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AFRAID? Of whom am I afraid?
Not death; for who is he?
The porter of my father’s lodge
As much abasheth me.

Of life? ‘T were odd I fear a thing
That comprehendeth me
In one or more existences
At Deity’s decree.

Of resurrection? Is the east
Afraid to trust the morn
With her fastidious forehead?
As soon impeach my crown!
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Fandom: Bandom
Characters/Pairing/Other Subject: Party Poison aka Gerard Way
Content Notes/Warnings: n/a
Medium: digital art
Artist on DW/LJ: n/a
Artist Website/Gallery: [deviantart.com profile] vriskca244

Why this piece is awesome: I love the immediate feeling of this work. The swift, sketchy lines and the way they capture Party Poison in a rare moment of relaxation.

Link: S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W
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The New York Times generally presented fanfiction as a financial opportunity for the corporations that own the intellectual properties copied by fanfiction. Many articles asserted that franchises benefit from, and in some cases rely on, their fanfiction communities. For example, Harris (2008) ties the box office success of the X-Files film to the continued health of its fanfiction community, while Heffernan (2008) depicts a lack of homoerotic fanfiction as problematic for the success of any show with a large, attractive male cast. Thompson (2005) reports on the lucrative partnership between the Halo fan-film circle Rooster Teeth and Halo’s copyright holder Microsoft. This “co-opted/encouraged by industry” frame presents a view of fanfiction’s future as a marketing tool, rather than a fan-driven culture. The frame is frequently associated with the “self-branding” purpose frame; teenagers who desire to become part of their favored franchise show their solidarity with the product and fan subculture in ways which are extremely beneficial for intellectual property holders (Hitt 2008; Scott 2002).

Drew Emanuel Berkowitz, Framing the Future of Fanfiction: How The New York Times’ Portrayal of a Youth Media Subculture Influences Beliefs about Media Literacy Education ift.tt/1FA6vyk

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Veena Chandar, 18, takes issue with 'All About That Bass' and its implication that we should only appreciate our bodies if boys admire them.

MT_SINGLE_cover.jpg"So whaaaat? It's catchy!"

Welcome to the 21st century where, according to many, sexism is obsolete and feminism is a wasted movement. Yet, a song placed at no.1 in the UK charts, being blasted at every radio station for all to hear is filled with body-shaming sentiments. But, hey, it's catchy right?

The world is already so good at tearing women down, picking at anything from our image to our quirks, without the added internalised misogyny that Meghan Trainor presents in her new song. What I see happening lately isn't a celebration of larger bodies but, instead, a tokenistic de-humanisation of smaller ones. It's encouraging one group of de-humanised women to step up and degrade and dehumanise another. This is flawed because thin women were never the oppressors holding all the power in the first place. Women have always had their appearances critiqued by men. It's just that thin women have tended to experience this less. However, 'All About That Bass' seems to reflect a view that it is only right to overthrow those awful "skinny bitches", because "How dare they be critiqued less by our beloved oppressors?"

Of course, it's clear thin privilege still exists, with larger women and men facing discrimination every day and thin people being given a pass. But supporting retaliation in the form of hatred is a useless cause when we need to all be working towards the same goal of body-positivity for everyone.

And what happened to body positivity in this song? Why should thinner bodies be deemed unappealing because they don't have that "boom boom" that all the "boys chase"? Since when has body positivity had anything to do with boys chasing you? Self-acceptance is exactly what it says it is: you accepting yourself. Why should any group of women be dismissed as "stick figure" "Barbie dolls" complying to the media's expectations? After all, there are lots of women, regardless of size, who don't care what the media or boys think.

Let me paint you a lovely picture of the future. Fifteen years pass. I am sitting across the dining table from my little daughter and, as she reaches for the vegetables, I smack her hand away and put chocolate on her plate instead. "Why, Mummy?" She asks me. "Because," I say looking at her straight in the eyes, "boys like a little more booty to hold at night."

I realise that's a bit far-fetched, but you get my point. Children are listening to this song being played on the radio and, in my opinion, it is arguably as toxic as a song promoting being skinny would be. Both stances promote one body type and dismiss another. Even worse, they imply we should only appreciate our bodies if boys admire them.

