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The podcasts for [livejournal.com profile] writerconuk have been put up, by the wonderful Audio Video! It's all very exciting. If you want to know what WCUK is like, or just listen to people talking about fandom, do check them out!

I'm on there with my Fanpoetry Talk, in particular. When I get home, I'd like to make a video with my Powerpoint Presentation, but for now I've uploaded the .ppt file here, which you might like to follow along!

[Quinara - Fanpoetry Podcast, WCUK 2011]

(Massive shout outs to [personal profile] mere_ubu's Spaiku, [personal profile] sobsister's sonnet and [personal profile] fulselden's ballad in here!)

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In which I say more stuff!! I was a bit more upbeat this time - and hopefully more comprehensible...

17 minutes of me.

Stuff I talk about: Spike (yay), Angel (sorry), Buffy-Giles (yay), Spuffy (yay), S3 (...yeah).
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I quite like the condensed version of this, with it all in one go, but I also quite like the audio version [livejournal.com profile] snickfic did... So I had a go. It went wrong, so I tried again [ETA: and it's the old version I'm talking about when I say I'm trying for fewer tangents, not Snick's, who was very much on message! Didn't structure that mental paragraph very well]. It didn't change much. I dunno; I feel like a lot of this has been said before, and I end up, for some reason, a little po-faced-serious and I don't talk very quickly and I'm not sure I ever manage to say things I wouldn't edit and reconsider if they were written down, but - it might be interesting? Feel free to clock out if you get bored.

It's about fifteen minutes long and does questions 1-5.

In case you want to work out whether to listen, I talk about S7 (yay), Sleeper (yay), Key by the Devics, as used in Crush (yay), Buffy (yay) and Willow (er, boo?).
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I saw [personal profile] stultiloquentia do this and was all, 'I haven't seen it anywhere...' - but then suddenly it was everywhere!! So here I am, belatedly (or not) on the bandwagon...

Hey! It's me! /Portal

Questions. )
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So, [personal profile] stultiloquentia mentioned that my voice is actually very similar to the narrator she imagined for her fic Campfire Tale for the End of Days and, well, I was (and still am) getting annoyed with my own fic for not being very easy to narrate (damn you, blurry third-person-POV!!), so I larked about pretending to be at a supernatural feast for a bit! It was good times.

It's eleven-and-a-half minutes long; please listen and (hopefully) enjoy! Tell me what you think, if you like.


And, if you've never read the fic before, why not? :P Tell her you love it.

(If on the off chance there's anything else anyone would like me to read, let me know!)
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Further attempt to record myself, in which I explain the reason why I thought I would again, explain the basis of my dissertation and its relevance to my thinking about fandom.


(You really don't need to listen to this one - it's bloody long; I'm just posting it as part of a commitment to posting it... Though, PS, I do eventually remember the right Shakespeare play by the end if you get that far and want to yell at me!)
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What it says on the tin, really. I bought one of those headphone-microphone headsets today on a slight whim and have been playing around. Answering the age-old question of what my accent is! Sorry for all the umms and ahhs...


Maybe I should do a transcript - does anyone need/want that?

PS. What I forgot to say - people who've heard me speak, do I sound like this??

PPS. What would a Quin!Post be without an ETA - I present my attempt to speak more normally (though I'm still speaking quietly, which does something to the pitch) and less like I'm giving a talk somewhere. I think it gets closer to me by about halfway through. I'll warn you though, this is a proper ramble. (And the recording seems a bit dodgy stereo-wise, for some reason.)



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