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So, following on from the book list and the assorted things I've filed erratically under the embodiment tag over the years ...

Anyone have interest in a comm to discuss, well, this sort of stuff?

For people who are interested in/curious about/like reading about movement practices (and other miscellaneous somatic practices) which may or may not be "sports"), and in thinkiness about how they affect/are affected by our experiences of being in bodies?

I'd want it to be a place where people can share and compare experiences (and books and films and random thoughts) across disciplines. I want to know how my experiences with climbing relate to other people's experience with ballet, or yoga, or Brazilian ju-jitsu. Or long walks. I want to hear from people who don't do a particular movement practice any more because of reasons. Or why a particular practice conects for a particular person. I want a place to discuss how mental illnesses affect/are affected by our movement practices, or how we juggle movement practices with mobility impairment or chronic pain, and what all of that means for ideas of "fitness", and how/if we do these things in bodies which aren't "ideal" or don't fit conventional standards for "sportiness". I want to talk about gender, obviously. And what it means when we have sports injuries or do activities involving some level of risk, or other things which are not considered "healthy". And whether ballet pointe shoes are or aren't like climbing shoes, and how one learns to fall in all the different activities that involve falling, and all the possible cross-activity forms of geekery, as concrete or theoretical as we can manage.


Anyone else possibly interested?

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27 July 2016 17:04
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I actually really love the "Buffy is torn from heaven" S6 plotline, although it's wound around a lot of Spike/Buffy stuff that I'm sorry just squicks me. Her little descending musical line in OMWF is the best bit of the entire set, and one of the top memorable moments from the show for me. It drives home the truth that grief is not for the one lost but for the ones left; you can tell yourself, as Willow does, that your beloved one somehow needs your distress, but you'll be wrong. The dead are fine; it's the living who suffer pain.
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I recently scored tickets to a recording of the long-running BBC Radio 4 programme "Just a Minute". For those who are unfamiliar with it, four panelists are given, in turn, a random topic by the host and must speak for one minute on it without repetition, hesitation or deviation. The other three panelists try to catch them out, and if they score a correct challenge, they take over the topic and continue speaking. A single round can take quite a lot longer than one minute whilst the panelists and host argue over whether or not the challenges are in fact correct. Or end up chatting about something else entirely.

This was the first recording I'd attended that wasn't at Broadcasting House. It was in the Shaw Theatre, between Euston and Kings Cross stations, and it has greater capacity than Broadcasting House. Unfortunately, it isn't air-conditioned. It was also packed full, because "Just a Minute" is a cultural institution and is still very popular. Nicholas Parsons has been hosting the show for almost fifty years, and the adulation he received at the start and end of the recording made it practically impossible to hear his greetings and farewell.

We had a little unintentional pre-show entertainment. The ticketing system works thus: You turn up an hour before the doors open, present your ticket and are given a sticker with a number on it. When the doors open, the production guests (wearing wristbands) file in first, and then the ticket holders are allowed entry in groups of fifty. It all works in quite a civilised fashion despite the crush in the lobby, because British people love queuing.

However, once we'd (nearly) all sat down, it became evident that there'd been some sort of cock-up involving the seating of the production guests. Four people wearing viridescent wristbands were stood at the front, looking up at the full rows of seats with evident displeasure. One was a blonde woman in a white jacket with a formidable aspect. I should not like to have been the young production assistant attempting to mollify her and receiving the pointy end of said displeasure. Hands were waved about. The small number of solitary seats scattered about the theatre were indicated and obviously rejected. Eventually, some audience members were convinced to shift around slightly to permit the foursome to sit in pairs on opposite sides of the theatre.

This had all taken a good ten minutes, by which point the ostensible start time of the recording had passed. The drama had now attracted the attention of literally every person in the audience. When the formidable woman sat down, the entire theatre broke into a cheer. She stood up a few seconds later to hand her empty drink cup (two will get you seven that it was a large gin and tonic) to a frazzled usher. The audience booed. Unfased, she turned around, smiled beautifully and resumed her seat gracefully. I was impressed, as I suspect most of the rest of the audience would have died of embarrassment right then.

