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So ages ago I gave up on my Rough Trade New Tracks of the Week subscription, because it was only producing crap and I never had time to go through what came in anyway. However, that does mean that there are some gems hidden on my iPod in the depths.

Because loooook! (/liiiiiiiisten!) Bat for Lashes finally found someone to make her a decent backing track! I knew I recognised that voice; and this is so much better than any of her singles. TOY are shit on their own as well; it's a match made in heaven: where's the album?

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So, I've been quite exhausted recently, with the result that today absolutely nothing happened as planned. However, getting back in touch with a random piece of music editing software I was trialling ages ago, I did compose a scherzo/trio, for the symphony I am apparently writing? (Although the string parts are mostly a cheat and would have to be sorted. But the programme does let you do nice things to the sound quality, so it doesn't sound completely like a midified mess.)

ETA: OK, I can't get Box's embed to work, so here's a link instead:


I'm sure many of you like classical music (and amateur attempts at that!)... Enjoy!
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Hello! So, I may or may not return at the end of this week, or something, but for now, on the back of my last post, I have this to share: after remembering how catchy Relax is by Frankie Goes to Hollywood, I went looking for the Welcome to the Pleasuredome album on YouTube to see if it was any good... Didn't find it, but I did find a mega-long forty-minute mix of Welcome to the Pleasuredome itself!!! I don't think I want the album anymore, this is too unyieldingly entertaining.

Obviously I'm sure you'll all love it too...???? Or else be Bogwitch and tell me this was some limited release with Melody Maker Jan '85 or something.

(Still got the last ten minutes to go, but it's great.)

ETA: Hey, look, here's the actual source of it: https://soundcloud.com/m-ward/frankie-goes-to-hollywood
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But I thought I should check in again! Thanks for all the birthday wishes last weekend. Life continues, and I have got into jogging and (bizarrely) Beauty (at least in terms of spending ages browsing shit and then buying nail varnish) as ways of destressing.

But on a shopping trip today I also bought this album, which made me very happy:

Electronic 80s 2 from the Ministry of Sound's Anthems series

I don't know what crap they had on the first version - this just keeps giving. I didn't even realise when I bought it that New Order's True Faith was on it, nor White Wedding!

I also have some Deep House Euphoria and a Maison Kitsune compilation of 'new faces'. But those are to think about later!

I also bought fruit. *is anticipating the nectarine season*
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I love John Lydon. But you knew that. I also love John Hurt, and am still sad about the time my brother had me convinced for three minutes that he was dead. This was a post I meant to do, but didn't have time, so I'm doing it now.

I have recently discovered more music and shit. One track of which is Group Rhoda, who do like tropicana post-punk, which is the best. The track I want ain't on YouTube, so you'll have to trust me. But in other news, I also like Frankie Rose's Street of Dreams:

Naturally this is a cover of the Damned song from 1985, which is basically the same but with Dave Vanian and saxophones. The funny thing is, though, swapping in guitars for the saxophones, it's quite easy to recognise that the chord sequence and beat are essentially Billy Idol's White Wedding.

It's almost like The Damned and Billy Idol came from the same scene. Which they did. But fuck knows they don't want people to think it...

This is the end. It's not that interesting. But it is anyway!
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Buffy in S6, for an [community profile] sb_fag_ends prompt that I picked specifically from the poetry wot I like on my shelf, so I didn't really have any excuse anyway. This is the link, or below the cut:

Flashblind )

In other news, it's been a while since you've had a Nigel Kennedy video, so have another:

Sound quality's ever so slightly better on the Radio 3 website - http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p01g9vvg - but the embed doesn't work because the BBC have never fixed that...
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Windows 8's native music-playing software is the shittest thing ever seen. If you tell it to play a bunch of songs, it seems to have no concept of (a) track numberings, nor, more significantly and ridiculously (b) file order, alphabetic order or anything resembling the order you might want a list of selected songs to be played. I feel like I must must must be missing something, but the native video app seems to have the same problem... It's just bizarre. I'm actually one of those five people who like Windows 8, but I feel like it's actively trying to make me hate the thing.

In other news, have some exceptionally catchy early Human League that [livejournal.com profile] bogwitch has afflicted me with. Set to some sort of Sonic/Amy montage in the strangest twist of fate ever? (Although, Boggles, this album as a whole doesn't do much for me; it's a bit unfocused.)

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But I think I would have been too stressed travelling around this weekend, not least because I skived on Thursday to go to the Proms! We stood for the first one, but my mum managed to get some jammy tickets to the Nigel Kennedy who was aaaaaaaaaaaamazing. Check it out on iPlayer if you can! (It's Prom 34.) Was very excited to see in some publicity article for it in the Times (wot my Mum reads) that the Nige is doing a collaboration with Massive Attack on another version of the Four Seasons which is meant to be released in the Autumn. It's going to be epic.

