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About all the shit on Twitter as late.


Must go to bed now. Can't hide from the future forever!
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But I think I would have been too stressed travelling around this weekend, not least because I skived on Thursday to go to the Proms! We stood for the first one, but my mum managed to get some jammy tickets to the Nigel Kennedy who was aaaaaaaaaaaamazing. Check it out on iPlayer if you can! (It's Prom 34.) Was very excited to see in some publicity article for it in the Times (wot my Mum reads) that the Nige is doing a collaboration with Massive Attack on another version of the Four Seasons which is meant to be released in the Autumn. It's going to be epic.

I also just bought some shoes. They are... Characteristic?

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Everyone knew this anyway, but it's always fun to see people confounding body image stereotypes. Although it reminds me I've been meaning to start pilates or something more useful than just walking/cycling.


(The other clip about the bloke who's written a diet book "not just" for teenagers is skeevy as heck.)
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So, if you have Netflix... Watch this show!!!!! If you don't, um, ...

This is the only non-spoilery video I could find. But meet Piper Chapman! She's a well-off, liberal, self-involved party girl who just wants to keep her line of artisanal soaps in Barney's. She has a nice fiancé, who's a writer who's going to make it big one day (though his Upper East Side parents can cover for him in the meantime). The statute of limitations on the money trafficking Piper did that one time ten years ago is twelve years, but unfortunately she just got named in the bust on her drug-importing ex-girlfriend Alex (who, by the way, is played by Donna from That 70s show... You can't say that you never wanted to see her again in another role), so now she's in prison. Sad times.

But that is only the beginning! What follows is the long and lengthy deconstruction of someone who lives in their own little narcissistic world who is finally and consistently forced to face consequences for every single action they take in a bubble/fish-bowl like environment. I'm not a huge fan of novelistic television, but for a drama this has all the best elements of sitcom - a small world, a slightly heightened reality (just enough to stretch everyone into distinct characters), with tight and well signposted plotting. And Alex is brilliant. And this is exactly the sort of plot I love - because it's not just deconstruction; it's also transformational. But I don't want to ruin it by telling the whole story, though the great thing is that you can see it coming anyway. Just enjoy watching it play out! Because everyone's great - every single character has a good side and a bad one.

And if you've seen it, talk to me about it!! Although I have to stop my head reading everything in the way most of the characters talk. It makes the me inside my head sound ridiculous.

PS. It's also rated 18 (I think?) for a reason. Most of the graphic sex is in the first few episodes presumably to hook people the same way HBO does. Judge your company?

PPS. Also, how did I fail to recognise that Red is CAPTAIN JANEWAY? Also much missed. But found again!
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aka the latest Simon Pegg-Nick Frost venture.

I actually really enjoyed it, a hell of a lot more than Hot Fuzz and probably a lot more than Shaun of the Dead. Should be asleep, so this will be short. Read more... )

Oh, and we saw a trailer for the new Sandra Bullock buddy movie with Melissa McCarthy. It looked absolutely aces. Miss Congenality 2 is the most underrated two women buddy cop film ever, but I think this should be pretty excellent too. And earlier today I watched half an episode of Orange is the New Black. That seemed quite good, and I was promised somewhere good characters. The lead seems a bit of a cliché, but I'm hoping she grows into it a bit and the show doesn't keep her forever as a poor little misled flower.
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Thanks for the comments on my fic, gang! Replying to them soon. The library's shut and I'm supposed to do some work at home today... But video!

ETA: OK, so the BBC embed code doesn't work properly. Link instead:


I dunno if it'll play outside of the UK...
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The weather has resolved from scorching into a rather perfect (if elusive) British summertime, where it isn't so hot you feel uncomfortable just sitting in a room without air conditioning, but you can wear a t-shirt and jeans and have the windows open and just generally enjoy a light breeze the whole time. Well done, weather.

