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It's time for our regular reccer recruiting post, and to look ahead to the next month. So far we have ONE volunteer reccer who signed up for October with this fandom:

* Tolkien ([personal profile] turlough)

So while we already have some recs to look forward to in October, it would of course be awesome if we had more recs. There is still plenty of opportunity for you to jump in and volunteer to rec next month (or to convince your friends to do some reccing). And many cheers for all of our members who volunteer to rec, especially if you rec regularly. Your valiant repeat efforts keep the comm alive.

Looking even further ahead so far NO reccers have volunteered for November, so that month definitely still needs some love (and recs! *g*) too. So please consider reccing in a fandom of your choice, whether small or huge, and comment on the sign-up post and volunteer for October, November or even further ahead if you are so well organized, that you know your fannish interests and time commitments in advance. It's only four recs as a minimum, and you can rec any genre or rating. Or promote us to your friends or in your favorite communities so others do the work.

Open Rec Posting

The monthly open reccing period for all members starts now and lasts until the end of September. If you are looking for something to inspire you, the prompt for this week is "space opera", but that's totally optional for the recs. However they do still have to conform to the usual rec format and follow the rules for what is allowed to be recced here.

(Comments here are disabled, because I want to bundle volunteering in the sign-up post so that nothing gets lost, and you can see the list of claimed slots there too.)
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Fandom: American Gods
Characters/Pairing/Other Subject: Shadow, Wednesday, Chernobog, Mr Nancy, Horus, Bast, various other characters
Content Notes/Warnings: none
Medium: digital art
Artist on DW/LJ: n/a
Artist Website/Gallery: snowapples on DA
Why this piece is awesome: This a brilliant illustration of the book done for an art school final project. It's probably the closest version of Shadow to my head-canon, and I love the style and the coloring and shading. Really breathtaking work. 
Link: American Gods project and The same folder with slightly different works on DA

Yuletide tagset musings

24 September 2016 23:14
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The Yuletide tag set is available, which I take to mean nominations are close to being final. Inspired by [personal profile] moetushie I've gone through the list and noted fans I'm interested in requesting. Asterisks are on the 3 I nominated and will definitely be requesting. I'm the only person who picked any of these fandoms which I guess is efficient/useful nominating, but hopefully someone will actually offer to write them too!


Armande Gamache series - Louise Penny. (Armande Gamache & Jean-Guy Beauvoir. I really love this relationship but I don't really know if there's anything I am dying to read that is not in the books. . .)

Book of Strange New Things - Michel Faber (Peter Leigh is the only nominated character but I'm really interested in anything set in this universe which is so weird and glorious and scary. Also I read the whole book without figuring out whether Peter is a good guy or a monster, and there's a lot to explore with that.)

Dracula - Bram Stoker. (Mina Harker)

Dublin Murder Squad Series - Tana French (Frank Mackey, Mick "Scorcher" Kennedy -- I want to know a million things about this history between these two characters.)

Imperial Radch Series - Ann Leckie (Awn Elming, Skaaiat Awer)

Life and Death - Stephenie Meyer (So I am very WTF about this counting as a fandom, since it seems like it's obviously part of the Twilight series but it's still tempting to ask for JULIE OF THE WEREWOLVES)

** The Magicians - Lev Grossman (Plum Purchas, Jane Chatwin, Janet -- I really want Plum's adventures after book 3)

Once and Future King Series - TH White (Lancelot)

Vorkosigan Saga - Lois McMaster Bujold (Miles Vorkosigan, Ivan Vorpatril)

**Westmark - Lloyd Alexander (Justin, Stock, Theo, Mickle --Not sure which characters I'm requesting)


Dirty Dancing - (Baby/Johnny/Penny)

Notorious - (Alicia Huberman, Alexander Sebastian, Devlin -- Happy someone who's not me nominated this one this time around!)


** Henry V - Shakespeare (Boy, Duke of York, Henry V of England, John Duke of Bedford -- I have a few different prompts for this, I might just request 'any,' since they are all my nominations)


Grace and Frankie (Brianna and Nwabudike)

Killjoys (There are a ton of characters nominated for this show and I'm not sure what I want to ask for after season 2. . .)

