Nouveau Rogue by HanieMohd [sfw]

31 October 2014 23:24
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Fandom: Marvel Comics [X-Men]
Characters/Pairing/Other Subject: Rogue
Content Notes/Warnings: n/a
Medium: digital
Artist on DW/LJ: n/a
Artist Website/Gallery: [ profile] HanieMohd
Why this piece is awesome: The artist has lots of work in a series that is sorta superheroine art nouveau crossed with fashion illustration. This flowy example caught my eye tonight.

Link: Nouveau Rogue

Dear spn_reversebang

31 October 2014 16:49
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I do not have TIME to claim any of your art and write for it. I do not. Stop looking at me like that.

Buffy has horrible friends

31 October 2014 23:05
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I'm just rewatching "Empty Places", and I had to pause the DVD because I'm so angry at the way the others are treating Buffy. All last season, Giles and the others were telling her to take charge of her life - just two episodes ago he was telling her she should act more like a general - and now they're asking her who made her the leader? Umm, you did!

If they don't want to risk the lives of the Potentials, fine. I agree that taking them to the vineyard was a mistake. So why not suggest that Buffy, together with Faith or Spike goes out to investigate first? Rona accuses Buffy of being reckless, even though the potentials themselves just went out to party during an apocalypse.

And no wonder if Buffy has abandoment issues when even her own sister drives her out on the streets during an apocalypse!


I was watching The Mentalist earlier today, and Patrick Jane has so much better friends than Buffy. I want to give his friends to her.

(Seriously though, I kinda want to write a fic where Buffy becomes friends with Lisbon. I think they'd like each other a lot)

(no subject)

31 October 2014 16:21
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Goodness, I'm being forcibly reminded of why northern Michigan Halloween was such a yearly torment for me as a child - it's freezing! Literally - a gale wind, and sleet.

I always wanted to be a fairy or whatever, but mama quite rightly insisted that costumes had to be designed around potential to incorporate snowsuits.

Halloween post.

31 October 2014 18:17
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We don't do the trick-or-treating - traditionally, the begging for sweets is done on St. Martin's Day, but the carving of the pumpkin has become a tradition.

Pumpkin )

Banquet by Sayael (NSFW)

31 October 2014 16:02
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Fandom: Hannibal
Characters/Pairing/Other Subject: Hannibal Lecter, Will Graham
Content Notes/Warnings: violence, gore
Medium: digital drawing
Artist Website/Gallery: [ profile] Sayael

Why this piece is awesome: This is strangely captivating. I love all the opulence and detail in the table decorations, and I love their expressive faces.

Link: Banquet by Sayael

Happy Halloween

31 October 2014 09:18
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Happy Halloween! This is still one of my all-time favourite self-portraits (taken in 2010).

[Image of me dressed in white, crouched on a chair with my hands behind my back.]

I've put the animated GIF version (which is much creepier and also, y'know, animated) behind the cut.

More Links Than A Bag Of Sausages

31 October 2014 04:25
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Halloween Treat , Spike/Buffy by [personal profile] cindergal.

To a Strange New Land , O Tempora! O Mores ! , Detective Work , Spike/Buffy by [personal profile] gillo.

Blood Payment , How to Have Fun on a Hellmouth , Spike/Buffy by [personal profile] spuffy_luvr.

Not a Road Trip , Paradise , Monsters , Double Dead , Maturity , Spike/Buffy by [profile] foxstarreh.

Music of a Dream , Lost in a Crowd , Spike/Buffy by [personal profile] comlodge.

Chapter Twenty Five of Shattered Remains by [profile] xspike4evax.

[community profile] buffyversetop5's Classic Recs Weekend is open for business.

[personal profile] dragonyphoenix lists her favorite Top 5 slashy stories , [profile] rbfvid lists Top 5 horror stories , [personal profile] dragonyphoenix lists Top 5 funny stories

[profile] rbfvid lists Top 5 Halloween videos .

