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I wrote a fic! And because I get some sort of masochistic thrill from posting where no one will see things, I've put it up (for the moment) at [livejournal.com profile] sb_ashtray, [livejournal.com profile] sb_fag_ends' new sister comm! No specified pairings or characters, no limits, just responses to the Fag Ends prompts of yore, whenever you get round to it. The fic itself is Spuffy nonetheless and the first part of four. The whole thing should come in around 16,000 words, probably just R. It's the turning point in the London futureverse of mine where Spuffy go from their long distance relationship to living together, because that's always something I've wanted to work out how it happens. Check it out!

What it is to Burn.
After three years in a long distance relationship, Buffy’s the one who cracks first.

(I am in such a weird mood today. It's been massively stormy and I made the mistake of getting MineCraft (the Technic Pack in particular). I'm too much of a noob to go on the multiplayer server, so I've been pottering around this empty world entirely on my own, full of dreams of building some sort of steampunk magic railway but mostly unable to find anything I'm looking for and failing to set up my one machine properly. And then dying the moment I actually get my hands on some diamonds. It doesn't help that my laptop's too rickety to run the game smoothly, so it's actually physically tiring to play. Sigh.)
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So, my Easter weekend can be summed up by easily boilable carbohydrate things, writing and computer games. Yep. Oh, and Tchaikovsky. A lot of Tchaikovsky.

I keep opening up this window trying to come up with something more to say about that, and a witty way of turning the anecdote about the group of classicists who decided to go into the library on Good Friday only to end up in the common room for most of the afternoon watching supergreatfriend's Let's Play: Deadly Premonition and my ensuing roller coaster ride through the videos over the next three days, but that's pretty much all there is to say.

Currently 44,000 words into what will hopefully be a completed longfic thing for [community profile] seasonal_spuffy and have hassled [livejournal.com profile] bogwitch with 30,000 words of it. At least that chunk makes a rough Part I that I could post if all else went wrong. Need to get the rest out, though.

Also: new things you learn everyday about US vs. UK idiom. Dish towels instead of tea towels? I think I knew this anyway, but that was annoying to have to Wiki when it sounded wrong in Buffy's voice. And I have always wondered what 'rappelling' is. Turns out it's just abseiling - who knew? Why can't I write for a British fandom...??
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It works!! At last it is returned to me and it works!! It works!!

OK, I forgot to bring any games back with me in the gloom of having no PlayStation, but I'm popping to see the parents at the weekend and then I'll have games!! Other than this driving game that is far too open box for me (Los Angeles, you are unnavigable!!) and this weird golf game I don't understand at all.

And it works!! I sat on the rug with my controller in front of the telly and I pressed the buttons and it made noises at me!

And I keep seeing adverts for FFXIII-2! All right, so I want to play VIII again, and then there's X and X-2 and XII and the actual XIII to play, but I would say it's, what, about forty-fifty hours a pop for a good completion? That's no so long even though I like the shopping and the subquests and the all the chocobo stuff.

I've lost everyone with the chocobos, haven't I?

Damn, for the first time ever I wish I were eleven again. No fic to write; no PhD to do - just me and the old PlayStation and a sofa and a telly and the summer holidays and a litre of long-life orange juice. All right, the orange juice wasn't the best bit, but I am something of a liquid snacker and that was when Coke was controlled in my house.

Also, when I was eleven, I knew what to do with cardboard boxes, rather than being faced with the annoyance of knowing I'll need them to move my stuff as and when, but not having any idea where to store them...

Also, I was rubbish when I was eleven. I think I need to combo that with the orange juice and the summer after GCSEs.


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