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I missed all the meming before, but I am amused to see this productivity meme going around. Everyone else seems to be getting these nice things, but I...

You Are a Controller

When it comes to productivity, you run a tight ship... even if you're working entirely by yourself.
You are big on planning and schedules. When you start to write things down, it's amazing how much you are able to squeeze in.

You are highly determined and quite stubborn. You prefer to stick to your original plan unless there is a reason to change.
You finish what you've started, and you finish a lot more than most people. You don't give up on your goals.

In many ways it is a fair point. Especially the second paragraph, although I am also quite lazy.

In other news, I feel guilty about filling up everyone's pages with stuff about my fic, but look what [livejournal.com profile] bogwitch made for it (under the cut)!!!!!!!

It's a banner... )

Isn't it lovely????
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Please entertain me by choosing a number and a character/pairing so I can find out what my headcanon actually is (I think there's quite a lot tucked away)...

1. sleep head canon
2. sad headcanon
3. happy headcanon
4. angry/violent headcanon
5. Sex headcanon
6. Bedroom/house/living quarters headcanon
7. romantic headcanon
8. family headcanon
9. friendship headcanon
10. quirks/hobbies headcanon
11. likes/dislikes headcanon
12. childhood headcanon
13. old age/aging headcanon
14. cooking/food headcanon
15. appearance headcanon
16. random headcanon
17. any other question of your choosing

(Answers probably in the comments because I'm not that organised!)
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So, I have been very entertained by this MBTI meme. Partly because I was always entertained by it generally, partly because this time I finally worked out what the heck was going on with the functions aspect of the whole lark. This page says something about it, but the basic thing is that the personality types are all based on the different ways that the four lettered attributes interrelate. (The Wikipedia page on each type in general gives some info about this.)

But the interesting thing is that I was googling, and managed to find someone's blog where they explained the different functions (as the dominant part of people's personalities) through Buffy characters. Et voila:


This person seems to have a nice blog and it is interesting (and if I know Wordpress they're going to get a pingback, so hi! I like your blog). But I am not sure I agree on their interpretations of the characters (and you act like you're shocked!). Their Buffy is an ESFP, based on the principles of horror stereotypes and Buffy's supposedly dominant Se (extroverted sensing, ie. uncanny awareness of the world around her). Now, I would never say that Buffy doesn't do extroverted sensing, but I think the thing that most occupies the way she goes through life is far more Fe (extroverted feeling ie. the desire to produce social harmony, as they have Joyce representing). Really, I think she has to be ENFJ (Fe-Ni–Se–Ti; driven towards social harmony based on gut instincts, increasingly supported by an awareness of the physical world and, god, finally, if really necessary, the application of rational judgement).

As for Spike... It has to be ISFP (Fi–Se-Ni–Te; driven by internal feelings based on sensory experience of the world around, increasingly supported by gut instincts and finally, when push comes to shove, sorting shit out.)

Anyway, these are the blogger's impressions of the other Buffy and Angel characters (they have Spike as ISTP - you just can't convince me Spike (Spike!!) is driven by rational judgements about situations. I'm not sure Spike has had a Ti thought in his life.):


I think Dru has to be an ENFP, as they say, and Angelus as an ENTJ sort of makes sense... But then passion does (/should) rule us all according to him and Angel is a people person, whatever he says. I could see Angel in general as another ENFJ; he and Buffy (and without a soul) just disagree about what harmony means. Anyway, now I want to type everyone! I've only got to Xander, who I'm pretty sure is an introvert, and goal-oriented and feelingsy and sensingy, so - ISFJ (Si–Fe–Ti–Ne; driven to learn from/build on the past based on a will for social harmony, increasingly supported by rational interpretation and, under extreme duress, a sense of likely consequences). I dunno; I think it works???
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Although, MBTI always comes out the same for me.

Quinara's Personality Type Results

Trying to find actually interesting assessments of INTJs is sometimes a passing hobby, because I've been looking at that generic shit for ten years. It doesn't help that Google is convinced it's the personality type for evil masterminds and the worst of basement-dwelling fanboy clichés. This page has some merit to it:


I think my favourite is '11. Stick to a statement after being proven wrong by facts or reasoning and an INTJ will treat you as an irrational idiot and everything you say as probable nonsense.' Because if you know you're wrong, why would you keep talking????

A couple of other quotes on Pinterest that (in the second case somewhat unfortunately) have a strong ring of truth:

I ALWAYS mean what I say ... I may not always mean to say it out loud, but I always mean it.

INTJs are surprisingly tolerant of the flaws of the people in their inner circle - but if you lose their trust - they will erase you from their lives completely

In conclusion: sarcasm.