Buffyverse wallpapers by [personal profile] teragramm.

Spike/Buffy banner by [personal profile] comlodge.

Dawn icons by [profile] kwritten.

Dorkly includes Season Eight in their "The 5 Most Ridiculous Sex Scenes in Superhero Comic Book History". "Technically Buffy isn't a superhero in the traditional comic book sense, but she does gain superpowers in the official comic continuation of the TV series. That means she could lift trains, read minds and bust out cutesy Joss Whedon dialogue at superspeed. More importantly, her new abilities included can flying naked while having sex with Angel and crashing into cliffs like a filler episode of Dragon Ball Z".

The Sunnydale Press reports an incident in Prague.

Reading Post, 10/30/14

30 October 2014 20:19
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Reading Wednesday on a Thursday!

First of all, Yuletide assignments are out and mine is awesome. I also have plans to write a lot of treats this year, but we'll see how that goes.

Briefly, in books:

• What are you currently reading?

Continuing The Good Lord Bird by James McBride. Not a lot to add.

Started The Golem and the Jinni by Helene Wecker. I picked this up a while back when the ebook was on sale and hadn't gotten to it, but the author is doing an event in town next week and I figured I'd at least read a chapter or two. I might just end up tearing through, though -- it's long but so far is going very fast.

Also listening to The Dead in their Vaulted Arches by Alan Bradley, which means I'm almost caught up with the Flavia de Luce series. This one goes back a bit to the very tragic roots of the first book -- which had gotten a little lost for me in subsequent installments -- and it's a bit heartbreaking to see Flavia, so smart in some ways, be so naive in others. (Yes, Flavia, you're very good at chemistry. No, Flavia, you can't resurrect the dead. Though saying this, I want a crossover where Flavia hangs with Courtney Crumrin and Coraline. They really would take over the world.)

• What did you recently finish reading?

Speaking from Among the Bones -- the previous Flavia book

The Snow Queen by Michael Cunningham -- I don't think this is Cunningham's strongest, plot or structure wise, but I love the prose and the depths and distinctiveness of characterization accomplished in a relatively small space. This has more the feeling of an oversized short story than a novel. Possibly a "for Cunningham fans only" and if your literary-fiction-to-avoid list includes "all the characters live in Brooklyn and write songs or work in clothing boutiques," "a major character has "epiphanies occur in Central Park," this checks a lot of boxes.

Hild by Nicola Griffith -- I started this in the spring and finally remembered to finish. I really love the depth of detail, in a historical world that's both exhaustively researched and wonderfully imagined; I love that I can't really tell where one ends and the other begins. I never could quite get a handle on what kind of book this was -- was it about politics, about sexuality, about coming of age? -- and I ended up liking that too. The way I read it, Hild starts out pretending to be a seer/visionary and in the process of faking so well, she teaches herself to be one. I'm interested to see where Griffith goes with the story of the adult St. Hilda that I understand is coming in the sequel.

Also, not actually reading but worth noting that I saw Gone Girl and thought it was just about perfect. I was somewhat ambivalent about the book, but I think I actually "got it" more seeing it onscreen.

• What do you think you’ll read next?

I finally got Roxanne Gay's Bad Feminist out from the library, and I'm keen to get to that one. I also have The Rosie Project for my book club but am not nearly as enthused there. Maybe it will surprise me.

Award! + Quickie Qrossover

30 October 2014 23:25
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So apparently I won something at [ profile] wicked_awards. Specifically, Building Character won for Best Gen. Aw, shucks.

Thanks a lot to everyone involved, and congratulations to all the winners! Some great stuff there, go read now if you haven't already.

Also, just because I can, I have this idea of writing down a few bizarre or obscure crossovers that I could never make myself develop into anything longer. Here's one that people should at least be able to spot:

The Friendly Dark

Susie dreams of tigers, and wakes groaning. Now he's got her doing it. Hobbes is NOT REAL.

