[Fic] Under One Sky

7 February 2016 11:38
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Fandom/Arc: Akatsuki no Yona, Standalone
Characters/Pairings: Son Hak, Soo-won, Yona
Summary: On a night, soon after affairs in the Water tribe's territory are concluded, Hak, Yona, and Soo-won think about each other, what they've become to each other, and what may wait in their future.
Meta: Drama, Character Study, Loyalty Porn, Light Angst, Sort-of Threesome, I-3
Wordcount: 2692

Hak tried not to be grateful that Yona's hands were as sure, now, on her bow and sword as they were, once, on her long sashes and bright over-robes. He tried hard not to be grateful for that.

It wasn't because of the old king's memory and his determination to keep his daughter and people free of blood, though Hak still respected that. It wasn't because he was her guard, should be her sword, should never allow her to be in danger, though he still felt that. It was because of where the gratitude came from.

Under One Sky )

A Bit of This, a Bit of That

6 February 2016 23:02
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Followup on Numfar and the mouse: Still no idea where she caught it... I was assuming she would become obsessed with the area of the house where she found it (as an example, she once found a spider in a particular corner of our bathroom and now every time she walks into that room she checks that spot first... as if it is the room's spider dispenser or something), but nothing seems out of the ordinary from her today. I still just keep thinking back to how happy and proud she was... and I'm so glad that sort of thing doesn't bother me, because I think she would have been absolutely crushed if I'd freaked out about her first real kill (since I don't think bugs and spiders count). She was definitely bringing it to me to show off so I could be proud and happy, too. But again, soooo glad it happened while I was still awake.

Today we had just a few errands to run and had planned on spending the day working on projects around the house. First, we headed over to [personal profile] kehf's place... she was giving away her elliptical trainer, which is something I've seriously wanted (for those days when it's just too cold/rainy/snowy to go walking outdoors and I don't have time to go to the gym). With a bit of help, we managed to get it into the back of our car and got it home and set up before lunchtime!

We grabbed lunch at our favorite spot, followed by a run out to Home Depot to pick up a few things, then decided to go for a nice 30-40 minute walk on the Marymoor Connector Trail since we were already down in Redmond. And of course, after we parked, we had to do a quick look around to see if there were any Geocaches nearby that we hadn't found yet. Turned out we'd parked about 50 feet from the start of a Difficulty 3 / Terrain 4 Multi-Cache (Difficulty and Terrain are on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the absolute hardest... and a Multi-Cache is a Geocache that has multiple waypoints with clues or information that eventually lead you to the final location). After a bit of dithering (because neither of us was particularly feeling like doing a D3/T4 today), we decided we could at least get started with it and work our way along the waypoints until it got too tough, then save what we'd figured out up to that point and finish it on another day. Ha!

I didn't keep close track of the time, but I think we were out there a bit over two hours... and for a great deal of it we were tromping through tall grass coated with a thick layer of fallen leaves, often hiding fallen trees and sloggy, muddy terrain. Probably the best workout I've had in ages, but wow... I am *sore* tonight, not to mention incredibly tired. We followed a lot of game trails to reach some of the waypoints, but also did a fair bit bushwhacking and climbing over fallen trees and branches and through thickets of shrubs and blackberries. And did I mention the mucky, muddy ground? Despite all that, it was pretty obvious that the terrain would be a whole lot worse at other times of the year (that area was actually a bit drier than it will be in the spring and there were relatively few blackberry brambles compared to how it will be later in the year). In the end, we managed to make our way over to the final location and found the cache! Yay! I love caches like this, where you actually feel like you earned every bit of the D/T rating to make the find. I still can't believe we did the whole thing today, though. Definitely not in our original plans.

And, even better, we did some detours along the way and found a few other caches and then got to go walking through "Doggie Disneyland" (aka the Marymoor Off-Leash Dog Park -- 40 acres of woods, fields and a dog's dream come true), which is probably one of my most favorite things to do. The place was hopping today, too, with dogs everywhere... running around, having the times of their lives and just being completely and utterly happy. All in all, it was a pretty good day.

ETA: Aha! I found a pretty good video about Marymoor Offleash Dog Park out on YouTube... just to give a bit of an idea of what it has too offer in its 40 acres.

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The joys of having cats

6 February 2016 01:11
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Oh my.

Well, it finally happened.

