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Fandom: Tolkien (The Hobbit)
Characters/Pairing/Other Subject: Bilbo and thrush on the doorstep
Content Notes/Warnings: n/a
Medium: coloured pencils?
Artist on DW/LJ: n/a
Artist Website/Gallery: [ profile] alarie-tano

Why this piece is awesome: This is such a beautiful work. I love the delicate pencil work and the soft yet rich colouring.

Link: Bilbo and the Thrush

I cannot demo today because brain

20 February 2017 09:19
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but for London people, the big demo today: Facebook event page: Defend migrants, stop Trump

There's also Families Against Reckless Trump (FART), a "family-friendly" demo from 11am to 1pm designed for people who can't attend the evening demo for childcare or other reasons.

And associated Stop Trump and/or Day Without Us events all over the place: , searchable by postcode -- for example, the Tates are running guided tours "celebrating the artworks which have been created or influenced by migrants".
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So this morning Buttercup has confirmed the guesses that (rather that confusing Sehwan and Sweden, the other top speculation) by "happening in Sweden last night" he meant that on Friday night he saw a Fox news segment claiming that there's a crime wave in Sweden caused by immigrants but being covered up by Teh Libruls.

(According to Swedish data, crime rates have changed little in the past decade. COVER-UP.)

There's an important logical implication of this which the article doesn't address, namely that if "happening last night = "he saw a TV report on it last night", Buttercup apparently believes that when a thing happens is when he sees it on TV.

It's already been noted that people in his team are leaking like sieves partly because the only way to get him to register information is to have it on TV, but this seems like a new insight into the terrifying solipsistic void of his inner life.

(Really, I could have gone through life happily without ever having to think about Buttercup's inner life, but such are the times; we are not to be spared these things.)


19 February 2017 17:34
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The Guardian: 'Sweden, who would believe this?': Trump cites non-existent terror attack

Sub-sub-header: At Florida rally president refers to attack in Sweden that did not happen, possibly confusing it with Sehwan in Pakistan.

(I would be interested to know if that's going to be the official White House explanation, particularly because Buttercup's speech makes it clear that he's referring to a European country which "took in large numbers" -- presumably of Muslim immigrants, because obviously, who else would be responsible for such an unspeakable imaginary attack? "Slip of the tongue, he meant Pakistan" won't cover it.)

Attempting to cover what actually happened in Sweden, a Swedish news agency reported a story about a bull moose that took a fancy to a wooden moose, but admitted that this story took place in the autumn and they just thought we would like it.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Swedes and their moose in this tragic time.

I laugh because it's an alternative to screaming. For a grimly-credible analysis of what's going on with this sort of shit, see this piece from a few days ago: Europe's biggest paper ran a bogus refugee 'sex mob' story. What now?

Terrifyingly, the comments (never read the comments) feature multiple occurrences of exactly the line of thought the article analyses: okay, maybe this didn't actually happen, but other things like it probably did, and it would totally have been Muslim immigrants who did them.

From the article:

If the lie sticks, that’s great. If it does not stick, that’s no loss. The point was always to add another rhetorical layer of doubt and suspicion to the sediment of our national bigotry. There was no Bowling Green massacre? Well, OK, but there could have been one, and it would have been a Muslim who did it. In the flexible world of bigotry, we can even condemn people for crimes committed in our minds.
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Mimnermos: The Brainsex Paintings (4198 words) by lotesse
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Kairos (O'Keefe) Series - Madeleine L'Engle
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Alex Murry/Kate Murry, Meg Murry/Calvin O'Keefe
Characters: Kate Murry, Alex Murry, Sandy Murry, Meg Murry | Meg O'Keefe, Calvin O'Keefe, Charles Wallace Murry
Additional Tags: post-A Wrinkle in Time, Reunion Sex, Married Couple, Feminist Themes, Loneliness, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - PTSD

It had given her such a turn, the night before, when Charles Wallace's unusual guest had talked of the tesseract. Would all the wonders of the universe turn out to be horrors? Nevertheless, she turned from her abandoned hopeless writing back to the electron microscope, deliberately shaking off her brooding reverie to watch the unfolding patterns of the little lives of the sub-microscopic world a while longer.