It's no surprise that Meghan Trainor doesn't consider herself a feminist. If the values and internalised misogyny towards 'skinny' women in 'All About That Bass' are anything to go by, I don't think she would make a very convincing one. It seems that, according to this song, you should love yourself... unless you're a skinny woman, in which case, you're going to die alone just because men apparently don't want you.

Being a woman nowadays is a lot like the lyrics in Kelly Clarkson's song 'You Can't Win':

If you're thin, poor little walking disease

If you're not, they're all screaming obese.

And those are the only two we can be apparently. Nothing in-between.

Well, the world is definitely changing. We no longer need men to objectify and de-humanise women and portray them as only for men's entertainment because we have women to do that as well. Not all men? Well, apparently it's men and some women too.

Meghan, I don't really care if you have "all the right junk in all the right places". Because yet another voice telling us what's right or wrong when it comes to women's bodies is just more misogyny and I'm tired of it.

Image description:

Front cover for Meghan Trainor's 'All About That Bass' single. This is pink with the shoulders and right hand of a woman (possibly Trainor or intended as a depiction of her) with a baby blue top and matching nails holding up an peach coloured sign with the name of the artist in white at the top and of the song at the bottom. Two speakers are pictured in the middle of the sign. Shared under fair dealing.

To freeze or not to freeze

21 October 2014 22:24
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News broke recently that some of Silicon Valley's top technology companies, including Facebook and Apple, will be offering an egg-freezing service as a benefit for female employees.

The big Silicon Valley players all have a low percentage of female employees relative to other industries. Facebook has 31% female staff, and Google 30%, with other companies reporting similar statistics. Facebook's concern over lack of female talent, particularly in senior management, prompted them to begin offering the procedure to employees in a bid to attract more women. Basketball courts, free food and pool tables might bring in the bright young things, but are unlikely to retain talent when people's priorities start to change.

Young women get confusing messages - on the one hand, society sneers at young 'welfare mothers' who get pregnant in their teens or early twenties, often with partners who skip their responsibilities (which is, of course, the woman's fault for not choosing wisely enough) and have no means other than state benefits to support the resulting children. On the other side, there is plenty of hand-wringing about women who work hard, build a career, get themselves financially stable and find a stable partner, only to find that all this time spent doing the right thing has meant it's too late biologically. I have seen friends go through this and it has been heartbreaking for them. Egg freezing seems like it might be the perfect compromise.

However, there have been warnings, notably from the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), that it might not be as simple as it sounds. It's not just something you can go and do in your lunch break. Injections of powerful hormones are required, and the procedure is far from simple and painless, and nor is it risk-free. Getting pregnant using frozen eggs requires the use of IVF, which carries its own risks. Medical News Today warns that IVF is "a procedure with a high failure rate that is linked to risks of stillbirths, cesarean sections, preterm deliveries, multiple gestations and higher risks of fetal anomalies". The ASRM's recent report into egg-freezing technology reported in 2012 that egg-freezing was unlikely to deliver significant advantages, except for women who have a medical reason to use it, such as cancer treatment, and it cannot be recommended as a method of delaying starting a family.

There is a darker side to all this as well. Female employees might feel pressured to undergo the procedure, because they may worry that their employer will see them as less committed to their career if they don't. This may even extend to spouses of employees, who may also be eligible. It's difficult enough already to balance work and parenthood - the fact that employers are offering this tacitly acknowledges and supports the view that motherhood is incompatible with building a successful career, rather than challenging it. Is this really the message we want to give young women entering the workforce? If you are serious about your career, you'll put everything else on ice - literally.

Family responsibilities are also not just about women and children. We're living longer, and the demands of caring for elderly or sick parents can also be difficult to juggle. You can't freeze your parents and have them get old later and you can't defer serious illness, as I recently found out. Life doesn't happen either at our convenience or the convenience of our employers.

I'd rather we looked at changing our working culture wholesale, with help from the numerous technologies out there, to help us achieve our career and life goals simultaneously. I know from the recent challenges I've just experienced trying to balance looking after my health with meeting the needs of my employer that most places of work don't embrace deviation from 5x 9-5 readily. My team recently took on two new staff, both of whom needed slightly altered working patterns because of childcare but had been afraid to mention it at interview. Flexible and part time working is possible but often granted grudgingly, and you may pay a price in pay and promotion prospects for prioritising your human connections and loyalties over your corporate ones.