It was not until the very end of the show when Nicholas Parsons was bidding us farewell that we had the measure of what had transpired. "If," he said, with a twinkle in his eye "you happen to run across the fellow who tore the sign reading 'Reserved for Nicholas Parson's wife' off the seats in the front..." He made a small, meaningful gesture with his cane.

The four panelists were Paul Merton, Tony Hawks, Zoë Lyons and Julian Clary. I shall say no more of the two very funny shows that were recorded, but I think I can safely share another pre-recording anecdote. Nicholas Parsons asked each panelist to speak into their microphone for the sake of the sound engineer at the back. Not one to pass up an opportunity for innuendo, Julian Clary put on his most deliberately camp voice and said, "Hello, David, are you receiving me in the rear?" Nicholas Parsons: "Yes, I think so. Poor David. He can't hear anything now."

After departing the Shaw, I arrived at my place of sleep around 22:30. I walked in the door and was greeted by the smell of freshly baked apple & rhubarb crumble and vanilla custard heating on the hob. A whisky glass was placed in my hand and unopened bottles of Lagavulin and Scapa presented upon the kitchen island for my perusal and selection.

Sometimes, I am a very lucky Nanila indeed.
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Most of these have been sitting in my bookmarks for a while, waiting for a recs theme that fit. Well, here's one: these are fics that get my VERY VERY HIGHEST recommendation. These are flat-out some of the best fics I have ever read. Or at least some of the ones I liked the most.

With No Lodestar in Sight by [archiveofourown.org profile] lindentree - True Grit, Mattie/LeBeouf, 82k.
Eighty-two thousand glorious words of plotty post-canon adventures and slow-burn romance. I cannot even tell you how much I love this fic. The author captures Mattie's voice and scalpel-like pragmaticism perfectly, and Rooster Cogburn is in it, and also did I mentioned adventures? And plot? This is everything I could have dreamed of in a post-canon shipfic, and it is so, so satisfying.

Counterfeit and Counterpart by [archiveofourown.org profile] Frea_O - MCU, Maria+Natasha friendship, 28k.
It's very rare that fic depicts friendship with as much care and nuance and with as many emotional complications as romance gets, but this fic does. This is a prickly friendship, sometimes two steps forward and one step back. And don't let the summary fool you - this is not a series of unrelated vignettes, but a story with a purpose. Maria is cranky and great, and there's a road trip at the end that's just marvelous. This whole fic is marvelous

A Beginner's Guide to Communing with the Dead by [archiveofourown.org profile] suspiciousflashlight - SPN, Dean/Castiel, 77k
This is an urban fantasy AU where Dean is a work-worn cop haunted, literally and figuratively, by the murder of one Jo Harvelle, and who accidentally summons an angel to his attic. And then keeps him there. And convinces him to help Dean solve the murder. It's the worldbuilding and the plot I love this fic for - it is possibly one of the most tightly-plotted fics I have ever read, with definitely one of the best climactic scenes I have ever seen in a fic. Or possibly in fiction.

FIC: barb, shaft, quill

25 July 2016 21:27
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Bruins were one of the featured teams in this month's Flash Fic Exchange, and so I wrote this for Las, combining her prompts of wingfic and "the great outdoors." For some reason, the outdoors I was feeling just now was the desert.

barb, shaft, quill (2451 words) by Snickfic
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Hockey RPF
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Patrice Bergeron/Brad Marchand
Characters: Patrice Bergeron, Brad Marchand
Additional Tags: Boston Bruins, Wingfic, Desert

Everyone knew about Brad’s obsession with the desert – deserts in general, the Sonoran in specific. Nobody knew what the hell to make of it. “You’re from fucking Halifax, man,” Torey had said one time when Brad turned up with some random fact about Gila monsters. “You should be into lobster or clams or some shit.”

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25 July 2016 22:41
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keyed right back the fuck up about the "progressive" white dudes who think they own the left, wow.

and now - fannish content!

25 July 2016 13:27
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I fell back into BtVS courtesy of Jenny Trout's watchthrough - I don't know that I'd recommend it though, really, I don't think her analysis is quite smart enough to be worth reading. But she ships Buffy/Giles in a loud, proud, and kinky way that seriously works for me, and I started poking through episodes to find bits she was talking about because her screenshots are all bleeding broken, and then I was in the middle of season 3?