18 February 2017 19:15
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The Guardian: McCain attacks Trump administration and inability to 'separate truth from lies'

“The president, I think, makes statements [and] on other occasions contradicts himself. So we’ve learned to watch what the president does as opposed to what he says,” he said.

Without mentioning the president’s name, McCain lamented a shift in the US and Europe away from the “universal values” that forged the Nato alliance seven decades ago. McCain also said the alliance’s founders would be “alarmed by the growing inability, and even unwillingness, to separate truth from lies.”

He's not, is he?

ABC News: McCain slams Trump in Munich speech without using his name

... is he?

Is this just an odd coincidence, or is McCain joining in with the un-naming? It seems exceptionally unlikely, but ...

Also, while I am quite taken with "Buttercup", I also like this thought from [ profile] doitninetimes:

Look, I am about as petty as it gets and The Current State Of Affairs have only been pushing me toward my Worst Self. I love! a petty asshole nickname, especially for one so worthy of mockery and distain. But let’s pin this one where it belongs. He is our current Republican President, and you fucking bet I’m going to take every opportunity to bring up that little fact.

"The Current Republican President" (I've also heard suggestions of "the Republican administration"). Because until/unless they impeach him, they fucking own him.

And of course one could always split the difference and go for "Buttercup [or appellation of one's choosing, whether his legal name or not], the current Republican president". So many fun options!


18 February 2017 16:36
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Thanks to everyone who discussed on my last post about perfumes. Today I went to Les Senteurs and tried lots of things, and came away with a bottle of Amyris and a couple of other samples. I may need to try out Bloom and get more samples of other things to try. But I really like this one.

The lady I met was younger than me, really friendly, happy to geek out about the smells and teach me stuff, and is the grand-daughter of the founder and is a singer who's doing this to fund that, which is pretty cool.
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And can highly recommend this to anyone as a fun and interesting way to kill some time (assuming it was sufficently Before Your Time that you didn't watch it all go down live). Even if you know the rough outline of what happened, it's still fascinating getting into the details (Chapstick microphones!).

Also, of course, it's important that we all learn how to impeach a President.

And I was reminded that if a President can be proved to have colluded in a break-in at the DNC headquarters, there is extremely specific form for impeaching them (I'd somehow not consciously made this connection before, and I don't feel it makes a terrific difference if the break-in is cyber rather than "tape over the latches" ...).

Educational and uplifting!

I'm still down the hole (and plotting a viewing of All The President's Men and re-read of contemporaneous Doonesbury, because hey, might as well go for the full mini-fest here), but here are some links for anyone who wishes to join me in partying like it's 1974: ("The Administration and its supporters accused the media of making "wild accusations," putting too much emphasis on the story, and of having a liberal bias against the Administration.") (Note: Buttercup has already announced his candidacy for 2020, which means he is now open for donations to fund his re-election campaign -- given his track record with charity donations, anyone want to bet on how much of that money will be used for other purposes?)

Because I am apparently not the only one feeling retro: The NYT: What Did Trump Know, and When Did He Know It? and Tom Brokaw: The Offer From Nixon I Refused

Also, can we offer a prize to the first journalist/interviewer/Twitterer who can get Buttercup to say (or Tweet) "I'm not a crook"? It's got to be possible to goad him into it. Got to.

(Or amusingly impossible: "Mr. President, are you a crook?" would probably get a ten-minute ramble about the electoral college and "fake news", interspersed with shouted orders to sit down.)

For my hypermobile peeps

17 February 2017 20:33
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Because although I am not one of you, I seem to know a lot of you. I mentioned the following currently-useless bit of psychiatric trivia in comments, then thought it might be worth sharing more widely.

