27 January 2011

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I quite like the condensed version of this, with it all in one go, but I also quite like the audio version [livejournal.com profile] snickfic did... So I had a go. It went wrong, so I tried again [ETA: and it's the old version I'm talking about when I say I'm trying for fewer tangents, not Snick's, who was very much on message! Didn't structure that mental paragraph very well]. It didn't change much. I dunno; I feel like a lot of this has been said before, and I end up, for some reason, a little po-faced-serious and I don't talk very quickly and I'm not sure I ever manage to say things I wouldn't edit and reconsider if they were written down, but - it might be interesting? Feel free to clock out if you get bored.

It's about fifteen minutes long and does questions 1-5.

In case you want to work out whether to listen, I talk about S7 (yay), Sleeper (yay), Key by the Devics, as used in Crush (yay), Buffy (yay) and Willow (er, boo?).
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I'm meming like it's 2005 at the moment; still, something to do, right?

[livejournal.com profile] bogwitch and I decided it would be fun to play Desert Island Discs, only with albums rather than single tracks, because having only eight songs for eternity would be enough to send anybody jumping for the sharks...

Music music music music )


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