She keeps dreaming of tigers. She's heard about this. If you keep dreaming of someone, it means you're in love with them. And she so does not want to marry Calvin.

One day Calvin throws a snowball at her. She catches it in mid-air and sends it back to him hard enough to send him flying. She could swear the stuffed tiger sitting where he stood winks at her.

That night, she dreams of a tiger, and follows it into the desert landscape.

October 2014 playlist

30 October 2014 19:11
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Posted by J Whitehead

Kate Tempest MEDIUM.jpg

This month's playlist is a Mercury Prize special. The Mercury Prize is an annual event, celebrating the best of UK and Irish artists, with a final shortlist of 12 albums. This year, just three albums were by female artists - Everybody Down by Kate Tempest, LP1 by FKA twigs and One Breath by Anna Calvi. Although the winner of this year's prize, Young Fathers, was announced yesterday evening, it's definitely worth seeking out the aforementioned artists, who are original and incredible talents. You can watch them perform, along with the other shortlisted artists, at 11.40pm on Friday 31 October on Channel 4.

'Blood I Bled' is the new single by The Staves, a trio of sisters from Watford, making acoustic-folk music. Their harmonies are a revelation and judging by the popularity of their recent sell-out UK tour, they're going to be big.

Purson are a psychedelic rock band from London. When I hear this track, I can't help but think of Steeleye Span singing 'Gaudete'. Go figure.

I also really wanted to include a Salt-N-Pepa track which wasn't 'Push It'. I absolutely love that tune and it's probably their biggest hit, but they've also got an extensive back-catalogue of awesome rhymes with a fierce and feminist message. Growing up, I listened to a lot of Salt-N-Pepa. Playing their tracks now, I'm amazed and impressed at how pioneering and progressive they were, with their unapologetic anthems about female independence and sexual freedom. Infinite love and respect to the S to the P (and not forgetting Spinderella)!

Please click here for your October playlist. You can also view the track-list here.


The image is a black and white upper body shot of Kate Tempest, in mid-flow. One hand holds a microphone close to her mouth, whilst her other hand points out from an extended arm. Image by The Queen's Hall, shared under a Creative Commons licence.

Let's talk about TV!

30 October 2014 13:30
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I was just lamenting to [personal profile] per_aspera_ad_astra how I never talk about TV anymore, and all I post are linkspams, and lately I find myself having things to say, so let's talk superhero TV shows!

First, The Flash, which got Felicitified this week. Read more... )

I was going to get into my Agents of SHIELD feels, too - in that it's gotten to be a much better show, but in a way that proves they should've just done what they're doing now from the beginning - but this is already rather long and capslocky, so maybe we'll save that for tomorrow, along with all the Marvel previews and leaked videos from this week's announcement.

Lolita by MARiKaArt (NSFW)

30 October 2014 22:28
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Fandom: Sherlock Holmes
Characters/Pairing/Other Subject: Sherlock
Content Notes/Warnings: Contains Sherlock in an off-the-shoulder dress.
Medium: digital vector art
Artist on DW/LJ: n/a
Artist Website/Gallery: MARiKaArt on DA  and on tumblr
Why this piece is awesome: An amazing work - Sherlock as Lolita, looking extraordinarily debauched from his bloodshot eyes to his smudged lipstick to the chest hair and nipple peeking out the lacy neckline of his little black dress. The opposite of innocence. Check out Marika's other artworks, they're equally good.
Link: Lolita
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Fandom: due South
Characters/Pairing/Other Subject: Benton Fraser/Ray Kowalski
Content Notes/Warnings: bondage, underwear, accidental frottage
Medium: digital
Artist on DW/LJ:n/a
Artist Website/Gallery: Ao3 Tumblr DA
Why this piece is awesome: the piece manages to be funny, erotic and in character for the show.
Link: Not a Relaxing Situation

Na Na Na by WretchedIAN (SFW)

29 October 2014 21:18
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Fandom: Bandom
Characters/Pairing/Other Subject: Party Poison aka Gerard Way
Content Notes/Warnings: n/a
Medium: digital art
Artist on DW/LJ: n/a
Artist Website/Gallery: [ profile] wretchedian

Why this piece is awesome: This is one of the best Killjoys works I've seen in a long time. I love the way it feels like a slice-of-life/snapshot from a story. The composition and colours, and the slightly retro style are all wonderful and fits the motive perfectly.