Numfar just came into the bedroom carrying something and chirruping happily. I was a bit confused, because we'd put Mr. Mouse (the beanie baby) in his spot on the cat tree for the night already... and that's what she usually carries around the house. Then she dropped what she was carrying, making even more happy noises, and I realized she'd been carrying around an actual, real mouse!! Thankfully, it was a deceased mouse.

I'm just glad this happened before I managed to fall asleep and that I noticed something was up, or my deep-seated fear of waking to find a dead mouse next to me on my pillow may have come true.

OTOH, this means she found a mouse *inside* our house. Considering we live in the country (seriously, we're just up the street from a very large dairy farm), I guess I should be happy that this is the first sign we've had of mice inside the house since we moved in.

And, you know, take another moment to be VERY happy there will be no dead mouse on my pillow when I wake up in the morning.

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More Links Than A Bag Of Sausages

6 February 2016 03:23
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Marginalia, Faith/Willow by [personal profile] lyrstzha.

The Voyeur and Hairy Eyeball categories of the Running With Scissors Awards is now open.
These are the only two categories of RWSA that are voted on by the readers/viewers.
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Poll #17293 E-mail management
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 57

E-mail management

View Answers

I strive to attain Inbox Zero and regularly succeed.
10 (17.5%)

I strive to attain Inbox Zero and occasionally succeed.
16 (28.1%)

I use a system of filters for my incoming mail. It works pretty well and I rarely miss stuff.
16 (28.1%)

What's Inbox Zero?
18 (31.6%)

I miss stuff all the time. Allll the time.
9 (15.8%)

17 (29.8%)

(This post triggered by the knowledge that I am rarely, if ever, fully caught up on e-mail communication. It is perpetually frustrating, and I never feel like I can take a break from it.)

More Links Than A Bag Of Sausages

5 February 2016 03:14
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She Shook Me Cold , Giles/Buffy by [profile] xspike4evax.

Buffyverse entries from the Three Sentence Ficathon .

Refinery29 talks to SMG about a BtVS re-boot.

Keiki discovers stroopwafel

4 February 2016 15:54
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Baby discovers stroopwaffel
[Keiki waves around a bag of stroopwafels after having consumed one. Crumbs not visible in black and white.]

In this Adventure of Keiki & Mummy at Home, Keiki digs through Mummy's large bag of rapidly assembled duty free items and discovers stroopwafels. Stroopwafels, for those who haven't had the pleasure, are a luxury Dutch biscuit/cookie consisting of two very thin crispy waffles sandwiching a layer of sticky caramel. They are terribly, terribly morish.

I think he likes them.

open hockey post

4 February 2016 07:14
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This seems like a good day to talk about hockey. How do you feel about your team's chances of succeeding in (or making) the playoffs? What kind of fic do you wish there were more of? Is Stamkos really going to sign with the Maple Leafs?

Also, herein find some other people on DW who talk hockey! There are more of us than you might think. :)

(no subject)

2 February 2016 00:39
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I've had an amazingly crappy day today that I would rant about except that I just want to move on and never think about it again. But let's just say that I burst into tears while rescheduling a dentist appointment, and that was nowhere near the worst part of my day.

So I was surprised how much it cheered me to find out that apparently Stephen Fry watches The Mentalist. And he likes Cho. I've had my issues with Stephen Fry, but he is clearly a man of good taste ;)

(I don't actually follow him on Twitter - I only saw the tweet when Tim Kang retweeted it, haha)

Fic: Wonders Never Cease

1 February 2016 13:20
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I wrote something for sb_fag_ends, so in so doing I've met my 2016 resolution!

Title: Wonders Never Cease
Author: Rebcake
Word count: 980
Rating: PG13
Prompt: Crimson Tide
Setting: S6, Warning for reference to lots of kinds of fluids.
Summary: Spike finds out about something he thinks will interest the Slayer. A stake-out is required, because that always goes so well.

This way to the story:

Spike threaded the motorcycle around the “closed at dusk” sign

Granddad & Keiki

1 February 2016 16:07
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Granddad and Keiki

Granddad is visiting and helping care for Keiki, since the latter is recovering from a lengthy period of illness. Here they sit at the kitchen table, and Keiki enjoys munching on homemade biscotti, which serve the dual purpose of assuaging hunger and soothing teething gums.