Mad Men (Sadly Sally Draper is not in the character list but I'm sort of tempted by 'Five Times Bob Benson Lied and One Time He Told the Truth')

The Magicians (Penny/Quentin)

Mr. Robot (Dominique/Darlene, or Angela/Darlene or Dominique/Angela or ???)

Veep (Dan/Jonah or Dan/Jonah/Amy or Dan + Jonah + Amy running Jonah's congressional campaign)

We get 6 fandoms to nominate and I'm having trouble narrowing it down, obviously!

(no subject)

25 September 2016 00:11
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... how tf is the 1995 Pride and Prejudice a yuletide fandom? P&P fic is its own damn industry, and the characterization from the Firth/Ehle film is imo quite dominant.

FIC: Good Eats (GotG fic)

24 September 2016 14:51
snickfic: Peggy in diner, Jarvis behind her (mcu)
[personal profile] snickfic
Written for [ profile] avengersfest! Schmoopy team gen. :D

Good Eats (2647 words) by Snickfic
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Guardians of the Galaxy (Movies), Marvel Cinematic Universe
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Drax the Destroyer & Gamora & Groot & Peter Quill & Rocket Raccoon
Characters: Gamora (Marvel), Groot (Marvel), Drax the Destroyer, Peter Quill, Rocket Raccoon
Additional Tags: Found Family, Food, Family Feels

Everyone has a favorite food from when they were young. Gamora just doesn't remember hers.

More Links Than A Bag Of Sausages

24 September 2016 03:28
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Grace Notes , Spike/Xander by [personal profile] forsaken2003.

Mantids are People Too , Willow/Buffy/Xander/Andrew by [personal profile] st_salieri.

"Stranger Things/BtVS" mashup

Hypable podcast talks A New Man & Expecting.

Bufferingthevampireslayer podcast talks Harvest.

Soundcloud podcast talks The Dark Age .

Warming Her Pearls | Carol Ann Duffy

24 September 2016 11:22
[personal profile] wakinghour posting in [community profile] poetry
Next to my own skin, her pearls. My mistress
bids me wear them, warm them until evening
when I’ll brush her hair. At six, I place them
round her cool, white throat. All day I think of her,

resting in the Yellow room, contemplating silk
or tafetta, which gown tonight? She fans herself
whilst I work willingly, my slow heat entering
each pearl. Slack on my neck, her rope.

She’s beautiful. I dream about her
in my attic bed; picture her dancing
with tall men, puzzled by my faint, persistent scent
beneath her French perfume, her milky stones.

I dust her shoulders with a rabbit’s foot,
watch the soft blush seep through her skin
like an indolent sigh. In her looking-glass
my red lips part as though I want to speak.

Full moon. Her carriage brings her home. I see
her every movement in my head… Undressing,
taking off her jewels, her slim hand reaching
for the case, slipping naked into bed, the way

she always does… And I like here awake,
knowing the pearls are cooling even now
in the room where my mistress sleeps. All night
I feel their absence and I burn.

Showing the Birds | Mary Oliver

24 September 2016 11:20
[personal profile] wakinghour posting in [community profile] poetry
Look, children, here is the shy,
flightless dodo; the many-colored
pigeon named the passenger, the
great auk, the Eskimo curlew, the
woodpecker called the Lord God Bird,
the . . .
Come children, hurry--there are so many
more wonderful things to show you in
the museum's dark drawers.
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Rebcake and Shapinglight do Stonehenge! Da da da DA da da. STONEHENGE!

Photo below the cut... )

More Links Than A Bag Of Sausages

23 September 2016 03:40
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Stamp of Possession , William/Angelus by [profile] xspike4evax.

Chapter Sixty One of Truth Denied by [profile] perverted_pages.

RollingStone listed BtVS as No. 38 in their "100 Greatest TV Shows Of All Time". "Sarah Michelle Gellar created a supernatural feminist avenger in Joss Whedon's saga of Buffy, the California girl who finds herself by kicking vampire ass. On Buffy, surviving adolescence and fighting off the undead forces of evil turn out to be the same thing. And the musical episode – "Once More, With Feeling" – is a classic in itself".

The AVClub offers "10 episodes of Angel that show how it was more than Buffy redux".