-I like the arc of the whole story best when I'm shipping Buffy/Giles. All other readings are too depressing.

-I am still fucking easy for Angel though, and I don't understand why - after all this time, really? He just does it for me in some idk hindbrainy way. B/A is uncomfortable for me now, though, owing to Ex Issues.

-I don't like s4 on the whole but that is some boss shit it's doing at the end with Frankenstein/parenting issues/Haraway-style cyborgism. Hella fine structural work. Elegant af.

-Joss really does still work for me, in a deep and fundamental way

-although all of a sudden I think Willow is disturbing and creepy as a person, and i'm not at all surprised she skins a dude after a few years tbqh

-wow also Riley's Black Friend is the weakest character in the entire buffyverse, what the hell.
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Things I Have Learnt in My First Week of Playing Pokémon Go:

  • Popping a Lucky Egg, deploying incense and hanging out by a Pokéstop that's got a lure going is an orgy of Pokémon collecting joy.
  • Likewise, saving up evolvable Pokémon until you've popped a Lucky Egg is an XP explosion of levelling-up delight.
  • The game is not well suited to rural environments. We have a single Pokéstop within a 1 mile radius, and we have to leave the house to get to it. I know, I know the point of the game is to go out walking, but it's quite difficult to do when you have small children that you can't leave alone/asleep in the house and they don't understand this sudden continual urge to amble up and down the canal towpath that their parents have developed.
  • If you can't regularly hit up a Pokéstop for a supply, Pokéballs are a precious resource not to be wasted on annoying, relatively low CP Pokémon that keep jumping out of your Pokéballs. I have a hard limit of 3 Pokéballs per Pokémon.
  • OTOH, living next to a canal means you get a lot of water-based Pokémon. I have caught a lot of Magicarp, which are apparently hard to find in other places. This is good because for some reason it takes 400 Magicarp candy to evolve one of the bloody things, whereas most other low- and mid-level Pokémon only need either 12 or 50. I'm up to 125 [ed: transposed the numbers. It was 152. Now 160] Magicarp candies.
  • I don't know what a Magicarp evolves into, but it'd better be pretty fantastic.
  • Wow, it's a battery-killer. I get a max of one hour of play out of a fully charged battery with the screen brightness turned all the way down and no other applications running. My phone's getting a bit tetchy (it's almost two years old), so that doesn't help, but even the bloke's relatively new phone doesn't last much longer.
  • Hatching an egg is a great way to make yourself get a lot of low-key exercise. The GPS tracking is calibrated so you can't fool it by driving (unless you're going under 10 mph), cycling or even running. You must walk, although I have managed to find a single exception...
  • ...Riding a London bus during commuter hours. Because the buses are travelling pretty slowly and they stop frequently, you can enter the minigame to catch Pokémon and not lose them. You also rack up the mileage (kilometerage?) on your incubating eggs, again because you are traveling slowly.
  • The Tube is not good for playing the game. Despite the stops, even if you're above ground you often lose 4G/3G signal and thus attempts to catch Pokémon end in wasted Pokéballs, which is always a bad thing.
  • I have hatched, evolved or collected 50 out of the currently available 147 Pokémon. If there's an update with more soon I may have to start putting (even more limits) on myself on when I'm allowed to play.
  • Three-year-olds are pretty good at throwing Pokéballs.
  • A good 3/4 of the people I've had passing conversations with in the past week happened explicitly because both the other person and myself were visibly playing the game.
  • I'm level 13+ 14 [ed: after today's lunchtime Pokéwalk] and I still haven't joined a team or visited a gym. You can tell which aspects of the game I like best, no?
  • I haven't had this much fun or been this hooked on a game since...well, since Neko Atsume. :P

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25 July 2016 04:31
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Writing is hard for me right now. Critical writing, I mean, not creative - I'm working right now, not playing, I don't have enough words in me to do both. But I'm doing it. It means putting down my wraps of protective fuzziness and breaking out my brain. It feels like jousting, single combat, one-on-one with my brainweasels. I ... think? it is a good thing that this is what I am trying to do for a living. I think. It feels like victory each time I send work in - although then of course the revisions do come back!