January cooking

31 January 2016 20:33
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This makes me look like I've been a cooking fiend, but I was saving up links until I had enough for a full post, so this is going back to since I got back from Christmas.

Shrimp and Scallops in Garlic Cream Sauce - Since Robert Irvine apparently only cooks for people the size of Robert Irvine, I had to cut this recipe way down - I only made 1 lb of scallops, left the shrimp out completely, and halved the sauce. I also made 1 lb of angel hair pasta, which was WAY, WAY too much, at which point I regretted cutting the sauce in half, lol. I actually made a second half-batch of the sauce for my leftovers. I was kind of skeptical when the recipe said to strain the sauce - I was like, but you're straining out all the good stuff! But it still tasted really flavorful, and I'm not gonna lie, I didn't mind making the sauce a second time since it went a lot faster when I was less careful with chopping and just throwing in whole sprigs of thyme, knowing I was going to strain it out anyway. 

Creamy Parmesan Mushroom and Spinach Tortellini Soup - I wanted a creamy tortellini and sausage soup, but I couldn't find the exact recipe I wanted, so I left out the mushrooms and added crumbled sweet Italian sausage to this. Not only is it delicious, it also reheats well. I ended up taking it for lunch a few days, and it survived the microwave just fine. 

I should also note that I ended up with this recipe because I bought all the ingredients for replicating a dish from my parents' favorite Italian restaurant, but then I chickened out because I didn't think my tummy could handle it. Anyway. it's called Vesuvio, and it's a breaded veal cutlet, topped with tomatoes and spinach, melted mozzarella cheese, and then tortellini alfredo on top. I did eventually make a couple attempts, and although I never quite got it exactly like Barone's, it's still a pretty stellar combination.

Pineapple Barbecue Sauce Glazed Meatballs - This was... disappointing. The sauce is fine, but good lord, this is a terrible recipe for meatballs. No breadcrumbs and too much onion (I dislike when recipes say things like "one small onion," because onions vary pretty widely in size, just tell me, like, 1 cup or whatever), and so the meatballs didn't really stay together in the pan. Also four tablespoons of butter? I never thought there was such a thing as too much butter, but the meatballs weren't browning so much as they were basically being poached. 

Pull-Apart Garlic Rolls - These looked AH-MAZING when they came out of the oven, but taste-wise, it was kinda meh. The refrigerated biscuit dough makes it easy, but I'm sure there are better garlic roll recipes out there.

a meme!

30 January 2016 20:18
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Nabbed from many people.

1. Your 3 fanworks with the most AO3 comment threads: Make Yourself at Home (Hockey RPF, Sid/Geno, bowerbird AU), my new most popular fic ever. Three Christmases with Miss Honey (Matilda, Matilda + Miss Hockey), a moderate hit for YT one year that I thought might be my most popular fic until the end of time. Switch Hitter (Hockey RPF, girl!Sid/Geno, D/s AU).

2. Your 3 fanworks with the most kudos: Base Notes (Hockey RPF, Sid/Geno, a/b/o) – my first hockey fic! Make Yourself at Home, again. And finally And in Health (Hockey RPF, Sid/Geno). This fandom has spoiled me for kudos, basically.

3. Your oldest fanwork: A Right Sorry Couple of Vamps (BtVS/Ats, Spike+Darla), written for the Fall Fandom Free-for-All back in 2008.

4. Your latest fanwork: three's a crowd (SPN, Tamara+Sam), a weird, atmospheric little futurefic for [livejournal.com profile] spn_j2_xmas.

5. Fanwork you are proudest of: ONE fanwork?? How about I just pick one that comes to mind: worn for sleeping (SPN, Jess/Sam), which is moody and creepy and has a twist and says stuff about canon, all in 1100 words. Still super pleased with how that one turned out.

6. Your longest fanwork: Still Seraph (BtVS, Spike+ensemble, mpreg), a 67k fic I finished in 2009. Have never even come close since. But I've got a WIP that might bump up close to it if I can ever finish. /o\

7. Your 3 fanworks with the most bookmarks: Base Notes, Make Yourself at Home, Switch Hitter. Hockey fandom does it again.

