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I'm a bit boring at the moment, because the new academic year has kicked off and everything is busy! But, at the same time, I am also proceeding further with my flat purchase and thus wasting lots and lots of time looking at interiors...

So, something happened about a year ago when I decided I agreed with everyone in the know(...!) that pastels have somehow become edgy again. Maybe it's the bronies, though I doubt it, but they do remind me of the world I inhabited in the early 90s back when you could be a child and no one expected you to like anything cool. Also they remind me of sweets.

But! They are difficult. So even though I now dream of having some sort of pastelly bedroom, I find myself concerned it will not work. Because it is a very fine line between faded death by ugliness/that icy blue or mint going very cold and unwelcoming/that pink like some little madam got her dad to go to B&Q and zingy tasty pastelly joy, where the room is alight with E numbers.

The key seems to be in the clever use of neon, which appear to be pastels' natural friends - or so says Pantone, so it must be true:

pastels and neons on some cards

But then the neon isn't quite neon, more like a very saturated primary. Argh! But isn't the combination amazing????

++ more evidence )

I also fear that the other key is a liberal and sensible use of white and pale grey, neither of which I can say I am naturally drawn to. Especially white walls; blech. I suppose this is the challenge! Because how can you say no to the 80s???



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