Working on C.S. Lewis, this week; heart grant me patience with the dear idiot.
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Fanged Four icon and banner by [personal profile] comlodge.

Ign talks to Joss about the comics and more Marvel movies.

EW shows clip from Once Upon a Time Season Five with JM.
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Remembering that you have an ice lolly (a.k.a. popsicle, I believe) mould at the back of a cupboard.

Also, it turns out that an unsweetened jasmine tea ice lolly is an unusual and refreshing thing (yes, it's just frozen tea-on-a-stick; given the basic goal of reducing body temperature as much as possible, this totally works for me).

Btw, I reiterate the lido offer for DW peeps in London (for upcoming weekdays, anyway -- getting too crowded at weekends).

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23 July 2016 01:41
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stg i just bout had an orgasm when jon stewart took the desk on the late show - come baaaaaack, jon, i need you in my life, you are my only one, light of my life, desire of my loins, hope of my heart

huggn on stephen is a good thing too. and whatever yall were doing with the under-the-desk gags, that can stay

i miss them so much

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22 July 2016 21:13
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I'm sorry I just really fucking hate wikileaks
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Last night I couldn't sleep because of this nasty throat infection, so I went downstairs to complain to the bloke about it.

He had hooked a Raspberry Pi up to the television and was staring moodily at several open terminal windows.

"Sorry honey," he said. "Want to help me debug my Python code? It'll take your mind off it."
"....Okay," I said.

An hour and a half and some successfully sorted code later, we retired jubilantly to bed.

Where we spent an additional half-hour catching Pokémon and comparing Pokédexes.*

We totally win at romance. But the question is, which of these things is MOST romantic?

Poll #17584 Most romantic
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 44

It is most romantic to XXX in bed, where XXX ==

View Answers

debug Python code
27 (61.4%)

compare Pokédexes
17 (38.6%)

* Both of us have Pokéstops at our workplaces. Mine is the bust of Huxley (Thomas Henry, not Aldous) in the lobby of my building, and his is a plaque out on the quad. London and Birmingham campuses seem to produce favourable conditions for orthogonal sets of Pokémon, so we had much Pokédex envy to express.

Common butterflies.

20 July 2016 16:28
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Instead of playing Pokémon Go which is hugely popular here (and played by children and adults) I decided to catch some living creatures with my camera.

They might not be imaginary, but I think they are still fantastical - at least when you look closely at them.

Butterflies )
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Spike's Family , Spike/Dawn and A Real Bitch , Faith/ Cordelia by [personal profile] katleept.

Giles in Five Unexpected Places: The Mall, Giles/Xander by [personal profile] lycomingst.

William banner and icon by [personal profile] comlodge.

Storywonk podcast talks Crush.

Soundcloud podcast talks Band Candy.

Storywonk podcast talks The Thin Dead Line .

Redemptioncast podcast talks Dad. And "Lonely Hearts" .

Hypable podcast talks In the Dark .

USAToday talks about Season Eleven. "We discussed the tumultuous times we live in, the way it feels like we as Americans, and as citizens of the world in general, are perhaps more divided than ever. And we realized that Buffy and her world are able to reflect ours as well now as they did at the turn of the century.”"

Ddoplayers previews the 2016 BtVS board game.
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In the last two days, the white-woman-in-peril racial melodrama of the Taylor Swift/Kanye West beef has re-ignited thanks to Kimmy K, and Melania Trump gave Michelle Obama's 2008 convention speech. The timing is coincidental but nevertheless illuminating. I've seen both events dismissed in similar ways, as (pardon the pun) trumped-up scandals, low gossip that distracts from important current discussions.

This is bull. These are the important things: who makes culture, and who is acknowledged for it. Melania and Taylor are conventionally-attractive white women who have made a bargain with white supremacy to be cool (stealing from Black culture) without being too, you know, ghetto. But they use Black culture on their way up, maintaining plausible deniability by "leaning in" to superficial narratives of female empowerment. They are protected by their ability to present white female success; tearing them down "looks bad," is "trashy" and "low."