ETA: Although, seriously, it took a very long time to realise that repetition can in fact sometimes be useful and/or necessary. Even if running gags are the most hilarious thing ever.
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I think I missed the boat on this films-wot-define-you meme thing, but I'm having a go at listing a bunch anyway. Because I exist! And am intrigued to see what they become. OK, here goes...
  1. Legally Blonde (not 2) - this is the greatest fable about self-identity and knowledge institutions ever made for the cinema and if you can see how that works you probably have some idea how my mind functions.
  2. The Mummy + The Mummy Returns (not that other pile of crap in the series) - because pulpy pastiche with great dialogue, great scenery, quest narratives is one of the best ways to roll. And I am apparently a massive fan of Rachel Weisz, because she will reappear and she was apparently cognisant enough to realise that the series was dead after Returns and got out while she could.
  3. A Knight's Tale - not least because there was one family holiday where this was at length the only DVD we had. The epic, epic director's commentary made me sad for how serious the rest of them usually are. It gets dull in the second half, but again with the pulpy, anachronistic irreverence. I think he's getting worse ... He is getting worse.
  4. About a Boy - might as well rattle through these Rachel Weisz films. This and the Bridget Jones films are the only good Hugh Grants. This is one of those films I got out as a video(?) rental for a week back in the day and watched it too many times. Then there was a spate of showings on the telly and if I start watching ten minutes I always get through to the end. Not sure why, but it must say something about me!
  5. The Constant Gardener - different from the book and I am tempted to say not as good, but then Ralph Fiennes brings Justin alive in ways that Le Carré never quite manages. It's a shame that Tessa is not as clever in the film, but then everyone in films is stupid. Arnold isn't as interesting either, but Ghita is better. Bill Nighy is aces too. It's so evocative of a place and a mood, and the feel good better ending with Ham is what I always want from the book.
  6. The Fugitive - I only remembered recently how much I love this film and miss it being on every Christmas, and I haven't even got it on DVD yet, but the whole thing is so well crafted. Every line of dialogue is shaped to perfection and the plot rattles along at exactly the right pace with exactly the right balance between realism and heightened reality. I suppose it is even more girl in a refrigerator than The Constant Gardener, but I'm basically willing to put up with that in isolation.
  7. St. Trinian's (not 2) - this is the moment I have to start trawling through my DVDs for inspiration, so here is some. Girls' school culture amuses me; inevitable makeovers as an expression of personal evolution amuses me; Rupert Everett and Colin Firth amuse me; Lily Cole's inability to act amuses me; Sophie Ellis Bextor + Girls Aloud amuses me. It's complete trash built entirely on in-jokes and it's great.
  8. The Hole - finding this makes me want to watch it again. Keira Knightley before she was famous (hmm, Bend It Like Beckham could have been on this list as well), but she's nowhere near as good as Thora Birch, who was doomed on the principle of never being likely to fit into a Hollywood costume, but who is brilliantly psychopathic. This is the film that made me love unreliable narrators and re-dos from different perspectives and always try to trace that line between fantasy and reality and how the two frame and re-frame one another. The moment that line comes round again, This is how it works at Brabourne; the creeping realisation that you've been completely had - it just kills me.
  9. Brick - I forgot how much I love this film as well. Watched it enough times I don't know if I need it again, but I love the clash of Noir and High School. The dialogue has so much style.
  10. Moulin Rouge - I've never got round to buying this on DVD, but I used to have a VCR copy. Saw it again quite recently and remembered how much I liked the circularity and inevitability of the narrative. Tragedies are always the best when you know they're going to happen. And I seem obsessed with dead women (+high school???), but I suppose what I like here, as in The Constant Gardener is how much the film seems to flag up the fact that we are seeing Satine completely from Christian's point of view and are in fact living in an opium-laced fantasy. I've often wanted the juicy, lengthy fic version of the story from Satine's point of view, probably in French; I just think it would be gorgeous and nasty and witty and everyone would swear a lot more. But still it would have El Tango de Roxanne.

Well, that's it! I dunno if I like being she of the fridges and high schools. But I suppose there are few other real models in Hollywood for psychological turmoil. Oh well. Bring on the turmoil, excellent dialogue and some shiny things!
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My creativity is at a seriously low ebb, but I always like talking about past creations! Leave me any bit of anything I've written/created in the comments and I will indeed, as the meme going round says, give you a DVD-style commentary about it. Even if it's just gags/anecdotes. (It's possible I like those DVD commentaries the best in RL... But I also have wankery to share!)

[Find fic, poetry and vids on DW!]
[Find fic, poetry and vids on LJ!]
[Find fic and poetry on the AO3!]
[Find vids on Vimeo!]
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I have mixed feelings about 2011, but by all accounts 2012 should be better, so hooray that we're here! I wrote quite a lot of fic last year and produced some vids too, so in the spirit of tradition, here is a rundown with my thoughts on everything at the end of this year...

Wot I wrote, all 100,000-odd words of it. )

Wot I vidded, all three things! )


And a meme. )

OK, let's go.
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I'm quite impressively bored, so I think, in imitation of dear [personal profile] stultiloquentia, that means it's time for a music meme. And that will be this:

Give me a character and a storyline/arc/season and I'll put together a three-track fanmix for them.

