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Ryan Lambert asks, How many goals could Phil Kessel score with Penguins?. The short answer: a lot. Some prime quotes (not all of them necessarily related to goal scoring):

The Toronto media is obviously loath to get into the “fancy” stats (or as they are known, counting numbers with some division mixed in)

His best friend in the whole wide world ... Tyler Bozak. ... Now, again, this is Kessel's best friend and Kessel felt comfortable with him on the ice, so who was Randy Carlyle or any other coach to break them up as long as Kessel kept filling the net with goals (which, you'll remember from above, he certainly did).

Crosby increases his linemates' career goals-for per 60 by more than 68 percent. Malkin does so by nearly 47 percent.

If Crosby can drag Chris Kunitz onto the Canadian Olympic team, he might just win Kessel a Rocket Richard.

I am GIDDY, you guys. I think we're going to see something special, come fall.
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Not Just the Past , Spike/Buffy and Inferno , Buffy/Faith by [personal profile] katleept.

Snow in July , Spike/Xander by [personal profile] forsaken2003.

The Female Husband , Faith/Tara by [personal profile] kerkevik_2014.

Chapter Seven of Legacy by [profile] the_huffster.

Buffy/Tara wallpaper by [profile] spikesredqueen.

Reddit says "To everyone's surprise, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" is not always the most accurate source of history. (self.badhistory)".

FIC: the legs on that dame

2 July 2015 18:54
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Fic written for the Everywoman exchange. I finally managed to write a little Brand/Stalk noir! More or less! I feel like the ending is really weak, but :PPP

On the plus side, my recip liked it and pointed out what an excellent piano player The Stalk would surely be in a jazz bar of some kind, and just, EEEEE YES PLEASE.

the legs on that dame (1329 words) by Snickfic
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Saga (Comics)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Relationships: The Brand/The Stalk
Characters: The Brand | Sophie (Saga), The Stalk | Enriette (Saga)
Additional Tags: Assassins & Hitmen, Pre-Canon

“I don’t know about this,” Enriette said.

Sophie kept her eye on the dude with fins standing under a yellow street lamp. “You’re the one who wanted to shoot something.”

further hockey things

2 July 2015 16:15
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DK is kind of ridiculous and shouldn't be taken seriously, but this article is really just a bunch of quote from Kessel about how happy he is to be going to Pittsburgh. He sounds positively overjoyed.

Meanwhile, Steve Dangle gives his reaction to the trade. The last four minutes or so are a nice summary of Kessel's strengths and weaknesses.

And if you need an example of just how bad and well into ridiculous the Toronto media is, here's one dude's take on the Kessel trade. You see why I have a soft spot for the guy. He gets so much crap.

Specifically, he gets a ton of flack for his eating habits and not looking like what we generally expect athletes to look like. Reading media about him is like Survey of Bodyshaming 101. Even people I generally think of as respectable journalists or bloggers just have to get a line in about how he's a good player despite what he looks like. The guy was the highest-scoring guy on the Leafs all six years he was there. He's one of the fastest in the league. Does it really matter a damn if he LOOKS athletic?

In other Pens news, the Geno plus (fake) animals saga continues.
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Fandom: Moomin
Characters/Pairing/Other Subject: Mumintrollet & Too-ticki (Moomin & Too-Ticky)
Content Notes/Warnings: n/a
Medium: coloured pencils?
Artist on DW/LJ: n/a
Artist Website/Gallery: [ profile] kuuipana

Why this piece is awesome: This is such a sweet little work. I love the simplicity of it, particularly how Mumin and Too-ticki is depicted.

Link: magic winter

Carnivorous pitcher plant.

2 July 2015 15:22
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We've got a mini-pond in the backyard, bought two years ago:

I can tell this is an old picture because the apple crate planter in the background has lost its colourful label (and this year's carrots don't look half as healthy).

Yesterday I got the tripod and took some pictures: )
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Okay, so, we acquired Phil Kessel (minus some retained salary) and some other players and picks in return for Kapanen, Spaling, and some other players and picks. What this means:
* We got Phil Kessel! Who is a legit superstar. And now he's ours.
* We got Phil Kessel, who was probably my fav hockey person in the NHL who wasn't a Pen (except maybe Ovi, but I think Ovi is happy where he's at). I have a huge soft spot for Kessel because of all the crap he's taken from the Toronto media and management over the years. And now he's ours! \o/
* We didn't give up Olli OR Pouliot. I think this means Rutherford is magic.
* We dumped Spaling, who was serviceable but cost too much.
* Now we won't/can't trade for Patrick Sharp. Or his face. \o/


While we're at it, here's one from Puck Daddy today specifically about the ridiculous Toronto media and its ridiculous treatment of Kessel.

