Things on my desk: Part 2

2 October 2014 13:30
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In the continuing saga of things on (or in) my desk, pin badges from various NASA missions, 1999-2004.

Back row, large badges:
Cassini-Huygens Earth flyby: August 19, 1999
Cassini Jupiter flyby: December 30, 2000
Voyager 1 & 2 25th anniversary (2002)
Mars Exploration Rover Project (2003)

Front row, small badges:
Spitzer telescope
SIRTF (became Spitzer)
Deep Space Network 40th anniversary
Jason-1 (Earth observation mission)
Cassini MAG
Genesis (solar wind sample return mission)
Heroes of Columbia (...yeah, I was working at NASA in 2003. That...was not a good day)
Mars Odyssey 10,000 orbits
Mars Exploration Rovers 2003
Mars Exploration Rovers Spirit & Opportunity

I've never worked out a way to display these, so they live in plastic bags in a drawer. I quite like having them, though.
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"I Saw the Figure 5 in Gold," by Charles Demuth, painted after reading this poem.
I Saw the Figure 5 in Gold by Charles Demuth

Among the rain
and lights
I saw the figure 5
in gold
on a red
to gong clangs
siren howls
and wheels rumbling
through the dark city.

Thor #1

1 October 2014 19:54
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I bought and read Thor #1 today, the issue that introduces the new female Thor. I don't yet know what quite what I think of it. However, I wanted to preserve a link and also an image.

First, a page-by-page analysis of the issue as it relates to prior continuity.

Second, this page, because the bottom panel is possibly my favorite hero-rides-away-from-danger panel that I have ever seen. (Well, technically he and his steed are swimming.)

large image )

In related news, can I just say how delightful it is to go my comic book store and browse all the pretties and come home with three or four things I'm excited about? Usually the count is two books I went looking for and two that found me, and both kinds are exciting. And then I get to come home and read them and ooh over the pretty artwork.

Reading Wednesday, 10/1/14

1 October 2014 21:39
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Another Wednesday, another "Oh, I forgot to make a post since last Wednesday. So, uhh, let's see. On Saturday I went to a football game with my dad; the weather was pleasant and we won the game. On Tuesday I went to see Jeff Vandermeer read at a local bookstore and picked up a copy of Annihilation in case I ever decide to read that; it was a cool talk, anyway, and I got to chat with some local book-bloggish folks I previously only knew from online. Work is work-like. After work today, I went to the gym for the first time in like a month and had a decent workout. Then I did my grocery shopping + came home and made dragon noodles from budget bytes and had two kinds of pumpkin flavored beer so right now I'm feeling okay.

That's that, so now -- reading!

• What are you currently reading?

I've had Kameron Hurley's The Mirror Empire on my stack for a while but then I read a goodreads review commenting about how all the main characters are murderers and I was like, "Oh apparently I need to read this IMMEDIATELY" so that tell you all you need to know about me, I guess? Anyway, I've read the first 100 page or so and -- well, there hasn't been an excess of murdering yet but I can see it coming. It's definitely a dense book with lots of characters and subplots, but that said, the first 100 pages went quite fast once I got into them. I appreciate that this is basically high fantasy but it's not blatantly borrowing the trappings of any real-world culture (it doesn't feel European but it doesn't feel stereotypically anything ELSE either, it's its own odd thing and also there are carnivorous semi-sentient plants??!) And while I shouldn't be surprised that the author of We Have Always Fought writes about gender in interesting ways, it's still cool to see it in action.

I'm continuing with Sister Citizen: Shame, Stereotypes and Black Women in America by Melissa V. Harris-Perry. My early impression was that it started out feeling like a political science 301 course, but as I've gone on, reading this book i like taking an interdisciplinary course (poli sci, literature, media studies, African-American studies + women's studies, etc). It's really engaging and I'm adding a lot of things to my reading list. At one point I thought, "It's interesting to be reading this in the week that the New York Times's employment of the "Angry Black Woman" stereotype with regard to Shonda Rhimes is in the news (since it's something Harris-Perry explicitly addresses in the book. Then I realized that it's probably a rare week when the stereotypes she discusses aren't relevant to something going on in culture -- which, uggh, but it makes the book relevant and I recommend it if you're interested in representation issues. (Bonus: Here's Harris-Perry last week, rewriting the Rhimes profile to be about Aaron Sorkin.)