8. Your top 3 crossover works: I have no idea how we're measuring this. I write very few crossovers anyway, but here are three I'm fond of: This is the World We Made (BtVS/Dollhouse, Dawn+Topher), the first fic I've managed to write that really gets at how I feel about how freaking badass Dawn Summers would grow up to be. The Very Small Girl and the Monster (BtVS/Firefly, River+Spike), far-future fic for BtVS in which River meets someone who can finally explain who she is. Lift (Firefly/Matilda, River+Matilda), another River-centric crossover that gets a lot of mileage out of her dreams. Probably the crackiest crossover I've ever attempted, in terms of canons crossed.

9. Your favorite characters to portray: I'm going to assume this means "favorite characters to write, in which case Dawn Summers, Illyria, Jo Harvelle, Genevieve Cortese, Geno.

dragons I have known

30 January 2016 09:12
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The thing about dragons being fictional is that every author gets their own chance to decide what dragons are really like (see also: vampires and werewolves). As far as I can remember, the order I encountered them was as follows:

a short list )

The Circle of Dinner

29 January 2016 12:41
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A week or so ago, I posted this on FB: "On Saturday, I made drop biscuits to go with our leftover beef and barley soup... this evening, I made sausage gravy to go with our leftover biscuits. It's the Circle of Dinner."

And I really love being able to do things like that... leftovers from one meal that work well as an addition to the next. In that case, it was even better than that, because the beef and barley soup happened due to having enough extra beef to make the soup, leftover from what was needed for a previous meal.

A few days ago, I realized we had a couple of bunches of kale in the fridge that really needed to be used... so I went looking for a new way to cook them and happened upon this recipe out at the Weight Watchers website (which currently kinda sucks when it comes to linking to recipes, so I've included it here under the cut): Potato-Kale Soup. )

Before I pulled out the immersion blender, I decided to give it a taste and... well, it was really bland. I had [personal profile] rackham give it a try and we debated what we could add to give it some pop. We put a few tablespoons of the soup into a couple of ramekins and tried adding spice blends, finally settling on hot curry. And it was pretty good! Not the best thing ever, but if I end up with a bunch of kale and some potatoes I need to use, I'd probably do it again.

And then last night, I got to do one of my favorite things... I used it to make something else entirely. I cooked up some carrots and cauliflower, added some chopped up raw chicken breast and a little more curry, then dumped the leftover "Soup" in with it and let it simmer for about 15 minutes. Oh my word, it was *perfect*. I would totally make that soup again, only not as a soup... but as a base for curries. I'm actually wondering how well it would freeze, so I'd have a quick and nearly ready-made dinner on hand.

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[Cassini swag: 3 lithographs, a Grand Finale flyer, bookmarks, postcards, NASA stickers, Ring World DVD, info cards for Saturn/Titan/Enceladus/Iapetus]

A couple of weeks ago, I contacted JPL to ask to replenish my supplies of backlit Saturn lithographs. I was put in contact with a new outreach person, who promptly sent me a list (a list!) of available outreach materials, the existence of which I had not previously been aware. I looked at the list and said yes please, one of everything if that's not too greedy. I was expecting not to get all of it.

I was wrong. Earlier this week I received a message from Stores saying, "You have a package waiting for you." I dashed down excitedly to pick up my box. The Stores person looked at me and laughed. "You're going to need a trolley."

I don't have the time at present to assemble swag packs for people, but I can send out the postcards (on the lower right in the photo). They have a good deal of information on the back, so any message from me will be quite short. Would you like one? If so, please fill out the poll below. The answers are visible only to me. Alternatively, you can DM me. ([personal profile] emelbe & [livejournal.com profile] imyril: you do not need to fill out the poll.)

Poll #17283 Cassini postcards
This poll is closed.
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: Just the Poll Creator, participants: 15

I would like a Cassini postcard, please! Here is an address where it will reach me.

ETA 01/02/2016: I've closed the poll because I've run out of stamps! All the cards requested via poll response or DM on DW have been sent.

After this term is over I'll do another postcard round, and there will also be swag packs on offer although I'll have to be more selective with those or the postage could get prohibitively expensive.

More Links Than A Bag Of Sausages

29 January 2016 03:17
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Spike/Angel banner, icon & wallpaper by [personal profile] comlodge.

Buffyverse icons by [profile] all_malocks.