Because sometimes it's nice to know this shit, even if it doesn't (yet) have any practical implications for how to deal with stuff.

DID YOU KNOW that there's a very well-documented correlation between joint hypermobility and anxiety (and also autonomic and "somatic" problems -- stuff like fibromyalgia, IBS, migraines, etc.)? As in, if you are hypermobile you are way more likely to have the others? Trufax:

It's to the point where one group of researchers have even proposed giving it a name, the "neuroconnective phenotype":

Researchers don't have a clue why there's this connection; it's just one of those weird but strong correlations where they know that if they figured it out, they might know a lot more about what's going on in both conditions. But (at present) they don't. Also, collagen is weird.

So if you're dealing with this cluster of stuff, it's probably not just random coincidence: there is a reason. We just have no idea what the reason is yet.

At any rate, it's yet another reminder that the brain is part of the body, and that even the stuff that's in your head isn't "all in your head".

Robert Ford by aquiles-soir (SFW)

18 February 2017 23:22
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Fandom: Westworld
Characters/Pairing/Other Subject: Robert Ford
Content Notes/Warnings: none
Medium: traditional art - watercolour finished with ink.
Artist on DW/LJ: n/a
Artist Website/Gallery: aquiles-soir on DA (aka Jack Flamel)
Why this piece is awesome: This is another great artwork by aquiles-soir, with Ford surrounded by the rather creepy blank faces of his androids. I love the colours, and the likeness and expression are excellent, really bringing out his shadowy complexity, and his ruthlessness. Love the little details too - his tie and cufflinks, and the chair's carving. 
Link: Robert Ford

Shadow of Mirkwood by eaneli (SFW)

17 February 2017 18:58
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Fandom: Tolkien (The Hobbit)
Characters/Pairing/Other Subject: Bilbo in Mirkwood
Content Notes/Warnings: n/a
Medium: watercolours?
Artist on DW/LJ: n/a
Artist Website/Gallery: [ profile] eaneli

Why this piece is awesome: I love the subtle colouring and unusual perspective of this work. It makes me feel like I'm sitting in the tree tops among the black butterflies looking down on Bilbo who's contemplating climbing up.

Link: Shadow of Mirkwood
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and then failing to get round to it, and also it's where I got "Buttercup" from:

[ profile] plaidadder: Buttercup vs. the U. S. Constitution


Conclusion: there are some grown-ups somewhere in the chain of command who have tried to put the handbrake on this constitutional-crisis train. These grown-ups don’t want another national story about Buttercup’s administration violating the law. They are therefore trying to make it look, at least, as if Buttercup is running a normal presidency that will try to promote its agenda through normal channels and challenge court decisions they don’t like IN COURT, as the Constitution demands, as opposed to just ordering people not to comply with them.

And then here’s Buttercup on Twitter:

“The opinion of this so-called judge, which essentially takes law-enforcement away from our country, is ridiculous and will be overturned!”

Buttercup is not on message. Buttercup is not a grownup. Buttercup thinks checks and balances are ridiculous. Buttercup thinks that if he says something it should come true. Buttercup thinks that the executive is “our country” whereas the judiciary is…what, exactly? Buttercup isn’t sure, but he does know that the “so-called” judiciary has no right to tell him what to do. They’re not even his real dad.

Buttercup is spoiling for a constitutional crisis. And of these days, Buttercup is gonna get himself a big one.

More Links Than A Bag Of Sausages

17 February 2017 03:06
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The Eyes Have It and The Third Time Isn't the Charm , Buffy/Giles by [profile] quaggy_mire.

TheWorldOfWhedon talks "Here Endeth the Lesson: The Relationship of Buffy and Spike”.