Otherwise I just started The Rook by Daniel O'Malley -- I'm about a chapter in and I have NO IDEA WHAT'S GOING ON but I'm intrigued. (The disorientation is part of the hook, since the heroine wakes up with amnesia, a premise I'm kind of a sucker for).

• What did you recently finish reading?

The Sisters Who Would Be Queen by Leanda de Lisle, about the Grey sisters and their claim to the English throne. My main gripe is that, from this book, you'd think the only significant thing that Elizabeth I did during her 40+ year reign was not getting married. Which, I understand is relevant when you're talking about the succession, but I still feel like there are better ways to frame the story. That aside, though, it's a pretty lively and well-informed look at a lot of intrigues, secret marriages, conspiracies etc. So if that aspect of Tudor history appeals to you, this is a fun read. I don't think this is designed to be anybody's FIRST book about sixteenth century England but if you already have some background/interest in the period you'll probably enjoy it.

Oh, and I finished Vanity Fair! Dobbin and Amelia are a couple of dumdums but I appreciated that the essential climax of the book is Spoilers for Victorian novels I guess? )

very, very basic hockey primer

1 October 2014 16:54
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This is mostly for [ profile] gryfndor_godess, but if anyone else feels in want of a barebones hockey primer, lo, here one is for your use. Beware that I've only been watching for six months, so although AFAIK everything I'm saying here is correct, so. Corrections welcome! This is also NHL specific and subject to change as the NHL changes rules.

basics )

Dollface by Sage(Sageness) SFW

1 October 2014 18:17
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Fandom:due South
Characters/Pairing/Other Subject:Benton Fraser
Content Notes/Warnings: none
Medium: yarn art(crochet)
Artist on DW/LJ:Sageness
Artist Website/Gallery: Ao3
Why this piece is awesome: well it's adorable and gorgeously made with little details like Fraser's removable hat, that pull it to the next level and the comments under the pictures are perfect.
Link: Dollface
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Title: They Grew Up Young
Fandom: Gotham (TV)
Rating: PG-13
Length: around 5,000 words
Characters: Bruce Wayne and Gordon, a little Alfred, Cat on the periphery
Warnings/additional tags: this is gen, but there are sexual overtones that involve an underaged person. There is nothing explicit, and I assume you could read it and not see any of that, but I put it there purposely, so there you go.
Summary: Snapshots of Jim Gordon and Bruce Wayne as they get older. Bruce fucks up a lot and Gordon wonders what the hell to do about it.

Link: They Grew Up Young

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Fandom: Real Ghostbusters
Characters/Pairing/Other Subject: Peter Venkman and PINKIE PIE!!!!
Content Notes/Warnings: A TON of partying. You've been warning.
Medium: Photoshop, SAI
Artist on DW/LJ: tdotbabs (me!)
Artist Website/Gallery:
Why this piece is awesome: Because little Peter Venkman is rocking the house with Pinkie Pie! Twice the insanity, twice the fun!:D

Here, have a linkspam

30 September 2014 20:41
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* If you've been enjoying Outlander (as I have), you'll have to wait until April for more episodes.

* TVD is apparently done with doppelgangers (thank God), so they are sending poor Nina Dobrev over to The Originals to be overworked there instead.

* Creator Jill Soloway talks about Transparent and transgender rights.

* Another interview with Jeremy Renner about Kill the Messenger. Oh wait, here's one more. Sorry, I kinda love this dude.

* Here's a really interesting look at what it's like to be a prop master on Brooklyn Nine-Nine and other TV series.

* Ben Affleck and Carrie Coon talk about Gone Girl, and Ben also talks a little about Batman.

* Yvette Nicole Brown is leaving Community. :( By the time they get around to filming the Yahoo season, there won't be anybody left.

* You're the Worst has been renewed for a second season.

* Yvonne Strahovski has landed a new TV series, Astronaut Wives Club.