Women are always being told that we can't have it all. While this is certainly true, it is true for all of us, including employers. We need to start talking about how we normalise reasonable balance between family and work; chances are it will involve some compromising on both sides.

The photo is by Sheena Jibson and is used under a creative commons licence. It shows five hens' eggs lying in a line on a dark wooden table. The one in the middle is paler than the others.

MCU recs post

21 October 2014 14:17
snickfic: Karen Gillan as Nebula (mcu)
[personal profile] snickfic
Match Point by [personal profile] salmon_pink
Pepper/Sif, one-shot. First they spar, then they have sex very attractively. And there's humor, too!

The Ties That Bind by [archiveofourown.org profile] Odsbodskins
Steve/Bucky + Natasha, a/b/o, 26k. One of my favorite a/b/o fics to appear in quite some time, with tons of interesting worldbuilding (including text excerpts! One from Mary Roach, even!) dealing with lots of aspects of a/b/o life that don't seem to turn up very often. Also has omega!Steve, which immediately endeared the fic to me. Also has Steve and Natasha off missioning together, which made me ridiculously happy. I love Natasha in this. I love everything in this.

Fair warning, this was written pre-Winter Soldier, so it's definitely an AU in the jossed sense. Has a lot of events inspired by comics stuff, but mixed and matched, so no comics knowledge necessary.

Re-Habituation by [archiveofourown.org profile] downjune
Bucky/Natasha, a/b/o, 3k. This isn't shippy in the strict sense; it's about Natasha exploring a part of herself that was previously only controlled and exploited, and doing that exploration with someone she trusts. I especially like the identity stuff this fic explores, and I tend to be a sucker for sex-between-friends scenarios like this one. Just neat.

Experiment in red by [archiveofourown.org profile] sevenofspade
Bucky+Wanda gen, 4k. The Winter Soldier makes friends with one of HYDRA's experiments. I LOVE unexpected moments of grace and friends found in unexpected places, and this has that in spades. It also deals a lot with the terrible things, including brainwashing, that happen to both Wanda and Bucky, so be forewarned. (I have the uncomfortable feeling that this fic is far kinder and more complex in its characterization of Wanda than canon is going to be. >:( )

measure of affection by [archiveofourown.org profile] bullroars
GotG team gen, 1.5k. drax the destroyer does not need a hug. Neat happy-feeling gen where the team takes care of its own, however fumblingly. Very sweet.

All This Red Tape by [archiveofourown.org profile] TigerDragon
girl!Peter/Gamora, 3.5k In which the girls are still working out how they work together, in both the feelings department and the pants department. There's some low-key xeno here for those that like it, and just a lot of very appealing fumbling stops and starts as Gamora and Piper Quill try to figure each other out.
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I have thirty-seven "to rec" links on Pinboard. I mean to slowly work my way through them in themed bunches. This is the comics bunch.

calm me down, get it out by [archiveofourown.org profile] defcontwo
Black Widow comics, Natasha/Yelena, 4.5k. This is hands down my favorite "pretending to be together" fic I have ever read. Because in this, they're pretending to be together for a spy mission, and instead of celibate pining we have angry UST and then angry very-much-RST. As in canon, Yelena is all tied up in Natasha, and as in canon, Natasha alternately laughs at and indulges that obsession. This is great stuff.

Hit by [archiveofourown.org profile] basset_voyager
Kate Bishop gen, 1k. I don't know what the canonical story is behind why Kate takes up archery (or if there even is one), but I really like this version: she practices as a form of taking control, fighting back against sleeze balls, taking ownership of the space she occupies. Does not depend on any particular YA or Hawkeye canon.

happy hour by [archiveofourown.org profile] jouissant
Saga, The Will + The Stalk gen, 1k. Mission completed, The Will and The Stalk take a breather, and The Will contemplates his occupation. Neat, low-key little character piece.