Lapis by TheAleksDemon (SFW)

16 February 2017 09:35
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Fandom: Steven Universe
Characters/Pairing/Other Subject: Lapis Lazuli
Content Notes/Warnings: none
Medium: digital painting
Artist on DW/LJ: n/a
Artist Website/Gallery: [ profile] thealeksdemon-art

Why this piece is awesome: This dark, moody portrait makes great use of a limited palette of blues and greens. Lapis's face and posture are very expressive. This character is dangerous when hurt, and you can really see that in her eyes. I love the nearly-symmetrical composition and the framing effect of the wings.

Link: Lapis

Being Jackie

16 February 2017 08:03
[syndicated profile] thefword_feed

Posted by Ngaire Ruth

Ngaire Ruth is mesmerised by Natalie Portman’s performance as Jackie Kennedy in Noah Oppenheim and Pablo Larraín’s retelling of four days in the life of the iconic First Lady

Sense8 by the obsidian(SFW)

15 February 2017 23:35
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Fandom: Sense8
Characters/Pairing/Other Subject: Riley Blue/Will Gorski
Content Notes/Warnings: none
Medium: digital
Artist on DW/LJ:n/a
Artist Website/Gallery: DA
Why this piece is awesome: The color and design here is delicate and lovely. I was thrown at first by the characters in Hanbok but then I realized that it perfectly suits the universal connection the series tries to promote
Link: Sense8
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What are you currently reading?

Vinegar Girl by Anne Tyler, a modern version of Taming of the Shrew. I can't really comment on it as an adaptation of Shakespeare because I have never made much progress with Taming (this and The Merchant of Venice are the Shakespeares that go in the "too problematic to enjoy" basket, though I've slogged through Merchant at some point anyway -- but I mostly reverse engineered the plot from 10 Things I Hate about You. This book is kind of doing a rom-commy thing with fake marriage but so far it's most interesting as a take on unusual family dynamics that become habit until you don't realize how messed up they are. Also, Kate's shrewishness mostly seems to come out of a strong aversion to small talk , which resonates with points in my life when I've had a lot of social anxiety and felt alienated from people around me. Prickly people with deep inner lives that struggle to find proper expression is a thing Tyler does well. Not sure how great this meshes with the farcical material but I feel for this Kate a lot.

Continuing with Just Mercy and still need to get to the last bit of The New Jim Crow, planning to continue All the Birds in the Sky after that.

What did you recently finish reading?

Sweet Lamb of Heaven by Lydia Millett. This book is SUPER WEIRD and I liked it a lot. The protagonist has a baby her husband doesn't want then hears voices then leaves the husband with her child and there's a cat and mouse thing with fantasy/horror elements?? CW for stalking and also do not bother with this if you need your fantasy elements explained in a definitive way. I just liked the voice a lot, I don't know.

What do you think you’ll read next? Still working on stuff listed above.

Bulletproof kinks strike again

16 February 2017 02:50
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Okay, so I’ve been wandering around recent anime, looking for decent things to watch, and have fallen into Madan no Ou to Vanadis. On the face of it, it’s not my thing. There’s way the fuck too many barely clad boobs everywhere and Ridiculously Underclad Warrior Maidens ™.  And yet…

And yet.

I mean, for one thing, the Ridiculously Underclad Warrior Maidens ™ do, in fact, kick all kinds of ass, despite the bouncing boobage. This is, in fact, a story of military strategy, with far too many bouncing boobs pasted on. It’s actually really interesting, if you can just squint past the fleshtones! Which should not be necessary, and is /truly/ annoying, but…

Well, but.

Because, see, this one also hits one of my bulletproof kinks, dead center. Our Hero, the unassuming minor noble who just happens to be collecting a harem of Ridiculously Underclad Warrior Maidens ™ with the prowess of his archery, is, in the very first scene, taken prisoner of war by Our Heroine (warrior maiden the first) and he insists on abiding by the terms and remaining her prisoner. Ally. But still her prisoner, even when they’ve taken the field together to defend his homeland! And she proceeds to call him her possession, throughout. And I really just cannot watch ep 5 without squeaking gleefully when, in the middle of a strategy meeting, Our Heroine’s second-in-command warrior maiden having appealed to Our Hero to please, for pity’s sake, talk her out of a single-handed charge on the enemy, Our Heroine demands of Our Hero who he belongs to (”Omae wa dare no mono da?”) and he replies, dead level and without hesitation, that he belongs to her (”Omae no mono da.”). 

