24 April 2017 08:31
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Last Friday, Hope Not Hate filed their libel claim against Nigel Farage.

If you have any spare money you can afford to donate, you can help:

Honestly, I can't imagine anything nicer than watching Farage suffer in court and thinking "yes, I helped make that happen."
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No Happy Ending , Buffy/Angel by [personal profile] angelus2hot.

Phobia , OC by [personal profile] dragonyphoenix.

Meta on Buffy's relationships with Spike and Angel by [personal profile] itsnotmymind.

Vote in the [community profile] seasonal_spuffy banner poll.

[personal profile] xjubesx seeks comments on Buffy's fashion choices .

Hypable suggest five books for BtVS fans. Did you know there's a Vampire Book Club ?

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24 April 2017 00:43
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We made it! My bag didn't, but oh well. Natasha even let me cuddle her, but I haven't been forgiven yet.

Things to do in Dublin?

23 April 2017 21:42
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I'm going to Dublin to present at a conference in June and I'm sticking around for four days after the conference to play tourist. Obviously I'm hitting touristy stuff (Book of Kells, National Museums, Guinness/Jamesons, Dublin Castle, etc.) But are there some less obvious places I should visit/things I should see? I'll be pretty dependent on public transportation so easy to get to is important. Or is there a good day trip I should check into? And any recommendations for places to eat?

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23 April 2017 20:39
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Keep your fingers crossed, guys. We had a maintenance delay and they had to find a new plane. So far, it's an hour and a quarter delay. Send good vibes for us and our luggage's safe arrival.

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23 April 2017 19:19
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At the science march yesterday one person had a sign with a photo of the Fourth Doctor and the quote,
"The very powerful and the very stupid have one thing in common. They don't alters their views to fit the facts, they alter the facts to fit the views."

Utterly terrifying how appropriate it is.

Laach Lake

23 April 2017 21:45
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In German Laacher See - or Lake Lake, as Laach is from Old High German lacha - which is related to English lake of course.

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France 2017

23 April 2017 21:29
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Thank god the polls held up. Probably means that they will hold up in the run off too.

I know a lot of people are shocked that LePen is in the run off, but it was like that in all the polls and she was often predicted to win the first round. And anyhow coming from Austria I'm happy if the Putinpuppet isn't 10% above the predictions.

So, well done, France, keep it up.

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23 April 2017 08:54
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What if you applied the principle of copyright law itself to this? Google created this library, google should profit from it - for a while. Let the settlement apply for a fixed period of time, and then google has to turn the entire library over to an independent non-profit organization that would administer it in perpetuity. Let that rule apply to any other entity that wants to do something similar.

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22 April 2017 07:32
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Going to the March for Science (the NYC satellite march, not the DC one).

I discovered that the March for Science tweeted Eddington's words on January 27:

So my sign says
"The pursuit of truth in science transcends national boundaries." - Arthur Eddington

Maybe I shouldn't have a quote from a white male, but...Einstein and Eddington means a lot to me, so that's what I'm doing.


Hit the ground running

22 April 2017 11:32
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So yeah, I don't imagine we are headed for anything except a Tory victory (yes, we could theoretically get another freaky none-of-the-polls-predicted-this result, but that would be too damn nice of the universe).

But anything we can do to limit their power and make it hard for them to claim an absolute mandate will help limit the damage. And we can also try to stomp on UKIP's attempts to creep in around the margins.

Google Docs: How To Vote To Stop The Tories (see the FAQ for notes explaining how and why particular choices were made)

Note: Wikipedia gives details of past election results in your constituency, so you can verify and also look at exact details.

Local elections are on May 4, and are important in themselves as well as an indicator of which ways the political winds are blowing. And fewer people vote in them.

Hope Not Hate have a fresh new website and an election fund to fight far-right candidates in any constituency they might have a chance of winning. They are really good at this and have pissed off UKIP no end.

Vote. Make your friends vote. Make everyone you know vote. If nothing else, it's good practice. One day it may matter.
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So usually I'm a cold-hearted bitch who doesn't care about those Tiny Cosplayers Do the Cutest Things stories, but for some reason I clicked this story of a Jyn Erso cosplayer, and I thought it was kinda cute until I got to the last picture nd now I'm crying :(
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Waiting , Giles/Buffy by [personal profile] littleotter73.

