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A quick zoom through this week's tracks, which, to be honest, didn't make much of an impression at all. It's probably a good thing I started the week before, otherwise I'd have been very disappointed...

Reviews: 70s bollocks [ETA: oh, whoops, it actually IS, and late 60s even; early Bowie specifically...] and random ambient )

Roll on Friday!
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So, in a fit of wanting someone else to find new music for me, I signed up to the subscription service run by Rough Trade, where you get six of their favourite new tracks for £2.99 per week. It says that they get tracks often ahead of release and you get additional material - so far, I can certainly say that these tracks do seem to be ahead of release and properly fresh in that way. Not sure what they're talking about in terms of additional material, but they do also say that this is a fairly new service and they're building it up as they go along, so we'll see what happens!

For as long as I go for it, I thought it might also be fun to keep a blog of my feelings on the tracks. I actually thought this would be more difficult than I'm hoping it will be... My general worry with the service was that, as sponsored by the Guardian, it was going to be a lot of samey Guardian-reader-friendly tunes aimed at 30 year olds, which ten years ago would have meant a lot of Pixies-esque stuff... I don't know if it isn't that, but there's definitely variety here and a clear identity between tracks. My fear now that I'm interested in three of the tracks enough to want the albums is that every Saturday could potentially start getting very expensive. :/

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Overall I think that was a success! Not pausing my subscription yet.


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