28 August 2015

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The Fag Ends Anniversary Party is still going, people. I have a few things I will try and edit up (/embellish???) to bring over at some point, but I was occupied rather a lot this week by the saga of my desire to make a video, specifically for the Depeche Mode B-Side Fools, because [livejournal.com profile] bogwitch prompted it (obviously), and I have been annoyed about not having made a video for ages. Long story short, when I replaced my laptop with a PC a few years ago, the ancient version of Windows Movie Maker stopped working with any file types apart from .wmv, and it was basically impossible to get any footage into it (and so far my attempts to try and find other software to make videos has been a complete disaster; for some reason I love WMM). However! After Windows 10 made me lose everything, and I had to find the CyberLink DVD player through a random menu, I discovered there was some CyberLink movie-making software on my computer, which was useless for everything APART FROM turning ripped .mkv DVD files into high quality .wmv files. And so I was saved!!

Of course, I then decided I wanted to make a Angel S5 Spuffy reunion vid, because I have wanted to make an AU vid for ages. So there was this whole business with downloading some dodgy version of The Grudge dubbed into Hindi and playing about with that and then deciding to invest a whole £1.27 in a DVD to make everything look nice, so then I had to wait for that to turn up. But now it's here!!! It is rather necessary to just go with the idea that LA and Tokyo basically look the same.

Do be careful if you have photosensitive epilepsy, as I would always say with any of my vids. As Hyperdub used to say about Burial tracks before you bought them, also, the glitches are part of the effect. ;)

A few more shots of courage and...

[BtVS/AtS + Depeche Mode, with some guest footage]
[HD on Vimeo // my other vids]


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