In less good news, my monitor decided it didn't want to receive an HDMI signal anymore, so I'm currently on my telly (which is a bit rubbish at rendering text and far too bright), until HP send me a replacement next week. Although I'm not sure that's not going to fail in three months time either, but I live in hope.

In other news entirely, I wrote some fic for the first time in ages. After a run-in at a nightclub, Buffy laments getting old...

Running Up that Hill.

Oh, and I seem to be getting into coconut water?
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Proper random, but browsing Topshop... I love this look, but cannot see myself ever, ever wearing it:

... )

This is basically the sad truth about a lot of where Topshop has gone recently. Maybe with a t-shirt that actually properly hit the top of those jeans? But also, I know, because I own some creepers, that I wouldn't be able to walk anywhere proper in those shoes without getting blisters, because my ankles have no grip at all. :'(

[Although, the more I look at this image, the more it seems obvious to me that the model's belly button must have been photoshopped in and she's not wearing the right shoe properly. So I'm happier to admire this as fashion photography that bears no resemblance to the potential of clothes in situ...]
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A quick zoom through this week's tracks, which, to be honest, didn't make much of an impression at all. It's probably a good thing I started the week before, otherwise I'd have been very disappointed...

Reviews: 70s bollocks [ETA: oh, whoops, it actually IS, and late 60s even; early Bowie specifically...] and random ambient )

Roll on Friday!
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Go, go, go: [livejournal.com profile] moriwen1's What is This, a Joke?

Spike and Aslan walk into a bar. Or, more exactly, Spike's on the hunt for his soul and ends up with a bloody terrifying lead. Cue a breezy-fresh short story with solid metaphysical credentials nonetheless. And chapter one has a twist that keeps on giving. [livejournal.com profile] brutti_ma_buoni already linked it, but I'm linking it again, because I don't want you lot to miss it!

In other news, which should probably get its own post so as not to sour the proceedings, I've been sucked back into The Voice? I think it must say something for the rejigging of the format, because it was about this time last year that I abandoned it. It's just a fact, though, that neither Danny wotsisarrogantface nor Tom Jones have any clue about production, which is such a shame, because Jessie J and will.i.am's people are the only ones who end up giving proper thought-through performances.

Everyone's clear favourite, as it should be, is Leah... Because this is just aces! I can't bear pop, but modern covers of disco I apparently like. Also, the vast heaps of sarcasm she pours over the lyrics are great.

But I also like Leanne, who got kicked off. I think she dreams of being Christina Aguilera, but she really needs to be on the dance circuit. That icy high register of hers is dying out for pounding electronics. As they started getting to with this:

Soz; I iz proper hyper on curry and Hotel Chocolat chocolate wot I couldn't resist on the way home.
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Suffragette sitcom! http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b02108p1/Up_the_Women_Episode_1/


It's sort of actually a bit crap by several objective criteria, but I lolled pretty much all the way through. Margaret's epistle to Ovid is a thing of beauty.

Fave quote: "Does your husband know you've been cavorting with skirted anarchists?!"

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So, in a fit of wanting someone else to find new music for me, I signed up to the subscription service run by Rough Trade, where you get six of their favourite new tracks for £2.99 per week. It says that they get tracks often ahead of release and you get additional material - so far, I can certainly say that these tracks do seem to be ahead of release and properly fresh in that way. Not sure what they're talking about in terms of additional material, but they do also say that this is a fairly new service and they're building it up as they go along, so we'll see what happens!

