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I've had a really nice day today, for several reasons. It started with [personal profile] snickfic leaving some massively juicy feedback on As Good as a Rest, which I hope she won't mind me linking to over here, as part of the More Feedback Week she's running. I don't know if Snick's up for debate or anything, but I do want to take the opportunity to say that if you ever want to talk to me about thematic stuff in my fic, you can do it any time of ever. I overthink most stuff I write, so I'll always have something to say back!

Otherwise, I spent the day actually reading the text that I'm working on (believe it or not, this rarely happens) trying to make sense of how I was going to talk about it in relation to all the other reading I've been doing, and actually managed to develop some ideas. All preliminary stuff, natch, because we're only halfway through term, but I now have a notebook page with sections and passage references and questions to be answered. This is not the level of achievement I usually expect to perceive!

Also went out for a lovely meal with friends (only slightly scuppered by my high-waisted skirt and remarkably poor digestive system, which for some reason turned a cheesy pizza into enough pain that I felt nauseous for the whole journey home and a little while afterwards, but let's ignore that).

And then I watched this interesting slideshow on the BBC website about the history of British housing. For some reason I'm often drawn to documentaries about housing, so I knew quite a lot of what was covered, but I still thought it was interesting.

So there you go. It's rare that I look back on a day and really think 'well, that was pleasant, wasn't it?', so I thought it deserved a post.

ETA: Although, also, side note, just because it appeared above my post on my DW reading page and I think it's probably my turn to mention it, but - Mark Watches? Are we all agreed he's basically given up anything even vaguely resembling review-writing now? I think I might have to keep reading just to see how the heck he manages to spin this out for another four seasons of material, but, otherwise, yeesh.

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Date: 16/02/2012 22:26 (UTC)
snickfic: (Buffy close)
From: [personal profile] snickfic
I don't mind you linking, and I'm totally up for debate/discussion if anyone else wants to chime in. :)

That British housing thingy looks very intesting. I'm going to run over there and check it out.

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Date: 16/02/2012 23:24 (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] snickfic
As for Mark Reads, yeah, I enjoyed his reaction posts at first but I'm finding them basically unreadable now.

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Date: 16/02/2012 23:37 (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] snickfic
seems to have absolutely no sense of what he's watching as a story with its own momentum, rather than a series of machinations from the writers.


I haven't done more than skim in a while, so I hadn't noticed him calling things OOC, but it does seem a peculiar complaint if you see the characters as mere puppets on strings anyway.

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Date: 17/02/2012 01:03 (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] deird1
I've started mainly reading the reviews by his commenters. Some of them are really fascinating (and series-spanning, if I have the energy to un-rot13 them all).

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Date: 17/02/2012 07:23 (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] evilawyer
It is always such a shame when clothing makes an otherwise nice meal into something uncomfortable.


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