* David Tennant and Anna Gunn talk about Gracepoint.

* Masters of Sex creator Michelle Ashford talks about the just-concluded second season.
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Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe [Captain America]
Characters/Pairing/Other Subject: Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Peggy Carter, Howling Commandos
Content Notes/Warnings: n/a
Medium: digital
Artist on DW/LJ: [ profile] paperflower86
Artist Website/Gallery: [ profile] paperflower86 [ profile] paperflower86
Why this piece is awesome: I love poster styled art, but these are particularly fabulously executed. With the close attention to history and detail, they're a visual immersion in Steve's war.

Link: this piece on deviantart * this piece on tumblr
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Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe [Captain America]
Characters/Pairing/Other Subject: Bucky Barnes & Steve Rogers
Content Notes/Warnings: animated gif, canon injuries
Medium: digital
Artist on DW/LJ: n/a
Artist Website/Gallery: [ profile] renew01
Why this piece is awesome: Ridiculous and ridiculously cute fanart animations ftw! An intense moment from the denouement of the film is chibified and set on a hypnotising loop.

Link: untitled winter soldier gif

September 2014 playlist

30 September 2014 21:29
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Posted by J Whitehead


As the evenings begin to draw in, I thought we could all do with a dose of disco, courtesy of Queen Diana. What a tune! I was about to state that I can't think of any time that doesn't benefit from a disco injection but, upon reflection, I think that disco is a genre best suited to the city. For me, disco is synonymous with glamour, lights (both big city and disco) and escapism - all things I associate with the big city. Do you agree or do you think disco works just as well when surrounded by trees, lakes and fields?

The second track is by sixteen year-old Billie Marten, from Ripon, North Yorkshire. Sixteen! What a beautiful voice and an incredible track. This was released as a single on 22 September, so you can purchase your own copy now and support this young talent.

Fans of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs may already be aware that front-woman and all-round icon, Karen O, released a solo album entitled Crush Songs, at the beginning of this month. The fourteen tracks represent a stripped-back, lo-fi collection of memories of crushes past. Written and recorded in 2006 and 2007, Karen describes the album as "the soundtrack to what was an ever continuing love crusade". You can read a conversation here between her and Julian Casablancas from The Strokes, who also recently released a solo album, in which they discuss Dirty Dancing, Radiohead and the challenges of song-writing.

As a big fan of electronic music, I often despair at the lack of female artists making this kind of music, compared with the number of men who seem to dominate this particular genre. Helena Hauff is an exception - and an acquired taste. Based in Hamburg, Helena is a DJ and producer of acid, electro and techno tunes. Her unrelenting beats are not for the faint-hearted: this is definitely music to make your ears bleed. If you like this kind of thing - or even if you don't, but fancy exploring the darker and heavier side of electronica - check out this fantastic top ten of Helena's favourite experimental and electro tracks here.

Please click here for your September playlist. You can also view the track-list here.


The image is a Polaroid picture of Karen O, with her arms crossed across her upper body and her hands and fingers making the universal "rock!" signal. Her eyes are mostly covered by her black bob and she wears a patterned top.

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For Better or For Worse (1074 words) by Ruuger
Fandom: The Mentalist
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Patrick Jane & Madeleine Hightower
Characters: Madeleine Hightower, Patrick Jane
Additional Tags: Episode Tag, Episode: s03e15 Red Gold
Series: Part 6 of Episode tags for The Mentalist
Summary: Jane and Hightower have a talk after "Red Gold".

Sex, lies and statistics

30 September 2014 15:04
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Posted by D H Kelly

Paperclip Numbers.jpgI love statistics. I love discussions of sexuality. Thus, the Guardian's British Sex Survey might be my kind of Sunday reading.

There is some good news. For example, the number of people who did not want to have sex with a disabled person has decreased from 70% to 44% since a similar survey was conducted in 2008. Equality is not about getting laid, but the reasons people rule out disabled people as sexual partners tend to be around infantilisation, fear and othering which effects our treatment and opportunities in every aspect of life.