Red Pen by [archiveofourown.org profile] Hsifeng
Saga, Hazel + Izabel gen, 2.5k. THIS IS SO GOOD. This is the school report of one Hazel, having interviewed her friend Izabel for the purpose. Documents fic! Worldbuilding more cohesive and coherent than I think Vaughan and Staples have created (or aspire to create, for that matter). Just really neat at taking details of the Saga universe and weaving them into a proposed whole (although this was written after #8, so some of it, particularly stuff about the robots, has since been jossed). Very nifty.
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I'm watching some random episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D on TV, and less than ten minutes in there have already been three people who have British accents. Is there an actual reason for this, or is the show just again set in the mythical British California?

(and yeah, no, I was hoping that I would magically start liking this show if I just gave it another chance, but I still think that it's boring)

But ANYWAY! The actual point of this post was that before I was watching Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, I was watching The Walking Dead:

spoilers )
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So, we all remember the guy who was allergic to making plans, right? We should, it was only a week ago, don't tell me your short-term memory is that bad. Well, this is STILL GOING ON because it turns out this is a dude who does not know when to let it go.

Read more... )

New feature: High heels of clay

21 October 2014 10:02
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Posted by Holly Combe

Helen Monks considers the continuing unreasonable pressure on female pop stars to be role models.

 Remember when Lily Allen wrote that great feminist song about how women shouldn't need to get naked in order to get attention and then objectified a load of naked, mostly black, women in her music video in order to get attention?

Remember when Beyoncé penned that great article titled 'Gender Equality is a Myth' and then appeared at the Grammys a few days later, smiling along as her husband rapped at her to "eat the cake, Anna Mae", a reference to the violent domestic abuse and rape of Tina Turner by her husband, Ike?

Remember yet another wave of disappointment rippling our way when, in the wake of the debut of her 10th studio album, Sinéad O'Connor controversially claimed, in an interview with The Observer, to not be a feminist?

In the midst of the online anti-revolution of the anti-feminists (most noticeably using their freedom to speak freely about how they don't need it), this declaration could not have come at a more annoying time...

Click here to read the rest of Helen's article and comment

Image description and credit:

Beyoncé, with microphone, on a polished black stage at the Dublin 02 on 4 June 2009. She looks slightly downwards to her right with a pensive expression. She wears a fur-trimmed wedding dress with a slit at the front, with a veil framing her head and shoulders. By Caroline Delaney and shared under a Creative Commons license.

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Saadi held his Muse in awe,
She was his mistress and his law;
A twelvemonth he could silence hold,
Nor ran to speak till she him told;
He felt the flame, the fanning wings,
Nor offered words till they were things,
Glad when the solid mountain swims
In music and uplifting hymns.

and who did you say is calling?

20 October 2014 21:31
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Dearest darlingest yuleingest goat (my dear santa),

thank you for writing a story for me! I have no doubts whatsoever that I will love the pants off of whatever you write :)

I'mma talk about canons first and then get to general reading preferences.

Frankenstein )

The Fall )

Vorkosigan Saga )

Smoke Signals )

general info about what I like to read )

Sleater-Kinney return!

20 October 2014 16:05
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Posted by J Whitehead

Carrie Brownstein SMALL.jpg

Believe the hype! Sleater-Kinney, the feminist wonder-group, have revealed a new single titled 'Bury Our Friends', announced a new album titled No Cities to Love which is due for release in January 2015 and confirmed a north-American and European tour, beginning in February 2015.

The news came as a surprise for fans who discovered the new single enclosed with a recently released limited edition vinyl boxed set of remastered versions of their previous seven albums.

You can download the new single for free here, by signing up to Sleater-Kinney's mailing list.

The black and white image is a side-shot of Sleater-Kinney guitarist, Carrie Brownstein, singing and rocking out with her guitar on-stage. Image by Damon Green, shared under a Creative Commons license.

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Come live with me and be my love,
And we will all the pleasures prove
That valleys, groves, hills, and fields
Woods or steepy mountain yields

And we will sit upon the rocks,
Seeing the shepherds feed their flocks
By shallow rivers to whose falls
Melodious birds sing madrigals.

And I will make thee beds of roses
And a thousand fragrant posies,
A cap of flower, and a kirtle
Embroidered all with leaves of myrtle;

A gown made of the finest wool
Which from our pretty lambs we pull;
Fair lined slippers for the cold
With buckles of the purest gold;

A belt of straw and ivy buds,
With coral clasps and amber studs;
And if these pleasures may thee move,
Come live with me and be my love.