I also just bought some shoes. They are... Characteristic?

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A quick zoom through this week's tracks, which, to be honest, didn't make much of an impression at all. It's probably a good thing I started the week before, otherwise I'd have been very disappointed...

Reviews: 70s bollocks [ETA: oh, whoops, it actually IS, and late 60s even; early Bowie specifically...] and random ambient )

Roll on Friday!
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Go, go, go: [livejournal.com profile] moriwen1's What is This, a Joke?

Spike and Aslan walk into a bar. Or, more exactly, Spike's on the hunt for his soul and ends up with a bloody terrifying lead. Cue a breezy-fresh short story with solid metaphysical credentials nonetheless. And chapter one has a twist that keeps on giving. [livejournal.com profile] brutti_ma_buoni already linked it, but I'm linking it again, because I don't want you lot to miss it!

In other news, which should probably get its own post so as not to sour the proceedings, I've been sucked back into The Voice? I think it must say something for the rejigging of the format, because it was about this time last year that I abandoned it. It's just a fact, though, that neither Danny wotsisarrogantface nor Tom Jones have any clue about production, which is such a shame, because Jessie J and will.i.am's people are the only ones who end up giving proper thought-through performances.

Everyone's clear favourite, as it should be, is Leah... Because this is just aces! I can't bear pop, but modern covers of disco I apparently like. Also, the vast heaps of sarcasm she pours over the lyrics are great.

But I also like Leanne, who got kicked off. I think she dreams of being Christina Aguilera, but she really needs to be on the dance circuit. That icy high register of hers is dying out for pounding electronics. As they started getting to with this:

Soz; I iz proper hyper on curry and Hotel Chocolat chocolate wot I couldn't resist on the way home.
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So, in a fit of wanting someone else to find new music for me, I signed up to the subscription service run by Rough Trade, where you get six of their favourite new tracks for £2.99 per week. It says that they get tracks often ahead of release and you get additional material - so far, I can certainly say that these tracks do seem to be ahead of release and properly fresh in that way. Not sure what they're talking about in terms of additional material, but they do also say that this is a fairly new service and they're building it up as they go along, so we'll see what happens!

For as long as I go for it, I thought it might also be fun to keep a blog of my feelings on the tracks. I actually thought this would be more difficult than I'm hoping it will be... My general worry with the service was that, as sponsored by the Guardian, it was going to be a lot of samey Guardian-reader-friendly tunes aimed at 30 year olds, which ten years ago would have meant a lot of Pixies-esque stuff... I don't know if it isn't that, but there's definitely variety here and a clear identity between tracks. My fear now that I'm interested in three of the tracks enough to want the albums is that every Saturday could potentially start getting very expensive. :/

Reviews )

Overall I think that was a success! Not pausing my subscription yet.
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it was only my fashion ears pricking at 90s hiphop. Loving this track:

Apparently King Krule was on the longlist for the BBC's sound of 2013. Don't I feel mainstream...
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Because I was bored and so faffing around with iTunes -

A Personal History of the Last ~10 Years in Big Tunes

out of stuff I've bothered to keep on my iPod that
(a) I bought at the time (or close enough)
(b) remember as important

even though this became quite difficult by 2008
and I was listing to an awful lot of 70s punk basically throughout this time period
and I went through AFI and Bad Religion as favourite bands (mostly for their back catalogues)

... )

Plz share your thoughts and meme at will!
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So, [livejournal.com profile] bogwitch has been getting me into New Wave recently, ever since I found myself listening to a load of it on the American Airlines 80s radio channel... I was convinced that this stuff sounded dead on trend and something was going on with it. Turns out I was right! As my Rough Trade Synth Wave 10 album put me on towards, there is some sort of scene happening, possibly taking the name coldwave or minimal wave, following what to my knowledge are long defunct descriptors of early post-punk. Very excited about this! (And don't worry, will stop talking wank about genres now.) There's a whole world to explore, but currently I'm in love with Led Er Est, who sound a bit like Theatre of Hate would if they'd come from Brooklyn and ditched the saxophones for gameboy-dodgy synth and more groovy lines. Really it's just the vocals. Anyway, this is a track off their album from last year:

and this is a more boppy track of greatness from their 2009 outing (though everything I have says it's called Poll Gorm, not Poll Grom):

ETA: And this is why all the hipster bands are starting to record on cassettes! It all makes sense... Alas, no cassette player for me; not hipster enough, clearly.
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It was the [livejournal.com profile] bogwitch's birthday yesterday, so the appropriate thing to do seemed to be to make an Illyria fanmix, with bogwitch-friendly tracks and a very thin narrative.

Ta daa!!

