1 May 2015

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What is this, I hear you ask? I cannot possibly have written fic again! Oh, but I have. As many of you have already gathered, I managed to pull my finger out earlier in the week and post a new fic to [livejournal.com profile] seasonal_spuffy. If you are familiar with stuff of mine, it's possible the general thrust of characterisation and themes are a little tired, but hopefully there's quite a lot to entertain as well!! It makes me think that I really want to get this other project that's been on the bubble for god know's how long finished so I can properly commit to thinking about other writing projects and coming up with something new about something. Also, because I seem to be missing the bus on the comics' investment in Spuffy, though my issues there are another story.

Anyway! This is the fic - on LJ and AO3.

By the click of someone else's slippers

S6 | NC-17(ish) | ~34,000 words total in seven chapters

Spike has spent the last few months in an AU LA with no memory of Buffy or even Sunnydale. Buffy comes to rescue him, but Spike’s not sure why she bothers. At the end of the day, though, it’s really just a rewrite of Smashed

On LJ @ Seasonal Spuffy! | At the AO3!



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