The shepherds' swains shall dance and sing
For thy delight each May morning:
If these delights thy mind may move,
Then live with me and be my love.

Weekend roundup

20 October 2014 12:14
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After returning from Germany reasonably early on Friday, it wasn’t too difficult to muster the energy to journey to Oxfordshire for a visit to the Ai Weiwei sculpture exhibition at (Unesco World Heritage Site) Blenheim Palace.

Blenheim isn’t a National Trust or English Heritage property, so we don’t have memberships that cover it. It’s also an eye-watering £22.50 per adult for a day admission. However, once you’ve paid it, you can convert this to an annual membership and come back any time you like for the subsequent year. Since Humuhumu had a lot of energy to run off by the time we got there (it’s over an hour’s drive from home) and we didn’t get to spend any time indoors, we’re determined to go again in a couple of weeks to at least attempt to see the sculptures that are housed inside the Palace.

It was a blowy, blustery day and Humuhumu loved dashing around the majestic grounds, helping us to hunt down the sculptures. The symmetrical shiny blue-purple stones were the hands-down favourites.

[Image of Humuhumu running through one of Ai Weiwei's sculptures at Blenheim Palace.]

More words and pictures )

Hours of fresh air and exercise tired everyone out, so I’m afraid poor Bloke had to drive home with only the dulcet tones of Radio 4 playing “Under Milk Wood” by Dylan Thomas* to drown out the snorkeling of his passengers.

* NB: I do not recommend listening to this whilst dozing unless you enjoy having very strange dreams.

The next day everyone had a lie-in, even Humuhumu, who slept until almost 8 AM. (Note to Daughter: More Sundays like this please.) Once we were up, we went to the garden centre to get wallflowers and pansies to plant in our front pots, as the geraniums were beginning to flag in the cooler weather. We are once again keeping up appearances in our village, to the relief of the neighbours, I'm sure.

In the afternoon, we headed to the Avoncroft Museum nearby for Trebuchet and Cannon Reenactment Day. We texted some other parents on the off-chance that they were at loose ends for Sunday activities, and to our immense surprise, everyone turned up. Humuhumu was delighted at the company. The four-year-old girl pretty much adopted Humuhumu, and cried when her Daddy tried to take her away before she could give her a goodbye cuddle and kiss.

The other children didn’t much care for the noisy cannon demonstrations, but Humuhumu’s response to every firing was a passionate demand for “MORE BANG!” and “Nani do it!” Oh dear.

Also filed under Oh Dear: Humuhumu has got quite a strong Brummie accent at the moment. Here is an attempt to record her pronunciation of a few words/phrases. I need to get some video of this for posterity before she loses it, which she very probably will when she’s older. She doesn’t hear any Brummie at home or from our friends and relations.

Bye Bye = “Buh Boy”
Like a diamond in the sky = “Loik a doymund in da skoy”
Bus = “Booss”
Daddy = “Dah-doy”

[Humuhumu and Dada at the trebuchet & cannon-firing display at the Avoncroft Museum. She’s in the middle of a request for “MORE BANG” here.]

Food Storage Chili

19 October 2014 14:11
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We're having Food Storage Chili for dinner later this evening and in looking through my old tags and memories, I realized I'd never actually posted the recipe here! [personal profile] rackham came up with it years and years ago when we were fairly newly married... and it gets its name from the fact that it can be made entirely with items we have in our food storage (aka shelf stable ingredients, generally in cans), but can also be done with fresh versions of the ingredients. It's a definitely favorite, though, and super easy with the side benefit of using ingredients we almost always have on hand (perfect for days when you just don't want to leave the house).

The recipe, under the cut. )

Crossposted from my Livejournal.

Ficlet: The Brian Situation

19 October 2014 22:23
beer_good_foamy: (Default)
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So here's a fic I found loitering half-finished on my hard drive. Reading [livejournal.com profile] mcjulie's post on Hell's Bells some time ago, I realised there's a minor character in Buffy who gets a few intriguing lines, who openly flirts with one of the scoobies, and has, to the best of my knowledge, never had any fic written about him: that demon guy with the horns that Dawn talks to at Anya and Xander's wedding. Hell, even the script just mentions him as Demon Teen. So I started wondering, and... well, here's what came out.