And here is HockeyMeesh's breakdown of the trade. Meesh is my fav Pens blogger, btw; you should totes follow him on Twitter.

Second, some worthy quotes. First, from the article by Seth Rorabaugh above:
General manager Jim Rutherford said discussions on this trade went on for approximately a month. Coupling that with the somewhat light package of assets the Penguins gave up, it's a pretty clear illustration of how badly the Maple Leafs wanted to get rid of Kessel.

Rutherford again, this time courtesy of Dejan Kovacevic:
“You can never know with trades. Over time is when you can best judge trades,” Rutherford said. “We got the best player in the trade right now. It usually works out for the team that gets the best player. To not take a lot off our team and to add Kessel, at this point, that gives me personal satisfaction.”

Basically I am just going to spend the next several weeks going, "We got Phil Kessel. We got Phil Kessel!" I am positively giddy, you guys.

Reading Wednesday, 7/1/15

1 July 2015 21:15
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What are you currently reading?

The Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell, on audio, which I downloaded from the library as soon as I finished The Bone Clocks on CD. Once again, I'm not sure what I'm reading at the start, and I had to google at one point to make sure my copy wasn't missing a section (it wasn't; if you've read this you know what I mean). But sure, Mr. Mitchell, tell me more. I'm still at a very early point...

Skin Game by Jim Butcher, also on audio. Also very early on. Trying this because it's one of the Hugo nominees for Best Novel. See below re: the series it belongs to.

Ancillary Justice by Ann Leckie, in a paperback I bought when the sequel came out, thinking I would need to reread it before venturing into the second book. And I was right. I liked it a lot the first time, and I like it more on rereading because the stuff that took me a long time to get a handle on the first time through (the various cultures the narrator is navigating, the relationship with language, the relationship with gender) is stuff I now understand and underneath is a ripping yarn. I'm about halfway through the reread, it should go fast.

• What did you recently finish reading?

Storm Front by Jim Butcher, the first book in the Dresden series. (Skin Game mentioned above is the 15th). I wanted to read the first book to at least get some grounding before going forward. This was rocky for a few reasons: most notably, the audiobook was obviously really cheaply, poorly produced -- which is funny because I think I first heard of this series when someone mentioned that James Marsters from Buffy was the reader and it's not really him so much as they must have blown their budget on a 'name' actor instead of things like pacing and correcting mistakes and making sure words are pronounced correctly. (He also reads Skin Game and it sounds fine, so there seems to have been a learning curve for all involved).

Re: the book -- I didn't hate it, I wasn't actively turned off by the narrator (maybe because I'd been warned he's kind of a sexist jerk and expected it to be worse.) And it's a very polished, well-plotted book. But it really struck me that (1) absolutely nothing is subtext; the first-person narrator spells out everything that happens and why, in a way that's really not necessary in a plot-driven book that has dialogue and lots of scenes -- everything seems overexplained and there's nothing for the reader to do, if that makes any sense and (2) the book handles stakes poorly; we're told early on that, for various reasons, the narrator expects that he's going to be executed by the magic police or w/e and we keep hearing this over and over again so there's no way for the stakes to escalate. And obviously, even if this weren't a 15 book series, it's very unlikely the first-person narrator/protagonist of this kind of novel is going to die at the end of the book. Plus the character doesn't have any relationships to care about (except with his cat) so between those things there is nothing that's going to happen to this character that I'm going to care about so.... I'm not saying Jim Butcher should have threatened the cat, I'm just saying that would have given me some reason to be following this dude's story. (Yes, there are women in the book who get threatened and harmed but that's a whole other set of issues.)

After I finished the book, I found out that the author wrote it for a writing course when he was 25, which SORT OF explains it not being a great book, but I generally have a lot of affection for first novels by young writers, because I expect them to be messy and raw and not very polished (Dennis Lehane also wrote A Drink Before the War for a writing class when he was in his 20s and that's busting out with excess and weirdness and multipage rants about what 25 year old Dennis Lehane thought was wrong with race relations and social inequality and gentrification in early 90s America, and that's a terrible book in places but parts of it are transcendently great). I don't know the story behind Storm Front but I'd guess a very savvy editor got their hands on it and figured out how to turn it into something that would sell -- which CREDIT WHERE IT'S DUE, at least they did their editing, which does not always seem to be the case with commercial fiction that goes on to make a lot of money. (Imagine if the editor of Twilight insisted that it needed an actual plot structure.) (I personally enjoyed reading Twilight much more than I enjoyed reading Storm Front but see above re: me and weird first novels and add my overidentification with Bella Swan.) Or maybe I'm wrong, maybe Butcher was just that good at plotting out of the gate. I find the particular ways that this book doesn't work to be interesting though.