Can't believe it's Friday tomorrow already.
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Crystal Castles had a new album out recently, it seemed worth mentioning that this song is a triumph beyond triumphs. It's all about the slow, smooth baseline and the echo chamber of everything else.

(The image of the video doesn't change, by the way; it's an unbleached version of the photo from the album cover.)

I can't really name any other standout songs from the album, but that's fairly par for the course with CC, it seems (and I definitely rate the album). I wish they'd set their vision a bit bigger than individual songs, because I would be in love with a proper twenty minute EP or some such. They're clearly developing (and I love the fact, just discovered, that (III) was made without computers), but the songs are still very much one idea played with for a few minutes, when they could easily carry a bit more narrative.

ION I slightly hate last.fm. I had to remove the updated app they had me download, because it kept trying to interfere with iTunes in a way that Windows decided was too virus-like. So currently I have no record of listening habits. Ah well. No one really needs to know that I sat in the library with Simple Minds on repeat for four hours.
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Many thanks to whomever nominated me at [livejournal.com profile] absence_oflight! I have my suspicions who it was, but I shall keep quiet - it's very much appreciated!!

In other news, I bought some new plant pots and will be attempting to grow/maintain basil plant number three. Don't know why I bothered buying more coriander; may not bother with it and just grow mint instead. Yum, mint. Have moved my jade plant into this hideous blingy mosaic glass ball thing (meant for candles and presumably the ugly nineties spa look?), but as I hoped the soil tones down the blingy glass and leaves it a nice-ish textured pot that goes with the living room. (It was the right size, basically, and everything else was horrible too. This was so ugly it charmed me...)

Generally, I am in complete love with this song - ish. It's the best off the album (which isn't that great, but nice enough), and the original was one of my favourites off the original album. It's definitely better than the original, but I feel like something's supposed to happen after the first two minutes that never does. :(

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I need to leave for the library now, but I found this! Never seen it in full before. Have not got more than about five minutes through, but if you've never heard of Poly Styrene, at least the first part of this should tell you what an intelligent, thoughtful and generally lovely person she was was (RIP Poly :( ). Even if you also get the impression that, like a lot of us, she couldn't hold a tune if she couldn't hear herself over any background racket...

I wanna be instamatic
I wanna be a frozen pea
I wanna be dehydrated
in a consumer society

(^some of my favourite lyrics ever.)

ETA: Oh dear, this may well break your heart. I thought it must have been filmed before Poly left the public eye, but it seems to be more about her reflections on why fame is horrific... Watch at your own risk? I'm halfway through and it's definitely worth watching, but yeah, it's sad.
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I was listening to The Jam earlier, and Down in a Tube Station at Midnight reminded me that there used to be vending machines on Tube stations(!). When did they all disappear? Why did they disappear? They always used to be completely overpriced (40p for a chocolate bar in the mid-late nineties, IIRC, which was ridiculous then but pretty cheap now), but sometimes you were waiting at Oxford Circus or Harrow on the Hill (which I think kept the machines going for a while longer than the underground ones) and really fancied a snack...
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It wasn't shit. I actually liked it a lot! There were many delights to be had and I might actually go and watch it again now (at least the first bit, not the parade, nor the goo later, though that was pleasant enough at midnight). Macca ruined it at the end, as is his way, but the first section was very clever - I've been made to sing Jerusalem in school in my time and it was quite something to see it played out against the irony of history. With Branagh!Brunel and The Tempest, no less!

And I liked the bouncy beds and the GOSH children's stories. And all the music!! It was so nice to feel like there were people at the helm in the Boyle-Underworld team who knew where to go for a recent history of British music. I'm not even a big fan of Dizzee Rascal, but you can't really have a house party without him (and help me for recognising Tinie Tempah too). There nothing like the Pretty Vacant riff as a siren call...

And I thought the 7/7 memorial firey section was very well done (Emeli Sandé has a lovely voice), and I loooved the cycling birds. (Especially to the sound of the Arctic Monkeys! Not who I expect to pop up at an event like this, and so refreshing. Take note, you bookers of Gary effing Barlow.)

They had some very nice picks on the flag carriers. Shami Chakrabarti looked like she couldn't believe she'd been asked, and I couldn't quite either, but, yeah, she's who you want carrying a flag!

And someone somewhere made some excellent choices about how to do the whole torch-to-cauldron bit. Not least on the copper (best metal). ;)

(Still not going to watch any of the sport.)

ETA: Seriously, I cannot stop re-watching the Isles of Wonder/Pandaemonium opening segment. I'm not sure what other national pageants I've ever seen for the UK, but this is so captivating. That molten steel running down the shape of the Thames; the pantomime-monster-sized industrial looms. Maybe I'm just easily bought by slick and ironic literary references, but this is spectacle.


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