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2013-01-04 12:12 am


Confessions of a Shopaholic's on iPlayer at the moment, so I watched it, for dubious reasons known to no one. I can't say it was very good, but it got surprisingly close to actually dealing with addiction (actually) at a few points. There were a few beats when it really could have broken into some sort of Trainspotting-esque reality and you realised that the shopping had been a metaphor all along and the frivolous world of New York magazine journalism was in fact the imaginings of someone in a hovel somehow managing to catch repeats of Ugly Betty...

But, anyway, it made me miss the early days of Being Human, when it was all just a heroin addict, a domestic abuse escapee and an HIV-positive randomer trying to make a go of it in Bristol. I don't know why they never realised that the world they'd created wasn't epic fantasy so much as something very, very small. :(
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2010-01-31 10:21 pm
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Being Human was fantabulous )

Also, I feel rather ridiculously English. I felt pretty rubbish for most of today - I had a headache and my tinnitus was playing up - but I had some nice milky tea with my Paperchase 'Tea for One' combined teapot-teacup thing that I got for Christmas (it's hard to explain - here's some pics) and felt so much better. Heh, I may have gone overboard and given myself the jitters. Damn you, caffeine! (But in the guise of F&M's Queen Anne blend - yes, I was treating myself - you taste so good...)