Cheaty Dog! by MisterLIAR (SFW)

22 September 2016 16:13
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Fandom: Kingsman: The Secret Service
Characters/Pairing/Other Subject: Eggsy, Harry & JB
Content Notes/Warnings: none
Medium: digital drawing
Artist Website/Gallery: [ profile] MisterLIAR

Why this piece is awesome: This is a nice meet-cute AU 101 Dalmatians style. Love it!

Link: Cheaty Dog! by MisterLIAR

Happy Equinox!

22 September 2016 10:16
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Autumnal or vernal, depending on your hemispherical orientation.

Also, it is my birthday and this morning I opened my gifts with two eager assistants. We were all very pleased by the cuddly Jupiter which arrived without sender designation. Mystery sender has since been identified as Dear Friend Josh. \o/

Me, Humuhumu and cuddly Jupiter. Two of the three of us sporting some outstanding bedhead. Photo processed with the "Saturn" filter in Google Photos.

More Links Than A Bag Of Sausages

22 September 2016 02:54
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[community profile] buffyversetop5 will be holding our Classic Recs from October 26 - November 1. Get those lists ready.

Tinyfences podcast talks Superstar.

Joss puts out a PSA for Hillary Clinton.
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A visit to the California Academy of Sciences, located in SF’s Golden Gate Park needs no excuse other than the place itself. However, in this case, there is a story behind our trip there.

We chose our temporary place of abode in SF based on the accessibility it afforded to the park. The N-Judah tram line stopped a mere block and a half away, and dropped us off about as close to the front door of the Cal Academy as it’s possible to get if you’re not already on foot.

On my previous trip to San Francisco in December of 2013, I was privileged to be shown around the Cal Academy by [personal profile] emelbe, who volunteers there regularly. [personal profile] emelbe drew my attention to the book Pierre the Penguin and suggested I take it home to the then-13-month-old Humuhumu. I did.

I have read Pierre the Penguin to her, and then to Keiki, at least once a week ever since. She has the book memorised.

Pierre is an African penguin who lives at the Cal Academy along with 19 other penguins. One day, Pierre moulted as usual. Less usual was the fear he developed of going into the water, a necessary step to stimulate the re-growth of his feathers. He stayed bare. The other penguins began to pick on him. Aquatic biologist Pam tried a heater and medication to get Pierre back into the water, but it didn’t work. Eventually, she hit on the idea of making Pierre a tiny neoprene wetsuit. (The wetsuit is on display in the Academy bookshop.) Not only did this keep Pierre warm in the water, it also made him appear more like a feathered penguin, which stopped the other penguins from bullying him. He was able to resume diving and a few weeks later, his feathers had regrown.

When we told Humuhumu that we would be able to visit Pierre on our trip to the USA, it became her main focus. Every day she would ask, “Are we going to see Pierre?” Finally the day arrived when we could say yes.

It was a tremendous joy to watch her tear from one end to the other of African Hall toward the penguin enclosure, crowing, “Pierre! Pierre! Pierre! Pierre!” If I ever forget to be grateful, I need only remember this event to recall the level of privilege I’m able to afford to my child: to travel from one side of the globe to the other to visit a penguin she’s been reading about since she was one. OK, so that wasn’t the only reason we made the journey, but to be able to include it was still remarkably fortunate.

If that weren’t enough, we got to see Pam (nb: I think it was actually an Amy, but never mind) pop out of the hidden door in the sky-painted wall with fish in her pail, and feed the penguins (twice a day without fail).

On the day Humuhumu returned to nursery, her key worker asked her who she met on her trip to the USA. Her first answer: “Pierre!” The nursery staff asked who Pierre was: perhaps a member of the family? She shook her head. Who is Pierre, then? “A penguin!”

They thought she was joking and asked me about it when I picked her up, so I got to explain to them that yes, Pierre is literally a penguin and yes, that was the highlight of her trip.


Picspam, +25 )
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Fandom: American Gods
Characters/Pairing/Other Subject: Shadow, Wednesday
Content Notes/Warnings: none
Medium: digital art
Artist on DW/LJ: n/a 
Artist Website/Gallery: On DA
Why this piece is awesome: a nicely dramatic work with great use of light and dark, and contrasting colours. I think the figures might be slightly influenced by the movie's casting, but that may be my imagination - I prefer a more native American-looking Shadow, but I still like the overall effect here. Love the typical small town America background. 
Link: Artwork is here

More Links Than A Bag Of Sausages

19 September 2016 03:24
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Chapter Sixty of Truth Denied by [profile] perverted_pages.

perpetual re-watches "Welcome to the Hellmouth" .