Oh, and I also finished The Bone Clocks. That sure was an ending that novel had, I tell you what.

• What do you think you’ll read next?

Ancillary Sword. Or The Goblin Emperor. Or The Three Body Problem. And I should crack The Dark Between the Stars at some point, I suppose. And oh apparently my book club is reading The Goldfinch this month. . .uh, maybe I'll catch up with that in August.

Free agency is upon us

1 July 2015 08:24
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If we finish out the day with our core four, Olli, and Pouliot still on the roster, I will consider it a successful free agency day.

*aggressively bites nails*
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Fandom: Outlander
Characters/Pairing/Other Subject: Jamie Fraser
Content Notes/Warnings: not really, although there's a fair amount of ripped torso visible.
Medium: pencil drawing and the inked version.
Artist on DW/LJ: n/a
Artist Website/Gallery: SoraShibao on DA and lamiahraven on DA
Why this piece is awesome: Going out on a bang, with a beefcake pic of Jamie. This version of him is from the books and predates the TV series, so it's interesting to see a different take on what he might look like. Apparently, very hot, and the half-open kilt's pretty tantalising. Very clean lines in comic book style (the artists are in that field) and the inked version in particular is well worth enlarging. 
Link: Jamie Fraser from Outlander (the original drawing) and the inked version by lahmiaraven
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I've been very scattered this month with posting, despite all intentions. But I'm squeezing a last couple of posts in as it's still June somewhere.

Fandom: Outlander
Characters/Pairing/Other Subject: Claire and Jamie
Content Notes/Warnings: Jamie's bare chest features, but it's largely SFW.
Medium: Traditional art, drawing, graphite.
Artist on DW/LJ: n/a
Artist Website/Gallery: LiviaWeasley on DA
Why this piece is awesome: This is a lovely soft drawing of a tender moment from the Wedding episode. Jamie's expression is especially well captured. 
Link: The Wedding
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Spirits of the Dead , Spike/Faith/Fred by seductivembrace.

Mirror, Mirror , Giles/Faith and Dreams in the Darkness , Giles/Drusilla by [profile] xspike4evax.

Chapter Twenty Seven of Answering Prayers by [personal profile] velvetwhip.

[community profile] fantas_magoria re-watches "Beauty and the Beasts" .

Storywonk podcast talks Gingerbread.

Tinyfences podcast talks When She Was Bad.

AngelRewatch podcast talks Birthday .

Buzzfeed suggests "If "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" Were Set In Britain". "1. Buffy would be from Essex...2. The Hellmouth would be somewhere around Basildon".

More news from the Sunnydale Press.
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Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Characters/Pairing/Other Subject: Walter Harriman
Content Notes/Warnings: None
Medium: Digital
Artist on DW/LJ: Unknown
Artist Website/Gallery: [ profile] jeminabox
Why this piece is awesome: It's Walter the Chevron Guy! Before he was called Walter! I haven't found a lot of fanart of the supporting characters in SG-1, and I'm extra pleased that this one doesn't seem at all ironic -- it's a genuine celebration of the character, in heroic inspirational-poster style.
Link: Chevrons Locked and Encoded!
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Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Characters/Pairing/Other Subject: Teal'c
Content Notes/Warnings: None
Medium: Digital painting
Artist on DW/LJ: N/A
Artist Website/Gallery: Art of Gray
Why this piece is awesome: This painting of Teal'c in armor is the kind of work that would hang in a castle gallery, displaying the nobility and gravitas of a historical figure in rich ceremonial garb, and that's reinforced by its provenance (it's a piece of fanart painted by a professional to give to the actor, and the artist's notes say that he took some liberties with the armor, which seems delightfully like something a court portraitist would do). But what moves me about it is the weariness around his eyes. This is veteran Teal'c, all the stronger for the embattled life he's led, and the portrait is stronger for not prettifying that away.
Link: Jaffa KREE!
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I’ve not been about much this month. My apologies for not keeping up with responding to comments and posts. This is because the past few weeks have been a whirlwind of activity. For one thing, we finally got our act together and began work on the house. The first big job that needed doing was the roof.

