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I've got some shiny glass hearts - thanks, people! LJ almost didn't tell me, because it's mean.

ETA: And I must share this example of the most serendipitous text message conversation ever.

1715: [Friend] texts to say she, her sister and whoever's around will be in pub at 8/8.30, probably starting in The [10-15 minute cycle from my house].

2020: I get text message rather than failing as I usually do with same day texts. Say that I am on my way and will hopefully come to the right place.

2030: I am finally ready to go and leave the house, packing stuff into my bike and putting the lights on.

2031: I hear the sound of a text alert from my bag. They are at The [10-15 minute cycle from my house] but are possibly about to leave for The [2 minute cycle from my house].

2034: A phone call confirms that they are finishing up drinks and heading my way on foot; we are to meet at The [2 minute cycle from my house] at 9-ish.

And let's not forget that The [2 minute cycle from my house] is a very excellent pub. :D


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