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I've been feeling a bit grotty and non-communicative for the last few days, but I couldn't let the weekend pass without thanking people for my dragon v-gifts! Seeing them pop up really made me smile and I can only imagine them having fun dragony times as they hop about my profile page.

In other news, I tried the wasabi gingerbread again last week with extra wasabi, and think I've come to the conclusion that it actually mostly cooks off into nothing - all I'm getting is ginger. Back to the drawing board, I think!
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A white plate displaying brown squares of gingerbread, drizzled with white/pale green icing.
(The colours on my phone are really drab; sorry! I've tried to get things looking like they should...)
(Also: context.)

Well, I couldn't resist. Mostly because I've been looking for an excuse to go and get some miso paste from the Korean/Asian supermarket near me, and getting a few more ingredients made sense. I wouldn't say the wasabi in these is very strong at all, and I don't know if you could tell what was in them if you didn't already know, but they are nice and fragrant (+ sweet) and leave a certain warmness in your mouth after you've eaten one. They're absolutely nothing like wasabi peas and I'm sure Spike's palate would be quite bored by them, but they're a variation I'll make again! I might experiment with a touch more spices, because I wouldn't mind more flavour, though I think the ratio is right.

Recipe?! )


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