The roof was a cheap and nasty MDF slate affair. The original tiles that covered the cottage, which would have matched the neighbouring cottages and houses, were lost. The roof had not weathered the years well. Repairs had been bodge jobs, and it leaked, so the walls on the first floor suffered from damp. This meant that we couldn’t plaster or paint them, because they’d be ruined in six months by water damage.

We decided to replace the cheap pseudoslates with the real thing, and to have the front porch and bay window fitted with proper mini-roofs as well. (I think of the bay window roof as a hat.)

The scaffolders arrived at 8 AM on a Monday morning.

The old roof, from the back, post-scaffolding and pre-roofing.

+12 images showing the transformation )

Now that all this is is (almost) done, we can feel confident about redecorating and repairing the interior of the house, as well as repainting the exterior. And once we’ve recovered from paying the bill (yowch), we can think about Phase 2: Converting the conservatory into a livable room.

In conclusion, responsible home ownership is ruddy exhausting. Also, expensive. Also also, why was it so exhausting even though all I did was organising the contractors, make a lot of coffee and answer questions about what I wanted?

At least it looks nice! I think? Reassurance would be most welcome.
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Fandom: Naruto
Characters/Pairing/Other Subject: Sabaku no Gaara/Uzumaki Naruto
Content Notes/Warnings: none
Medium: digital
Artist on DW/LJ: [ profile] kosmonauttihai
Artist Website/Gallery: on pixiv | [ profile] kosmonauttihai | artist website | original art tag on tumblr | fanart tag on tumblr | art ship ask tumblr: [ profile] ask-narugaa
Why this piece is awesome: This is one of my favourite artists and definitely my favourite NaruGaa artist. It took me a long time to decide on which piece of art to rec here, but in the end I settled on this. (Either way you should definitely check out the rest of the ask blog and also their art tags if you're so inclined!) I really like the black and white shading of the comic, and the topic of the comic - a short chance to catch up after Naruto and Co. save Gaara from the Akatsuki at the beginning of Shippuuden - is adorable. Most of all, though, I adore expressions in this comic - the excitement and the tenderness and the surprise - and also the style of the characters - the artist has taken the canon characters and reinterpreted them in their own style and I think it works fantastically well and makes the characters five times more endearing to me.
Link: on tumblr

The likeability factor

30 June 2015 13:26
[syndicated profile] thefword_feed

Posted by Suzanne Duffy

Do we judge women more harshly than men? Do feminists need to be likable? The Legacy asks difficult questions about gender and social conscience, writes Suzanne Duffy

Movies of this Week!

30 June 2015 00:21
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You guys! I bring tidings of great joy! Beside all the other good stuff that happened last week, I mean. There are movies to squee about!

Like every year, I largely celebrated Pride Week here in San Francisco by going to the Frameline (LGBTQ) Film Festival at the historic Castro Theater. We all gather, listen to the Mighty Wurlitzer upon which the organist this year played "The Wedding March" to tumultuous applause, among other entertaining things. It's an ultra-fun scene, and the films can be quite wonderful.

I went to three biggish films which will most likely be coming to a theater or streaming device near you:

One good... )

One scary... )

One dynamite... )

Non-festival films... )

TV can be good, too... )
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Hit Me With Your Best Shot (Uncharted Territory Series), Spike/Angel by [profile] xspike4evax.

Chapter Eleven of Broken Arrow by [personal profile] velvetwhip.

Buffyverse and Atsverse icons and Buffy icons by [personal profile] red_satin_doll.

Cordelia icons by [profile] spikesredqueen.

YouTube of Kevin Smith talking to Brad Meltzer. Fast-forward to 02:14:27 for the Buffy-related stuff. WARNING: Contains some adult language because Kevin Smith so, you know...

FIC: Make Yourself at Home

29 June 2015 20:38
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Behold, my fic for the Sid/Geno exchange! My recip asked for animal courtship rituals and suggested bowerbirds among other things, and after looking through numerous lists of Weird Animal Courtship Rituals (thank you, internet), I came back around to the bowerbirds fic after all. It is societally-mandated curtainfic, y'all.

Make Yourself at Home (8577 words) by Snickfic
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Hockey RPF
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Sidney Crosby/Evgeni Malkin
Characters: Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin, Marc-Andre Fleury
Additional Tags: Wooing, Interior Decorating, Angst, Animal Traits, Happy Ending, Friends With Benefits

“I could just live at your house,” Sid said, scowling at a color swatch. “I like your house.”