For as long as I go for it, I thought it might also be fun to keep a blog of my feelings on the tracks. I actually thought this would be more difficult than I'm hoping it will be... My general worry with the service was that, as sponsored by the Guardian, it was going to be a lot of samey Guardian-reader-friendly tunes aimed at 30 year olds, which ten years ago would have meant a lot of Pixies-esque stuff... I don't know if it isn't that, but there's definitely variety here and a clear identity between tracks. My fear now that I'm interested in three of the tracks enough to want the albums is that every Saturday could potentially start getting very expensive. :/

Reviews )

Overall I think that was a success! Not pausing my subscription yet.
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it was only my fashion ears pricking at 90s hiphop. Loving this track:

Apparently King Krule was on the longlist for the BBC's sound of 2013. Don't I feel mainstream...
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I like it when Newsnight packages the interesting bits into single videos:


(Also, this reminds me of how much I've enjoyed some articles in the Financial Times over the years. Sure, I have no money to do anything with this stuff, but it's very interesting. And the How To Spend It magazine is the best of all 'ogle expensive junk' periodicals, even if the ratio of men's stuff:women's stuff in it is a woeful reflection of the financial sector.)

(Yes, I went looking for yesterday's Newsnight. It's not up yet.)
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Gang, the peacock coat arrived!! It is even better than I could have imagined - rather than parka-type material (what do you call that? Calico is wrong, I'm sure...), it's actually a finer, silkier material, lined in black and ever so slightly quilted, 90s bomber jacket style! It's a completely different coat to my blue one, though the cut is the same, and I already want to wear it everywhere...

... !!

*OK, so there's other stuff as well, but this is the best/least stressful for the moment...
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So, I think this is exactly the same as a parka I bought a couple of months ago in navy blue (because everyone seems to own khaki now and getting a new khaki parka seemed like an insult to my old, beloved, knackered one)... Only it's got peacocks on it?


(Bearing in mind that the reviews are silly and I thought I didn't like my blue parka because it was unlined and a bit basic, but now spend most of my time walking around in it looking in shop window reflections and thinking how well it goes with skinny jeans and DMs.)

(Really, I think I want it. I just feel poor because I finally got around to dumping most of my savings in an ISA rather than having them floating around my current account. You like it too, right?)

ETA: Wellll... I hope I don't regret that in the morning. To be fair, I haven't been drinking recently. So that makes it OK.
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[livejournal.com profile] gingerwall posted this interview with Mila Kunis on her journal, but I had to bring it over here so that anyone who hasn't seen it can. Basically, Chris Stark is really nervous about the interview, so Mila helps him out by letting him go off-piste in the subject matter, and then... They end up talking about going down the pub in Watford. Watford!!! He envisions this day of fun where they go to Nando's and then to the football and then get trashed down the pub. It's worth it for the Watford Nando's shout-out alone (♥), but in general is just brilliant.

ETA: Heeee, more reaction. As far as I'm watching, this basically breaks down the video, but it explains the set up more too.

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Once upon a time a read a lecture summary or something on the Cambridge website about what would happen if humans upped and vanished one day from a large city (such as Cambridge)... I've never been able to find it again, but it stuck with me and was one of the main inspirations behind abridgement. And these images from Pripyat in the Chernobyl exclusion zone remind me of that too:


Can't get over that second image with the forest re-emerging between the buildings.
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Because I was bored and so faffing around with iTunes -

A Personal History of the Last ~10 Years in Big Tunes

out of stuff I've bothered to keep on my iPod that
(a) I bought at the time (or close enough)
(b) remember as important

even though this became quite difficult by 2008
and I was listing to an awful lot of 70s punk basically throughout this time period
and I went through AFI and Bad Religion as favourite bands (mostly for their back catalogues)

... )

Plz share your thoughts and meme at will!
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^ BBC headline right now. About pregnant!Kate pics.

... Er, gang, we're still in 2013, right? Watching Supersizers Eat The Fifties didn't actually send me back in time, did it? o.O

(Also watched the Supersizers do the Eighties. When did I start being charmed so much by the 80s? Why won't it stop?)

(I really, really don't want to go back to the library tomorrow. Even though I have Responsibilities To Undergrads I Have Been Shirking. My mum was right. I've hit the wall of my particular PhD marathon. In sport/bizarre craft projects this is usually where I give up. And my head is tender still. :( )


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