Yes, that’s right, her prisoner of war uses plain forms to agree that he belongs to her. They talk to each other like this /all the time/. What am I supposed do with this, I ask you?

So I can’t exactly call this a rec, because it really depends on your tolerance for gratuitous boobage this week, but… well it’s definitely bookmarked.

from Tumblr

Bed yoga

15 February 2017 23:00
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[personal profile] kore asked for yoga you can do in/on your bed, for those of us who are short on floor space.

Really, you can do almost any kind of reclining, seated or prone pose in bed (anything in my Yoga for TV-watching post would work). Anything that's listed as "restorative yoga" would probably work well. The only poses you can’t do are the ones that involve standing (unless your balance is very good and you want to challenge it with an unstable surface, and also aren’t going to hit any furniture if you fall off) or otherwise require a solid base to press off.

In some cases, doing yoga on a soft surface can be positively helpful: it’s gentler on cranky knees and wrists, for example, and the give can distribute stress across a wider area so torque doesn’t get forced into particular joints.

Bed yoga is also obviously good if you can’t face getting out of bed yet or just feel safer there.

I generally like starting yoga at a point where it’s basically “vague rolling around on the floor groaning and moving just to feel slightly less stiff and rubbish”, and then building from there as my brain and body permit.

One of the meds I’m on makes me stiff and achy in the mornings, and I am severely not a morning person, and I have a hard time starting activities at any point in the day (executive function, what’s that?). Beginning yoga like this makes the starting threshold so low it’s a lot easier to get over it: I am almost always capable of lying on the floor.

So bed yoga seems like something that could work well with that approach.

Anyway, here’s a sample of possible bed yoga for you all!

I’ve given it a vague order, based on how I tend to link things (including ideas stolen from innumerable yoga teachers over the years), and divided it up into different blocks which you can dip into, take or leave depending on how you feel.

But this is just an example to inspire people to invent the sequences that work best for them (and hopefully pass on a few more ideas to be stolen).

N.B. I am not a yoga teacher, and also this is basically a collection of "stuff I like and do that works well in/on a bed."

Bruce Lee rules apply: take what works for you, add what is uniquely your own, and discard the rest.

General yoga rules also apply: go to the point where you start to feel a stretch, and hang out there for at least a few breaths, or until it stops feeling nice/fun/useful, then move onto the next thing. Pain is bad and a reason to immediately back off. However far you do or don't get in a position -- that's where your body is today. Don't hurt yourself because you think you should be able to stretch further or do a more impressive version of a pose.

If you want progressions or modifications or alternatives for things or clarifications of baffling descriptions or "I love this pose, suggest more like that", please ask!

You will need a yoga strap/belt or something that can substitute for one, which can be a regular belt, a tie, a piece of cloth, a rolled up sweatshirt, whatever.

Note: it is really fucking hard to find online photos demonstrating yoga poses which are not of thin bendy white women under 40. I did my best, subject to limitations of time and spoons, but damn. Sorry about that.

Cut for length )
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The Guardian: Damning reports emerge of Trump campaign's frequent talks with Russian intelligence

Which is mainly reiterating:

The New York Times: Trump Campaign Aides Had Repeated Contacts With Russian Intelligence

Also: CNN: US investigators corroborate some aspects of the Russia dossier (spoilers: none of the juicy bits -- yet -- but at least some of the dossier's claims about which Russian figures talked to which other figures when appear to be confirmed)

Buttercup, naturally, is responding with a screaming meltdown on Twitter, though he seems to be trying to divert attention to complaining about the leaking, as opposed to denying the accusations.

