)
  • P is for: --- (pineapple) or "Peacock"

After this it all goes a bit hazy, apart from "Turtle", "Unicorn" (!!!) and "Yucky".

She's also attempting to "read" more independently. I'll read her a story and then she'll take the book and flip through the pages, chattering to herself as if she's reading it, although I don't think she can yet.


This last week has been an exceptional one in the amount of television we've been watching, since we've both been ill and on our own some of the time too. Hence, we've discovered that we like some new CBeebies shows. We knew we liked In the Night Garden already, as we get an episode of that on the tablet most nights before bed. But now we've added Pingu (penguin and his baby brother), some funny little animated French thing about insects with good music called Miniscule, DipDap (slapstick adventures of a line-drawn character) and Timmy Time (claymation sheep, younger sibling of Shaun, I think?).

We're lukewarm toward Chuggington (animated show about train engines) and Sarah and Duck (narrated by Roger Allam, which softens me toward it but not Humuhumu).

She also likes two I can't stand: Kate and Mim-mim, about a little girl and her purple stuffed bunny toy that comes to life, and Waybuloo, which I'm at a loss to describe. The former is too saccharine even for me (and I have a pretty high tolerance for cutesy) and the latter is strange and pointless and the animated characters are very uncanny valley.


One again, this week has included an exceptional amount of tablet usage, and Toca Boca has managed to make me part with money for apps, something I'd resisted for years. Humuhumu's learning curve on the tablet is positively terrifying. She doesn't know how to unlock it yet ("Uh oh, locked," she says, holding it out to me), but she knows how to scroll to the screen containing her apps, to pick the ones she wants and to use 70-100% of their functionality.

She also has a technique for ensuring that she remembers how to do things within her apps. For instance, in "Pet Doctor", she will select an animal, hold out the tablet for me to show her how to cure its ailment if she can't immediately figure it out, watch me do it, and then keep going back to the same animal four or five times until she has its treatment down pat. She went from being able to "treat" one animal on her own on Tuesday to being able "treat" nine of them unassisted today. I find it fascinating, watching her absorb information and improve her fine motor control in such a methodical way.

(no subject)

27 August 2014 14:23
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C'est une chose à chérir, une brave petite maison posée sur l'herbe sous une voûte d'étoiles. Ici à V.... il suffit de s'asseoir en fin d'après-midi sur le promontoire naturel vers l'ouest pour éprouver la complicité existante des éléments qui diffusent une forme de quiétude.
J'ai remarqué que, lorsque la nature transmet sa force inaltérable, il faut un temps pour s'adapter, pour accepter ces vibrations particulières. Et c'est ainsi que pendant un jour ou deux quand on vient d'arriver, on peut être désorienté, vaguement anxieux. Puis cette sérénité, cette paix sauvage se mettent à couler dans mes veines et mes perceptions du monde s'en trouvent modifiées.


26 August 2014 19:49
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Because it looked like fun, and since I'm writing some stuff again I'm thinking a lot about writing.

Pick no more than three letters/questions and I will answer those questions.

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26 August 2014 18:42
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I owe you picspam! )

More prompts to come: Wistful. I might have something for that. Exposé. I think I need help with this one.
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Blindfold 10 , Willow/Angel by [personal profile] velvetwhip.

[rest]Less (the folsom prison blues remix),NC-17 Faith/Tara/First Slayer by [personal profile] snowpuppies.

Saying Goodbye , Giles/Jenny/Xander and More Than Just a Dirty Old Man , Giles/Buffy by [personal profile] katleept.

Buffyverse icons by [personal profile] red_satin_doll.

Buzzfeed collected "23 "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" Jokes That Are Just To Die For".

creativity thoughts

25 August 2014 20:07
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1. Over the weekend, I cleared off a space on my kitchen table, and set up my laptop and desk chair. Suddenly I had a SPACE FOR WRITING. (for logistical reasons, the kitchen table is the best place for this) -- and it was sort of embarrassing how much this increased my interest in writing. Imagine that, I make literal space in my life for something, and I feel more comfortable doing it. I know this observation is as old as Virginia Woolf, but the truth is, I live by myself, because of the real estate market in this area I'm able to own my own space and do whatever I want with it -- so, basically, nobody is keep me from a having a room of my own except me.

2. In a similar vein, I realized with a clarity that I've never had before that I've caught myself in this negative feedback loop where I refuse to give myself time to work on writing -- because, see, I don't deserve to prioritize my creative energies over anything else (like, literally, any other commitment that comes up is by definition more important, because I'm not a serious writer.) And how can I tell that I'm not a serious writer? Because serious writers devote time to it. Which I don't.

2a. I am SO GOOD at self-defeating feedback loops.

3. Over the past year, particularly, I've put energy into thinking as an editor and a critic, and into reading and thinking about what's good or bad about other people's work. (Does this make sense? Slush reading, participating in Hugo voting, talking to and listening to editors, reading about what's good and bad in literature. And while these are all good things, I'm having trouble not only transitioning into creative mode but trusting myself. Currently I'm working on writing for the Shakespeare histories exchange (I know it was due tonight, I did ask for get an extension!) And I find myself worrying about whether I'm doing something wrong, and whether I'm fucking up, and it's getting in the way of telling the story.

4. I feel like I had another thing to say. But I should probably just go write.

5. But maybe I'll give my brain a break and watch some of the Emmys first.

6. Oh, right, Yuletide schedules are up. Nominating is at the end of September! I know I made a list of fandoms earlier but I'm not sure what they all were? I know Hemlock Grove, Max Gladstone's Craft series, and Portlandia* were on there. I'm sure there's something else.

*For the storyline where Fred and Carrie are both dating the same girl.

7. I should sign up for [community profile] femslashex though I'm not busting out with ideas about what to ask for. I forgot to nominate fandoms and I don't think Twilight is on there so I think my perennial Bella/Alice request will need to take a year off.

8. If anybody wants to tell me encouraging things, or remind me of what I wanted to request for Yuletide and/or Femslash, be my guest.

9. You are all great and I adore you.

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25 August 2014 13:21
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hold on wait up - Darren Wilson, the man who murdered Michael Brown in the street in Missouri two weeks ago - Darren Wilson is my age??? Mofo looks like he forty! Guess callousness is prematurely aging.
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It's All Fun and Games Until Someone Changes the Rules, Spike/Willow by [personal profile] velvetwhip.

Older and Wiser , Giles by [profile] xspike4evax.

ConsequenceOfSound lists the BtVS theme as No. 7 in their "The 10 Most Rockin’ TV Theme Songs of All Time". " Nerf Herder’s theme to Buffy perfectly captures the intersection of high-energy excitement and cool-nerd adventure the Scooby Gang would get up to on a weekly basis. Much like many Buffy episodes, it opens on the promise of a fun, spooky time (courtesy of some moonlit synths), only to be supercharged by some pitch-perfect late-’90s angst — one listen and it’s tough to fight the itch to go patrol Sunnydale Cemetery".

Amazon offers Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Panel to Panel-- Seasons 8 and 9 a deluxe oversize book collecting the covers, pinup art, developmental sketches, and favorite sequences from Season 8 and Season 9 as well as the series Angel & Faith.

It's a table *and* a cat bed

24 August 2014 21:32
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Yay! Two days in a row!

Today's photo is why we leave a tablecloth on the dining room table after we're done eating... and why we *always* change it before we eat there again, because we quickly realized keeping the cats off when we weren't using it was a losing battle.

Zoë sleeping in her favorite spot, with late evening sunlight across the valley behind her. )

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