Angel icons by [personal profile] halliwell.

Soundcloud podcast talks The Zeppo.

Hypable podcast talks Tough Love, Intervention & Belonging.

SlayAlive talks to Christos Gage about Season Eleven, Issue No. Six .

Whedonist asks "Sexual Violence on BTVS – Did Whedon go too far?".

Happy Birthday!

21 April 2017 20:48
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Happy birthday to [personal profile] moreteadk! I hope you have a wonderful day and wish you an even better year to come!

It's baa-aaack!

21 April 2017 21:46
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So, The X-Files will be back, with a 10 episode season this time. Which is for some reason still called 'event series'. I just rewatched season 10 and, well, the best thing I can say about it is that watching it right after "The Truth" made it seem much better. It still wasn't *that* good, and I'm still angry at what they did to Reyes, but... I just can't quit you, The X-Files. Four times you've betrayed me now, but I keep coming back.

(also, I'm kinda curious if they're just going to retcon everything *again*, should it turn out that they can't get the "new Mulder and Scully" back for some reason)

I was also recently thinking about Buffy's 20th anniversary (which I never posted about because I was in an X-Files headspace thanks to the rewatch), and the fact that the reason why we do have new seasons of XF is because of The X-Files 20th anniversary. I'm not sure if I'd want it or not, but I can't help wondering if the sudden renewed interest in Buffy recently might lead to a similar rebirth for Buffy as well...?

(who am I kidding, of course I'd want it if Sarah Michelle Gellar came back)

Maar III.

21 April 2017 19:46
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I am starting this with a map of the three maars in Daun:

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Happy birthday Jim Osterberg

21 April 2017 18:19
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...better known as Iggy Pop. 70 today. Whodathunkit back when he invented crowdsurfing while everyone else was singing about peace and love?

Iggy is famously wild on stage (and, for a long time, off it). Just listen to Henry Rollins explain it (seriously, do, that clip is hilarious). There are always jokes about how Iggy Pop or Keith Richards (or, though not lately, Lemmy) are simply too tough to die, how they'll be the only survivors of WWIII, etc. I think that's wrong. I saw Iggy a few years ago on one of the last Stooges reunion tours. He was just as wild as ever, but early on in the show he tripped and fell - bad. He was clearly hurt, and for the rest of the show he limped or jumped on one leg. But he kept playing and didn't slow down for a second even when he was in obvious pain. The thing isn't that Iggy is immortal or invulnerable. It's that he's mortal and not afraid to get hurt.

Iggy in 1991; very NSFW performance )

So here's to the world's forgotten boy. Open up and bleed, or don't; you've earned whatever you want to do. Maybe when you turn 75, you'll even own a shirt.

Cassini’s last Titan flyby

21 April 2017 12:08
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As many of you know, I work on the Cassini mission as an operations engineer and have done for over a decade.

Tomorrow is the spacecraft’s final close flyby (T126) of Saturn’s moon Titan.

Just to put this into perspective for you, this may be the last time in decades that we get anywhere near Titan. There are no missions to Saturn or its most interesting* moons, Titan and Enceladus, currently funded or being built. That means there’s a minimum of ten years before a new mission could be launched. Given that the transit time to Saturn is, at a minimum, seven years and on average more like ten, that’s two decades until we can repeat Cassini’s observations.

Cassini’s impending demise makes me sad, of course, but what bothers me even more is the lack of continuity in our exploration of our solar system.

You can read the details of tomorrow’s Cassini’s observations on the NASA-JPL press release here. It includes an animation of the flyby over the surface, from the perspective of the spacecraft.

* “most interesting” being ever so slightly subjective, of course
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(New Circle members: The Unscientific Poll is a semi-regular feature of this journal on Fridays. Topics vary wildly, although food is the most common one.)

Poll #18243 Most Useless London Underground Station
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 14

Complete this sentence: Pimlico is the most useless London Underground station

View Answers

on the Victoria Line.
6 (54.5%)

in Zone 1.
3 (27.3%)

on the entire Tube network.
2 (18.2%)

If Pimlico is not the most useless London Underground station on the entire Tube network, what is?

