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Long time no see, oh journal of mine... The ballet of another couple of months' term is now nearly over, so I'm almost feeling in control of things again. As it is, I think I always find the adjustment to winter a difficult one, getting out of time the moment the clocks go back and then taking a few weeks to get used to waking up in the dark. I bought a clock radio last week, which I think has helped my addiction to the snooze button, and has an added bonus of making me feel like a proper grown up: this week it was actually very straightforward to wake up and listen to the delightful strains of Absolute 80s (one of the not-dozens of digital stations the radio knows - and funnily enough the only decade of Absolute Radio that it can get). The breakfast show is quite entertaining, some of the time, and it's always upbeat.

My flat d├ęcor is very nearly finished, and I'm hoping, either if I get around to it or forget about the fact I should really have an electrician in, that by my one-year anniversary of moving in (late next January), I will feel like there's nothing pressing that still needs to be done, and I can finally start saving some money for a holiday vel sim! And it's been long enough at least that I'm starting to feel connected to my furniture, as it is no longer 'new' but reminds me of the time when I bought it, in the spring, which seems ages ago given how things have progressed and always seem to progress in my job. I also have a lot more houseplants, so how can things go wrong? There's a squat little palm tree by my bookcase that's getting on for a month old and hasn't died yet, so here's hoping it can actually survive in my West-facing living room.

In more exciting news, though, I have also written a fic for [livejournal.com profile] seasonal_spuffy. It's sort of set in the comics, but only half-arsedly, and I couldn't think of a summary, so that is rubbish. It's basically my spin on the plotline of 'Spike may be killing people in his dreams; Buffy goes into his brain to figure stuff out'. They get sidetracked, and a lot of the focus is on stuff pre-series or during the TV run. If you remember Somnambulist from AtS season 1 and Spiral from BtVS s5 you can probably merrily imagine the plot as I evoke it. It's about Spuffy in this post-series way, but also about Spike and Nikki Wood.

There are also tarot cards! You can guess which three I selected on purpose, but anything else was drawn properly and then I went to town having a read. I wouldn't necessarily say it's the only way to read them, but I'm very keen on the idea that tarot meanings are very much about their context in the spread, so... Anyway: here's the fic, 11-12k words, in five chapters, PG-13...

The Page of Wands



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