The MarySue talks about "The Resurgence of Buffy the Vampire Slayer".
"All around me, Buffy is thriving. My Tumblr and Twitter timelines are often filled with Buffy references and newbies excited about the show. Even Sarah Michelle Geller, who in the past was a bit reticent to discuss her Buffyness, has fully embraced the show’s power and community on Twitter".

Hypable lists "7 hidden gems from ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ season 1".

(no subject)

28 January 2016 23:30
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i am in hell: there's a cold, hungry cat outside, and it's cold and windy, and i only have the one room so i really can't let it in. my cats would freak. they freaked about my even feeding it, the mama cat especially. she's like, i know you you soft touch, this is how i got to know you in the first place. shit shit shit. i had to hiss it away from my door, it was stressing her out too much, and i don't have any help to give it anyway. it's gone next door, and is having a yowl-off with the neighbors' cat. i hope someone else on the block can let it in, poor thing, it was awfully nice and friendly
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Fox decided to show the new series in Finland only a few days behind USA - yay! - so I don't have to resort to more questionable (and annoying) means to see it. I have to say it was weird just sitting in front of the TV when the episode began without having to wait next to the VCR to press REC button;) Much has changed in the 12+ years since I last watched XF live on TV.

(on a sidenote, I love how everyone seems to have decided to pretend that I Want to Belive did'nt happen)

Here are some random thoughts about the first episode. Please no spoilers for the upcoming episodes because I'm trying to remain 100% unspoiled.

The truth is still out there )

Short, unspoilery thoughts: It was X-Files. Not X-Files at its best, necessarily, but it was X-Files. If the show had never went away, this is what it would be like. I'm not entirely sure if it works in the context of 2016, though. The post-Gulf War world of the original series can be translated to the post-911 world of the new series, but I'm not sure the paranormal aspects ill work in the world of social media and cameraphones. We'll see.

Nominations + Meme

28 January 2016 21:40
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I got a couple more nominations at [livejournal.com profile] rwsawards! Canaries In A Coalmine is nominated for best 1,000--10,000-word fic, and The Brian Situation for best comedy. Thanks a lot!

Also, here's an AO3 meme stolen from [livejournal.com profile] frogfarm:

My AO3 page

Most comments on a story (not counting my replies)
Surprise surprise (or maybe not), it's Welcome to the Slaughterhouse (BtVS/Texas Chainsaw Massacre crossover). My favourite comment on this is over at the Pit Of Voles, where someone told me "You should be arrested for dellusional sickness of the mind. Killing is ok, and torture is fine, but this was morbidly sadistic, you shouldn't be allowd to ever touch a writting untensil or computer ever again." I'm still not sure what a writting untensil is so I couldn't say if I've touched one since, but for the sake of this reviewer I hope I haven't.

Most kudos
The three fics of mine with the most kudos are all in fandoms I only occasionally dabble in. I wonder if this is what it feels like to be one of those artists who only have top 10 hits when they do a duet with someone else. Seriously, I'm very happy with these three.
Don't Rock the Moat (Agent Carter)
Radio Silence (Welcome to Night Vale/BtVS crossover)
Ms Summers Goes To Washington (West Wing/BtVS crossover)

The Buffyverse fic with the most kudos is, somewhat surprisingly to me at least, a fluffy little Faith/Buffy fic: If The Dead Rise (Or Not)

Earliest (oldest)
The first one I posted to AO3 according to their stats is Shooting Star (Willow/Kennedy, Willow/Tara, post-series). One of my favourite things I've written, as it happens, though I still occasionally get the itch to rewrite some of it.

I think it may also be the oldest fic I've put up on AO3. I honestly don't recall the order of some early fics; the first chapters of Dawn of the Dead and The Singular of "Apocalypses" may predate it by a few weeks.

Talking to Plants (BtVS, Willow/Tara fluff) and Avalanche (Game of Thrones, very unfluffy white walker apocalypse) both went up during January. I'm really happy with both, for very different reasons.

I'm pretty happy with most of the fics I put up on AO3 (there's a reason some of my old LJ and Pit fics never got cross-posted). But let's take my three personal favs right now:

The Queen, The Soldier (BtVS, OC Slayer-centric). I've written a few historical OC Slayers that I like (One, But A Lion is another), but I'm really happy with how mythpunky this one got, the character has stayed with me, and the cameo by the canon gang at the end really ties it up nicely.

