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I can't hide it any more: I am ashamedly fond of this quite terrible BBC3 sitcom set in a sixth form college (filmed in Watford), called Coming of Age. I say terrible, because its comedic repertoire is built around knob gags crude enough to make Ben Elton blush and all that sail with them. It operates in that weird, slightly surreal comic register that's generally the purview of sixth form revues. In other words, it was created by a 19 year old lad and it shows. And yet I find myself terribly amused, most of the time.

The six main characters are a ragtag bunch:

Ollie - loves himself and is weird. Regularly has to explain he is 'just friends' with his life-size Jeremy Clarkson cutout.
Jas - loves herself and has little shame. Always comes up with the best plans/ideas.
Chloe - spoilt princess disturbingly fond of violence. Has an astounding repertoire of homophobic slang.
Matt - nice but dim (with an extra side of dim). Eats ties.
DK - 'a twat'. Very fond of rapping, which he always ends 'Balamory'.
Robyn - 'a lovely lady lesbian', with by far the best clothes. Generally comes to the rescue.

It's on its third series and I haven't seen much of the first two, but it hasn't made much difference. It's fairly easy to grasp the emotional history... (Ollie and Jas used to go out; Chloe and Matt got together. DK's always been DK; Robyn is new.)

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I'm a bit worried I'm starting to seriously ship Dawn/Satsu. The idea's been in my head for a while, but I thought it was mostly for the lulz - yet as time's gone on I keep realising that I'm forgetting about Dawn/Xander when I think of S8, and, reading the Satsu wiki page to remind myself of her plotline, I found myself having a rush of irrational shipper-anger on her behalf when I realised she and Buffy get together a second time at the end of Wolves at the Gate. (Did not know this happened - why did no one tell me?? From Buffy's perspective I'm just a bit disappointed, but from Satsu's it's the whole 'dammit, foolish slayer, don't you see there is no good here? Desist with this romantic attachment and see the light!' indignation. I know she chucks the lipgloss in the bin later, but...)

*sigh* + *facepalm* + *headdesk*

Spuffy are supposed to be an anomaly, I tell you! A popular, well-represented anomaly where, even if I find myself unable to enjoy fic where they're in different ships, it doesn't matter because there's still loads of stuff to go around. Also, I am not supposed to care about a random character whose dialogue I can't even recall particularly. (Though, tangent, I know this is old news in S8 whinging circles, but that 'ma'am' thing? CREEPY AS.)


Does anyone else think they're a good idea?


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