White supremacy relies on the lie that it has never needed the global south, while it plunders the global south for resources, workers, ideas, and culture. Look at the delusional state of affairs in Little Britain - as if one rainy island on its own could have produced Anglophone culture, without being enriched by colonies from around the world! Michelle Obama is a descendant of Black slaves whose lives were stolen; her words, now, it's her story, her triumph. Hear them saying that her words don't matter, that they're just a string of conventional platitudes that anyone might articulate, as if she was not every bit as much a powerhouse speaker as her husband? The true value of her speech is obvious; if it hadn't been good, they wouldn't have plagiarized and applauded it. But by talking it down after the fact they seek to hide the theft, as if it ain't no thing, just pop culture, just gossip, candidates-wife stuff.

Sunday evening stroll.

18 July 2016 21:00
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The kid being at the grandparents' and this being the summer holidays I indulged in a little picture-taking in the parkland close to our house.

I did not spot the cormorant again (yes, really) who somehow has been hanging out on the local river, but there were lots of butterflies, dragon-/damselflies, several species of waterfowl and all sorts of creepy-crawlies.

I'm doing this photo project on twitter called MissionFoto and the theme this month is Gegenlicht, i.e. Contre-jour or backlighting. I've been playing around with that a bit but there are also some more straightforward pictures.

Under here )

Still alive, apparently

17 July 2016 23:04
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Hi, y'all.


Where'd we leave off? Chicken pox, I believe. LOL so much epic shit has gone down since then


so let's just start with the catching up.




So that's what I've been up to, tl;dr.

The most recent health news - after Italy, I was doing really well for about a week, and then suddenly for no reason at all had a fever and chills and worse than usual pain - which had nothing to do with my surgery, but also we could find no outside cause other than "haha you have Crohn's," even though the study drug seemed to be working pretty well? But I had to go get a CT scan, which showed the inflammation was really, really bad and for like a minute, my doctor was talking about more surgery - intestinal, this time - but then the fever and stuff just kind of went away. So I am currently on antibiotics that make me want to puke, and anti-nausea medicine so I don't puke, but otherwise seem to be sort of okay and am approaching the end of the 12-week trial, at which point I will have my EIGHTH FUCKING COLONOSCOPY, and then who knows? I can stay on the study drug if I want to, if it's working, since they miraculously haven't kicked me out of the trial yet, despite having a gazillion complications and breaking all their rules, lol.

So. That's me. How've you been?
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I've finally decided my best way to get back into posting here is just to dive right in and not dither on about how much I should try to get caught up on what's been happening in my life. At some point, if I end up going back and talking about stuff from the last few months, it'll likely be because current life stuff is way too boring and I'm filling the void with older adventures. :-p

This morning we slept in a little, but [personal profile] rackham reminded me early on that we needed to be out the door a bit after 9:00... so I had a quick breakfast and we headed out toward Blaine, WA (up near the border with Canada). Thankfully, I immediately entered in the address for the place we were going into the GPS, because it popped up with a travel time of about 75 minutes. At which point Rackham realized that it wasn't going to take us three hours to get there like he'd been thinking. *facepalm* So, we got to have a little more leisurely morning at the house before we had to leave for real.

It was a bit odd going up to the Canadian border without actually crossing (technically not true, though... after our appointment, we went up to Peace Arch Park and walked around, which meant we crossed the border several times -- and we still considered going across for a few hours since we had our passports, until we saw that the lines at the border were horrible), but we had an appointment for interviews for our NEXUS cards! The whole process is pretty nicely streamlined... we applied online, got the initial approval emailed to us, set up our interview appointment online and then went up to chat with a US Border Agent followed by a Canadian Border Agent... both of whom mostly just verified our identities, asked why it was we wanted the cards (shorter waits at the border!) and got our fingerprints (yes, for the first time in my life, my fingerprints are in the system somewhere). Oh, and answered any questions we might have about the NEXUS program. Turns out, it's even better than we thought... not only do we get to use the fast lane whenever we drive up to Canada (after the cards arrive in a few weeks), but it also gives us TSA Pre-Check and apparently Global Access (quicker time through customs) at airports! Sweet!!!

