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Posted by Ashley Cook

Amanda Palmer’s The Art of Asking is emotional and inspiring, but when it comes to the big questions she misses the mark, says Ashley Cook

Being invisi-bi

27 August 2015 08:08
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Posted by Megan Stodel

How can we talk about people in a way that acknowledges bisexuality? Megan Stodel explores the barriers and looks for answers

Why we’re Raising Films

25 August 2015 09:34
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Posted by Sophie Mayer

Sophie Mayer introduces Raising Films, a campaign aiming to bring diversity and sustainability into the film industry by organising parents and carers

Peverted in Soho

24 August 2015 06:00
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Posted by Ettie Bailey-King

Ettie Bailey-King enjoys Perverts: a joyful hybrid of music hall, freakshow Victoriana, stand-up and musical comedy that’s even better than the sum of its parts

Feminism 400 years ago

23 August 2015 18:53
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Posted by Charlotte Rowland

Charlotte Rowland applauds The Heresy of Love, a new play about the struggles of 17th century nun and playwright Juana Inés de la Cruz

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Posted by Guest Blogger

Ashton Simpson writes about her choice as a young woman to travel and asks why so many still find it troubling when young women don't adhere to the socially accepted paths of mortgage, marriage and motherhood within the expected timeframe

Not quite a chorus of approval

23 August 2015 10:03
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Posted by Naomi Paxton

Naomi Paxton enjoys the upbeat humour of the new adaptation of Lysistrata but finds it can be difficult to follow and slow at times

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Posted by Guest Blogger

Lekha Mohanlal wants to know why the UK construction industry boom hasn't attracted many women - are women really afraid to don their overalls, or is it more that they don't realise the opportunities are there?

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Posted by Nick Beard

Nick Beard finds sharp humour, brutal honesty and a fine introduction to the power of feminist comedy in award-winning stand-up Bridget Christie's first book


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