However, this is a sample of 1052 people, which is a pretty small group to represent a population of 64 million. The write-up includes information about the difference in behaviour between homosexual, bisexual and heterosexual people, but at 4% each, there can only be around 40 gay people and 40 bisexuals in the study. Asexuals, non-binary people and men without penises don't seem to exist.

And some of the stats are very ropey.

My favourite, which is often cited in newspaper columns and by sexual experts is that men have many more sexual partners, on average, than women. Many studies claim this and the British Sex Survey places these two figures as 12 for men and 7 for women. This is extraordinarily unlikely.

There are roughly the same numbers of heterosexual men and women in the world. This means that straight men and women have to be having sex with each other at roughly the same rate. This doesn't mean that straight men or women necessarily behave the same or even that a typical man and a typical woman (should such mythical creatures exist) have the same number of sexual partners. But whatever differences there may be, the averages simply must tally.

It could be that somehow female sex workers were excluded from the survey and the 22% of men who had used the services of a prostitute do so regularly and see many different women.

Another possible explanation is that gay and bisexual men have many more partners than straight men - it would have to be 58 partners each - pulling up the male average. There are certainly folk who have had that amount of experience, but as an average, this seems fairly ludicrous.

People lie about sex. They lie about sex even when they're answering anonymous surveys. And it's probably the case that both straight women and men lie about the number of sexual partners they've had, but in two different directions. It may also be the case that men count certain kinds of sexual encounters that women do not, and for a small minority, there will be men who count women as sexual partners where those women would count such men as assailants. But mostly, people are probably just fibbing.

This is vitally important to acknowledge. Whatever differences in sexual behaviour men and women may exhibit, it cannot be demonstrated in numbers if those numbers don't add up. Another stat the Guardian offers is that 29% of men but only 10% of women have had sex with someone whose name they didn't know. This conjures romantic scenes where men readily introduce themselves but their lovers remain stubbornly mysterious. Or maybe men are just bad with names?

When these statistics are quoted - and they will be quoted widely - we receive information about what is normal. I've seen similar stats offered in advice columns to explain that it's normal for a straight man to be more sexually experienced than his partner. As sex therapist Meg Barker says in an article running alongside the survey,

"People are very scared of not being normal. By far the most common question I've heard as a therapist is "Am I normal?" And people come to sex therapy with the hope that it will make them "normal"."

Women are encouraged to play down their experiences to what they imagine might be more normal levels. In 2014, in a culture which largely accepts and expects women to be sexually active regardless of their marital or relationship status, it is ridiculous that sexual experience should come with any shame. One friend confided that she had lost count of the number of sexual partners she'd had, but had told her boyfriend - who had been crass enough to ask - that she'd had just three.

Thus women are condemned to the pretence of a kind of pseudo-virginity; we're grown women, of course we've been around the block. But, not far; not as far as you, darling.

Men, too, are pressured to exaggerate, although invention is a little easier than erasure; you're never going to bump into an imaginary ex-girlfriend at a family wedding. One could read a lot into Nick Clegg's answer of "No more than 30. It's a lot less than that." when asked about his sexual history in 2008. There's also a difference in being embarrassed by what you haven't done (yet) and being ashamed of what you have done (and can never now undo).

My hackles are raised any time a statistic is blithely used to demonstrate a massive difference between men and women's behaviour (having almost twice as many sexual partners would be a massive difference). It is not necessarily that these stats mean nothing, but both their validity and their impact needs to be examined before we accept them at face value.

[The image is a square grid divided into nine squares each with a colourful number (one to nine) in it. These numbers are apparently paperclips. The photograph was taken by Leo Reynolds and is shared on Flickr, under a Creative Commons license.]

Four inches between friends

30 September 2014 13:52
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Posted by D. T. Dragon


By external standards in women's clothes departments, my shoulders are a size 14, my waist a size 12 and my hips a size 16. My torso is the same length as someone six foot tall, but my height is five foot four inches. To say that off the peg clothes don't fit me is an understatement. Tops designed for women pull across my shoulders, gape around my waist and have fallen out with my hips. I have a pile of five inch strips where I've had to shorten trousers to sit on my ankles rather than under my feet.