ETA: There's now a spin-off fic for this one, by [livejournal.com profile] dragonyphoenix: Extraneous Tomes

Title: The Brian Situation
Author: Beer Good ([personal profile] beer_good_foamy)
Fandom: Buffy, post-season 6
Rating: PG13
Word count: ~950
Summary: Dawn has a date. Buffy has mom hair.

HORNS? Your date is a demon? )
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Fandom: Bandom
Characters/Pairing/Other Subject: Jet Star aka Ray Toro
Content Notes/Warnings: n/a
Medium: pens?
Artist on DW/LJ: n/a
Artist Website/Gallery: [deviantart.com profile] barbarabarracuda

Why this piece is awesome: This is such a nice portrait of Ray. I love his thoughtful expression and the way the artist has combined colour and monochrome.

Link: Ray Toro as Jet Star

This is my 100th Bandom art rec in the comm, go me! :-)

More Links Than A Bag Of Sausages

19 October 2014 03:28
petzipellepingo: (more links by eyesthatslay)
[personal profile] petzipellepingo
Under a Harvest Moon , Spike/Xander by [personal profile] theladymerlin.

Time is a Thief , BtVS/Teen Titan crossover by [profile] lightning_skies.

Don't forget! The Classic Recs Weekend over at [community profile] buffyversetop5 is coming soon. Get those lists ready.

Note to fiction authors, check this post out . [personal profile] ladydragon76 has information on fiction thieves.


18 October 2014 21:44
next_to_normal: Peeta against a blue background; text: I'm more than just a piece in their games (Peeta)
[personal profile] next_to_normal
* Laura Benanti talks more about her role on Nashville.

* There's going to be a Twin Peaks book that comes out in advance of the new season on Showtime.

* Neil Patrick Harris is hosting the Oscars! \o/

* Jeremy Renner talks more about Kill the Messenger.

* Archie Panjabi is leaving The Good Wife, which means they won't have to keep awkwardly avoiding ever having Alicia and Kalinda in the same room.

* If you've been hoping for a la carte TV or streaming-only services, you may be happy to hear that HBO is planning an online-only subscription, and CBS just launched theirs.

* Warner Bros. announced their DC comics film schedule through 2020 - including a Wonder Woman stand-alone in 2017, which, unless Marvel steps up, will be the first female-led superhero film in either shared universe. They may also be introducing a female sidekick if Jena Malone is really playing Robin in Batman V. Superman.

* Wow, Alan Cumming's story about his parentage is crazy.

* I am all for making The Last Unicorn into a Broadway musical, but lol Josh Duhamel is involved?

* New Mockingjay trailer in which Katniss returns to District 12.

* A Veronica Mars blast from the past via [livejournal.com profile] frelling_tralk: Teddy Dunn (who quit acting and is a lawyer now!) talks about Duncan Kane and why he left the show.

watching you burn, oh

18 October 2014 19:11
lotesse: (faerie)
[personal profile] lotesse
via [personal profile] thady, this fantastic essay on early Britney Spears: “So if 'manufactured' is unfair, what is the right metaphor for Britney’s relationship to the pop machine? Scanning the pop culture of the late 90s gives us a better possibility: mecha, the Japanese anime genre where beautiful, tragic youth fuse themselves to sublime, state of the art machines. Britney is not the machine’s puppet; she’s its pilot.”
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This website is nabbing and reposting LJ fic. I'm told the admin will take down stuff down if the author complains, but is otherwise standing firm on his perceived right to repost anything he likes without permission. [livejournal.com profile] ladydragon76 has more information.

[livejournal.com profile] kwritten, there's TVD fic on the first page that was written for you, but it doesn't say who it's by. Taken care of.

fandom pondering

18 October 2014 13:07
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I wonder what makes the difference between fic I want and write, and fic I want but don't know how (or precisely what) to write.

Like, I came into a/b/o wanting lots of fic with ladies, and lo, I have written MUCH A/B/O WITH LADIES. Similarly, although I haven't written any Guardians of the Galaxy fic, but I do have very specific ideas of what I want, and I may well end up writing it at some point.

