19 August 2015

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OK, I am an hour behind schedule, but the fic is updated!!!! There are a couple of larger chunks and some smaller ones replacing bits. Otherwise things are generally shunted around a bit, so I would recommend starting from chapter eleven and seeing what you think if you are interested in seeing it anew... *bites fingernails* I slightly like the new bits more than the old stuff now, but I think I'm just used to it all. What do you think, internet????

Now to see if the chapter management on AO3 is a kindly or terrifying beast...

*boom boom adrenaline pumping music* Here's hoping the summer subsides into ease tomorrow. The, er, the fic is finished?
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Yes, it's a post that's not about me! Now, I am a very bad lapsed gen reader, through the fault of my own Spuffyism and some sort of years-old border conflict or something or too many fics that at one time seemed to decide it was OK to have Spike and Buffy post S5 in the same locale and never have a conversation and/or forget everything that had ever happened.

Anyway, such are my issues - but! More fool me, because you should all go and read this fic:

Green Smoke and Empty Mirrors by [archiveofourown.org profile] apprenticebard

I saw familiar faces in the kudos, because I am behind the times, but I am reccing it anyway!! It's a long Spike and Dawn story, set just at the end of Angel S5, when Dawn gets wind of what's going down and Andrew knows Spike's there, so they head off to figure stuff out. Amazing cameos from Angel and Illyria; Giles is kinder than I've ever managed to write him post S7 (and so lovely for it); all these ace Spike-Dawn flashbacks which give you a Dawn who is cleverer and more cynical and appropriately younger than often she gets portrayed. And obviously Buffy would have got in the way, but she's off and unreachable somewhere, so the fic makes sense and gets to not be about Spuffy without any chinks in the characterisation. And Spike is all Spike-like. It's great, basically. And did I mention there were flashbacks and a dragon and Illyria?


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