Spike/Buffy movie poster here and here by nmcil12.

Mr. Trick banner by [personal profile] chasingdemons.

EOnline includes BtVS in their "7 Television Shows We Still Can't Believe Never Won Emmys". "For seven seasons between 1997-2002, Sarah Michelle Gellar captivated fans with her kicking-ass-and-taking-name's attitude against dark forces. Television junkies have long called the supernatural drama extremely influential in shaping the course of the future of TV, and for that, it's practically criminal Buffy was never formally recognized".

Think About | Barbara Angell

18 September 2016 18:11
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All those people you don't even know,
everybody, each one
a center of the universe,
all those skins.

Walking through a city at night
you see a light in a window,
a curtain flutters, a couple
making love, thinking
we're the first in the world,

or someone looking out on the street
humming a tune maybe, saying
I'm alone, the constellations
going around me,
I'm alone.

Love Sorrow | Mary Oliver

18 September 2016 18:03
[personal profile] wakinghour posting in [community profile] poetry
Love sorrow. She is yours now, and you must
take care of what has been
given. Brush her hair, help her
into her little coat, hold her hand,
especially when crossing a street. For, think,

what if you should lose her? Then you would be
sorrow yourself; her drawn face, her sleeplessness
would be yours. Take care, touch
her forehead that she feel herself not so

utterly alone. And smile, that she does not
altogether forget the world before the lesson.
Have patience in abundance. And do not
ever lie or leave her even for a moment

by herself, which is to say, possibly, again,
abandoned. She is strange, mute, difficult,
sometimes unmanageable but, remember, she is a child.
And amazing things can happen. And you may see,

as the two of you go
walking together in the morning light, how
little by little she relaxes; she looks about her;
she begins to grow.

More "Girls" Talk

17 September 2016 22:55
next_to_normal: (Anya popcorn)
[personal profile] next_to_normal
I am now finished season 5 and finding that I remember NONE OF THIS.

Read more... )

More Links Than A Bag Of Sausages

17 September 2016 03:13
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I Wanna Kiss You All Over , Spike/Xander by [personal profile] forsaken2003.

Chapter One of Everyone Has Secrets , Spike/Buffy by [personal profile] lilachigh.

Chapter Twenty Two of I Would Still Have Loved You by [personal profile] slaymesoftly.

Hypable podcast talks Hush & Parting Gifts .

Hypable podcast talks Doomed & Somnambulist.

Bufferingthevampireslayer podcast talks Welcome to the Hellmouth.

Themagicboxpodcast talks "Should Angel pay for the crimes of Angelus?"

Storywonk podcast talks Belonging.

Storywonk podcast talks Spiral .

Storywonk podcast talks The Weight of the World .

Storywonk podcast talks The Gift .

Soundcloud podcast talks Lie to Me .

Soundcloud podcast talks Doomed & A New Man .

Hockey Recs #13

16 September 2016 13:56
snickfic: black and white image of Sidney Crosby, text "Crosby" (sid)
[personal profile] snickfic
It's been a quiet summer, fic-wise, so this one's a little shorter than usual.

7 fics old and new for your perusal )

hockey fandom stuff

16 September 2016 09:59
snickfic: text: Sign number 23 that you're obsessed with hockey: you think the proper way to spell the plural of leaf" is "leafs" (hockey)
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A reminder that the hockey RPF comm on Imzy is still going, although it's quieted down somewhat after the initial burst of enthusiasm. But there's still at least one post to the comm most days, ready for discussion, and I still have invites for thems that want 'em.

TRICK OR TREAT. [community profile] trickortreatex is pretty much my favorite exchange these days - I've done it all three years. You can request/offer both fic and art if you want, and the minimum for fic is only 300 words. SUPER LOW STRESS. I usually try to write a bunch of treats, too, because like, 300 words is nothing. I can do that, right? And the tag set seems particularly delicious this year. COME PLAY. Come ask for hockey so I can treat you.


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