Link: Na Na Na
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I get to work on Sor Juana this week yay! I saw her name in the files list, but was sure the assignment would have already gone out to someone. God she's the best. So excite.

Can any of y'all recommend resources for a Japanese ESL student dealing with college-level intro to composition coursework? My daddy goes soaring with a Japanese girl who's doing the aviation program at the local community college, and I guess she broke down on him last Sunday out at the airfield, overstressed and undersupported, so we're trying to help her out. I had her bring her materials to a meeting yesterday and sat with her for a bit; it looks to me like the main problem she's having is that she's having to deal so slowly and carefully with the language-comprehension stuff that she's not able to keep her thoughts clear, or cut through bullshit. There's also an awful lot of bullshit - I took the course she's in, long time passing, and it's comp-through-analysis-of-American-stereotypes, pretty much, and she neither knows nor really needs to know those stereotypes - but she does have to get through this class and the one after it in the comp sequence. I suggested audiobooks when possible, told her to stop writing in GoogleDocs and get herself a darn word processor with a spellchecker, but I was wondering if those of you who are trained for ESL education, or who have specific experiences with a Japanese/American situation, would know of anything more directly relevant to her needs.

Saga #24: Ahhhhhhhhh

29 October 2014 06:48
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Okay, I only got to read about a third of Saga #24 before it quit loading, and I have to go to work, so I don't have time to mess with it right now, but AHHHHHHHH. This is EVERYTHING I WANT IN THE WORLD. Well, for certain values of 'everything.' I want a lot of things in this book. And it'll probably all end tragically by the end of the issue. But meanwhile, AHHHHHHHH.

*seal claps*

UPDATE: I have now read the entire issue (fyi: this is really, really not a SFW issue, thank goodness there was no one else hanging out in the adjunct cubicles...), and it is EVEN MORE EVERYTHING I WANTED. YOU GUYS. YOU GUYS.

spoilers galore )

Pens 8, Devils 3

28 October 2014 20:01
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Not a typo. So, this was fun.

* Devils scored nine seconds into the game. We recovered.

* Seven Pens scored goals, including members of all four lines. (Downie scored his first as a Pen! Also: Adams!!) Twelve Pens got at least one point.

* Our power play was 3/7, and that's including the last one, which was played by the PP unit otherwise known as "the fourth line and bottom D pairing." (Announcers said Zach Sill was all grins when he came off the ice. Those were surely his first NHL PP minutes ever.) Sample sizes, regress to the mean, yada yada, but in the meantime our PP is sixteen percentage points ahead of the next PP in the league.

* And hey, our PK has killed of 18 in a row now, tying us for 12th! Not bad for a team that was worst in the league 4-5 games ago.

* All the goalies were bad. Flower was marginally less bad (0.842) than Schneider (pulled after second period, 0.783) and Clemmensen (0.700 - maybe should have left Schneider in, eh?). The difference was that our offense was having a heck of a lot more fun than theirs was.

* If we hadn't already passed the point of adding insult to injury, that final goal by Crosby on the breakaway surely did.

Kings on Thursday. I'd say they'll probably give us a harder time, but they've been losing to some pretty mediocre teams, so we shall see.

