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People may or may not remember when I commented back in April that my mum's souvenir, when we went to Berlin, was a set of Ampelmännchen pastry cutters... Neither of us were entirely sure when they were going to get used, but today their time came!!

Proud Biscuit-Mum photos under cut... )

And they're very tasty too. Not that they're making me hyper, no no no.

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Of on holiday early tomorrow, so shall likely be gone for the week. I shall miss everyone and try to catch up when I'm back! (Though I haven't been around much as it is - must remedy that...)

Went shopping today for holiday things, and have succumbed to the leggings. :O But also amusing jumper-dresses with cut-outs and the waist to show sneaky stripes from a vest! Picked up CDs of Fragma (oh so cheesy dance music, oh so wonderful), madrigals and raï (because it looked interesting - have yet to listen to more than a few seconds; anyone know anything about it?).

[livejournal.com profile] plot_wout_porn is happening soon, and I was having a bit of trouble getting the oomph to write anything for it. Seem to have settled on a post-S8#35 thing where Spike, Buffy, Illyria and Connor go on a magical mystery tour in Spike's ship to save Angel from himself. I'm hoping for rompy action adventure, but am a bit worried it's taking some rather dark turns so far. Will try to get it finished in time to seek out another opinion - hope it doesn't come out too weird...

Speak to you soon!
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Oh, the Romans... Sometimes Always they amuse me so. As part of trying to work out whether or not we can say whether there was any sort of moral/sexual geographical zoning in Pompeii (say whether there was a 'red light district', to quote an exam paper - I say not in literal terms, but in ideology/perception/phenomenology yes, definitely) I've been reading the records of inscriptions around the town - ie. the dirty graffiti, basically.

Cut for NSFW Romans! (And more! Incl. street poetry!) )
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Hello! Berlin was lovely - noticeably different from when I visited two years ago (Starbucks and McDonalds seem to have made inroads, yet at the same time Bio-Essen (organic food) seems to be making further strides, with Bionade way more expectable than some sort of equivalent over here), but also, to my tourist's eyes, familiarly different in the way's it's been to me since 2006.

I'd love to hear from the Germans on my flist about their thoughts on Ostalgie... )

But if we're talking about over-intellectualising, I might as well mention the comics. Because I'm still annoyed about the sexualised marketing of Buffy; I'm annoyed that the big!climactic!drama is a sex scene instead of a boss fight (this can be done well, but I don't understand how sex instead of fighting has been built as a thematic point in the season; as it is it just feels like the female narrative ending in sex once again, especially since this is selling itself as a retconned climax to all the seasons - and, hey, apparently sex and power are bad for women too; two birds with one remarkably unsubversive stone, eh, Joss?); I'm annoyed that the TwilightZone is symbolically represented by people wearing sheets (because you know what, Joss, the Ancient World is not that different to this one; you aren't that safe); I'm annoyed the Slayer mythos has been divorced from all the human bullshit that made it so believable and relevant, to be replaced by some sort of bizarre sentient Nature god; I'm annoyed by the solipsism that Earth is of central importance to the Universe, because what is solipsism if not the fount of faily privilege?

Though, thinking about it, I think I'm mostly annoyed that the annoyance I feel, no matter how extreme, cannot compare to how passionately I once enjoyed watching the show. :(

ALTHOUGH, making myself read - DID YOU SEE HOW SATSU PUT DAWN IN CHARGE? Feel the chemistry, my friends. :P There are some characters I still care about, OK?
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Just about to go and get a few hours sleep, since I'm off to Berlin in the wee hours of tomorrow. (Yay, Berlin - I'm so excited! This'll be my fourth visit and I love it every time, though I'm scared that it's been two years since I've spoken German to German people and I think it's all fled to the back of my brain...)

I'll be back on Saturday, so I'll see you all then, if I don't happen to find myself online beforehand! I hope the comic isn't all sillybusiness.

(And there is a certain element of GIP to this post, because I can't resist. :D )
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Hello! I'm back! Rather terrifyingly I had to go without the internet for a whole week... *hugs laptop - though really, Garnet, as I named you long ago, why are you still punishing me for spilling tea on you by randomly pressing the apostrophe and hash key for long periods of time?? It was at least six months ago!*

There isn't much to report - France was France-like and I had a very nice time eating what was probably a whole pond-full of ducks and being sunned on. I do like duck.

So, I've tried to wade through my flist, but I don't think I've caught everything of interest - if there are things you want me to see, by all means comment extremely loudly. Wave arms and everything! I know there are WriterCon things I want to read, but I'm beginning to think they'll have to wait until tomorrow.

Anyway, *waves*
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I find this kind of disgusting.

He clearly wasn't running a file sharing website - why has only he been brought to trial? Reading another article on it to day it seems there is a base fine for distributing copyrighted music (it was in the jury's hands to see how much higher than that he would have to pay) - why is it so disproportionate to the revenue that this man would have cost them? Say an mp3 download is 80p, then that means nearly 17,000 people would have had to download each of his thirty songs for that amount of revenue to be lost (oh, the name and the value, I suppose, which is such a joke). Maybe that many people did download them, I don't know, but frankly, at the very least, this guy is being made the scapegoat for a collective activity between tens, hundreds, possibly thousands of people.

Copyright theft = bad, wrong, nasty. But I've argued before and I will continue to argue that if the music industry intends digs its heels in and pretends internet culture doesn't exist things are only going to get worse. Somehow they've got to innovate around the fact that music no longer exists in objects, but in data. People have always let friends listen to records/tapes/cds; trying to stop all forms of sharing music over the internet and make people only listen to the music that they themselves have personally bought (or has been conveyed to them through specific, sanctioned channels) is madness. That would kill music far faster than BitTorrent is doing.

I don't use file-sharing networks, but I've got quite a few tracks that people have sent me over the internet. You know what else I've got? Albums I never would have bought if it hadn't been for being sent those tracks and getting into them. They're probably the majority of the library on my laptop (which is about two years old), considering all the other albums I've bought after getting into the other albums which I bought because of those tracks I didn't pay for. Maybe I'm not the norm, but I don't see why I shouldn't be.

In less ranty news(!), I'm going on holiday tomorrow afternoon/evening for a week. I'm not entirely sure what LJ access will be like, so I'll see you when I see you! Will definitely respond to comments as and when I can.

ETA: One more rant before I go, considering I really shouldn't make another post about it - YOU CUT AHRC FUNDING BACK TO PITTANCE AND THEN YOU BRING IN *THIS* USELESS-BUT-SPINNABLE SCHEME?? WHAT THE HELL, GOVERNMENT??


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