Dilemmas in feminism

3 October 2015 15:11
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Posted by Megan Stodel

Sometimes there are issues that aren't easy to work out. Megan Stodel discusses why she isn't sure whether to campaign for mothers to be added to marriage certificates

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Posted by D H Kelly

D H Kelly responds to an article which, in discussing the author's own sexuality, risks reinforcing cultural ideas which make many people feel they are sexually abnormal

We’re over here!

26 September 2015 16:00
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Posted by Megan Stodel

Bi Visibility Day was celebrated on 23 September. Megan Stodel starts listing ways that would help increase the visibility of bisexuality

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Posted by Guest Blogger

Renowned Swedish erotic director Erika Lust shares her professional journey with The F-Word as her XConfessions come to the Raindance film fest in London

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Posted by Jade Moulds

In the first guest feature of our body image series, Jade Moulds shares her doubts about SASS Intimate Skincare and why a company that can’t say the word “vagina” shouldn’t be trusted with them


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