If we decide we want to do any flying into or around Canada, we can also run up to Vancouver at some point to get an iris scan done... not entirely sure it would be worth doing, since we're not likely to fly there very often. We have been talking about taking trips to Edmonton, Alberta and to Saskatchewan, but then it's just a matter of waiting to go through customs when we arrive. Amusingly, when we mentioned we were thinking of taking a vacation to Saskatchewan, the Canadian Border Agent gave us this look and said "Why?!?!" After we told him we were fans of Corner Gas, he laughed... but yeah, not exactly a hotbed of tourism. To be honest, I'm sort of thinking it would be worth doing the Edmonton trip, renting a car and driving over to Saskatoon or Regina to spend a few days and then driving back. Not happening this year, though. And next year we're really hoping to plan a trip to Guam... I haven't been back since we moved away when I was ten.

Crossposted from my Livejournal.

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15 July 2016 21:31
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Today was a weird-ass day - I woke to the sound of a jackhammer at 8 am, less than ten feet away from my bed, I guess the people who live in the other part of the house need a new shower and something something no one gave me notice about the jackhammers? I'd been up til 4 working, but I scooted out to my parents' pretty quickly. I don't fall asleep easily or nap well, so I just ... got on with the workday? Did a bunch of fairly hard/scary writing, made harder by not being in my proper nest with everything balanced just so; got everything done; went out to a lovely art opening with my mom. My landlord promised to get back to me with information about construction times, so I'll be able to plan on ditching out to the beach.

Mom is cleaning out the upstairs closets in preparation for ripping up the old carpet; we got out the dollies, and debated what should become of them; found her wedding dress, which I've only seen a handful of times in my entire life; found a handwritten note on torn-out notebook paper from my uncle Jon, who's dead now, thanking them for the opportunity of being daddy's best man. Mama says she wants to burn the wedding memories book. I said if we're burning wedding stuff we should torch the dress, if only for the drama of the thing, but I guess she'd rather just bin it.

Pinnacle yay

15 July 2016 20:41
rydra_wong: Lisa Rands' chalky hands on the sloper on the route Gaia (climbing -- hands)
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Have to share, and not just because I am a proud prospective member of the Pinnacle Club (British club for women climbers, founded in 1921). In collaboration with the BMC (British Mountaineering Council), they just had a very successful international meet, with visiting climbers from India to Lithuania.

(Content warning: unfortunate white girl dreads.)

X-posted to [community profile] disobey_gravity.
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I have loads of things I've been meaning to post about, but I'm going to ignore those for the moment and return from my unscheduled postinghiatus to talk about a movie I just watched, namely Insidious: Chapter 3.

Yes, you read that correctly. Insidious: Chapter 3.

The movie itself was pretty meh, sort of a cross between Poltergeist and The Cell, but not as good as either one of them.

(it did make me want to go and buy The Cell on bluray because damn I love that movie - I think we've already established that my taste in movies sucks)

But what made me love the movie even though I didn't reallu like it was that the protagonist wasn't the teenage girl in the posters, it was the 70-year old psychic. This was a prequel to the first two Insidious movies, which I haven't seen, so I didn't know what to expect, but I certainly wasn't expecting that. And the psychic, Elise Rainier, wasn't the kind of a character you often see elderly women play in Hollywood.

You know how impressed I was by the character? So impressed that if they ever made a Discworld movie, I'd want Lin Shaye to play Granny Weatherwax. That impressed.

If you'll excuse me, I'll be checking out Ao3 to see if there any fic about my new favourite character. Alas, I suspect I won't find any, because she's not the kind of a character fandom cares about.

eta: Ahahaha. There were 7 fics on AO3 tagged Elise Rainier. They were all but one m/m slash where she was a secondary caracter. How am I not surprised...
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Today's Unscientific Poll is rather UK-centric, I'm afraid. OTOH, it makes it an easy choice for non-UK based participants!

Also includes ticky box for those who have no idea what I'm on about.

Poll #17572 Phone gaming pleasure
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 45

Which is the most exciting development of the past 24 hours?

View Answers

Neko Atsume has an update (3 new cats! Lots of toys! New backgrounds!)
19 (42.2%)

UK release of Pokémon Go
9 (20.0%)

I don't know what you're on about but I'm glad you're having fun
18 (40.0%)


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