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So, I got my invite... Apparently I have to sign up with either a facebook or a Twitter account. No possibility of creating an independent account. 'But we will ALWAYS let you control sharing', I am promised.

Yeah, there is very little more likely to make me say 'eff off' to a service than that.

The question now is whether I make a dummy Twitter account just to be allowed on another site... Right now I think I'm too affronted.

*iz miffed*

ETA: Clicking on the 'sign up with Twitter page' it takes me to an app page on Twitter which says:

This application will be able to: Read Tweets from your timeline, See who you follow, and follow new people, Update your profile, Post Tweets for you.

This application will not be able to: Access your direct messages, See your Twitter password.

Well, isn't that nice it wouldn't be able to get at my password? !! Never mind it would have access to pretty much anything someone with the password could do anyway.

I really cannot bear this creeping process of people joining up the web. It's all to create richer baskets of demographics data to raise the price of advertising, yet the whole thing is so disingenuously presented in the patronising idea that people find it too complicated to have multiple log-ins: 'we require facebook and Twitter to make it easier to find people you know and reduce spam,' it says. I mean, come on: I don't want to find people I know and your site is proper bugged if your small start-up is getting so much spam that you have to piggyback off the user-screening of something so widespread as Twitter.

Do not get me started on Google's bullshit and the patronising messages they've started putting at every point of user engagement.

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So, I've signed up for a Pinterest invite... I saw the button on the Topshop website and thought to myself, 'you know, I would actually have a use for a service where I could store a mood board of aaaaaaall the clothes I'm lusting after - it might even help some buying decisions'. I'm going to sign up under my fandom name, because I can only ever imagine linking to it here for some reason - but, erm, I doubt anyone will be that interested in my obsession with dark red, jewel tones, leather, silk and wool and gold and BRIGHT THINGS (you see why I can never afford anything and have to lust)...

But! Does anyone have a Pinterest account? Do you use it? Is it fun? Browsing, there seems to be lots of tasty pictures of cake and cocktails, but considering I am always in the mood for a margarita anyway I'm not sure this is sensible to have in easy access. Oooooh, mood board of sweets!!

This is brought you by Gold Jacquard Mini Skirt, which makes me miss an old skirt I used to have in gold brocade. :( Also, I own two pairs of this style of jeans in dark grey and marine blue... But I cannot buy a pair in dark red, because otherwise most of my jumpers would make me look like I don't even know what. But it would be nice to have a reminder they exist. Also, eighteen pound jumper? Bargainous. Plus they do the same in a lovely heathered black...


ETA: Lavender mojito!!


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