14 April 2012

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Can we please talk about The Mummy Returns? I'm not sure there's anything else I've ever seen on screen that exemplifies my taste in entertainment so well. It of course wouldn't be the same without The Mummy backing it up, but it just takes all the great things that film had going for it and runs, runs, runs - especially towards running gags (which I adore). I love how camp it is, I love its magic books and its silly flashbacks and its daft prophecies, I love its adventures in dirigibles, I love the costumes and the music and the shots of the sun, I love Ardeth Bay's love for tommy guns and that Rick's taught Evie how to beat people up, I love every single word and expression Jonathan produces, I love that half the film's in (probably terrible) ancient Egyptian, I love that Alex speaks American slang with his little Just William voice, I love Horus the falcon, and I love that there's a whole chase/fight scene on a Number 12 bus.


This is, erm, probably the reason why I never get into stuff like The Wire, isn't it?


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