More major Marvel news

28 October 2014 21:51
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OMG just finished Arrow season 1 and I sort of feel like I've been cheating on Marvel this week but it's really, really good so I had to get that in before we get into all the Marvel stuff. Also, one thing I neglected to mention in my last post - OLIVER'S GREEN FACE PAINT. I find it endearingly ridiculous that, while suiting up for superheroing, this boy apparently stops to APPLY HIS EYE MAKEUP (because that is doing SUCH a good job of concealing his identity, what a humungous dork). On the other hand, I want whatever makeup remover he uses, because DAMN he can get that stuff wiped off quickly when reverting back to civilian Oliver.

ANYWAY. In case you missed it, earlier today Marvel announced what we all will be doing for the next five years, and the big news is that it includes Black Panther and Captain Marvel solo movies! \o/ Now we just have to wait until frickin' 2018 for the first female-led Marvel film. There's also the expected subtitles for Captain America 3 and Thor 3 (Civil War and Ragnarok, respectively), and confirmation that Avengers 3 and 4 will be a two-parter dealing with Thanos, subtitled Infinity War. Here's a live-blog of the announcement, at which RDJ and Chris Evans appeared and did an adorable little fighty thing, introduced Chadwick Boseman as Black Panther, then played Rock, Paper, Scissors to decide whose side he'd be on in the Civil War.

Other Marvel stuff:

* No confirmation of the rumor that Benedict Cumberbatch has been cast as Doctor Strange.

* An embargo on Age of Ultron interviews was apparently lifted this week as well, because there are interviews with the Chrises Evans and Hemsworth and with RDJ and Mark Ruffalo from the set. Also, here's a detailed breakdown of basically every frame of the trailer.

* Lots of info on the upcoming Agent Carter series from NYCC. I'm guessing it'll be yanked by the time I get this post up, but for now, here's the first TV spot for the series. I'll update when there's an official one released on YouTube.


* NPH is getting a variety show on NBC.

* TVD's Malese Jow is joining the cast of The Flash. Also, Wentworth Miller talks about playing Captain Cold on the show.

* John Rogers talks about creating the team for The Librarians. (As the creator of Leverage, he knows from teams.)

* The first extended look (with actual singing!) at Into the Woods, plus some of the costume inspirations that came from the cast.

* Here's a trailer for Kyle Chandler's new Netflix series, Bloodline.

Marvel explodes the Internet

28 October 2014 12:30
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Says here that we're getting:
* a Captain Marvel movie (FINALLY)
* a Black Panther movie (FINALLY)
* two Avengers 3 movies (cha-ching)
* Captain America 3: Civil War ( could be good. No, it could be, if it follows the comics continuity the way PotC: On Stranger Tides followed the Tim Powers novel. Which is say, by stealing the title and ditching EVERYTHING ELSE)

And, uh, some other stuff. I dunno. *flails feebly*

Humuhumu turns two.

28 October 2014 17:32
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[YouTube video, 26 seconds, of Humuhumu playing with her electronic keyboard]

I want to write a big long birthday post for Humuhumu but it's on hold until this work week is over. In the meantime, have a short video of her treating her parents to a serenade with the microphone using her new electronic keyboard. Her rendition of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" is...special. The last second of this video sends me into paroxysms of laughter every time.
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Hey! Remember that Buffy rewatch I started in 2008? Well, I might just finish it in the near future. Go me!

One of the reasons it was again on hiatus for two years (I watched S5 in 2012...) was because Buffy is my woobie, and I was dreading that this season would just make me hate all the other characters. Turns out that my fear was not entirely unfounded...

in summary: as predicted, I liked this season much less than I used to )

oops I accidentally shipped

28 October 2014 07:55
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I started lackadaisically watching this season of Agents of SHIELD and then 2x05 spoilers in case you're not caught up ) ... I'm going to keep watching for them and it's going to end in tears RIIIIIIIGHT?
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Fandom: Sherlock Holmes
Characters/Pairing/Other Subject: Sherlock and John
Content Notes/Warnings: none
Medium: digital painting
Artist on DW/LJ: closed off account on LJ
Artist Website/Gallery: nope, sorry - closed-off account on DA and there's only one other piece of fanart on the andbutts tumblr that's tagged as such. But there's one other very cute young femlock piece saved on Mira's tumblr here.
Why this piece is awesome: Such a hoot - they're teenage girl detectives painted in a very Nancy Drew manner, with John as Sherlock's tough "greaser" girlfriend. I really like the monochrone colour, like an old book illustration.
Link: girl detectives