I got fed up very quickly about fitting an external idea about what my body should look like. Off the peg clothing feeds into this idea that we should all fit these clothes and look the same with mass production, rather than wear clothes made to fit for our unique and diverse selves.

I started shopping in the men's department and noticed all these differences based on a gender binary. Real and deep pockets vs fake and pointlessly shallow ones. Pastel shades vs dark colours. Fitting that exposes a lot and clings to leave little to the imagination vs silhouettes that make you look big. Stretchy clothes vs solid material. Synthetic vs natural fibres. Short sleeves to irritate the armpit vs sleeves that actually cover the arm. Shoes that compress your toes vs shoes that fit your feet. Floral patterns vs geometric ones. Small animal motifs vs geek culture. A vast array of accessories vs belts and ties.

I wondered - is there anything useful about women's clothing or is it purely cosmetic?

Measuring up, a 38 man's is 38 inches. Fantastically simple. A woman's 14 is 14 of what? Trousers for men come in waist and inside leg measurements in much greater combinations than the three offered to women - short, medium and long. There was even a waist and leg length combination for me.

I brought some men's novelty boxer shorts and the cashier said, "Your boyfriend will love you for getting him these." "I'm no-one's partner," I replied (saying I don't have a boyfriend implies that I'm lacking something, when I'm whole on my own). I wondered how many men had encountered a similar conversation when buying women's underwear. I enjoyed sleeping in my boxers, as they stuck out the bottom of my women's shorts and were crumpled against my thighs in my clingy women's trousers.

I have found that men's clothing lasts longer than women's clothing and it gives the impression that women deserve an inferior product. As an environmentalist, I choose things that last to reduce my waste output, environmental demand (even cotton is produced unsustainably) and social impact (you have more free time if you only have to make something once).

Having become a frequent visitor to charity shops (between state income, minimising waste and environmental impact), I've discovered the older clothes are, the more durable they are - for both genders. Dresses from the 1940s look better than the cheaply manufactured stuff of today. While prices hover around a certain level, the quality has plummeted. It's masking a deeper issue of a money system designed to create a cost of living crisis. It's also pushing people passionate about making clothes out of business in the wake of mass produced garbage.

Still, I wanted clothes that reflected who I was and what I needed them to do. So I'm learning how to tailor clothes. I'm very tactile and always put how clothes feel over how they look (unless it's a long coat, in which case I'm a mirror hog). I've pawed many a roll of fabric during talks with stall holders about what's suitable for my next project. It cultivates passion, local business and skills. I am investing my time into creating something, so I'm very unlikely to throw it away. I am the labour, so I know how the workforce is treated.

My current highlight about learning to tailor came when my friend taught me how to take body measurements to make patterns from. Apart from a four inch difference between our respective leg and torso lengths, we were identical. She loved me and hated herself, until the moment she looked at the cold numerical figures in front of us. What difference could four inches between friends make? Her love for me overrode her hatred of herself and her self-esteem grew with the choice to look at herself with love.

Love yourself and don't bother trying to fit a mass produced external idea.

Image is of sewing accessories - a multicoloured inch tape, a reel of blue thread with a sewing needle in it, a few round buttons and a few sewing needles in the front. It was uploaded by Flickr user Rodrigo Campos and has been shared under the Creative Commons Licence.

Things on my desk: Part 1

30 September 2014 14:54
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It occurred to me recently that a decade or so of working in and around space science has allowed me to amass an interesting collection of swag. The swag lives in, on and around my desk, depending on size, current relevance and preciousness.

One item that rocketed to the top of the list (and thus currently holds pride of place) was a gift I received at the end of my service at Space Camp in Austria in July. It is a piece of Genuine Space Rock. Observe its Certificate of Authenticity, which is lent additional gravitas (at least to me) by virtue of being in German.

[Image of Asteroid belt detritus]

Next time: pin badges galore!

October guest bloggers

30 September 2014 09:27
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Posted by Josephine Tsui


Hi Everyone!
It's my favourite time of the year. The leaves are changing colours, the familiar crunch beneath my shoes, the temperature is still hovering between warm and comfortable.

