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Caroline Quentin!!! (How did I not realise I missed you?)

"OK... Let's get this Glee Club started."

"Ooh! What's a Glee Club?"

"It's like a choir..."

"Why don't you just call it a choir, then?"

"... Why don't you just stop shoplifting from Dixon's?"


Best cliffhanger ever. Aaaaaaaaah!
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I have written a couple of fics for The Awesome Ladies Ficathon and Art-a-thon, which I shall bring over later, but you should check it out and comment and prompt and write and artify and everything!

Secondly, is anyone watching Dead Boss? This is the latest sitcom that's keeping me entertained and it does it very well. It's a murder mystery+prison comedy about one Helen, who has been wrongly imprisoned for the murder of her boss. Many, many amusing characters - my favourites are Mrs. Bridges, the dead boss's widow, who is a sort of EastEnders-style arch villain (but clearly a red herring) and also Helen's sister Laura, who has basically taken over her sister's life now she's in prison and wants to be played by Beyoncé when Helen gets out and they sell the film rights of her story. And it has Jennifer Saunders in!

Thirdly, I was soooooooo wrong about Burial (at least the recent stuff, I haven't relistened to see if I was wrong about the early stuff), and have been in love with certain tracks the last few days. This is the latest one: Four Walls, done in collaboration with Massive Attack. Commit about three minutes to it (at least until the proper vocals kick in) and you will (hopefully!) see why:
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But this tickles me immensely!

"Who the hell wrote this script? Ah - !"

(This is an ITN video because it was the best quality on YouTube, but there's a little bit of intro you can hear over here.)
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This is a classic, classic ad:

NZ wants YOU to stop a mate drink-driving. Because you know you can't eat ghost chips.
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Last year's Never Mind the Buzzcocks Christmas special was on iPlayer again, and it is still HILARIOUS. I still don't know why they made it Doctor Who themed, but David Tennant and Catherine Tate are on the best form ever, as are Phil and Noel, and of course Bernard Cribbins (what a ledg). I still think Buzzcocks has gone downhill since Simon Amstell left, but, oh, when it's good it's good.

Comedy pop quiz meets sci-fi classic... Enjoy!

And the other parts... )


6 July 2010 14:18
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Is anyone else enjoying that new series 'Rev' on the BBC, about the vicar and his inner-city church? I loved the showdown last night between Adam's 'o hai, we do theology' and Darren's showmanship. I think, strangely, Nigel might be my favourite character:

ION: I HAVE A WHY BIRD ICON!! She was clearly the inspiration for my extreme computer usage as a child.
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Term starts in less than a month (I'm actually looking forward to it, but I need to keep the reading-momentum up these last few weeks because there's still quite a lot to do) and one of my papers is on these four Neo-Latin authors, so today I was reading Poliziano's Silvae - a collection of four poems that (I think) he supposedly used as introductions to his lessons on Latin and Greek literature.

The longest, Nutricia, kind of has me scratching my head, because it doesn't really "serve as a general introduction to the study of ancient and modern poetry" (as Wikipedia would sensibly have it). Instead it seems to be basically 800 lines of SQUEE about Spig and Spog and Oh Do You Remember When and Lucan was cool (but not as good as Virgil)... Because when you squee about Classics, it's all relevant and good!

Not that that isn't exactly how it should be, but it's an interesting insight into how to make fanboying/girling be accepted as srs bsns - apparently we all just need to leave it 1500-odd years (or a lot fewer, considering Dante does get a look-in), then write our squee in hexameters! They'll even put it on uni syllabuses (though, to be fair, it won't be a very popular option...).


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