Dawn of the Dead (BtVS) I will never not love this fic, even though there's one or two things I'd probably do differently today. Vamp!Dawn laying waste to season 6 was just too much fun to write.

And speaking of OCs, I can't really not pick Mission Accomplished (BtVS, Giles-centric). I still wonder about Forsythe sometimes.

Welcome to the Slaughterhouse got quite long by my standards, almost 20,000 words including the alternate ending. I really couldn't stop writing that one once I realised just how nasty I could make it. Good thing I got it out of my system, I guess.

Elves, Gremlins and Eskimoes (AtS/Simpsons crossover) and Atonement's a Bitch (AtS/BtVs, Faith's POV on s7) also crack the 10,000 mark, and probably with much more grace.

Most bookmarks
Again, Radio Silence, Don't Rock the Moat and Ms Summers Goes To Washington, though in a slightly different order.

More Links Than A Bag Of Sausages

28 January 2016 03:18
petzipellepingo: (more links by eyesthatslay)
[personal profile] petzipellepingo
Sensibilia , Xander by [personal profile] the_moonmoth.

Chapter Fourteen of I Will Make You Hurt by [personal profile] velvetwhip.

Chapter Forty Nine of Truth Denied by [profile] perverted_pages.

Preview for Buffy: The High School Years - Freaks & Geeks . Thanks to [profile] sueworld2003.

More Links Than A Bag Of Sausages

27 January 2016 03:13
petzipellepingo: (more links by eyesthatslay)
[personal profile] petzipellepingo
Five drabbles by [personal profile] a2zmom.

Chapter Five of Never Kill a Boy on the First Date by [personal profile] dragonyphoenix.

[profile] kikimay recommends Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil , "This story features Willow & Buffy and it's such a precious ficlet, IMO. It gets to explore a little bit more the reasons behind Willow's decision to resurrect Buffy and I think it's wonderful in its simplicity".

Tinyfences podcast talks Revelations.

Storywonk podcast talks The Prodigal.

GeekandSundry ranks the seasons of BtVS.

UK peeps

26 January 2016 15:27
rydra_wong: Lee Miller photo showing two women wearing metal fire masks in England during WWII. (Default)
[personal profile] rydra_wong
[personal profile] kaberett has started a petition to get government bodies to include the option of a gender-neutral honorific (or no honorific at all) on forms:

The very short explanation is that I think it's ridiculous to have a list that includes "Wing Commander" but not "Mx" (as is the case when using the fill-in-on-a-computer version of the ESA application form).

(I have suggested that if they won't allow Mx, there should be a second petition to demand that all non-binary people be given the honorary title of Wing Commander.)

More Links Than A Bag Of Sausages

26 January 2016 03:30
petzipellepingo: (more links by eyesthatslay)
[personal profile] petzipellepingo
When Two Paths Meet , Spike/Angel by [profile] xspike4evax.

Chapter Eighteen of Dreams and Mirrors by [profile] kikimay.

Chapter Thirty Nine of Broken Arrow by [personal profile] velvetwhip.

Chapter NinetyA , Chapter NinetyB and Chapter NinetyC of There's Always a Sneer In Vegas by [profile] stillrose.

Future Spike wallpaper by [personal profile] comlodge.

The HuffingtonPost on "These Classic TV Episodes About School Shootings Are More Relevant Than Ever". "For a show like "Buffy," which dealt with a new Big Bad each season, a boy with a gun proved to be just as terrifying as anything the Hellmouth could throw at the Scooby Gang".

Telltaletv chooses "13 Best Episodes of Angel".


25 January 2016 19:53
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When you cross the border, much is different.

The first thing you notice is that the signage is in another language: sometimes the words are off just by a few letters, sometimes they are nearly incomprehensible.

Even the motorway signs, although they have the globally accepted white colour on blue background, are just a tiny bit wrong. The familiar names of cities seem changed when written in a font that is ever so slightly rounder with the individual letters ever so slightly further apart. Or are they closer? You cannot tell, but the name of the city you were born in suddenly looks foreign.

There are much larger cues though than the writings on the walls.

Houses )

Writing this down, I've come to realize that my expertise in architectural styles is a little vague at best, so all mistakes are clearly my own.

And: While these houses in the Netherlands seem very different to what I'm used to, there are also striking differences between different German regions: slate shingles in the Bergische Land, red brick in the North, wooden balconies in the South.


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