This month we have two guest bloggers:

Holly Griggs-Spall:
Holly Grigg-Spall is a writer and women's health activist. Her book 'Sweetening the Pill or How We Got Hooked on Hormonal Birth Control' is available now. It was recently optioned by Ricki Lake for a feature documentary to be released next year. She also writes weekly for

Liam Davidson:
Liam is a twenty-something man recently relocated to Manchester from Yorkshire. He is chronically physically and mentally unwell and often prone to remarking that "Being too ill to work is a full time job in itself". When he's not wrangling with doctors, social workers, therapists, carers, benefits forms and other disability-related life admin, he blogs and tweets as YetAnotherLefty and is repeatedly surprised that people are interested in what he has to say.

Liam is White, Jewish, Disabled, Bisexual, Autistic and Trans. One thing he loves most about online spaces is the opportunity to be openly all of those things at once.

Please give a warm autumn welcome to our guest bloggers.

The photo illustrates many orange pumpkins. Thanks goes to Wikipedia for the picture.

(no subject)

30 September 2014 03:55
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I'm going to be without computer access for a few days so TTFN.

 photo 152014ericgif_zps310841dc.gif

More Links Than A Bag Of Sausages

30 September 2014 03:18
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Blindfold 15 by [personal profile] velvetwhip. wants info on your fanfiction.

BuzzFeed gives "13 Reasons Spike From “Buffy” Is The Best Vampire Ever : Over ten years later and that accent still makes us swoon".
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Didn’t like jazz, he once claimed
In an interview,
The good doctor’s reaction to it
A bit like a hand retracting
From a slim volume

Of 20th century verse. In
Other words: good intentions,
But what does this yak, yak, yak

Have to do with me? This,
You understand, from a person
Who had listened
To an industrial river, forced
A painter’s brush to give up
Its low, animal noise,

Broke trees into

The Week in Review

29 September 2014 21:08
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Spent Thurs - Sat with a friend during post-shoulder surgery. She's single, no kids, parents are no longer living, and her brother doesn't do well outside of his home/comfort zone. The bummer thing for Kathleen is that they found a very infected cyst which had eaten into the ball of her arm.

So they cleaned it out and did put in a new ball, but it's a temporary thing and she's going to have to go back in six months or a year to have the shoulder redone. So, particularly given the pain, she's more than a little bummed about that.

During my time there, in addition to cooking meals and cleaning, I rearranged her fridge, freezer and cupboards so that the easier to make/heat foods were the easiest to reach. It seemed like she was in decent energy and spirits when I left. I do need to call and check in on her. I want to make sure she's eating decently, etc.

Today I got to go hiking with a woman who works at our preschool. Beautiful day for a hike in one of the multiple state parks near here. First time S and I did something social together. She was easy to converse with. And she was impressed with my hiking stamina. (Yay)

I warned her that I hadn't been hiking in a while and am more of a slow and steady kind of hiker than a fast one.

After that, I napped for nearly two hours and then went out to my yard to pick and move more rock in my goal of getting the last of my yard strawberries in their new bed before we get into freezing-type weather.
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Fandom: Classic Doctor Who
Characters/Pairing/Other Subject: The Fourth Doctor
Content Notes/Warnings: n/a
Medium: pen?
Artist on DW/LJ: n/a
Artist Website/Gallery: [ profile] polvoice

Why this piece is awesome: This is such a fun portrait of the Fourth Doctor. I love his big manic green and riotous curls.

Link: A Doctor a Day - Four

A house of my own

29 September 2014 13:59
[syndicated profile] thefword_feed

Posted by D. T. Dragon

My disability means I'm restricted to whatever level of the house the toilet is on. For the first nine years of my illness, this was my bedroom. There were many moments when occupational health could have made my life easier:

• When I first went to my GP with my health complaint (2001)
• When I got my diagnosis (2004)
• When I got my Disability Living Allowance award (2005)

Lift not working.jpg

Occupational health never sought me out and my GP and the DWP (Department for Work and Pensions) never told them about my disability. I had to find them - down a long steep driveway, in order to start the process of getting a downstairs toilet.

