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It's reminding me of all the lovely Underground staff I've run into over the years, when I've needed to pop out of the Baker Street barriers for the loo and offering cheery sarcasm when there's been delays - and all the wankers who've been passengers. (Also, however, the lovely passengers who travelled on the jam-packed snow trains with me, and ran after me when I dropped my wallet on Marylebone station, and sent my folder full of work back to school when I left it on a train to Baker Street.)

I'm so nostalgic for the old Metropolitan line trains, though. They're changing over all the old 60s models which usually smelt like piss and had windows covered in scratched graffiti, but also had massively comfy bench seats with a clear etiquette for how many people they'd take in off-peak times and rush hours. Now all the seats are individualised and there's no carriage separation, like massively long bendy buses. It's probably easier to find a seat, but they're rubbish with drunk people in the evenings. It used to be you'd just pick a carriage with all the sleepy people, but now people are free to wander up and down and there's no way to tune out their loud conversation. I wouldn't want to travel after a football match.

Ah well; they do look pretty shiny to drive.


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