22 August 2015

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So, a while ago, in the spirit of Cheeky Nando's and a rewatch of Band Candy, I became convinced that there needed to be a fic in which Spike, Ethan Rayne and Mr. Trick went to Nando's. I started writing this fic, but, as usual, it developed a premise for A Plot and I had to leave it. However, looking at it in the cold light of this Saturday morning, I don't think it will ever become the novel it wishes to be, except maybe in a series of chunks, so I am posting it to have it posted!

At the End of the Night

by Quinara

Spike. Ethan. Mr Trick. Nando's. A story of when Buffy out-cheeked them all.


The portal zapped closed and Buffy rolled onto hard, cold stone. She looked up when she found her feet, but above her already was a demon; it was a like a giant wasp, maybe a hornet, flying at her sting-first.

The thing was bigger than her. Ready for anything, though, now she’d landed in this hell dimension, Buffy leapt and swung her scythe.


“Ow; holy crap!” It was only as the shock reverberated up her arms that Buffy realised the wasp was a statue, made of metal.

What the…?

Once she’d fallen, back on her toes, Buffy looked up at the thing again. Squinting in the nighttime, she realised it wasn’t even moving. There was just a glow on it; shadows.

It wasn’t buzzing either – the noise was coming from behind it. Cheery, rabbley, not so threatening…


She was standing outside a McDonalds. A real live one-step-up from the DMP McDonalds, advertising something called a McChicken Premiere.

As she moved towards it, a group of men fell out of the brown front doors, laughing amongst themselves. Buffy paused. One of them was wearing a white Adidas cap; another a blue Fred Perry polo shirt. Some of them had sodas; fries… They were all wearing sports trousers, which was strange.

The head of the group, in a lime green polo shirt, was waving a flyer around. It was for a nightclub – Vodka Revolution – and Buffy could just make out the address…

Looking around, Buffy realised she was really there. She was in Hell. There was a shopping mall behind her. Waterstones. The Gap. She was in a grimy British high street. She was, apparently, in Watford.

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