“My house best,” Zhenya agreed. Then, because he did actually care about Sid and his ongoing bower-building angst, he added, “But your house good, too.”

(A bowerbird AU)

Remix keeps giving,

29 June 2015 21:29
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There are a lot of different motivations for writing fanfic, and one of them is certainly, "Let me put my eccentric headcanon out there in case somebody ever wants to pick it up. RELATEDLY, I once wrote an FMA ficlet about how Roy Mustang was a teenage gigolo (in a very small town kind of way), and then I forgot about it and then years went by and then Remix Madness 2015 happened. . .

And some delightful person wrote Look At You, Out to Make a Deal, which features four women Roy let buy his dinner and one (guess who?) that he spent his own money on. I love all the world-building detail, and how it's funny and a little sad and Roy why are you a human disaster? and poor patient Riza, et cetera. Love it.

If this is an author I know from around fandom, I don't immediately recognize the work, but Roy and I raise a glass to you, mystery author

Now since it's been ages since I just sat down and read a book, I'm going to try an Ancillary Justice reread on the way to reading the sequel, since I realized I'd forgotten most of the story details.

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That's it! Our first (hopefully) annual June Bloom is coming to an end. For four weeks we've been adding new pages, and celebrating different aspects of Fandom. It's been truly amazing and we want to thank all of you for participating! We hope our weekly themes helped you decide what part of fandom to explore and preserve.

Those of you who haven't yet added to the June Bloom page extravaganza, don't worry! The last two days of June are what we dubbed as Free For All! Create a page for anything and anyone you want preserved on Fanlore. Go on a page creation spree. Look at your fandoms and ask yourself: "Does this have a page on Fanlore?" If the answer is NO, then FIX IT!

And remember: Fanlore is a wiki, so you don't need to write out an in-depth article. Someone else will come along to polish things up and flesh things out. By simply creating a stub you will contribute in nurturing of fandom flower!

Need more inspiration? Check out Fanlore's Wish List. Not sure how to get started? See Help:Tutorial and Help:Starting a new page.

Once again: Thank you, for making Fanlore so great!

This film is hmmm…

29 June 2015 09:17
[syndicated profile] thefword_feed

Posted by Holly Millar

Holly Millar sees potential in the story at the heart of agnès b.’s debut feature but is disappointed with how it was executed

Remix! Remix! Rah rah rah!

28 June 2015 20:55
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I haven't gotten my fic on much the last few years, but I did remix. And I enjoyed remixing - and it's probably not the type of content folks might expect. Add to that, I'm hoping to tie up a little remix madness today/tomorrow.

So check out Remix 12: Dirty Dozen. And my remixer played around with a mal/river drabble of mine and created Black Hole (The Effects of Gravity Remix), which has some great lines, including about the relative craziness of crew members.

Remix is live!

28 June 2015 20:13
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Happy to have Remix Redux back in all its glory. The archive is open here, with entries in a variety of fandoms I've just started to sample.

Some delightful anon (though I have my suspects. . .) wrote Imbalance (The Tramps Like Us Remix) for me. It's based on an X-Men Movieverse a story I wrote that was supposed to be a cute fic about Scott and Jean and Remy playing with a dreidel on Hanukkah and turned out to be about Scott feeling trapped and hopeless and Jean's powers going out of control, and Remy is just kind of . . .there because I wanted Scott to make mean jokes about his accent? Well, the remixer has taken that and switched it Remy's point of view, brought in some canon from X-Men: Origins: Wolverine, and that really opens up the story in some fascinating ways. Now I want the Remy that this author is writing to meet up with the Scott that I was writing.

Also, I wrote that story at least eight years ago, and Scott has been standing out on the back patio brooding all that time, so I'm really glad Jean finally brought him a coat. It was cathartic for all of us.

Poking around just a little bit in other fandoms so far:

Always Another One (The Robin Recruitment Remix) visits the characters of Gotham Central -- this is always the DCU of my heart -- and builds out from the "Dead Robin" arc of that series to examine the incarnations of Robin over the years.

And Magic Boxes (The What Remains Remix) is really a couple of different stories, one about Howard Stark's fears about fatherhood, and one about Peggy Carter's relation to Howard and how that moves through her interactions with Tony throughout the years. I appreciate fics that work to reconcile the different versions of Howard we see in different films, and I love what's being done here.

I wrote a thing in the main collection that I don't expect anyone to guess. I also failed to write anything for Remix Madness, but I'm excited to see that go live later tonight.


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