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OK, people, one day I will shut the hell up about my fic, but as much I want to act like the coolest cucumber in the universe and live out that Romantic myth where the story comes through me to you in this perfectly realised form, it has also become clear that chatting to people after the final chapter that there were things that feel neglected, and this rings true with what I wanted from the fic and why the final part was originally delayed anyway (some emergency surgery I did wasn't quite reconstructive enough!!). But! The final stitches are a-go-go and should be half done tonight, and depending how productive I am tomorrow things should be posted in some magically subtle way tomorrow evening, because I have a plan to bastardise my post about the Iliad into a conveniently dove-tailed extra chapter when things are shuffled backwards and forwards. And then I will produce a carefully managed spoiler-tagged explanation of where there are new things, so anyone who has read may find themselves appropriately redirected. Of course, anyone who's finished and is happy, it doesn't matter!!! But now I know what I know I am aware that if I don't fix this I will greatly dislike myself in six months time and won't be able to get back into the fic.

So, I suppose what I am saying to you is that if you haven't started (and would like to start), you may like to wait a couple of days. However, things will only be altered from Chapter 12 onwards, so there's actually a lot of words to read if you would like to begin. The, er, myth of flawless publication will return at the end of the week. I dunno what the hell I'm going to say to people on AO3.

And I'm being crap with comments too now. All virtue will return, I promise!!!! And then I'll focus solely on the other book I'm supposed I write this summer!


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