All I wanted was a downstairs toilet so I wasn't restricted to my bedroom like it was a prison. At first, they didn't want to give me that. The cheapest offer was a stair lift - impractical in narrow curved stairs. Then an actual lift, which could only be put in the furthest corner of the house from the upstairs toilet. They never asked about how imperative it is that I get to a toilet quickly, otherwise these slow options would never have been suggested.

Then they said I had to have an entire downstairs wetroom, as they said they were thinking about my future in a wheelchair. You may see after reading this that their ability to think about my present and future needs was detached from reality.

Coincidentally, the project had approval the day after I said, "It doesn't matter how long it takes. It's not like I'm dying any time soon." The build took all winter. We couldn't have the heating on as the doors were permanently open with passing workers. The cold and the masonry dust and 8am starts were bad for my health.

As a comparison, when local council homes had their exteriors pebble dashed, the families were given caravans to live in on their driveways. We didn't get that. We had to put up with the gas, water and electricity being turned off periodically. The work ethic was so poor that they were going to leave us without any downstairs plumbing for two weeks over Christmas. The council architect fetched them back and they made a temporary fix so we could do laundry and wash up.

The architect wanted to take out a radiator to build a wheelchair-wide door but didn't want to widen any other door in the house. Their vision of my future mobility was restricted to the kitchen and wetroom, as the new wheelchair-wide back door had steps rather than a ramp.

The architect failed to put a window in the wetroom to the outside world. It saved council money, but pushed costs onto us with having to switch the light on every time we went in there. The fan comes on with the light and stays on for 20 minutes after being switched off - more electricity.

Our options were limited. The wetroom wall tiles were either white, or wavy white. The workers said it was the council restricting how much could be spent on each item. Compare this to what MPs get.

The kitchen sink is flimsy. The paint peeling. The work surfaces not heat proof. The kitchen taps are not disabled friendly. I lamented that such low quality things are allowed to be made and that the main thought is short term money saving, not long term use.

No one talked to me about my particular needs. If they had, the build would be a downstairs toilet and a walk-in bath. Baths are much better for managing my health than a shower with a concrete floor, which gets no natural light. It hurts to walk in there dry with the cold, let alone the wet.

By far the worst aspect was the combi-boiler. A boiler that saves you money as it doesn't work when it's cold - no one ever thought a water waste product problematic in a sub-zero climate. The eco setting of 35 C is a health risk when washing up as it's optimum temperature for microorganisms is harmful to humans.

I have to live with the council decisions on materials that are not fit for purpose.

Image is of a typed sign on a life, it reads "SORRY ELEVATOR OUT OF SERVICE". It was shared by Flickr user torbakhopper HE DEAD and has been shared under the Creative Commons Licence.

More Links Than A Bag Of Sausages

29 September 2014 03:34
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Wearing the Coat , NC-17 Spike/Buffy by [personal profile] rahirah.

Infamous II , Spike/Xander by [personal profile] skargasm.

Great Bloody Bastard , NC-17 Spike/Angelus by [personal profile] dustandroses.

Chapter Nine of More Toil and Trouble by [personal profile] slaymesoftly.

WhatCulutre talks "BtVS & AtS" Easter eggs.
[personal profile] waywren posting in [community profile] poetry
When you are 13 years old,
the heat will be turned up too high
and the stars will not be in your favor.
You will hide behind a bookcase
with your family and everything left behind.
You will pour an ocean into a diary.
When they find you, you will be nothing
but a spark above a burning bush,
still, tell them
Despite everything, I really believe people are good at heart.

When you are 14,
a voice will call you to greatness.
When the doubters call you crazy, do not listen.
They don’t know the sound
of their own God’s whisper. Use your armor,
use your sword, use your two good hands.
Do not let their doubting
drown out the sound of your own heartbeat.
You are the Maid of Untamed Patriotism.
Born to lead armies into victory and unite a nation
like a broken heart.

When you are 15, you will be punished
for learning too proudly. A man
will climb onto your school bus and insist
your sisters name you enemy.
When you do not hide,
he will point his gun at your temple
and fire three times. Three years later,
in an ocean of words, with no apologies,
you will stand before the leaders of the world
and tell them your country is burning.