I find this very, very interesting:

The Observer (not the UK one): The Spy Revolt Against Trump Begins

Does anyone know how solid the author is? (Google tells me that he has historically skewed right-wing, pro-NSA, anti-Snowden, and also may have sent someone a dick pic. Which doesn't indicate whether his claims about what his current contacts in the intelligence community* are saying are likely to be reliable.) Because if he's for real, holy shit:


What’s going on was explained lucidly by a senior Pentagon intelligence official, who stated that “since January 20, we’ve assumed that the Kremlin has ears inside the SITROOM,” meaning the White House Situation Room, the 5,500 square-foot conference room in the West Wing where the president and his top staffers get intelligence briefings. “There’s not much the Russians don’t know at this point,” the official added in wry frustration.

(I mean, it's a totally fucking reasonable assumption for them to be making, not least on the basis of Buttercup's ridiculous Android phone, which is so insecure that computer experts have advised that the only safe assumption to make is that it's already compromised. But there's been a widespread shortage of people in positions of power making what I would consider to be common-sense inferences, so.)

{*I admit I find it kind of hilarious that they're a "community" now.}


15 February 2017 19:09
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[personal profile] ironed_orchid's cat Mason has a head injury and needs surgery.

If you can spare the money, please chip in to help cover the bills.


15 February 2017 17:19
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Today is Very Important Day. Today is Bloke's Birthday. And hence, there has been BAKING. Behold!

Star cookies (from the dough reserved at the weekend)

That most American of treats, pecan pie (with toasted almonds, because I didn't have enough pecans, ho hum)
Pies, we made PIES!

And choccy biccies. Huzzah!
Choccy biccies

Dreamwidth news: 15 February 2017

15 February 2017 05:35
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[staff profile] denise posting in [site community profile] dw_news
Hello, Dreamwidth! And thank you to everyone who wished me and my wife a happy vacation -- it was an excellent one. (Rumors that it was to help distract me from a significant birthday starting with 4 and ending with 0 are totally unfounded. Really.) It was also awesome to come back and see all of the new activity going on! I hope that everyone who's joined us in the last month or two has been settling in nicely.

Behind the cut, a tour of some of the new stuff we've done in the last few months, plus a look at some older changes that could use more love:

* Image Hosting Frontend
* HTTPS Beta
* Create Entries Beta: progress report
* Selective comment screening
* Other alphabets in site search: fixed!
* Icon file size limit increased
* Dreamwidth: Did You Know?
* Team Dreamwidth

DW News, 15 Feb 2017 )


That's it from us for another update! As always, if you're having problems with Dreamwidth, Support can help you; for notices of site problems and downtime, check the Twitter status page.

Comment notifications may be delayed for an hour or two, due to the high volume of notifications generated after an update is posted to [site community profile] dw_news. This was posted at 5:35AM EST (see in your time zone). Please don't worry about delayed notifications until at least two hours after that.

A night at the movies

15 February 2017 07:45
[syndicated profile] thefword_feed

Posted by Ali Cocksworth

Ali Cocksworth finds Dana Spiotta's Innocents and Others to be impressive and intricate, but questions whether the movie montage style of the narrative could leave readers feeling alienated

More Links Than A Bag Of Sausages

15 February 2017 03:17
petzipellepingo: (more links by eyesthatslay)
[personal profile] petzipellepingo
A Spray of Roses , Willow/Buffy by [profile] xspike4evax.

Spike/Wesley banner, icon and wallpaper by [personal profile] comlodge.

USAToday includes Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered in their "The 10 best Valentine’s Day TV episodes". "Love hurts, as Buffy proved with this classic episode. When trying to win back his ex (who dumped him on Valentine’s Day), Xander (Nicholas Brendon) turns to magic -- but ends up with the entire female population of Sunnydale, Calif., hounding after him. It’s funny until it’s not funny at all".


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