(And feel free to tell me you don't want any of that electro shit I usually post. I have lots of punk and medium-to-heavy rock. Soft rock less so. I do have some film soundtracks and symphonies?)
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As the subject has somewhat spoiled, Remix is up! All I can say is read, guess my fic and win (for this certain quality of winning) a ficlet from me and check out Thus I Do Abide (The Foggy with a Chance Remix) - which takes my Waiting in the Fog from [livejournal.com profile] summer_of_spike yeeeeaaars ago and reworks it into the current comics canon - ie. the Spike and Dru reunion. It's subtle and smooth - with a bombshell. :D

Also, though, meme:

Name a character in any of my fandoms and I'll tell you 3-4 things about them from my personal fanon-take on said character.

Personal fanon's fun, right? I count fandoms as anything I've written in or vidded, which I think does cover most bases, though I have also been watching a lot of Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood recently and think that counts too. Or just ask whatever, heh.

(Must sleeps now.)
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I've been putting off linking some fics I wrote for [community profile] sb_fag_ends, mostly because they ended up as a little series and really wanted to write a couple more to round them off, but haven't found the urge so far. Maybe in these last few days of April? Using the prompts of various magical creatures, they track a mid-A5 reunion and Spuffy setting up in London: Deep Sea Rescue, Tourist Trap, Dinner and a Movie and Slayage.

Also, I've been completely neglecting to mention that [personal profile] constance_b did a podfic of Microwave Meals (Quick, Easy and Sometimes Satisfying) (along with some other Spuffy fics) in her beautifully flowing story time voice; while [livejournal.com profile] misskittydu34 translated Breathing at Your Side into French, which (while I can't read it very well) I think really lifts the elegiac quality I was hoping for.

And just in case that wasn't enough chatting about myself, [personal profile] snickfic did a meme:

Talk about five of your favorite fics you've written, based on a category of your choosing: favorite fics for a certain ship, fics with your five favorite lines, fics set in a certain season, fics featuring a kumquat - anything you like! Just so long as you choose a category with five fics in it and you tell us why you like them.

I was going to do my five favourite fics I never thought I'd write, but strangely enough that seems to be most of them, so instead I'm going to go with another category that encompasses almost everything - my five favourite fics where Spuffy get thrown against a random concept... )

I think that may be my whole year's quotient for talking about myself. Whew!
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[personal profile] stultiloquentia did a meme where people comment asking for a letter and then post their five favourite songs that start with it. I hassled her for a letter, so let's go!!

She gave me B... )
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I feel like my whinging about the world has already been far too indulged - but now there are DRAGONS, from the marvellous [personal profile] lettered, who should win a prize! With dragons in it. (In my pleased-as-punch embarrassment I'd like to apologise again for trying to shift all the rain from my parade to other people's, because that wasn't very cool.)

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A certain witch of a certain peaty place nudged me towards putting my money where my mouth is in terms of meme-whinging (sorry about that, gang; it was a bit pathetic). So here is a meme about character deaths! Because killing characters is contentious, right...

Deathy death death death... )
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In which I say more stuff!! I was a bit more upbeat this time - and hopefully more comprehensible...

17 minutes of me.

Stuff I talk about: Spike (yay), Angel (sorry), Buffy-Giles (yay), Spuffy (yay), S3 (...yeah).
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I'm meming like it's 2005 at the moment; still, something to do, right?

[livejournal.com profile] bogwitch and I decided it would be fun to play Desert Island Discs, only with albums rather than single tracks, because having only eight songs for eternity would be enough to send anybody jumping for the sharks...

Music music music music )
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I quite like the condensed version of this, with it all in one go, but I also quite like the audio version [livejournal.com profile] snickfic did... So I had a go. It went wrong, so I tried again [ETA: and it's the old version I'm talking about when I say I'm trying for fewer tangents, not Snick's, who was very much on message! Didn't structure that mental paragraph very well]. It didn't change much. I dunno; I feel like a lot of this has been said before, and I end up, for some reason, a little po-faced-serious and I don't talk very quickly and I'm not sure I ever manage to say things I wouldn't edit and reconsider if they were written down, but - it might be interesting? Feel free to clock out if you get bored.

It's about fifteen minutes long and does questions 1-5.

In case you want to work out whether to listen, I talk about S7 (yay), Sleeper (yay), Key by the Devics, as used in Crush (yay), Buffy (yay) and Willow (er, boo?).
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I thought I'd done this really recently, but apparently it was eighteen months ago! High time to do it again, I think, especially since other people are doing it.

No, anything that is still a WIP from the time before isn't getting in... )
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I saw [personal profile] stultiloquentia do this and was all, 'I haven't seen it anywhere...' - but then suddenly it was everywhere!! So here I am, belatedly (or not) on the bandwagon...

Hey! It's me! /Portal

Questions. )
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I did this last year and [personal profile] stultiloquentia talked me into doing it again. Of course, the list I'd tried to keep was practically useless, but I did some research into Places I've Been and think I've found a vaguely representative (though almost certainly still lacking) bunch of lines for where I found myself this year. Hope you enjoy! And do it yourself (maybe not on such a large scale even - what are five lines you loved this year?), because I want to read things...

My year in quotes from other people's fic. )


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