More Links Than A Bag Of Sausages

28 October 2014 03:40
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The Queen and the Soldier , pre-series by [personal profile] beer_good_foamy.

Dutch Courage , Revenge Ode , Literary Criticism as a Martial Art , Fire and Light , Spike/Buffy by [personal profile] gillo.

Real Evil , Him and All , Both , Prelude , Spike/Buffy by [profile] thisficklemob.

Stanzas , Spike/Buffy by [profile] brutti_ma_buoni.

Not Fair , Sweet and Chunky , Spike/Buffy by [personal profile] comlodge.

Every Night , Heal Thyself , Gift Wrapped , Spike/Buffy by [personal profile] drizzlydaze.

That Colgate Smile , The Great Balloon Caper , The Other , Spike/Buffy by [personal profile] spuffy_luvr.

Here Alone Together , Ways of Wallow , Living in the Lack of Luxury , Spike/Buffy by [profile] foxstarreh.

Perfect Stranger , Spike/Xander by [personal profile] forsaken2003.

Blindfold 19 by [personal profile] velvetwhip.

Nerdist includes Halloween and Life of the Party in their "Halloween Themed TV Episodes That are Scary Good". "The gang gets costumes from Ethan Rayne, and the crafty jerk curses the costumes so that the wearers become the costumes they’re wearing. Willow becomes an actual ghost, Xander becomes a solider, and Buffy becomes a weak 18th century noblewoman. There are the usual vampires, fights, and hijinks"..."Everything implodes when Lorne turns into a Hulk-like demon brought to life from his own subconscious. Monsters, parties, and chaos. It’s everything that should happen at a Wolfram and Hart party".

The NewStatesman talks fan fiction. Thanks to [personal profile] herself_nyc for the link.
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Hey everybody! I am poking my head out of my burrow with some fandom news! No Rest for the Wicked Awards has announced the winners of Round 11 and several of my f-listies are on the list! Congratulations, all you talented people! I got this little beauty:


It's very cool and warm and fuzzy, but the main thing is to keep on ficcing, amirite? There is no better proof of this than an excellent new story, posted just today by one of the winners, [personal profile] beer_good_foamy . Go, read The Queen, The Soldier as soon as you possibly can. No need to thank me.

Also, sb_fag_ends is inspiring an outpouring of seasonal Poe-themed Spuffy, and if you are inclined to enjoy such things you won't be disappointed. Because there are so many stories going up, comments are few, so if you find something you like, let the author know! I've put up a few things, and have a few more in the pipeline, although this week is really far too busy in real life for me to do as much as I'd like. All are on the lighter side, but that is apparently how I'm rolling nowadays. Here they are:

The Other Half (prompt: The Masque of the Red Death)
Sing It Out (prompt: Spiritual Song)
Spare Me (prompt: The Spectacles)

Have a great Halloween Week, my darlings! I'll be thinking of you!
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I whipped this out for a meme prompt of "Write a three-sentence fic for the first fandom you were fannish about," which in my case would be seaQuest DSV. However, I definitely wouldn't have written something like this then; when I was 11, my ships were Bridger/Westphalen and Lucas/me. :D My fascination with the S1 Krieg/Hitchcock ship came later.

Size Matters - seaQuest DSV, Hitchcock/Krieg (kind of)
It's not her first sub, not by a long shot, but with its moon pool, its decks upon decks of bunks and labs and diplomatic chambers, its tubes of seawater set aside specifically for the damned dolphin to swim through, the seaQuest is by far the largest sub Katie Hitchcock has ever been stationed on.