When you are 16 years old,
you will invent science fiction.
The story of a man named Frankenstein
and his creation. Soon after you will learn
that little girls with big ideas are more terrifying
than monsters, but don’t worry.
You will be remembered long after
they have put down their torches.

When you are 17 years old,
you will strike out Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig
one right after the other.
Men will be afraid of the lightening
in your fingertips. A few days later
you will be fired from the major leagues
because “Girls are too delicate to play baseball”

You will turn 18 with a baby on your back
leading Lewis and Clark
across North America.

You will turn 18
and become queen of the Nile.

You will turn 18
and bring justice to journalism.

You are now 18, standing on the precipice,
trembling before your own greatness.

This is your call to leap.

There will always being those
who say you are too young and delicate
to make anything happen for yourself.
They don’t see the part of you that smolders.
Don’t let their doubting drown out the sound
of your own heartbeat.

You are the first drop of a hurricane.
Your bravery builds beyond you. You are needed
by all the little girls still living in secret,
writing oceans made of monsters and
throwing like lightening.

You don’t need to grow up to find greatness.
You are stronger than the world has ever believed you to be.
The world laid out before you to set on fire.
All you have to do
is burn.

(via clementinevonradics

Boy Band Busted by Zillabean (SFW)

28 September 2014 19:26
fanart_recs: a grayscale apple being painted green with a brush (Default)
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Fandom: Real Ghostbusters
Characters/Pairing/Other Subject: Peter Venkman
Content Notes/Warnings: Boy Band nostalgia
Medium: digital; Photoshop
Artist on DW/LJ: zillabean
Artist Website/Gallery:
Why this piece is awesome: It's Peter rockin' the whole Backstreet Boys look!

(no subject)

28 September 2014 22:46
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Twenty years ago tomorrow morning, I was standing in front of an open fridge, pouring orange juice, when my mother came in and told me that Estonia has sunk. I don't think there's anyone in Estonia, Sweden or Finland who can't remember what they were doing when they heard the news.

M/S Estonia was a modern ferry on a busy shipping route on the Gulf of Finland, and yet the people on the Titanic had better chance of survival.

There were 989 passergers and crew on board Estonia that night. Only 137 survived.

(there are English subtitles available for the video)
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from foz meadows, Hypocrisy, Race and Literary Gentrification: "The archetype of the straight white male literary author is so culturally ingrained at this point that it can, at times, serve to obscure the very tangible prejudices underlying the reasons for its primacy: that, now as historically, in genre as in culture, the dominance of straight, white and/or Western men in a given sphere, coupled with a corresponding lack of representation from other groups, is not a fucking coincidence."

from Phenderson Djèlí Clark, Spears, Sorcery and Double Consciousness: "I’m consciously aware that I am indulging in the long-held diaspora tradition of “re-imagining” Africa. And I do so for my own distinct purposes, tied into those conflicting feelings of belonging and alienation that typify the Du Boisian double-consciousness."

from the MoCADA Museum, Revolutionary Hope: A Conversation Between James Baldwin and Audre Lorde: "Deep, deep, deep down I know that dream was never mine. And I wept and I cried and I fought and I stormed, but I just knew it. I was Black. I was female. And I was out – out – by any construct wherever the power lay. So if I had to claw myself insane, if I lived I was going to have to do it alone. Nobody was dreaming about me. Nobody was even studying me except as something to wipe out."

FIC: put your lips together and blow

28 September 2014 11:38
snickfic: black and white image of Sidney Crosby, text "Crosby" (crosby)
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I saw someone typo'ing "a bugle in their pants" one too many times, and this resulted. It's kind of a parody. It's also an extremely silly example of [personal profile] stultiloquentia's shame/comfort trope, which is one of those bulletproof kinks for me. If I can write this and end up with feelings, you know the kink is bulletproof.

In case it isn't clear: this fic is very silly.

put your lips together and blow (2135 words) by Snickfic
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Hockey RPF
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Sidney Crosby/Evgeni Malkin
Characters: Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin
Additional Tags: Crack, Crack Treated Seriously, First Time, Shame/Comfort

Tonight Geno finally gets to see the bugle in Sidney's pants.


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