OTOH, I really want fic for Marc-Andre Fleury, and I have no idea what I want. I don't have any hardcore ship feelings, and I don't really want kink, I just want... more Flower? IDK. Similarly, I desperately want tons of fic with Betsy and Fantomex related to Uncanny X-Force, but I don't know what. See also: Kevin Tran.

What about you guys? Have you noticed any patterns between things you want and can or can't write?

More Links Than A Bag Of Sausages

18 October 2014 03:33
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[personal profile] petzipellepingo
An Accidental Leap in Flux (Issue 2), Spike/Willow graphic novel by [personal profile] pickamix.

Chapter Ten of More Toil and Trouble by [personal profile] slaymesoftly.

EW re-watches Living Conditions .

The TeleVixen talks "Symbolism and Metaphor in Buffy the Vampire Slayer".
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Fandom: Sherlock Holmes (ACD era)
Content Notes/Warnings: none
Medium: digital art
Artist on DW/LJ: n/a
Artist Website/Gallery: against-stars art tag on tumblr   and on DA
Why this piece is awesome: Another ACD-era femlock! A lovely sepia-coloured Victorian Sherlock and Watson in bustles, with great likenesses and perfectly in character. Gorgeous.
Link: for the camera (on DA) , or on tumblr for the camera

Dear Yuletide writer

17 October 2014 23:46
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I've been going back and forth whether or not to sign up for Yuletide this year considering what RL has been like recently, but then I thought that if I get laid off, I'll at least have time to write ;)

I'm crap at writing letters, so this is mostly copy-paste from various challenges from previous years.

General likes and dislikes

  • I'm a canon-girl above all else, so wild AUs of the pirate and coffeeshop kind are not really my thing. That said, zombie apocalypses are always welcome.

  • Any rating goes. I prefer plot/character over porn, but if the story calls for sex, go for it.

  • Hurt/comfort is my not-so-secret vice. As is Girl-Saves-Boy.

  • I'm not a huge fan of my favourite characters dying (and by favourite, I here mean the requested characters). I know, I know, it's rather hypocritical of me since I'm known for my tendency to kill of characters in my fic, but unless I'm in the mood for it, reading deathfic is a bit of a downer for me. Non-nominated characters are a fair game, though.

  • Darkfic is more than OK (seeing that my canons aren't exactly happy happy joy joy), but I'd prefer no rape/non-con or explicit descriptions of physical torture (not because it squicks me or anything, but because I'll likely just skip over it).

  • Crossovers are also OK, as long as I'm familiar with both fandoms and the two canons are at least somewhat similar (so no mixing magic fandoms and realistic fandoms, etc). Since two of my fandoms share an actor, I must add, though, that crossovers where two characters played by the same actor meet do not work for me at all.

For more info on Things I Like in general, see this post for a list of my favourite narrative kinks.

And now for the fandoms...

Land of the Dead, Strange Days, Smith )

I may still add a fandom or few if I can come up with good prompts ;)
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Fandom: Hannibal
Characters/Pairing/Other Subject: Will Graham, Ravenstag
Content Notes/Warnings: blood
Medium: digital painting & airbrushing
Artist Website/Gallery: [deviantart.com profile] nowwheresmynut

Why this piece is awesome: It just hit something inside of me. Will kneeling in a puddle of blood, the darkness closing in from all around him, the mirror image of Hannibal...gorgeous!

Link: What do you see? by nowwheresmynut

More Links Than A Bag Of Sausages

17 October 2014 03:39
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Scrambled Brains , Spike/Xander by [personal profile] forsaken2003.

Try , Willow/Kennedy by [personal profile] snowpuppies.

Pillows , NC-17 Buffy/Willow by [personal profile] consumedly.

Vulture gives us an oral history of the Trio.

Hypable celebrates tv music soundtracks. "10. Angel: “Hero” (Robert J. Kral): “Hero” was used in season 1, to accompany the first major character death. The moment itself was very emotional and moving, and the music will forever be one of Angel‘s most iconic pieces... 5. Buffy the Vampire Slayer: “Close Your Eyes” (Christophe Beck): But Buffy wouldn’t have been the same without composer Christophe Beck, who created some truly epic pieces. The Buffy/Angel love theme is probably the most celebrated and memorable".


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