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What the hell has LJ done to LJ cuts??? Why do they hate me so and change everything I am comfortable with??? Now there are scissors everywhere! I find it off-putting.
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I've got some shiny glass hearts - thanks, people! LJ almost didn't tell me, because it's mean.

ETA: And I must share this example of the most serendipitous text message conversation ever.

1715: [Friend] texts to say she, her sister and whoever's around will be in pub at 8/8.30, probably starting in The [10-15 minute cycle from my house].

2020: I get text message rather than failing as I usually do with same day texts. Say that I am on my way and will hopefully come to the right place.

2030: I am finally ready to go and leave the house, packing stuff into my bike and putting the lights on.

2031: I hear the sound of a text alert from my bag. They are at The [10-15 minute cycle from my house] but are possibly about to leave for The [2 minute cycle from my house].

2034: A phone call confirms that they are finishing up drinks and heading my way on foot; we are to meet at The [2 minute cycle from my house] at 9-ish.

And let's not forget that The [2 minute cycle from my house] is a very excellent pub. :D
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So, here's the thing. I don't actually think the new comments page looks that bad. I think the border around the 'post new comment' box is too thick, but otherwise it looks to me like a fairly new-webby updated version of the old page, which I don't overly mind. [ETA: Although, the margins are soooo buggered. What is with that?? I thought new-webby design remembered that people tend to have widescreen laptops these days and margins are important! *sigh* ]


Trying to use it for the first time, I've discovered that with my NoScript add-on enabled, I cannot actually use the post button unless I allow all the page to work - even though the only site I have unticked to disallow is facebook.net. (This isn't a particular problem with Facebook, but everything's unticked by default and I've never had a need to let facebook.net run, so I don't see why I should let it.) Even though it's only really because of the general paranoia brought on by using NoScript in the first place, I find it makes me twitchy that I can't see what site/script I'm allowing to run.

Also, I cannot get the stupid icon browser to work at all, even with allowing all the scripts on the page to run.

Generally, the whole thing is being a massive pain in the arse, so I'm going to try out only allowing comments on DW for a bit. I never thought I would, because I would far rather be dual platform for everyone's convenience and don't really care about having all conversations less than a click away from each other, but since my style and basic account mean I'm stuck with that stupid page on LJ, I would really rather avoid it as much as possible.

Yours grumpily, [personal profile] quinara (add me!! ;) ).
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But I couldn't fracture my last post (again) with yet another veering tangent, so, points:

- Going away seems to have let LJ decide it could be crap with my email notifications. If I'm ignoring you, feel free to wave in one of these recent posts of mine and hopefully I'll see it...

- Fly, Dollhouse fans/watchers to read [livejournal.com profile] bobthemole's Alive, Child of Awake to be overwhelmed by a rush of nuanced thought fodder that reflects the full potential of the show's questions. Reading this, I care about Echo.
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[personal profile] fangfaceandrea posted a heads up about this feature and now I'm curious to see what people think about it. I've set mine to 'off' for the time being, though part of me thinks that's a shame, because I've always liked the idea of a non-intrusive hit-counter. Nevertheless this seems too much - having the time stamp of when someone last looked? Really?

I'll be honest - I'm a journal stalker. I love reading the comments other people have posted and, since I spend most of my time pretty bored, will happily have a few tabs open on interesting pages and refresh them quite often to see what's new. I love going for little wanders through people's journals. But I don't want to make anyone feel uncomfortable. And I don't want to give into the urge of constantly checking if people are reading my journal and, if they are, why aren't they commenting yet?? I don't always comment though I might open up a cut, yet I'm scared I'll feel grotty when no one else does either.

One thing I do quite like though, is that it might encourage me to comment on fic I've read by people not on my flist/fic my flist has posted and I didn't read first time round. I'm not ashamed of anything I read, yet still I feel I shouldn't comment.

So, what do other people think? I'm up for braving it for a bit if other people are. I'd like to know if it would actually affect my browsing habits.

Heh, I should probably just become more committed to Dreamwidth (ie. redirect comments), get a paid account and use Google Analytics, shouldn't I?


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