Context )

ETA at 10:19 AM: *KLAXON* MORNINGTON CRESCENT HAS BEEN MENTIONED ALREADY. That took even less time than I thought it would. *hands a banana to [personal profile] miss_s_b*
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So frustrated with Paypal right now.

the saga )
The Moral Of Our Tale?

Paypal are the devil. And less willing to help than Cthulhu.

Eastercon 2017 recs

20 April 2017 18:12
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Mirrored from Juliet Kemp.

Eastercon was fabulous, and I may yet do a writeup post, but for now, I have many recs to extract from my scribbled notes. (NB I have not yet read any of these; things I had already read I didn’t generally write down.)


  • “Not Your Sidekick” — C. B. Lee

  • “A Rational Arrangement” — L. Rowyn

  • “Hunger Makes the Wolf” — Alex Wells (cyberpunk)

  • The Raven Cycle — Maggie Stiefvater (YA, queer relationships)

  • “The House of Shattered Wings” — Aliette de Bodard

  • General recs: Uncanny Magazine,, Lethe Press

Women of Star Wars panel:

  • “The Things I Would Tell You” — Muslim women anthology

Hamilton lecture:

Romance, Mystery, and Fantasy panel

(plus some recs from the bar afterwards. Some of these are non-SFF romance.)

  • Obsidian and Blood series — think this may have meant “Ivory and Bone” and “Obsidian and Stars” — Julie Eshbough

  • “Daughter of Smoke and Bone” — Laini Taylor

  • “Behind Her Eyes” — Sarah Pinborough

  • “Hold Me” — Courtney Milan

  • "Hold" -- Rachel Davidson Lee

  • Cosy witch mysteries!

  • Heather Rose Jones (published by Bella Books)

  • “Don’t Feed The Trolls” — Erica Kudisch

  • “Rollergirl” — Vanessa North

  • “The Art Of Three” — Racheline Maltese & Erin McRae

  • “Storm Season” — Pene Henson

  • “The Ultra-Fabulous Glitter Squadron Saves The World” — A. C. Wise

  • “Hurricane Heels” — Isabel Yap

  • Neville/Hermione/Luna fic generally (must check AO3 tag 🙂 )

Fandom and Theatre panel

  • Team Starkid — on YouTube

  • Smash — TV show about backstage

  • Slings and Arrows — TV show about actors

Misc other recs

  • “At The End Of The Day” — Claire North

  • “The End of Days” — Jenny Erpenbeck

  • “Cities in Flight” — James Blish

  • “Meg and Linus” — Hanna Nowinski

  • “Every Heart A Doorway” — Seanan McGuire

So, uh, that should keep me going.

Ruuger watches TV again

20 April 2017 18:59
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Lately I've watched...

...the new Doctor Who episode, and like pretty much everyone else, I really liked Bill (and I hope she won't get a grimdark backstory/arc like Moffat's other women). The actual plot of the episode was kinda meh spoilers ), but the interaction between the characters was fantastic. B plus, would watch again, and hopefully the rest of the season will be as much fun.

I haven't been posting about DW since early season 8 (which I mostly disliked, except for "Flatline" and "Time Heist") but somewhere along the line I grew very fond of Twelve (and the last couple of episodes actually made me like Clara, who'd been my least favourite companion), and I think he's probably my favourite Doctor now. So I'm sad that this'll be his last season and please no Kris Marshall as the next Doctor.

(ahahaha, I had to go and see what I'd written about Twelve when he was first introduced, and while I mostly wrote about Clara (and what I wrote then actually fits to why I liked Bill) I do briefly mention how strange it is that I didn't like Twelve even though he fainted - my weakness for fainting men, it never fails!)