"Ah, Commander," Ben - Lieutenant Krieg - calls genially from behind her.

Which isn't to say the seaQuest is large enough.

So I started watching Arrow

27 October 2014 13:48
next_to_normal: Kate w/ bow and arrow (Kate Bishop)
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Got about 2/3 of the way through Arrow season 1 this weekend. Approximately 75% of my reasoning for diving in was "I am really liking The Flash," which is a spin-off and this week's episode is a ~Felicity crossover OMG~ so I kinda wanted to catch up? (idk everyone seemed to love Felicity, so I was like imma just go with it, and okay 15 eps in I get it. I love Felicity, too.)

Sidebar: if you're not watching The Flash, you should be, because Barry Allen is the most adorable superhero ever. I'm serious, the cuteness factor is off the charts. And not cute as in attractive, although he is that, but cute as in, like, puppies. Watching this show is like rolling around in a pile of puppies.

Arrow is... not that, lol. But still good! Y'all know I'm way more of a Marvel girl, so I have literally zero exposure to DC comics, but it's one of those shows where I felt like I knew a lot going in, just by fandom osmosis:

1. Oliver Queen: rich playboy turned vigilante. The guy you get when you don't have the rights to Batman. Fights crime using a bow and arrow because nothing says "taking down the privileged elite and reviving the inner city" like medieval weaponry? Hey, it makes more sense than dressing up like a bat ahem.

2. Oliver was basically stranded on the island from Lost for five years, during which he picked up his superheroing skills and his thirst for justice. (ngl, at one point, Flashback Oliver is like, "What, there are wolves on this island, too? OF COURSE THERE ARE," and I was just like, "LOL oh man wait till he finds out about the polar bears and the time travel.")

3. Felicity Smoak: Everyone in fandom loves Felicity, and ships Oliver/Felicity even though she is not the love interest the show wants you to ship.

4. Laurel is the Arrow version of Iris, basically. Or, I suppose Iris is the Flash version of Laurel, since Laurel came first? Whatever, Laurel is out of the loop on Oliver's secret identity, and therefore never gets to do anything fun.

5. Stephen Amell's abs are crazy awesome, and he is shirtless like 90% of the time.

Read more... )

New review: Unearthed

27 October 2014 14:41
[syndicated profile] thefword_feed

Posted by Ania Ostrowska

As our contributor Marta Owczarek says, by now probably "we've all heard about fracking" and most of us have heard arguments for and against the procedure (coming from the oil industry representatives and anti-fracking activists respectively).


On film, Gus Van Sant tackled fracking in his 2012 Promised Land, starring Matt Damon, where energy company sales reps negotiate with local residents on the purchase of drilling rights. In the documentary field, Josh Fox's 2010 doc Gasland was contested not only by energy companies but also by other filmmakers, and FrackNation by Phelim McAleer and Ann McElhinney was released in 2013 as a response and correction to it.

On Thursday 30 October, DocHouse is hosting London premiere of a new fracking documentary Unearthed, followed by a Q&A with director Jolynn Minnaar.

Come along to the London ICA on Thursday or read Marta's review if you cannot make it.

Fic: The Queen, The Soldier

27 October 2014 11:44
beer_good_foamy: (Buffy)
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Title: The Queen, The Soldier
Author: Beer Good ([personal profile] beer_good_foamy)
Fandom: Buffy, beginning long, long pre-series
Characters/Pairings: Gen, OC-centred, but the gang shows up at the end
Rating: PG13
Word count: ~2400
Summary: Slayers always died young. Except for one, who did quite the opposite. This is her story. It begins like this: "Once upon a time, a long long time ago, there was a town. And in the town was a girl, who didn't want to die."
Written for [ profile] spook_me and the prompt "Giant".

In a gorge in the wilderness outside of town lived a giant. )


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