...Riverdale, because [personal profile] snickfic was posting about it (my other weakness is apparently Things That Snick Likes). It's been entertaining, in a trashy, soapy kind of a way? Although I do think that the first five episodes were the strongest as the plot has become a bit too convoluted, and I wish there'd be more focuse on the relationships between the female characters friendships and the murder case than romances and family feuds. But it's still entertaining in brainless kind of way and has loads of female characters and Luke Perry so what's not to like.

my third weakness is actors who were in Beverly Hills 90210, especially ones called Luke Perry

...The X-Files, which I bought on bluray as a Christmas present for myself and finally finished watching. Prettiest show ever or prettiest show ever? It's interesting how on every rewatch of the show, it's different seasons/episodes that I like, and different elements that I focus on. Last time, my focus was on the mytharc (which is actually pretty coherrent until about S4), and this time it was the relationship between Mulder and Scully. One thing that struck me was that I - and this'll make me lose my noromo cred - actually shipped them in season 7 this time around? Because I could absolutely see them being a lowkey couple there. Like, for example, "Fight Club" is unbdoubtably among the top 3 worst episodes of the show, but the scene at the beginning where Scully is trying to guess what the case is about is just really cute, and DD and GA have amazing chemistry there. Alas, I stop shipping Mulder and Scully somehwre in S9 when it all become Epic and Tragic and Mysterious.

(also, I hadn't realised before just how despressing X-Files is, especyally in the early seasons. Like, was there ever an episode before S8-S9 that actually had a happy ending? And poor Mulder and Scully lose pretty much everyone they ever care about.)

I don't really have anything more to say about the show than what I already said in the commentary posts I did during my last rewatch, except for a few thoughts about similarities (and differences) between X-Files and The Mentalist )

In a non-TV-related news, I just bought tickets to see Queen+Adam Lambert in Helsinki this year. Wooo! And this time I didn't even have to buy the outrageously expensive VIP tickets to get a good seat.

(I recently calculated that how much money I've spent in the last two years on things I loved when I was 12-13 (which includes the XF blurays). The answer was *a lot*. I mean, Queen alone has cost me several hundred euros, and I'm not even a collector. Curse you nostalgia and all my old favourites suddenly being active again!)
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Birmingham Open Media art exhibit

This wasn’t the post I was intending to make today, but having discovered the above on my phone whilst searching for something else from about a month ago, I felt I must share this with my Circle immediately. It is a series of three delightful photographs on display in the toilets (no really) of BOM, the Birmingham Open Media gallery. BOM is a little odd corner space a few tens of metres from one of the exits of New Street Station, over the road from an Adult Entertainment Shop (™?). It features tiny exhibitions celebrating “the intersection of art, technology and science”.

The caption for the photographs reads as follows.

Gemma Marmalade
The Seed Series, 2015

The Seed Series is a series of photographic prints by artist Gemma Marmalade, which explores the possibility that those of homosexual persuasion may be more likely to have a visceral impact on the cultivation of plants.

During studies of communal lesbian gardeners in the 1970s, German botanist Dr Gerda Haeckel observed accelerated growth, crop abundance and increased vegetational health. The Seed Series depicts some of Haeckel’s original subjects and their finest vegetable specimens.

Pardon the awkward angle of the photograph - it was not easy to take whilst holding a toddler who was frustrated at the thought that I was about to steal his dirty nappy and replace it with a clean one.
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And are we going to be as bloody stupid as last time and believe they're not purely out for themselves instead of the interests of the country as a whole? I think this article sums things up pretty well...

"We cannot go on like this. Our children are being set up to live in poverty, and our full time jobs are not enough to raise them. Our disabled and elderly are living in abject poverty in what is supposed to be one of the richest nations in the world."
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Disclaimer: I have (once) met the Honourable Member for Aberdeen North, who may or may not be bigger than a seagull.

Nonetheless, I feel I am not too biased in my admiration that she managed to legitimately ask this question in Parliament. Good work.
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[personal profile] shapinglight reviews Season Eleven, Issue No. Six .

Bufferingthevampireslayer podcast talks Surprise. And so does Popculturerolecall .

TheFandomMentals "Ladies First Looks Back at Buffy: the Vampire Slayer : In this episode, Elizabeth, Gretchen, and Kori discuss all of the ships, plots, and everything else that went into shaping Buffy’s enduring legacy in wlw history".

Happy Birthday!

19 April 2017 21:11
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Happy birthday to [profile] beanbeans! I hope you have a wonderful day and wish you an even better year to come!


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